'zayn has no personality'

if you do not care about how zayn is being portrayed in the media, please stop calling yourself a ztan right now. zayn is being made to look like someone who only cares about his lifestyle and his ‘girlfriend’. they are creating a very public rift between this boy and his family and this is heartbreaking. this is the second installment of a series of public drags where zayn has been accused by his sisters of being a hollow, self-absorbed person. stop and think for a second if this image of zayn adds up with the sweetheart who is always on stage boasting about loving his parents and being thankful for them and his family. and please ask yourself why his sisters would choose to air their dirty laundry for everyone to see when they have never done so in the past. none of this adds up and if you are okay with stanning someone who is described as a jerk by his own family then go ahead and do so. i personally am here to stan that grateful and humble bradford boy who knows what is truly important in life.

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Melly do you honestly think Zayn or @ Zayn is tweeting this nonsense? He posts a photo of himself wearing , supposedly, Liam's shirt, and he's immediately "punished" with more ridiculous tweets. I feel so sad and so fed up


I am roughly 96% sure Zayn has personally not used his official Twitter account in years, and if he has, anything he’s wanted to Tweet has gone through numerous approvals and is monitored very heavily, as is the case with a lot of celebs.  Take Adele, who has to go through FOUR Business Hoe separate safety checks before she can tweet or post anything.  

Fwiw pickle, I don’t think Zayn wearing that t-shirt had anything to do with the tweets that were posted to his account shortly after, and I do think Zayn is going to be just fine in the long term. 

I dunno….im between thinking it’s possible the zelfie was a warning selfie, or that it was his teams attempt to show he has control over his account….either way I don’t believe Zayn tweeted those tweets. I know I don’t him personally, but Zayn has shown himself as a very aware person. It is completely possible that he could be ignorant, of course, but I don’t think so. Especially considering once again jelena is active at the same damn time, talking about a barbie. like…..mhm. funny how when zayn is active jelena is active. either way, those tweets are fucking disgusting and ignorant and they need to be deleted and an apology should be sent out bc even if i don’t think zayn tweeted them, that is his image on the line, the gp is seeing @zayn as Real Zayn. His team needs to wake the fuck up and do their job.

Zayn can’t fight off the smile that takes over his lips as he quietly pushes the front door open after struggling to unlock it quietly. He tip toes inside, excitement making him want to forget about being quiet and run through the house to wake him up if he is still asleep. 

It has been too long since Zayn has seen Liam in person, though Zayn swears just a week apart feels like a lifetime. He likes long nights on the phone, Skyping or whatever but his fingers itch to run across his smooth skin, to tangle in his thick hair while they kiss until his lungs burn from lack of oxygen.

He drops his duffle bag on the couch before moving through the house, towards the bedroom because he takes everything being off to mean Liam still sleeps. Watson peeks his head from the bedroom door, tail wagging like mad and he seems to ignore Zayn when he shushes him before pushing open the door.

Zayn stills, breath getting caught in his throat as he takes in Liam, who lies on his back, legs tangled in the sheets and a palm over his belly. His lips part, brows scrunching like he might wake and it is adorable really, but Zayn can’t pull his attention away from his hair.

Gone, nearly all of it - just a short layer covering his scalp that Zayn knows will be soft from the hundreds of time he has ran his fingers across Liam’s bald head when he has shaved it before. He loves it like this, Liam knows that - which is probably why he hadn’t told him yet.

He is probably planning on sending a selfie or something out of the blue, with a cheeky but dorky text that would make Zayn feel like he is seconds from passing out or something dramatic because that is how he feels right now.

Zayn tip toes over, trying to breathe but how beautiful Liam looks makes his heart pound heavily in his chest as he digs his knees carefully into the mattress. His skin practically glows in the dim sunlight and Zayn isn’t sure where he wants to touch first, the broad shoulders or the bicep that bulges from the way his arm is positioned, across his chest and over the thin smatter of hair that he wants to kiss and mark up later, or the round of his cheeks that are warm looking from the way they redden when he sleeps. 

