'zayn has no personality'

I try not to get too involved in the fandom drama too often these days since it’s usually wasted effort but seeing this latest round of attacks on Zayn, I couldn’t keep quiet. This hits too close to home for me.

As just a handful of you know, I lost my dad just under three weeks ago to complications from lung cancer. Much like the person Zayn is helping by tweeting out her GoFundMe page, our family was blind-sided by a Stage Four diagnosis when my dad was admitted to the hospital for what seemed an unrelated matter. We were stunned and devastated to be suddenly faced with the inevitability of his demise that came much quicker than we anticipated.

I’m not fifteen. I can’t even imagine how terrified that woman’s daughter must be at the thought of losing the most important person in her life at such a crucial time (not that it’s ever easy to lose a parent). Luckily, they seem to have a good support system that includes the Malik family. 

No one knows to what extent they have already contributed to her cause but guess what? It doesn’t matter because I’m sure it’s happened in more ways than just financial. 

Cancer treatments are notoriously expensive and this woman’s last resort might be an experimental treatment in another country. Even though I’m sure Zayn has helped (because that’s the type of person he has proven to be) he has a huge online presence that could benefit her immensely. She has also promised that any outstanding monies will go to other patients to aid in their care in the case that the treatment fails to work.

The fact that many of you chose to use this as an occasion to belittle Zayn for his effort when you heap praise on OT4 for literally the exact same thing is disgusting beyond belief. How can you feel good about taking something pure and pissing all over it, effectively taking attention away from the person in need? Clearly you value your bullying time more and that is reprehensible in ways I cannot begin to articulate.

Why does it matter that it’s his mom’s friend?? Why should that disqualify her from getting our attention? Have you even considered that perhaps she doesn’t want to get everything she needs from them? Would you be okay with your best friend and her family paying every last cent for this treatment out of their own pocket? Have you even for a moment stopped to think about the person at the center of this issue? I think we all know the answer to that.

You certainly don’t need to give a single cent. It’s not mandatory in case you forgot. It’s pretty clear you don’t give a rat’s ass about Ayesha and her daughter. If you for a minute stopped to think about how this is going to affect her perhaps you would’ve thought twice before giving your worthless opinion.

Can you imagine how they’re going to feel when they hear that their friend’s son is getting trashed for trying to help her out? Do you even care that you’re adding negativity to an already unbelievably stressful and frightening time? It doesn’t seem like you do. The only thing that matters to petty mean girls like you is having another go at Zayn, right?

As someone who was just in Ayesha’s family’s shoes, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it:  GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

Literally any other celebrity who zayn hasn’t even ever met in person has been more supportive of zayn than his own ex bandmates. Doesn’t the thought make you sick


All the drama and fighting going on this fandom needs to stop for like two second and just needs to focus on this, even if they aren’t a Zayn’s girl.

Like this needs to be in every news broadcast there is and needs to be shouted from the rooftops to the rest of the world because I don’t think many people know and appreciate how amazingly smart and intelligent the beautiful Zayn Malik is.

Everyone needs to know that he is more than just a pretty face and an incredibly amazing singer with a voice and passion like no other.

No matter who your favourite is, everyone has to admit that Zayn Malik is not only the most beautiful person in the world who has the most amazing voice in the world, that he also helps out with so many charities and all the good for this world, but that he is one of the most smartest and most intelligent human being in this world.

I think people underestimate Zayn and think that he is just another member of a boyband, “so what, he doesn’t do much beside sing.”

No. Zayn Malik is beautiful with and incredible voice, that is caring and kind who spends his free time helping out charities and things, but also a very intelligent human being and he doesn’t show it enough. I think Zayn and the rest of the band need a bit more respect than that.

Because Zayn truly is the best human being on this planet.

