'your eyes are swallowing me'

Okay, but if Rin was the one who won that stuffed Iwatobi-chan for Haru, then I bet that Haru did not take that lying down and won him something back.

Like a fish.

A fighting fish.

A fighting fish named Sakura. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Crawling Chaos - Part One - Void Stiles

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Void Stiles/Reader

Word Count: 3,496

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female receiving), Fingering, Riddles

Notes: My first Void smut? My first Void smut. Not sure how well this will really go tbh because I don’t think I’m good at portraying Void. But let me know for sure if you do like it. This idea has been in my mind for a few weeks now, and all because I was listening to one certain anime opening at work called Koi wa Chaos no Shimobenari. It kind of gave me the idea for what to do with this, even though it has NOTHING to do with the song. Also, side note, i did use Google Translate for one small thing in here. Don’t blame me if it is wrong.

Part 2  Part 3

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A/N: I re-watched Kong the other day and I just felt so inspired. This is based off a request from anon. Slivko makes an appearance too! ;-) Have fun reading!

Words: 1881
Warnings: injury/implied infection

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À Triomphe - BTS AU

AU: Art Thief!Bangtan

Description:  You are a curator at one of the many museums in Paris, and have finally earned the bosses trust.  But after a strange meeting with a new coworker and his friends, you begin receiving messages from an unknown party.  

Part: One / Two / Three / Four / Five

Warnings: Swearing

Teasers: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six 

Originally posted by donewithjeon

The door slammed behind him; he dripped in sweat, finally letting go of the ten-pound vase made of meticulously crafted marble. “Were you going to fucking leave me there?”

The driver laughed, jerking the wheel as he made a swift turn. “You’re not bad for a newbie, bunny boy.” The boys surrounding the van shared a hardy laugh, patting the youngest on his back. He slouched over, begging to catch his breath as the night lights of Paris reflected through the windows.  

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I Want You To Be You

requestedI love your stories so much!! But can you please do an angsty type story with the reader x Peter and the reader has been having insecurity issues and starts to doubt her relationship with Peter and he tried to make things right. (Sorry I’m in an angsty mood rn ):

word count: 832

pairing: peter parker x reader 

warnings: angst angst angst 

a/n: this one was a pretty heavy one to write because i’ve struggled with insecurities for most of my life. I hope I did your request some justice, love! 

Everything had been going perfectly.

You were getting excellent grades in school, acing all of your tests with flying colors. You had a great circle of friends, and a wonderful boyfriend. Albeit, you had recently started dating–within the last few months–but it was going even better than you possibly imagined. You woke up everyday with a smile on your face, a pep in your step, ready to take on anything that stood in your way because you had everything–until you realized that the one challenge you couldn’t seem to face….was yourself.

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Near Death Confessions - Brett Talbot

Summary: After Brett almost dies, he tries to get you to confess your feelings

Word Count: 822

Author’s Note: I tried to write a drabble. Even though Brett wasn’t a main character, I’m still bitter about his death, so I wanted to write something where he lives

P.S. I’m suppose to be reading for my test. Stay in school kids. 


Originally posted by stilinskinlahey

You were fiddling with your fingers on the edge of Brett’s bed. He told you to wait there while he talked to Lori. You almost lost him tonight. Thanks to Liam, you and Lori found him before it was too late.

The whole night kept replaying in your head. The panic in Lori’s voice when she called asking if Brett was with you. Finding his car still at the school. Scott’s pack showing up to help search the woods for him. Smelling his blood in the air, then the strong scent of fear that followed.

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Being With Cas (A Drabble Series): Watching Scary Movies with Cas

warning: fear of zombies? idk this is a warning for me bc I’m actually terrified of them hahaha. fun fact: theyre the only monster I have a legitimate fear of!

also this is cheesy. but when is my writing not?

Being With Cas Masterlist



Out of all the monsters and demons you hunted and killed on a daily basis, it was zombies–a fictional monster–that scared the ever living crap out of you.

