Sketchy Behavior | Hellen Jo 

Never afraid to speak and/or draw her mind, Los Angeles based artist and illustrator, Hellen Jo and her characters can be described as rough, vulgar, tough, jaded, powerful, bratty and bad-ass - AKA her own brand of femininity. Known for her comic Jin & Jam, and her work as an illustrator and storyboard artist for shows such as Steven Universe and Regular Show, Hellen’s rebellious, and sometimes grotesque artwork and illustrations are redefining Asian American women and women of color in comics. In fact, that’s why Hellen Jo was a must-interviewee for our latest Sketchy Behavior where we talk to her about her love of comics and zines, her antiheroines, and redefining what Asian American women identity is or can be; and what her ultimate dream project realized would be.  

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I am creating a submission based zine specifically for Jews to share their experiences, thoughts, and artwork. If you are Jewish and have something to say - submit your work! Your experiences and your viewpoints are valuable!

When finished this zine will be available for free online and available in print (black and white) at low cost. (Printed copies will be made censoring all instances of the word “G-d” upon request.)


What sort of things can be submitted?
Content should be somewhat related to the Jewish experience, but it doesn’t need to be specifically about Judaism as a religion. Content can include, but is not limited to, non-fiction, prose, poetry, 2D art, photos of 3D art, comics, recipes, tutorials/how-tos/DIY, reviews of books/movies/shows, essays, journal entries, general musings, opinion pieces, open letters, rants, and short fiction. Be creative! If you are in doubt about it being relevant or “good enough,” send it anyway! I’m nice!

What “vibe” are you looking for?
Anything from pissed-the-fuck-off to touching and sweet, and anything in between or beyond that. I want this project to be flexible. The zine itself will have a cut-and-paste / DIY aesthetic.

Who is a Jew?
This project will operate on an inclusive answer to this age old question. People from all movements, all levels of observance, culturally isolated Jews, secular Jews, and folks who are working with a rabbi in the process of conversion are in this project are encouraged to submit.
Messianic “Jews” / “Jews for Jesus” are Christian and should not submit.

Jews of color, LGBTQIA+ Jews, working class Jews, disabled and/or mentally ill Jews, and any other Jews who are marginalized by Jewish communities or our society as a whole are STRONGLY encouraged to submit their work.

Send all submissions to

Include title of work, type of work, name, and any other identifying information you want included (email or other contact info, movement, personal or professional url, etc.). Submissions can be anonymous by request and all creators will retain the rights to their own work.

Thank you!!


I made a zine on watercolor paper filled with drawings, poems, life advice, little fold outs, etc. if you want to own the original copy of it go check it out on my etsy here https://www.etsy.com/listing/558061649/original-zine-poetry-and-drawing

gabriellaamoody.tumblr.com 👼🏽 $5



*shipping orders out today! if anyone is interested in one then email me, there are still some left!

Y'ALL. It is done. 32 pages. About 24 hours total of me actively working on it.

I’ll be putting free pdfs for the screen friendly version and the print-fold-staple at home version up tomorrow because I’m sort of wiped out right now.

If you want me to mail you a hard copy, assembled by yours truly, the printing cost is $4.50 + shipping costs. A lot of times if I’m mailing something I throw in little fun stuff like patches too. Gladly will trade for other zines of similar value.

Also my intent is to not make profit off of zines (especially when this one is all work submitted by others). I made this because I love being a part of the Jewish community. But hmu if you want to pitch in a buck or two to contribute to supplies cost and I can give you my paypal or venmo. 💕

And I’m just so grateful to the folks who have submitted. This would have been a total flop if it weren’t for you. 💜✡️💜

An ode to girls.

To the screaming fangirls, the shy journal writers, the loud gigglers, the soft speakers, the friendship bracelet makers, the collage queens, the selfie pros, the bloggers, the zinesters, the crystal coveters, the sticker collectors, the glitter enthusiasts, the unicorns, the covens, the girls who write neatly folded letters to
each other in class.

The girls who do things they are told are only for boys, the girls who do things “like a girl” without thinking it’s an insult. The girly girls, the boyish girls, the girls who look like girls and those who don’t. The girls who call themselves girls, or grrrls or gurls, the girls who hate the word girl, the girls who aren’t sure what to call themselves, the girls who prefer not to choose.