“I … don’t know, you guys. I mean, you can see what Liam wanted to do: he wanted to grow up musically, borrowing from the gospel of Zayn by simultaneously throwing shade at One Direction while singing about sex and parties. The problem is, Strip That Down is even less believable – partially because Zayn has been candid about his partying and personal turbulence (where Liam is now a father) and because Zayn only ever dissed 1D in interviews, not in his actual music.

However, Strip That Down is largely a thirst trap, appealing to a tired brand of heteronormativity through Liam’s references to “girl”, whoever she may be. (Because my dudes, he’s certainly not speaking to Cheryl that way.)

You can see the way he takes the Ed Sheeran approach to vocals, but loses the heart by bragging about how many women are hanging off him, and you can also hear the way he’s using the Nick Jonas approach to post-band life by adopting slick beats while peacocking. The thing is, Sheeran and Jonas have both mastered their art by making songs seem sincere or as part of an in-joke with their audiences – they’re not delivered on a platform built to broadcast their own greatness.

So here’s hoping that Liam’s next single features more of what he’s actually good at: singing. Because while you know he’s thinking of himself as a cross between Sheeran and Jonas, he’s coming off as a salty brat who has no reason to complain about anything.”

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Melly jinjoo from dnce was there... and I don't know where we are heading with this but there is this update account "Zaynnews" on insta that keeps quoting a fangirl about how "z's body was up against her" body and he told her "hi love"

I need you guys to all take some deep relaxing breaths boobs first and find a center of calm about this. Here’s the actual reality of Zayn last night: sat in the corner against the wall, like the true introvert he is, bless

The fan account of Zayn’s body being up against hers? It very much looks to be from a stalker fan:

Who has met Zayn previously, natch:

And Zayn, a very English person from the very English UK, saying “hi love” is not indicative of a chat up, its just a pleasant throwaway greeting. 

And thus far, there’s no headlines about Zayn attending this show last night. So until then, have some soothing carbohydrates and relax a smidge.

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Ok. I know I'm naive. I'm not in this industry. I'm not in any industry where this much money is at stake and lying is the norm. But. Can't Liam at any point just say No? No I'm not going to talk shit about Zayn for promo? I mean I totally girded my loins and expected Chiam and Bear nonsense but this Zayn thing really kicked me in the teeth. Liam is the last person I expected to do this. Zayn has been a taboo subject for years and now ... this? Doesn't Liam have a say at all?

Are you new to the fandom? Have you seen the shit that has been spewed thanks to 1DHQ for interviews over the past 6 years? The questions are preapproved. Liam’s response could be pre-written, or it could be a tongue-in-cheek response to the fuckery if he was pre-warned the questions were coming, unlike when the NBC drug fuckery went off at the beginning of the Zayn absence that led to the “quitting’ where he was clearly caught off guard. So does he have a say, to a minor degree, yes, they aren’t holding a literal gun to his head, but he has a contract which we have seen over the years is ironclad and has led to a lot of bullshit, and there’s plenty of evidence of this. So while this bullshit fandom full of hypocrites picks and chooses what they want to buy as authentic or not, I go off the larger body of evidence we have, and the boys actions always trump the shit they say during the promo season to me.

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Harry talked about Zayn in his rolling Stone interview

Hi anon,

Its funny cos I just looked thru the tags and depending on your stance to start with on the two of them and all of them in general, its split between Zarry is alive and Zarry is dead. 

There’s always a bias of course. 

The thing is that part of the article literally focuses on 1 comment that wasn’t necessarily so positive that Zayn was said to have said in print, and yet doesn’t focus on the positive stuff Zayn is said to have said both in print and more crucially that we’ve heard from his mouth in person about his experience so it’s a bit one eyed on the magazine’s part to say the least. 

But people will laud Harry of course over Zayn because they refuse to see that Zayn in person has always been kind, anyway for me its more to do with the quote they chose than anything Harry actually said which was pretty standard in so far as 1d (solo or otherwise) in print are concerned. 