And, of course, a zombie movie is what Dean picked for movie night. No matter how much you begged him to pick a different movie, he wouldn’t budge. So you did the only thing you could think of: cling to Cas.

You had your eyes shut tight, your face contorted as if you were in pain while you listened to the sounds of the zombies eating a girl’s brains out. You clenched onto Cas’ hand so tightly, you were certain that it would’ve been painful if he weren’t an Angel. As soon as you thought the bad part was over, you opened your eyes, and that’s when a zombie popped up on the screen.

“FUCKING HELL!” you screamed, your heart leaping out of your chest in fear. You buried yourself into Cas’ chest, earning an eye roll from Sam and Dean. 

“Y/N,” Cas whispered in your ear, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you completely into his lap. “Open your eyes and look at me.”

You swallowed nervously, pulling back and looking into his eyes. You immediately felt his grace wash over you, calming you down. 

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” he said softly, a small smile on his face as he cupped your cheek. “Do you know why?”

You shook your head. “Why?”

“Because I’ll protect you,” he vowed. “I’ll always protect you.” 

With a small grin, you nodded and nuzzled further into his arms, letting the sound of his heartbeat calm you down. 

You didn’t feel so afraid anymore.

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Home Alone.

@marthabelin requested: Hi. I was wondering if i could request a Bucky/Reader imagine or oneshot whatever works best for you. Where they are friends altough she has a crush on him. And she keeps hearing noises at night in her house and it freaks her out since she lives alone. So she calls him one day begging him to either spend the night at her place or let her sleep at his placen

Words: 912

Warnings: None, it’s just fluff!

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

You yawned and placed the wrappers inside the bowl, turning off the TV and walking to the kitchen to clean the rests of the dinner you had before watching the movie. Your pet lifted her head, observing you before going to sleep again. Outside, the raindrops were pounding against the glass and the wind moved the branches of the nearest tree.

It was you free day, finally. During the last months you’ve been working on several missions without getting rest and it took its toll on your health. Tony had decided you needed some days off and you wouldn’t reject it, honestly.

You had finished your day doing yoga, taking a bubble bath and having dinner on your own, enjoying the loneliness. Yet, something inside you wanted to spend your free time with a certain someone who worked with you.

You had met Bucky after your acceptance in the Avengers. Tony was like a big brother to you and even though he tried not to get you involved in that life, you were in the moment some Hydra agents kidnapped you. After that, you decided that you wanted to help Tony and the team.

Steve became your friend the second he shook your hand. His warm smile and reassurance, the way he cleaned your tears. That made a bond to be created between the two of you. But it was his silent friend, Bucky, the one you were attracted to.

You knew about his past as the infamous Winter Soldier. You knew about what he did and what he suffered. That’s why you understood that he was apart from the team at the beginning. He was silent, reserved and preferred to stay inside his bedroom or with Steve.

Time passed and you noticed he had started to join you and Steve on your Netflix nights, even though he didn’t say a word. You knew thanks to Tony that he was getting recovery but that emotional injuries healed slower than physical ones. Still, Bucky started to open to you, chatting about mundane topics before your friendship got stronger. Something changed inside you as you spent time with him and you discovered you had a crush on him.

You’d find yourself wondering how would it be to touch the soft locks of hair that fell from his man bun. Or you’d be smiling like an idiot when his stubble scratched your cheek every time he kissed you there.

Well, you were screwed up.

You yawned again and walked towards your bedroom, jolting when the wind made the branches to hit the windows. The room was dimly lit with the moon and you swallowed hard, watching the shadows on the wall.

Definitely, watching a horror movie was not a great idea.

You had been binge watching the TV until you found a movie on one of the channels. You decided it was good enough and since Halloween was coming, why not, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, everything.

You heart was bumping against your chest and you turned off the lights, getting inside the bed and covering yourself with the blankets. That’s it. You can hide inside the duvet. Nobody’s gonna kill you or something.