The she’s, the he’s, the they’s and all those in between. The girls who are told they aren’t girls, the girls who are told they’re too girly. The girls who are called annoying, frivolous and silly, the girls who stay silent because of it, the girls who are louder because of it. The fancy girls, the messy girls, the girls with shiny hair, dirty hair, coloured hair, a whole lot of body hair or no hair at all.

The little girls, the big girls, the tall, the small, the girls who flaunt their shapes and those who don’t. The girls in pieces, the girls in pain, the girls whose bodies don’t do all of the things we are told girl’s bodies should do. The girls from here, the girls from there, the girls who look like the girls on tv and those who don’t. The pale girls, the tan girls, the girls of colour, the girls who are full of light, and those who feel happier alone at night.

The sweet girls, the salty girls, the angry girls, the sad girls, the giddy girls, the hyper girls, the girls who feel everything all the time.

To all the girls
the world loves to hate,
celebrate each other,
take care of each other,
resist together.


Είμαστε η Brigitte και η Celeste. 

Αυτό είναι το zine που ετοιμάσαμε για τη Μέρα της Γυναίκας με πολλή αγάπη.

Όποιος/όποια το θέλει μπορεί να μας στείλει μήνυμα είτε εδώ στο tumblr, είτε στο magissoulazine@gmail.com για να κανονίσουμε συνάντηση (Αθήνα) και να του το δώσουμε. Η τιμή του είναι 1 ευρώ.

Ελπίζουμε να σας αρέσει!

“Taste of the Wild”

… is the name of @ milliemuns ’ s contribution to an upcoming Breath of the Wild zine that you just knew was going to happen.

Am afraid I do not have much info, as in who’s put it it together, nor when it’s due. PAV Prime (sorry, it’s now called PAX West, right?) Or SPX.

How about an idea to whomever the zinester might be: There is no need to make some dumb joke about the game’s cooking (alas, much like in real life, I have zero creative skills when it comes to making making me excited yet also edible meal ).

In each issue, there’s a NFC chip baked in, to provide the reader / player with a steady supply of food stuffs (or weapons, whatever), by “borrowing” the identity of an Amiibo? Maybe like the ones designed to enhance BotW Yet Are they essentially Impossible to legally obtain (unless one deals with d-bags on eBay)?

Just a thought. Oh, and since we’re talking about Zelda anyway, the  Gaijillionaire has posted yet another superb rundown of a manga based upon a classic Nintendo game, and this time it’s the very first one …

Do Not Forget: Attract Mode Is Now On Medium! As You Can Subscribe To Keep Up To Date, As Well As Enjoy Some “Best Of” Content You May Have Missed The First Time Around, Plus Be Spared Of The Technical Issues That’S Starting To Overtake Tumblr.

Following the success of Icons & Idols, Fake Geek Girls Like Us is making a second submission based zine that brings together visual and written works that look at pop culture and nerd culture through a variety of feminist lenses. We are specifically looking for work that explores gender representation in science fiction. 

While some pieces might look critically at the genre of sci fi others may celebrate characters/people within the genre. Submissions may explore:
-The Future Is Queer
-The Future is Female
-Decolonizing Science Fiction
-Your Favourite Heroines In Sci Fi
-Dystopia / Utopia
-Imagined Futures
-Tropes in Science Fiction
These are just some questions but please feel free to explore the idea further. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at fakegeekgirlslikeus@gmail.com

We will be accepting submissions until August 17 at Midnight. Artists will hear back about their submissions by August 31st. To submit email fakegeekgirlslikeus@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Googie Girls Submission’

In your submissions please include the title of the work, medium, date and a brief statement as to how your submission fits the theme. Visual works please send a maximum of 4 images in JPEG format. Written works please send works that are 500 words or less in PDF or WORD format

We are also accepting proposals for splash page illustrations.

This zine will be funded by Indiegogo, which will launch in September. Anticipated launch is late October/early November 2017.

[Image description: Announcement for call submissions for zine, All in Your Head features an illustration of a femme presenting cyborg, seated near futuristic white and blue orbs. Cords are connected to the cyborg’s mechanical skull as they look towards a starry sky.] Text reads: ‘All in Your Head: Queerness, Neurodivergence, and Disability Zine. Call for Submissions! Queer Crip Futures. Deadline: December 1st, 2017.’] 