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Okay but there is no excuse for racism. What's the issue. I swear if Zayn stans didn't want him to be excused for everything then no one would have an issue with him.

I swear if Ot4 stans and Harry stans had reading comprehension skills there wouldn’t be an issue. No one is asking for anyone to excuse racism. And not one person has excused Zayns racism. We’re pointing out the double standards and how Zayn is vilified for both his mistakes and the shit people around him do but the Precious Cracker Prince gets his shit excused all damn day long. Just like that piece of shit Larriez did. When it was pointed out that Harry had ACTUALLY done blackface. They made an excuse saying that no one is perfect but then shit on Zayn for something he didn’t even do and something they pulled right out of their ass. It’s funny how the ones who preach about Zayn being racist are racist themselves and refuse to look at their own racism (and yes excusing a white mans ignorance and mistakes while vilifying a person of color and treating them Inhumanely because of their ignorance and mistakes makes you racist). Anyways. You can choke and so can that other bitch as can anyone else who feels that way. Have a horrible day.

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Zayn really is an extraordinary person. He has such an effect on people's lives that years later they're still bitter that he's no longer by their side. What kind of next level icon.

a king!

Summer Love by @paynefulperiods
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: T

“Thought I’d find you here.”

Louis’ voice mixes with the ocean breeze, the navy blue sky contrasting with the brightly lit moon. The waves lap at Zayn’s dangling feet, licking away sand but leaving a steady calm trickling down his spine.

The wood of the dock scrapes the back of his thighs as his big toe draws aimlessly in the water below, spelling out words that he wouldn’t dare say out loud, words that make his heart flutter.

“Why’d you leave the party?” Louis stands behind him, his presence warm, as his bony kneecaps jab into his shoulder blades.

“Not in the celebrating mood.”

Without turning around, Zayn pats the rough wood beside him.

The dock creaks as Louis sits, his feet landing in the water, ruining the portrait Zayn’d been drawing from memory; fond coffee coloured eyes framed beautifully with furry eyebrows, thick cotton candy lips pulled tightly around straight white teeth into a blinding smile.

A deep breath wracks Zayn’s chest as he collapses onto Louis’ shoulder on the exhale.

“Come here to tell me you told me so?” Zayn’s voice is muffled by Louis’ t-shirt, the thin cotton smelling so much of Louis, and friendship, and home that Zayn just wants to cry.

“No.” It was Louis’ turn to sigh, resting his head atop Zayn’s, his feathery hair tickling Zayn’s ear, “But I did, didn’t I?”

The soft laugh Zayn lets out catches in his tightening throat. “Yeah, I guess you did.” Louis’ hand finds his own, absently twirling the silver rings that litter Zayn’s long fingers.

It’s quiet for a moment, the rushing of waves and the faraway cackle of seagulls all that he can hear.

“Liam’s different though, isn’t he?”

Just hearing his name has nerves bubbling in Zayn’s stomach. It’s pathetic how quickly a warmth rushes through his veins as an image of Liam tattoos itself to the inside of his eyelids, materializing at every blink.

“Unfortunately.” It’s a lie, a blatant, painfully obvious lie, and by how Louis abruptly sits up, Zayn knows Louis knows it too.

Louis’ nimble fingers catch Zayn’s chin, bringing their eyes together.  “He’s a good lad Zaynie.”

Zayn wants to scream, can feel the sound crawling up his throat as Louis’ blue eyes bore into his own.

The sound he does release is more of a pathetic whine, which, really, describes his state quite perfectly. Pathetic.

Tears threaten to blur Zayn’s vision, his clenched fists scrub his eyes before Louis can see. “Fuck, I know he is. The best.”

“Whatcha gonna do?” Zayn feels the movement of Louis’ lips against his temple more than he hears the words, his voice muted by the salty breeze.

