'zayn has no personality'

if you do not care about how zayn is being portrayed in the media, please stop calling yourself a ztan right now. zayn is being made to look like someone who only cares about his lifestyle and his ‘girlfriend’. they are creating a very public rift between this boy and his family and this is heartbreaking. this is the second installment of a series of public drags where zayn has been accused by his sisters of being a hollow, self-absorbed person. stop and think for a second if this image of zayn adds up with the sweetheart who is always on stage boasting about loving his parents and being thankful for them and his family. and please ask yourself why his sisters would choose to air their dirty laundry for everyone to see when they have never done so in the past. none of this adds up and if you are okay with stanning someone who is described as a jerk by his own family then go ahead and do so. i personally am here to stan that grateful and humble bradford boy who knows what is truly important in life.

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alice i feel like you're the best person to ask, but has zayn always known how to play guitar or is this a new hobby he just picked up?

He’s mentioned playing guitar several times before so i think he’s known how to play for a while

to be precise I remember him tweeting about it back in 2012

Zayn can’t fight off the smile that takes over his lips as he quietly pushes the front door open after struggling to unlock it quietly. He tip toes inside, excitement making him want to forget about being quiet and run through the house to wake him up if he is still asleep. 

It has been too long since Zayn has seen Liam in person, though Zayn swears just a week apart feels like a lifetime. He likes long nights on the phone, Skyping or whatever but his fingers itch to run across his smooth skin, to tangle in his thick hair while they kiss until his lungs burn from lack of oxygen.

He drops his duffle bag on the couch before moving through the house, towards the bedroom because he takes everything being off to mean Liam still sleeps. Watson peeks his head from the bedroom door, tail wagging like mad and he seems to ignore Zayn when he shushes him before pushing open the door.

Zayn stills, breath getting caught in his throat as he takes in Liam, who lies on his back, legs tangled in the sheets and a palm over his belly. His lips part, brows scrunching like he might wake and it is adorable really, but Zayn can’t pull his attention away from his hair.

Gone, nearly all of it - just a short layer covering his scalp that Zayn knows will be soft from the hundreds of time he has ran his fingers across Liam’s bald head when he has shaved it before. He loves it like this, Liam knows that - which is probably why he hadn’t told him yet.

He is probably planning on sending a selfie or something out of the blue, with a cheeky but dorky text that would make Zayn feel like he is seconds from passing out or something dramatic because that is how he feels right now.

Zayn tip toes over, trying to breathe but how beautiful Liam looks makes his heart pound heavily in his chest as he digs his knees carefully into the mattress. His skin practically glows in the dim sunlight and Zayn isn’t sure where he wants to touch first, the broad shoulders or the bicep that bulges from the way his arm is positioned, across his chest and over the thin smatter of hair that he wants to kiss and mark up later, or the round of his cheeks that are warm looking from the way they redden when he sleeps. 

“Babe,” Zayn whispers, settling beside him. He reaches forward, smoothing the pads of his fingers against his crooked hairline as he whispers Liam’s name a few times to wake him up. 

Liam rolls to the side, eyes clenching shut and full lips pouting and it is tempting to press their lips together because they are only a few centimeters apart and Zayn craves the feel of Liam’s against his own, but he doesn’t want to scare the other lad.

“Babe, wake up.”

Liam grumbles out a protest, face scrunching together more before his eyes fly open like he just realized that Zayn shouldn’t be laying in bed beside him. It is immediate, the way his eyes turn brighter than the sun peeking through the curtains, cheeks bunching with the force of the smile that takes over his face.

Zayn doesn’t say anything else before he moves closer to peck his lips to Liam’s, his palm cupping Liam’s cheek as he smoothes his lips over every part of Liam’s face. He giggles quietly, forcing Liam onto his back as he continues to kiss him all over.

“What are you doing here?” Liam manages through his laughter. Zayn tickles his fingers over Liam’s scalp, massaging over the short hairs as he slots their lips together properly instead of responding. They tickle and Zayn sure why he is in love with it so much, if it is just because it’s Liam because probably -

“You cut your hair,” Zayn states before pressing his lips to Liam’s again.

Liam is warm underneath him, his arms coming to wrap around Zayn’s waist to hold him closer like he wants to warm up Zayn’s still cool skin. His cheeks burn red but Zayn doesn’t pull away from his lips long enough to take it in. “You like it?”

“Love it, fucking love it,” Zayn whispers, smacking his lips to Liam’s between each word. “Love it, love you.”