Call for Submissions!
All in Your Head is a queer/feminist traditional cut-and-paste style zine with a focus on LGBTQIA neurodivergent and disabled activists, zinesters, artists, and authors. Our zine operates on the following *principles: 1.) social inequality and injustice exists [racism, classism, ableism, heterosexism, cissexism to name a few]; 2.) disability, neurodiversity can be understood as a viable form of human difference that intersects with/is shaped by systems of dominance; 3.) claims that there is a “normal” bodymind can have damaging and harmful effects (physically/emotionally/spiritually) and are partly shaped by current social/cultural values and white western colonial histories; 4.) neuroatypical people and people with disabilities must navigate cultural taboos, move among complex institutions and systems of care and negotiate conflicting ideas of “wellness/illness,“ “silence/disclosure,” “visibility/invisibility;” “dis/ability” and more 5.) most importantly, our stories matter.
(*this list is by no means exhaustive)

We are seeking submissions for issue #7 of All in Your Head. The theme for this issue is: QUEER CRIP FUTURES. We accept many kinds of submissions including: short stories, essays, poetry, rants, manifestos, music playlists, book reviews, doodles, drawings, resource lists, opinion pieces, photography, collage (and more!) that address this theme. If you don’t see your idea here, send it anyway! It may just be the thing we’re looking for! Keep in mind that you do not need to be a “good writer/artist/poet” (whatever that means!) to participate. We want to deconstruct and dismantle elitist gatekeeping and restricting access to publishing for disabled, neuroqueer folks.

Possible themes/topics for this issue:
-Visions for social, cultural, and systemic change from the perspective of queer, disabled, chronically ill, and/or neurodivergent people
-Accessible technologies
-The future of disability activism
-Bio-medical ethics and technological developments
-Eugenics, disability, and the rhetoric of futurity
-Science fiction and disability, gender, race, class, sexuality etc
-Activist/artist projects that address the theme Crip Futures as it relates to queer disabled, neurodiverse communities for our activist spotlight column.

Send all submissions to: allinyourheadzine@gmail.com
Deadline: December 1st, 2017.
Word limit: Please try to keep submissions around 1500 words or less. This is to ensure that all folks who submit have a good chance of getting published. Please send with your submission: Bio (optional), descriptions of any images you sent (high res please!), and any links to your work and artistry (optional). All contributors will receive a free copy and are free to publish elsewhere (we do not own your work!).

#Onezineaday is back!

Hi guys, guess who is back?

 I know it past a lot of time since  I post a #onezineaday regular post, but I’m back and with a lot of new zines to review and share with you.

 This time everything is organized so it´ll be a one zine a day (every day since now) Remember that if you want me to post your zines in this blog, please  mail me  at onezineaday@gmail.com I’ll be waiting for your cool collab.

 Let’s continue creating, reading a sharing zines!


-El Gato Fanzinero.

 PS:Below is a sneak peek of what is coming this week.

En Español: Hola chicos, regresa #unfanzinealdía, se que ha pasado mucho tiempo desde el ultimo post normal mostrando zines, pero lo importante es que estamos de regreso.

 Ya está todo organizado para que haya un fanzine cada día sin interrupciones. Si deseas que aparezca tu zine aquí, escríbeme a onezineaday@gmail.com estaré encantado de postear tu trabajo

. -El Gato Fanzinero.

Call for Submissions - SPOOKY: REVISITED

Our October 2017 issue is coming up fast and for the first time, we’re revisiting a theme! Spooky was one of our favorites last year, so we’re trying it out again, this time as Spooky: Revisited. Send us art that’s spooky, scary, horrific, terrifying, haunted, eerie, ghostly, or mysterious. (Extra credit for submissions that also address “revisited” as a theme.)

Deadline is September 5th. Submission info here.

Parallel issue 7 is the “Independence” issue, and as such is FULL of articles and artwork by independent self-identifying women. Featuring an exclusive editorial shoot with the amazing Harnaam Kaur & Nik Hampshire, this issue is one of our biggest and boldest to date.

Subjects covered in this issue include: indie female-fronted bands; travelling independently; matriarchal societies; living independently; sad girl culture; independent women in the media; colonialism; indie games; DIY culture; abortion rights; and more. We have submissions from Royal Integrity, Laura Waddell, Desiree Feliciano, and many others.

More to be announced!

Issue 7 is due to be released early AUGUST so your pre-order will secure you a copy when it is released.

Photo: Sophie Elliott / Makeup: Kate Van Doren / Stylist: Roxanne Chanel Murray

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