“Bloody hell if I know”

“You’ll figure it out Z, you always do.”  It’s mumbled so quietly, so unlike Louis’ usual loud, obnoxious self. It’s what Zayn loves most about his best friend, how he can be annoying as shit the majority of the time, but he’d jump through hoops for the people he cares about, knowing exactly what Zayn needs even when he himself has no idea.

“I just wish I could just take him somewhere to hide from the reality of it all y’know? Somewhere we’d be alone to just bask in this feeling.”

Louis knocks their shoulders together humming under his breath as a smile tugs at his lips, “You turn into a right mushy twat when you’re in love, y’know that?”

Louis doesn’t even flinch as Zayn roughly flicks his ear, “Who said I’m in love?”

“Z, you blush if the lad as much as smiles at you.”

Zayn can feel his face redden. It’s not his fault the boy’s smile makes his insides do somersaults, the way his entire face bunches in the most precious way. His eyes crinkle into half moons as his shoulders rise

“Don’t go all blushy on me now, you weren’t shy about sucking the lads face off every chance ye got.”

Zayn’s tempted to push his best mate into the water below, but knowing Louis, he’d drag Zayn in with him.

“Do you remember what I said at the beginning of the summer?”

Louis smirks. “That you hate sand?”

When Zayn doesn’t answer Louis continues, “That all this salt water isn’t good for your hair? That I’m a wanker?”

A quick whack to the back of Louis’ head has him a giggling mess.

“Louis, shut up you git. I’m serious.”

Louis’ eyes soften. “All that bloody nonsense about not being a stereotypical teenager and having a summer romance before you go off to uni?”

He shakes his head which is leaning on Louis’ shoulder, mumbling a quiet, “Yeah.”

“What am I going to do Louis. Fuck. I love him.”

The tremor in his voice mirrors the slight shaking of his hands, overwhelmed with a sadness that he hasn’t felt since the death of his grandfather.

“Fuck Lou, when we were in our cabin he was packing his bag and I was trying so fucking hard not to cry, I could barely breathe. You know I’m shit at goodbyes. Why did you let me get this deep? Bloody hell.”

Louis’ eyebrows are furrowed in concern as he wraps an arm around Zayn’s shoulders, pulling him impossibly close.

“Look Zayn, it happened. Things like this just happen okay? You can’t blame yourself for something that your heart did.”

Taking a deep breath, Louis cups Zayn’s face in his hands, nimble thumbs brushing away warm tears,“You’ll figure it out Zayn. You always do.” Sweeping thick black strands off Zayn’s forehead he mumbles, “I mean, it takes you a bloody long time, but you always do.”


The boardwalk creaks, the noise becoming closer as whoever it is approaches

“Hey Lou, Z, what are you guys doing here? The party’s back on the beach.”

Zayn’s shoulders hunch at the husky voice, heart racing as the entire summer flashes before his eyes: fond eyes, warm plush lips, curious fingers memorizing every inch of his skin.

“I,” Louis starts, wiping his hands on his shorts as he stands, “was just leaving, actually.”

He pats Liam’s back as he passes and gives his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

Liam stands until Zayn turns around to look at him. Liam’s looking out into the ocean, giving Zayn time to admire the otherboy. He has a strong build, wide shoulders and muscular arms that taper so beautifully to slim hips. His broad chest is covered with a thin layer of soft, light brown curls which lead down to the waistband of his red and black swim trunks. The light from the pier illuminates the back of Liam’s head giving him a halo, which, is quite fitting.

“Do you mind if I sit?” he asks, his head nodding towards the space beside Zayn on the dock.

Twiddling with his rings, Zayn mumbles a quiet, “Course not, Li,” his heart fluttering as Liam’s thick, toned thighs brush up against Zayn’s thinner ones, his hand reaching out to easily intertwining their fingers.

Zayn’s mind is flooded with memories of how Liam had fumbled gentle lips over his skin, neither of them knowing what they were doing, not caring in the slightest; the warm press of fingertips exploring naked skin too overwhelming.

“Can you believe summer’s over?”