Oh my, you thought. Luckily, Tony can’t see me. He would be laughing so hard…

A noise in your living room created a lump inside your throat, making you to swallow several times before muttering calming words for you. You closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep when another sound made you grab your phone before running to lock yourself inside the bathroom. You typed a number and bit your nail as the phone started to call.


“I’m really sorry about this” Bucky chuckled as he fluffed the pillow, getting inside your bed. You were curled with the duvet, looking at him with an apologising gaze. He smiled sweetly at you, sighing before turning off the light.

You had asked him to come to your place after explaining him the story of how dumb you were for being terrified by an old horror movie. He had listened to your voice quietly, muttering an affirmative response before hanging up. Time passed and he was at your door, ready to calm yourself and your fears.

“It’s okay, Doll” he said, stretching before pulling the duvet off you. “Hey, don’t be selfish!”

“It’s my bed!” you pouted and he sighed, crossing his arms. Your eyes went to his muscles and you swallowed hard.

“Do you want me to leave?”

“No, no, no, there!” you replied hurriedly, allowing him to get inside your fluffy and warm shell. He muttered a goodnight before pressing his back against yours, making you to moan. “You’re so warm! You’re a human heater!”

Bucky roared in laughter and turned, his blue irises locked in your own eyes, looking at your features. His eyes moved to your lip, trapped between your teeth and he sighed, smiling before opening his arms. You frowned and he nodded reassuringly, making you to squeal before finding refuge between his arms. You sighed happily at the warm temperature around your body and noticed his chin on your forehead. You lifted your head and looked at him, smiling.

“Goodnight, James”

“Goodnight, Y/N”

You kissed his chin sweetly and buried your face on the crook of his neck, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to rest, finally. Soon, you were dead asleep and not able to see the loving smile in Bucky’s features.

(Newt Scamander x Reader) Back Massages [SMUT Alternate Route]

Title : Back Massages

Request : Yes? Maybe?

Smut : Yes

Word count : 3,646 (bear with me lmao)

Warnings : heavy make out sessions, sex, handjob, attempts of strip dancing

A/N : As promised, the alternate route, with smut :)) I hope you enjoy it as much as the first, if there are grammatical, vocab, or other sorts of mistake, please point it out so I can fix. Building critiques and messages are highly appreciated, please tell me what you think and what should I write next? Anyways, enjoy!

The original story : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154037441604/newt-scamander-x-reader-back-massages ———————————-

“Newt, get off, this is important!” I said, pushing him off my laptop.

“But this is fascinating! This device doesn’t have any magic on it but it can project images of the beasts! What are they called?”

“Well.. this is Geographic Information System. It can project images from far away from the satellite so you can study thr object without being close to them”

“Is it because muggles can’t use magic?”

“Yes Newt, we can’t use magic to teleport ourselves,” you said as you watch him amused, as his eyes fixed on the screen.

Tomorrow is the fourth day of your final exam, it’s 11PM, and you’ve been studying until Newt decided to pay you a visit. He was going to tell you about some new beast he discovered but the subject was long abandoned when you accidentally opened a site where it shows live stream of wild animals.

He said he had never seen those “beasts” before and he wanted yo study it. The “beasts” he refers to are actually Australian Golden Kangaroo from Papua. “Why have I not seen them before? They are ordinary animals, are they? But they look so unique! Unlike any other animal back in England!” he exclaimed. 

You chuckle as you see him still examining the creature in awe, his cute features getting ahead of you.

See, you’ve met Newt a year ago, when you stumbled into him in a Sumatran forest, travelling by yourself with the purpose of photographing wild animals.

You were taking a picture of a Sumatran tiger on a tree when he appeared out of nowhere and decided to approach the creature.

You screamed at him to run. He didn’t.

On instinct, you jumped off the tree and ran to him. But to your surprise, the tiger was curled up against him as he scratched its ears.


Anyway. Back to the moment.

“[Name]? Are you alright? You seem to be in a daze there,” he asked.

