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A/N: This fic takes place right after the sheriff’s office scene and Papa Jones leaving Jughead. It was requested by @tsmiimitchie . I hope I did it justice, hun! <3 Thank you very much!

“Yeah. I believe you, dad.”

Jughead’s words flowed from his mouth without much subsistence, while he bobbed his head weakly. He could still feel his dad’s cold hands messily cupping his face, then the drag of his fingers down the sides of his head as if he was trying to remember every feature of his son. The Jones had one common feature – their eyes clinging to hope. His father did try, he did, or at least the teen let himself believe he was. His dad waited for his son’s approval before giving a faint smile and then his boots clunked against the pavement as he turned away. Jughead could feel his chest tighten, his heart begin to chip, his body hunching forward somewhat in attempt to keep himself from falling completely apart. The tears were beginning to pool in his eyes, but before he turned to face his friend and girlfriend, he wiped them away.

Feeling sadness, abandonment were something Jughead Jones was used to. The phone calls with his mother weren’t enough to make up for the fact she packed up, along with Jellybean, and moved in with his grandmother. The question that weighed on his mind was why didn’t she try harder? Why didn’t she try to keep their father from going down the liquor-comforting path? But once he learned about his father’s side job, after being fired from the construction gig, he couldn’t hold it against his mother. Jellybean needed stability, especially since she was still in a fragile age. Jughead was always wise beyond his years. He was ahead in classes and got bored easily. The teachers would gush to his mother about how brilliant he was, but his behavior was always questionable. Attempting to burn down a school wasn’t something parents would share with friends over tea.

Once the boy seemed to pull himself together in that moment, Jughead shuffled towards Betty’s direction. She was immediately by his side without missing a beat. Her warm hand, such a contrast to what he felt a few seconds ago, was pressed against affectionately against his cheek. The boy’s hand touched the middle of her back, ushering her slowly away from the sheriff’s office. The two teens meandered away from the mess, Betty’s arm tangled around his. They loosely intertwined their fingers as they continued down the path.

No words were spoken until they were a safe distance away from the building where Jughead was being accused of murder. It was ridiculous, Jughead thought, that the law enforcement believed he was capable of taking another life. The sheriff tried to paint a fictitious picture, motive, as to why Jughead was an ideal suspect in the case. The teen’s head couldn’t wrap around it. He had rage tendencies, but his family was drifting apart, he thought they were justified. Betty didn’t allow him to defend himself to her - she believed him. It was something he was in desperate need of. Someone who didn’t pass judgment on him because of his stupid file and where he grew up. Everyone in town knew his dad as the drunk. The last thing the teen wanted was that stigma floating over him like a dark cloud. He’d be damned if he was going to pay for his father’s sins.

“Juggie…” Betty’s voice was small and cautious. They had been walking for awhile, with no real destination in mind, just holding hands and keeping each other close. The raven-haired boy’s head was hanging downward and finally lifted when he heard her speak. Their eyes locked with one another and they held the gaze for a moment. The girl stood in front of him and held the side of his face, watching him lean into her comforting touch. Her smile wasn’t forced, but he could see she was fighting back a frown. Her red lips were stuck between showcasing felicity and utter woe. He turned his head and planted a sweet, tender kiss on her wrist. The over exaggerated smack of his lips echoed, but he kept his lips lingering against her soft skin, bumping his nose playfully against her palm. A tiny, breathy laugh left her chest as she pushed his face back towards her, raising her eyebrows as if silently saying ‘don’t.’

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A/N: For the lovely person who asked for “Can you do a Jughead x Betty after 1.06 where the rest of their friends find out about them? :)” I hope I did it justice. Thank you! 

The two teens thought they were being smooth, only exchanging short glances and private smiles throughtout the day. The looks they gave each other were like a secret code between them. After the kiss they shared the other day, it set something into motion neither of them were expecting. The kiss lasted only a few seconds, moments, but to Betty and Jughead it felt like the world stopped. He framed her face in his hands, pulling back slowly, gasping for air after he bravely leaned in and moved his lips against her soft pink ones. Betty’s lips moved with his without hesitation. Betty wasn’t expecting it, she didn’t see it coming, but when it happened the first thought that invaded her mind – I want more.

Jughead’s rough lips drew her in and sent an electric shock through her body. When was the last time she had been kissed like that? Was she ever kissed like that? There was tenderness and a tease of passion behind that kiss. Jughead had gathered up the courage to go in to offer her some comfort. He had held his breath until the distance between the teens were centimeters. Then, he mentally kicked himself and did it. If she rejected him, he would prepared himself. If she yelled at him to get out, he would run out the window and respect her wishes. He actually didn’t have the intention of going in there to kiss her. It was more of an impulse than a well calculated move.