Zayn can feel his body beginning to betray him, his breath catching in his chest as Liam stares into his eyes, never breaking eye contact.

“I’m going to miss y-”

Zayn interrupts him, clearing his throat as he looks back out into the ocean, “Do you remember what I said when the summer started?”

The smile that tugs at Liam’s lips is breathtaking as he jokes, “That Louis is a wanker?”

Zayn snorts at how much of Louis’ personality has rubbed off on Liam in only a few short months. “No. Well, yes but- ”

Zayn’s words catch in his throat as Liam smothers a giggle into the skin of his shoulder, his warm breath sending goosebumps up his entire body.

“That you don’t do summer romances?” Liam’s plush lips move against his skin as he talks, and it’s taking everything Zayn has to not suck that bottom lip between his teeth and never let go.

“Yeah, that,” Zayn takes a moment to let his eyes travel across Liam’s sun kissed skin, memorizing every curve, so in love with how his muscles ripple with every move.

“I’ve sort of been in love with you since you first sat next to me on this dock,” Zayn whispers.

Liam raises his head to look Zayn in the eyes, lips pursing as he takes in the sullen look on Zayn’s face.

“Don’t look at me that way.” Liam’s voice is laced with so much emotion that Zayn has to pinch his leg with the hand not clutching Liam’s to ground himself.

Zayn takes a deep breath before forcing out a quiet, “What way?”

Liam raises his arms, exasperated, “Like this is the end. Like everything that’s happened this summer doesn’t matter.”

“Liam, I leave for New York in four days.”

“Zayn I-”

Zayn interrupts again, he’s becoming quite good at it, squeezing his eyes shut as he wills his voice not to tremble. The furrow of Liam’s brows when he opens his eyes pains him, wanting nothing more than to reach over and smooth the wrinkles away with the pad of his thumb. “This is where you taught me to swim, remember?”

Hurt flashes across Liam’s brown eyes as he nods, not used to this wall Zayn’s trying to put up.

“You sat down beside me on this stupid creaky dock, and asked me why I wasn’t swimming,” Zayn squeezes Liam’s fingers which are still snugly intertwined with his own. “The look on your face when I said I didn’t know how made my heart flutter, and from that point on I knew I was fucked.”

The wounded noise sounding from the back of Liam’s throat has tears prickling Zayn’s eyes, Liam’s entire body moving to engulf him completely as the first warm tear falls onto their joined hands.

“Listen, I’m trying so hard not to cry right now.” He can hear the tightness in Liam’s voice, the quiet sniffles feel like a jab straight to Zayn’s heart. “But I need you to know that you were mine for the summer.”

“I had the best time Li, you have to know that, it’s just, right now it feels like the worst time.”

“I know we decided on a clean breakup, that we wouldn’t take this any farther but Louis has my number if you ever, y’know, need anything.”

Liam presses his lips to the crown of Zayn’s head before taking a deep breath. He extracts one leg out of the water at a time, slowly moving to stand.

He nudges Zayn’s leg with his foot, “Just don’t go pulling a Sandy on me and show up at my school in September yeah?”

Zayn snorts sadly, looking down at his hands. “Louis was Danny Zuko in our school production”

“Bloody hell, of course he was”, his laugh is soft.

“You were my summer love, Z. You always will be.” Liam’s words are carried away by the wind, taking a piece of Zayn’s heart with them.

Zayn counts Liam’s steps as he leaves. He pulls out his phone to scroll through the pictures he’d captured, a montage of everything that happened that summer flashing through his mind; how they met, their first kiss, every single little thing Liam did to make him feels special.

He closes out of the photos app and opens up a new message deciding ‘fuck it’.

Hey Lou, think you could send me Liam’s number?

What has to happen to Zayn for him to fit into ziam beliefs?

Zayn’s health -  ignored or considered a stunt or being used in the stunt.