“I’m fine, I was just remembering something,” you smiled, assuring him you’re okay.

“Humm alright then. By the way, did you say this was important?“ 

“Yup. It’s a part of my final exam,”

“Merlin’s beard! I’m so, so sorry. I got carried away… I’ll leave you to it, [Name], I am terribly sorry,”

His face shifted to guilt and he takes out his wand, ready to teleport out of your room.

“Newt wait! It’s okay!”

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re not bothering me, it’s okay. In fact, perhaps you can help me with some of them?”

“Does the subject you are studying also includes a study on beasts?” he asked, delighted with curiosity.

“Umm.. Yeah! I’ll take out my book. Hold on.”

You lied. The subject you are studying does not include a study on beasts. It’s Geography. A study on earth.

You take out one of those animals encyclopedia you keep for yourself and hand it to him.

“Interesting,” he said.

He opens the book and you can see a smile begin to form on his face.

“[Name]! This is just like my book! They are describing beasts of the muggle world!” “Yup, do you want to borrow it? I still have lots of them,” you replied, holding back an urge to pinch those rosy cheeks. “May I? Oh, yes please! I’d love to study new beasts of the muggle world!”

Without realizing it, you ruffle his fluffy hair, and he looks up at you, surprised. And as soon as those green orbs meet yours, you pull back your hand.

“Oh my God, Newt, I’m so sorry. It was so rude, I didnt kno-”

“[Name],” he cuts you.


He then stands up, towering over you, and takes one step towards you. Your smaller figure backs up and you stumbled and sit on your chair as his eyes never leaves yours.

‘What the fuck is this, Slytherin Newt?!’ you screamed in your mind.

Newt rarely looks at you in the eye unless it’s something important or something he’s passionate about. With blood pumping in your veins, you can feel your face getting redder and redder like a tomato.

He suddenly kneels in front of you and say, 

“If you want to ruffle it, it’s fine! Some beasts consider it very soft, so I understand!”

Aaaand back to Hufflepuff Newt. What did you expect? Him to kiss you?? The last thing he kisses will be Douglas. Not you. You bet on the stars his love for his beasts is bigger than anything else.

“Ah, okay Newt, thanks,” you sighed, a bit disappointed but still take on his offer.

Your hand goes back to his head, ruffling and petting the light brown hair. And man, it is soft. No wonder even those beasts of his are fond on his head. ‘I bet I can do things with it too,’ you said in your mind.

You decided to test the water and tug on his hair a little bit. 

He freezes. But you keep petting, with a little pull and tug in between, not realizing his reaction.

You tangle your fingers between the hair, again, tugging harder. This is like a little game to you, pulling here and there, making sure you don’t leave any hair unpulled/untugged.

Then, you hear it.

“Ah… [Name]…” moaned Newt.

You immediately pull your hand to your chest, not expecting that kind of reaction or that kind of sound from him. 

Newt has never been the typical person that depicts pure, untainted, kindness. And the moan that he just did, was not pure at all.

Well, it is pure…

Purely sexy.

He looks up to you, face flushed pink, with beads of sweat on his forehead. As he covers his face with his hand, he silently asks,

“P-Please don’t do that… I… I am extremely sensitive to hair pulling… Especially when it’s done by an opposite sex…”

He looks so adorable right now that you can just pounce on him like a cat on heat. But you wouldn’t do that.

Or would you?

“Oh, I’m so sorry Newt… I thought it might be nice, you know, like, my mom used to do that to me, gently pulling the roots, as a form of massage…?”

“Ah, yes, I’ve heard of it…”

The atmosphere in the room feels like it’s sucking you in. You can even smell the awkwardness in the room. 
He just stated that hair pulling turns him on, and it’s only you and him in your room. 

Hoo boy.

You decided to ignore the situation you are in, and continue your study. “Newt, um… I’ll continue studying, and… if you’d like, you can read my books there,” you said.

“Oh, alright, thank you [Name].”