After her freaking out thinking she was crazy, he felt they needed something in the midst of all the chaos going on around them. Now they were in this position where they weren’t sure where they stood or if it was going to become anything. Kisses happened between people and they didn’t always carry so much meaning. But the blonde and dark-haired boy – that wasn’t their narrative. The teens actually hadn’t approached the topic verbally.

Betty pressed her lips together when they were sitting close during lunch. She dragged her fingers through her ponytail, trying to distract herself from staring at Jughead’s lips, wondering if he slathered on his Chapstick. She wanted to taste those lips once more – Chapstick and all. They had only briefly touched base on the kiss, and they weren’t quite ready to share with their friends about their friendship going beyond just playing Sherlock Holmes.

“Betts.” Jughead nervously said her name as he cleaned his hands. The perky blonde turned her attention toward him, meeting his eyes. She resisted the urge to lunge forward and close any extra space they had between them. She was done with her plate of food, so she shoved the Styrofoam away from her taking the apple from the tray.

“Juggie?” She questioned as opposed to stating. His name left her mouth with a higher pitch than usual she noted. The raven-haired boy looked from her eyes toward her lips, unknowingly licking his own, remembering that kiss. Suddenly, he felt his lips feel a tinge of heat as if that touch came to life again. Betty wiped the apple with a napkin before taking a bite from it, leaving a pink stain from her lipstick on the fruit. Jughead’s eyes followed the apple as she set it down on the napkin.

“I…” He stuttered. Jughead was rarely a person who struggled for words, even if it was a lightening-fast quip with no emotion attached. But right now, he didn’t know what to say. His mind was drawing blanks, going back to that kiss. He wanted to be able to climb up her window, see her beaming and helping him inside. They could make it their routine, something for them. But then that would mean they could possibly take the leap of becoming a couple. As much as Jughead had deep feelings for Betty, he wasn’t sure if he was quite ready for that step. Perhaps he needed more time, and maybe he needed to start speaking to get Betty to stop looking at him with that worried face of hers. “I want to kiss you again.” He finally blurted out, seeing Betty’s green eyes go wide.

“Again?!” Veronica and Kevin exclaimed at the same time as they approached the picnic table with their lunches in hand. Jughead and Betty simultaneously turned their heads toward their friends, with a deer-caught-in-headlights expression over their faces. The two teens started to talk over each other, making hand gestures, failing miserably at explaining themselves. Veronica and Kevin exchanged a glance and a smirk, taking their seats across from the two blabbers.

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The raven-haired boy held his hands underneath the running faucet inside the corner store’s restroom. His t-shirt and jacket laid crumbled on the floor on top of his backpack that was leaning against the wall. He took the bar of soap and ran it under the water, rubbing it until suds began to form. Once the soap was foamy enough in his hands, he began to scrub his arms, up to his elbows and then to his armpits taking a little extra time there. He had deodorant and body spray tucked away in that backpack of his.

Jughead Jones was homeless. This little sink was going to be his bath for right now. At least he didn’t have school the next day, but he didn’t want to walk around smelling like he walked out of a dumpster. He would shower at the school, but since it was Saturday morning and they were having some sort of sports game, he knew it would be too risky. Once his body seemed to be covered in soap, he took some water into his palms and began to rinse it off. He slipped off his beanie, tucking it into his back pocket and then used the soap bar to rinse his hair. He took the towel he had lifted from the locker rooms at school and began to dry himself off.

The situation he was in sucked. It was embarrassing but he had to make it work. He didn’t have much money on him and his dad would barely offer anything to him. Maybe he would offer one or two words of encouragement, but words can’t buy food or clothes. He grabbed the deodorant from his bag and rubbed it onto his armpits. Taking a quick sniff of himself, he nodded in approval. Jughead got changed, packing up his bath supplies and slipped out the beanie from his back pocket. He adjusted it onto his head and draped the backpack over his shoulders. Walking out of the bathroom, he snatched a few candy bars and went to the counter. The clerk looked at Jughead and then started to scan the bars. Jughead hadn’t noticed the droplets of water sliding down his face until they dripped onto the counter.

The teen paid for the bars and then walked out, unwrapping one of the chocolate bars. He took a bite from it and then started down the sidewalk. He munched away and surveying the neighborhood. Inside the teen’s mind was his plot about where he was going to sleep. Which house was empty or had a for sale sign? It wasn’t going to take long to figure out how to shimmy through a window or unlock the door. However, he did have to watch out for those alarms. The last time he pried open a window, a loud beeping started and dogs in the neighborhood started to bark. Before he could close the window, he took off running in the opposite direction. He managed to find an empty warehouse and sought shelter until the cops passed, but then he ended up falling asleep.

All that remained of the candy was its wrapper. He headed to the nearby park, tossed the wrapper into the trash can and went to sit down at a picnic table. He set his bag down and exhaled. The silence broke when he heard his nickname. The boy turned his head in the direction and saw his friend, Betty approaching him with a cute smile on her lips.

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