Zayn’s interest in fashion - minimised, called a media narrative or something others exploit for their own promo.

Zayn’s book and all the topics it covers - ignored or considered to be written by “management”.

Zayn’s ability to make decisions about his career - pushed aside in favour of a sabotage theory.

Nothing Zayn communicates through any channel commonly used by celebrities has to be believed the latest “gold standard” appears to be did Zayn tell you that personally.

All of that has to happen aside from Gigi. Zayn has to be wiped out and a fantasy figure no one ever sees created in his place. How is it possible to really be a fan of Zayn and believe in ziam?

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Thank you for your insightful answer. I'm new (I literally just started watching band interviews 3 days ago and I wasn't sure if during his band experience he was just as loved as everyone else). I know some drama went down, and I guess no one but them really knows, but is Zayn a terrible person? Especially since he left the band? Has he always been a terrible person? If their relationship with the band (except maybe Liam) turned so bad, did they ever seem to have genuine friendships with him?

I don’t think Zayn is a horrible person, no. I think Zayn is a good person who lost the plot. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he’s stayed as grounded as the rest of the boys, but that’s not up to me to say. I don’t know him personally, but from what I’ve seen…

Ever since Harry’s Rolling Stone article, it does bring up some questions as to why Zayn chose to leave the way he did. If Harry had been the first to mention them taking a break in late 2014…I guess I just don’t understand why it had to happen the way it did. And like I said before, we only know what they’ve chosen to tell us. Most of it is reading between the lines. It just seems really sketchy to me, the way the entire thing panned out.

I think they had genuine friendships when they were in the band. You can’t fake that bond, especially since they were so young when they were put together. I think that’s why it hurt so much - for all parties involved - when five became four. It’s clear that a lot of once-healthy relationships were damaged (possibly beyond repair?) and that a lot of feelings were hurt along the way.

Sorry about the rant, but you know I had to...

I’m going to try to make this my last Perrie Edwards related post of the night. 

Here’s my issue with Zayn breaking their engagement/relationship. From the very beginning of their relationship, Perrie received the short end of the stick. She was the butt of the joke. Everyone hated her. I’ve seen nothing but a whole lot of nastiness thrown her way; she’s ugly, she’s using him, something about management, she can’t sing, she’s a gold digger, etc. I’ve read really mean jokes, I’ve seen really mean memes, and we’ve seen proof of him cheating on her. With all these things done, I’ve not said one thing about their relationship, I never found it my business to comment on someone else’s relationship unless asked advice and even then I keep it respectful. In the four years that they were together, I’ve witnessed Perrie having Zayn’s back 1000%; whether it was about his religion, him being mysterious, him smoking weed, him CHEATING, whatever. Anything Zayn did, she showed the world: that is my man, I am proud of him, we will work through this, I love him.

For a woman to dedicate herself to a man, that couldn’t find it in himself to remain faithful, for four years……….she must have really loved that man. I mean, of course she did. She took so much shit from Zayn and his fans and smiled through it all. Never once did she complain. I just hurt so much for her because she saw herself marrying this man but the same man turned out to be a child. No, not a fuckboy (yes but no at the same time) a child, because it takes a child to waste four years of your life AND plan your future together only to break things off over a text message.  What kind of shit is that? And you know what’s most fucked up, he did that shit while she’s touring and promoting with her bandmates for her own damn career. I can’t even put into words what I want to say next…. How is she supposed to put up this brave face for the next couple of weeks and act like her life hasn’t just been torn up and apart? How is she supposed to promote the next album without breaking down in front of cameras or audiences? How. Is. This. Fair. To. Her? 