“Babe,” Zayn whispers, settling beside him. He reaches forward, smoothing the pads of his fingers against his crooked hairline as he whispers Liam’s name a few times to wake him up. 

Liam rolls to the side, eyes clenching shut and full lips pouting and it is tempting to press their lips together because they are only a few centimeters apart and Zayn craves the feel of Liam’s against his own, but he doesn’t want to scare the other lad.

“Babe, wake up.”

Liam grumbles out a protest, face scrunching together more before his eyes fly open like he just realized that Zayn shouldn’t be laying in bed beside him. It is immediate, the way his eyes turn brighter than the sun peeking through the curtains, cheeks bunching with the force of the smile that takes over his face.

Zayn doesn’t say anything else before he moves closer to peck his lips to Liam’s, his palm cupping Liam’s cheek as he smoothes his lips over every part of Liam’s face. He giggles quietly, forcing Liam onto his back as he continues to kiss him all over.

“What are you doing here?” Liam manages through his laughter. Zayn tickles his fingers over Liam’s scalp, massaging over the short hairs as he slots their lips together properly instead of responding. They tickle and Zayn sure why he is in love with it so much, if it is just because it’s Liam because probably -

“You cut your hair,” Zayn states before pressing his lips to Liam’s again.

Liam is warm underneath him, his arms coming to wrap around Zayn’s waist to hold him closer like he wants to warm up Zayn’s still cool skin. His cheeks burn red but Zayn doesn’t pull away from his lips long enough to take it in. “You like it?”

“Love it, fucking love it,” Zayn whispers, smacking his lips to Liam’s between each word. “Love it, love you.”

Au meme: This was their second time meeting in unusual place and time. Liam kept looking at Zayn like he’s the most beautiful breathtaking person he has ever seen, and Zayn, well Zayn is feeling lots of emotion and he can’t tell which from which. All he knows that when he looks at Liam’s beautiful warm brown eyes he feels like melting away, Liam makes him feel like it’s home, maybe Liam is home for Zayn. Maybe they are each other’s home because they can’t seem to be separated once they are in the same room. Liam looks at Zayn like he is the sun, moon and the stars in the sky and Zayn looks at liam like he is home, he is the warmth that Zayn has been looking and needing for all of his life. Maybe they are it, maybe this is it. Right here, right now is all that matters as long as they can keep looking at one another as they feel everything clicking together, and suddenly it’s too quiet….. Oh, their souls just bounded and suddenly everything feels right, seems right.

Okay not to be fake deep or anything but the boys are probably the realest friends Zayn has, both personal and music industry wise. They would never fuck him over like this and that’s what I miss most about ot5.

1D According to Fanfics

Niall: ditzy, plays guitar, has no personality beyond laughing/eating.
Zayn: smokes and draws, is stunning, doesn’t know how to speak.
Liam: is perfect, exercsises, mother hens, always dissaproving. Louis : is snarky, wears hot pants and has a great ass.
Harry: laughter, flowers, weird clothes, cries.

ive always found it hilarious when ppl are like ‘zayn has a horrible personality and i hate him but i’d still smash’ like who else has a fave so hot even his haters want the dick 

I think Zayn has a shitty and mean personality and I get so fucking sick of seeing his every move worshipped when he really doesn’t deserve it lmao I know I’ll get shit for this but??? It’s immature, it’s petty, it’s unnecessary and I want no part of it.

like its none of my business and idk any of them personally but like zayn has been nothing but supportive towards 1d after he left….he’s congratulated them on their music, he never even managed to talk bad about them in interviews while he’s talked about how they never answered him when he tried to reach out to them…how hard is it to just tweet him and congratulate him on his music like he did for you

At the end Zayn has proven to be the biggest person in this situation regarding the other four and him. Anyway keep streaming/buy PILLOWTALK and watch the video