Au meme: This was their second time meeting in unusual place and time. Liam kept looking at Zayn like he’s the most beautiful breathtaking person he has ever seen, and Zayn, well Zayn is feeling lots of emotion and he can’t tell which from which. All he knows that when he looks at Liam’s beautiful warm brown eyes he feels like melting away, Liam makes him feel like it’s home, maybe Liam is home for Zayn. Maybe they are each other’s home because they can’t seem to be separated once they are in the same room. Liam looks at Zayn like he is the sun, moon and the stars in the sky and Zayn looks at liam like he is home, he is the warmth that Zayn has been looking and needing for all of his life. Maybe they are it, maybe this is it. Right here, right now is all that matters as long as they can keep looking at one another as they feel everything clicking together, and suddenly it’s too quiet….. Oh, their souls just bounded and suddenly everything feels right, seems right.

Okay not to be fake deep or anything but the boys are probably the realest friends Zayn has, both personal and music industry wise. They would never fuck him over like this and that’s what I miss most about ot5.

Cheating Rumors

So like I said this is in honor of all the Zayn drama. Personally I don’t think cheating has anything to do with it but I will just go with the tabloids. 

Here is all the boys! 


You always tried to avoid the tabloids when Niall was on tour, they would write anything to get a few dollars. Today was different though, not only was he on the front cover of every magazine but fans were tweeting, instagraming, and blogging all about the girl Niall had been photographed with. The smart thing for you to do would be to call him and ask about it but what you didn’t understand was why he hadn’t called and prepared you. Could it actually be true and he was avoiding you? After hours of beating yourself up you decided to call him. He answered on the first ring. “hey love” he said cheerfully. You thought you could do it, you thought you would be strong enough to ask him but the tears were falling too quickly and your throat was dry and the words would not form. You whimpered on the other line. “Babe…Babe, what’s wrong. Talk to me” he urged. “Is..is it..” you hiccupped. “y/n, breathe. Take it slow” he instructs you. You were silent for incredible too long and it was obvious by the way he was breathing that he was getting upset “is it true. Are the pictures real, like I can’t avoid it this time” you cried. “no. no. no. why would you believe that Princess, you know I would never” he pleaded with you. You were silent for a while and he started to cry on the other end. “Please baby, talk to me” he sobbed. “I’m coming home, I’ll be there tonight” he said hanging up.


You and Zayn had been together for only 6 months and you were still on cloud nine. He was the sweetest most caring person you had ever met and you knew you could easily fall in love with him. What you didn’t expect was to be in such a secret relationship. You rarely got to see him and when you did you were trapped in the hotel for hours until he could come see you. “can we go out please” you begged him as you lay in his arms. “Where would you like to go love?” he asked rubbing up your arms. You shot up out of his arms, “can we really go somewhere?” you asked excited. “Yes, why couldn’t we?” he asked. “We never leave the hotel walls when I’m here Zayn” you pointed out. “Well today we can go where ever you would like” he smiled brightly. You were throwing on your clothes the quickest you had even done. “I’m so excited!” you squealed jumping up and down. He chuckled and finally got out of bed to get dressed.

           You were at the park laying in Zayn’s lap as he was propped against a tree when a group of fans came running over. “Oh my god Zayn!” “zayn!!!” “Zayn are you cheating on Perrie” “Zayn this isn’t Perrie” “Zayn you have to tell us what’s going on” “Oh my God, wait until everyone finds out” they all screamed their voices were meshing together you were completely confused. What did Perrie have to do with anything? You wondered. Zayn got up and started to walk away from the fans, you chased after him “Zayn…Zayn…ZAYN!” you yelled after him. You didn’t catch up to him until he was at the car. “What is going on?” you asked. “get in the car y/u” he barked running both of his hands through his hair. “no, not until you tell me what’s going on Zayn” you plead to him. You were seconds away from crying and you didn’t want to look weak but nothing was making sense. “y/n, get in the car and we will talk” he said rubbing your arms to reassure you. “Fine” you stomped to the car and he had already had the door open for you. He sped off towards the hotel and it wasn’t until there was distance in between y’all and the park did he talk again. “The fans don’t know me and Perrie ended things, I was so stupid to take you out there, I should have known. I just wanted to see you happy” he said running his fingers through his hair looking from the road to you quickly.


You were staring at the most ridiculous thing you had ever seen: LIAM PAYNE’S LONG TIME GIRLFRIEND Y/N, CHEATING WITH BANDMATE NIALL HORAN. Tabloids would say a lot of things but to say you were cheating on Liam with one of his best friends was hilarious. You were laughing practically having to rely on Liam to hold you up but his body let you know he didn’t find it funny. “Babe, how are you not laughing” you choked through a chuckle. “It’s not funny” he replied sullenly. You shrugged off his behavior but continued to giggle to the car. (Niall had been your crush in the beginning but the two of you were complete opposites, you could never agree on anything, he cursed way too much and he wasn’t a very clean person.) Once you got home and put away the groceries Liam retreated to the bedroom. An hour later when he didn’t emerge you knew something was wrong so you walked up to check on him.

