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Compliments are so underused. A simple sentence, a few words, or even one word, can honestly make such a difference to a person, and stick with them for a long time. Even if it’s something simple, like their hair, eyes, clothes, laugh, nails etc, it honestly can make someone’s day, week or even month. Sadly, there are so many people who are so used to not being complimented, that when they are, they are so shocked to the point where they’re speechless or they instantly believe that ‘it’s got to be some kind of joke’ because they’re so used to never being flattered. For people who have low self esteem and/or high self-consciousness, this can truly mean the world. 

It doesn’t take long. Few seconds tops. And in that small amount of time it took to compliment them, you could have changed the way someone looks at a part of themselves for a long time.

2012 mcu tumblr fandom aesthetics
  • loki. loki everywhere
  • everyone/loki
  • tom hiddleston/loki?????? that was a thing
  • oh my god!!! chris hemsworth/tom hiddleston THAT WAS A THING TOO!!! I REMEMBER THAT!!!
  • those gifsets with like… tony stark and steve rogers being married and peter parker (played by andrew garfield) is their adopted son. there was fanart too
  • clint/coulson??? somehow. do they?? do they even talk to each other??? in any movie??? i dont remember. help me.
  • sherlock and the avengers
  • afro circus mixed with the avengers theme
  • thorki was everywhere too i remember that
  • there was this movement that was like… redrawing sexist comic covers with hawkeye instead of the heroine??? the hawkeye innitiative??? something like that?!?!?!? I MIGHT BE MAKING THIS UP
  • the winchesters in the tardis and the avengers
  • captain america being like ‘electricity????? what is htis  ma gic!!!’
  • myuh-myuh!!!
  • science bros science bros science bros
  • loki
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Originally, I wanted to be a Paramedic. As I'm sure all of you can imagine by this point, that isn't going to happen, and there's a strong chance that unless I can get some assistance for the device I would need, I may not be long destined for the medical field as a profession as it is. For those w

Tumblr I…I hate to do this, but I need help. I’ve known, for months now, that I was going to need hearing aids of some form. The downside to those hearing aids, is the price. My insurance will not cover the ones I need. I am almost completely deaf in my right ear, and so it’s a special kind of hearing aid that will pick up sound from my right ear (Transmitter) and send it to the left side (Receiver) and I mean it sounds odd and I don’t know how it works but that’s all I know about them??

But no, if you decide to read the GoGo, the hearing aids are $5,500 and I only got approved for $3,000 so I have $2,500 to make up for between now and whenever I can get the money. I don’t get my hearing aids until I can pay that $2,500….

So please, even if you can’t help by donating, please….please reblog and help spread the word. It would mean the world to me, and I can’t offer anything like art or reimbursement but…I don’t know. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance for any of those who do help (Be it a donation or a reblog) I don’t know what else to do besides this…


This is what I sent to Staff:

I do not understand why the staff of tumblr continue to change its interface with these “updates” that only make this site even more unnavigable and cumbersome. By focusing purely on “minimalistic” aesthetic you’ve actually done the opposite, and have made this browser MORE difficult to work with.

Your own mission statement and business face identification for this website was “to promote creativity and individuality.” Yet, with every. single. update. it just makes it more difficult to post creative content and be an individual.

Tumblr users from ALL genres of blogging have one thing in common. We all would like you to PLEASE STOP WITH THE USELESS UPDATES.
We’ve given you plenty of ideas on what we feel works and doesn’t work, and what we’d like to see change, but instead the staff decides that what its users want, is moot. These updates seem to only serve the staff, and do nothing for its users other than frustrate us all uniformly and make blogging impossible at times.

Beta testing and options to *choose* an update would be more political and would make this website move much smoother. Instead, the tumblr staff seems to take delighted glee in dumping new updates on us with little to no warning, no chance to argue it as unwise, or even TEST it first before deciding “yay or nay.” It takes countless 3rd party extension downloads and html/css code tweaking to make this site passable for a functioning blog site for its users. God forbid someone is a novice and doesn’t know how to mess with code.

Not to mention how blatantly staff refuses to recognize that at least half of their updates do not accommodate those with disabilities.

Forget the video posters, or the constant streaming of vines and random crap-posters, without the fandom, aesthetic, advice, art, or writing parts of Tumblr, this site would contain nothing less than the barbarians at 4square.
If you want your more artistic, creative, and intelligencia populous to remain at Tumblr, and let’s face it, without us, there would be zero culture and class on Tumblr, you’re going to have to start actually listening to us when we give input.

This website makes most of us feel like Staff puts out those: “please tell us how we’re doing” lines as lies and falsities. You make us feel as if *nothing* we say matters, and that you’re going to do whatever you want, whether it makes sense or not. You may toss us a “tumblr users, we listened to what you have to say, and we are truly sorry” over and over, but until we see results that this staff ACTUALLY cares about its users, it’s all just lip service, and THAT is what sets Tumblr apart from other interfaces. If Tumblr really wants to compete with other more successful blogging interfaces, they need to focus less on the shiny package, and more on the *content.* We ARE the content of your site. And by your cold shoulder indifferent actions, you do not give us any reason to trust you.

Why am I still here if I sound so unhappy? Well,  many of us are only here to this day because of friends we’ve gained through our fandoms, art, roleplaying, and similar interests. As for the writers and roleplayers, it would be a devastating *loss of content* and massive amount of work loss for us to leave years of writing behind on tumblr just because we can’t find a more functional alternative.

Tumblr cannot claim itself as an encouraging, creative content web interface anymore if they are constantly forcing every creative poster here into a tight corner, forcing us out.

It’s not enough to just listen to your users, you have to take their concerns to practice. All these changes make us suspicious that you don’t want anything on Tumblr but trash and Staff content. 99% of the time it seems that this entire website is for Staff only and their programing experiments, and not for its users. Which, by the way, goes against business 101.

“If the product is not accessible, the product is a fail.”

Please, please, reconsider this “new” update.
Thank you.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  i’m not ev en going to make this formally written because there shouldn’t be a need to explain why this is blatant lesbophobic bullshit but anyone in SUPPORT or honestly even claiming NEUTRAL FEELINGS abt the straight/male romancing sera mod can unfollow me tbh



Sec 7 row 21 seats 11&15

 Me and opheliiacs will be going to the 1989 tour Salt Lake this Friday, YAY! I’ll be going as The Cheshire Cat aka Chessie ( makeup will be added, is not pictured) and she’ll be going as either Red Court Alive or the Queen of Hearts tbd (Not full costume yet)

 If you see us come say hi, I’ll be giving out glow sticks!!