I was upset earlier, but now I’m actually angry… Why? Because I put myself in her shoes. Hear me out, not only has this relationship that she thought to be magical gone down the drain and she’s out promoting BUT, these avid bitch ass Zayn fans have the fucking nerve to laugh about it. *tries to calm down* How is that funny? What did you actually win in this? Why are you feeling actual enjoyment from someone else’s pain? Ya’ll need to grow up, realize that singers, songwriters, actors, etc also have emotions. They are real people, someone is really hurting, and people around that person don’t know how to help. *holding back my own tears now* Ya’ll act like this is a game, like this is a scripted tv show… This is someone’s life, where is the compassion? Where is the empathy? 

I don’t know what has happened behind closed doors for those two so this isn’t my place to say this but I do not like Zayn Malik today. I can’t see his side of things. But at the end of the day, I’m all about empowerment and I hope Perrie realizes that their beautiful relationship was umbrella’d by all the bullshit Zayn and his fans carried. I hope Perrie doesn’t ignore her feelings; I hope she cries a lot and yells a lot, and somehow makes Zayn feel the hurt he gave her. I want her to get it all out so that she can move on. I want her to realize that Zayn is not a bad person, he just has his fuckboy tendencies and she’s too grown for that. I want Perrie to one day realize that she is not the butt of the joke, but the goddess that snatched the one dude everyone wanted, I want her to realize that she is loved by many and there is ten times the love compared to the nastiness she’s received. Perrie, your break up playlist is the same music that you made for your fans dealing with fuckboys honey, forget that boy….

Finally, I pray that these hatin’ ass 1D fans grow the fuck up because they really make it hard for me to like them.. Like seriously, every couple of months they fuck up. Stop bullying people, what the fuck. 

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I'm going to politely and respectfully disagree with you regarding Zarry at the Met Gala. Yeah it does seem like Zayn does not want to be there, but what a look that was! Such a cool interpretation of Manus x Machina. Harry is more fashion in the sense he wears what's trendy (YSL 3-4 years ago, Gucci rn) and pays homage to his rock idols but Zayn has an artists eye which is so unique and personally I'm more interested in seeing his take on things. They're both beautiful tho so no losers here ☺️

Yikes that you really think robo-arms was Zayn’s idea or that he’d want to attend the Met gala with his beard and said robo-arms (which were too big for his thin frame, imo) bringing more attention to that awkward and unfortunate situation. That whole situation was just marketing for both their fashion collabos. 

But I’m glad you enjoyed it, though. No shade. You gotta take the positive where you find it. 

At this point I think Harry’s style is much more tied in with all the things he can’t say rn. So that makes his choices really fascinating and in need of an even bigger spotlight. Like the Met gala, for example.

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Hi) found your post ab DY by tags. I just want to say it's good that your opinion has changed. You correctly gave an example with Zayn. The more a person becomes famous,the more someone wants to cash in on it, including slandering his reputation. DY is becoming more popular and he has more and more fans ... sometimes a bit strange) I think this anon so vehemently reacted, because he still remembers 2012. It was a terrible year for all DY's fans. Don't pay attention next time on this please)

ooo, what happened in 2012? nothing comes to mind for me, but honestly by the time i hear chinese pop culture gossip it’s usually a mega-scandal like edison chen’s sex tapes. don’t have to tell me of course, but now im curious >.>

and yeah! of course, as i mentioned, now that i know more about him i’m quite fond of the man. he’s very funny lol. i don’t know why tht’s not sufficient for stanning??? just because i don’t have ragethirst tags for him like i do for jiang wen? to use a local phrase… like that also can??

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I hope Zayn still talks to the guys regularly. Zayn honestly has never seemed like a happy person, you can tell he really struggles emotionally and Louis was such a great friend to him. I know those boys will always have his back when he needs them. I've always got a really sad vibe from Zayn and I feel for him.

i never got that vibe from him. i think a lot of what you’re describing comes from his image; dark, broody, etc. but beyond that, i agree. it would be nice if he still talked to the guys bc you’re right, him and louis did seem to share this really important, really (mutually) beneficial bond, but even if they don’t still talk i hope he has someone around him who he loves and connects to that can help him because he seems to really be struggling and i don’t like it