He was sleeping peacefully but his nose was red and his cheeks were wet. It wasn’t until then did you realize he doubted you and there was a part of him that believed the tabloids. You crawled in bed with him and kissed his tears away, he stirred under you and slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked like the sweetest puppy dog you had ever seen. “Liam, you have to talk to me about these things. This is an adult relationship no secrets and no avoiding. You know I would never hurt you like that, it breaks my heart for you even to think for one minute that could be possible” You said. “Babe I am so sorry, I’m not crying because I thought you were cheating” he reassured you. “I’m so mad at myself because for that one split moment in the store I doubted you.” He said pulling you closer to him. “I trust you and I know that you would never but when I see thing

s like that it just makes me realize that you could have someone better than me and anyone would take you if you gave them the time of day” he continued. “but that would never happen. You are the love of my life, you are the person I want to do life with.” you smiled and kissed his nose.


‘Louis cheating on his wife with ex-girlfriend! ELOUNER returns.’ Your heart sunk reading the news ticker. You knew you weren’t intimate like normal but carrying around your heavy baby boy was taking more out of you then you could have imagined. You heard the door close and you quickly wiped the tears away and plastered a smile on your face. “Hello Mommy…hello baby” he said walking towards you to kiss your forehead and the belly. He sat down beside you on the couch, “what’s on the telly?” he asked. “E news right now” you said nonchalantly. “Welcome back! So before the break we said we had huge news! Turns out Louis Tomlinson has found himself in the arms of another woman” the anchor giggled. You were looking at Louis and not the television and you watched as his eyes grew wide from shock. “What the hell is this?” he asked . You shrugged, trying to hold it together. “You don’t believe this do you” he asked. “I don’t know Louis” you replied meekly. “Baby, that is complete bullshit, please do not believe it” he begged you. You looked away from him and you couldn’t hold the tears in any longer. He wrapped you in his arms and held you until your sobs became a whimper. “I love you y/n” he said kissing your hair. “and I you, Louis” you smiled.


You hated yourself, you really did, but Harry Styles had been the love of your life 10 years before you even knew him and it wasn’t until you were already in too deep did either of you realize that an affair was not a good idea. You were both married and you both appeared happy but the truth was the only time you were ever happy was when you were buried in his arms, eating takeout hid away in a hotel, walking the streets of a small town, or lost in his eyes. He would leave his wife the minute you gave him the okay but you just didn’t want to be responsible for ruining two marriages.

           Unfortunately, Magazine/Name had no problem breaking the news to either spouses or the rest of the world. You couldn’t help but be thankful that the news was out but you were still devastated that you had hurt so many people with the news. However that didn’t stop you from meeting Harry just two days later in Seattle to pick out a new vacation home. “Well hello beautiful” he said excitingly once he say you walking towards him. He wrapped you in his arms and kissed your face all over. You started to cry and he pulled away. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing!! These are happy tears, I have been waiting 32 long years to be in your arms, to be this happy” you cried.

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1D According to Fanfics

Niall: ditzy, plays guitar, has no personality beyond laughing/eating.
Zayn: smokes and draws, is stunning, doesn’t know how to speak.
Liam: is perfect, exercsises, mother hens, always dissaproving. Louis : is snarky, wears hot pants and has a great ass.
Harry: laughter, flowers, weird clothes, cries.

ive always found it hilarious when ppl are like ‘zayn has a horrible personality and i hate him but i’d still smash’ like who else has a fave so hot even his haters want the dick 

I think Zayn has a shitty and mean personality and I get so fucking sick of seeing his every move worshipped when he really doesn’t deserve it lmao I know I’ll get shit for this but??? It’s immature, it’s petty, it’s unnecessary and I want no part of it.

like its none of my business and idk any of them personally but like zayn has been nothing but supportive towards 1d after he left….he’s congratulated them on their music, he never even managed to talk bad about them in interviews while he’s talked about how they never answered him when he tried to reach out to them…how hard is it to just tweet him and congratulate him on his music like he did for you

At the end Zayn has proven to be the biggest person in this situation regarding the other four and him. Anyway keep streaming/buy PILLOWTALK and watch the video


what if the reason zayn has a personal youtube channel is bc he’s gonna vlog his journey w MoM,,vlog his experience during the tour,,talk abt his plans for the future,,give us raw, bts, stripped down footage of what it’s like going solo,