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anonymous asked:

okay this is kinda st00pid 🅱️ut,,,, does androgynous mean gender fluid or nonbinary or what also what i s nonbinary imsorryillleavenowaC K

[ not stupid at all don’t worry about it!! firstly, nonbinary means someone identifies as a gender that is not the traditionally set male or female. androgyny is interesting bc ppl can use it in a lot of ways, but for me I identify as both male and female and also physically present myself that way (your physical appearance isn’t a necessary attribute but ya know). though some days i might feel more male than female or vice versa, so you could also use the word genderfluid for me (and others who are nonbinary may also use androgynous!), but i found “androgynous” to be the most accurate label to use for myself. and words/labels are all about describing yourself in the way it makes you most comfortable and define you correctly!

i suck at explaining stuff lmaO but if ya have questions or need stuff clarified better than my rambling ass did i’m totally cool w answering stuff hhahHhh.

  • ana: is called "grandma" or "nana"
  • jack & gabe: are called "daddy" and/or "papí"
  • ana: is an actual mother and refers to herself as such
  • jack & gabe: not fathers
  • ana: is literally MAYBE less than 5 years older than them
  • jack & gabe: like are probably qualified to be senior citizens