You try to focus on your study, trying to get your eyes and mind fixed on the screen and the book in front of you, but all you can think of was the moan he made. It’s like a broken record, playing itself over and over in your head.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Newt reading your books, his eyes following every sentence and scanning each animal on the pages. He really is a passionate man about animals and beasts. And that’s what you love about him.

A deafening screeching sound suddenly emanates from your laptop, and you lower the volume. Apparently, the Geographic Information System has caught sightings of a mating dance of a male bowerbird courting the female one. You sigh at the coincidence and lower the laptop screen.

As the screeching continues, Newt recognizes the sound and snaps his head towards the laptop’s screen and then scrambles on his feet towards you. He carefully open the “muggle device” and look at the bird with fascination.

“What sort of bird is this? Those vibrant colors surely are mesmerizing!”

“Um, it’s a bowerbird, a native bird of the Papua New Guinea, considered rare and endangered. Why, do you like it?”

“Yes, yes, very much so! I actually learned how to perform the Erumpent’s mating dance from various beasts, such as this bird! But only little parts of it,” he smiled brightly.

“Oh? How about human mating dance?” you tease him.

He glances at you for a moment before casting his eyes down, then up, and say, “I- I can show you if you want…?”

Your eyes widen and you swallow your spit.

“Entertain me, Mr.Scamander.”


What you have expected as a human mating call was apparently strip dancing. He said that a girl he met couple months ago in some bar in England taught him how to do that. The thought made you boil with jealousy, but it subsides as he adds that the girl slapped him in the face for not being ‘turned on’.

“Perhaps she figured I had a light bulb with me, or something to turn on. Isn’t it [Name]?”

You thank heavens for this man’s innocence.

“Yeah Newt, probably,” you laugh.

Your laughter stops when he takes off his coat, leaving him in his white shirt and brown vest which shapes his body nicely. You drink the sight before you. He then ruffles his hair, making it slightly messy, but not decreasing his appeal.

“Now [Name], before I start… I warn you that this might not be as good as my beasts’ mating dance… Since an opposite sex showed me theirs and I don’t know how to do the male ones, and–“

“Newt,” you cut him.


“You’ll do fine, just start already!”

“Alright, alright.”

He snaps his finger and Earned It by The Weekend starts playing out of nowhere. The lighting in your room is also reduced to a pink, soft glow.

“Didn’t know you like this kind of music, Newt,” you say.

He puts a finger on your lip, which indicates you to be quiet. You lick your lips at his actions. This is not the Newt you know at all.

Newt starts his ‘mating dance’ with unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt, exposing his toned chest. His right hand very slowly travels to his neck, while the other, down to his stomach, then his crotch. He then moves his body, following every beat without missing any of it. Once in a while taking a step, making his way towards you.

You glance at his crotch, face bright red when you see his manhood rising slowly beneath the tight fabric. His hands never stop moving, from the neck, to his hair, then to his face. All he does while his eyes are fixed on you.

You can feel the burn under his gaze, slowly melting away on your wheelie chair. He then turns around, so his back and his ass are facing you. Again, he unbuttons his vest, all the way down, and taking it off. He throws the vest to his right, then with an agonizing pace, he hugs himself and then squat on the floor.

‘Holy fuck, holy fuck,’ you thought, never expecting this to happen. Both of your palms are sweaty, and you can feel sweat trickling down your back.

He then turns towards you, still on the floor, then crawls on all four to you.

Once he reaches you, he touches your knee and you tense up at his touch. His burning touch. He smiles and mouths, ‘Relax.’

You close your eyes, too embarrassed to see him, and imagine something else.

But before you know it, he then sits on your lap with a bounce.

A whimper escapes your mouth at the contact. His eyes show a glint of worry, afraid if he is too heavy for your smaller figure. But you just nod for him to continue.

He takes both of your hand in his, guiding them to his shirt, which clung to his shoulder.

“P-Please undress me,” he says.

The music fades from your ear and is replaced by the hammering drums of your heartbeat. Shakily, your hands slide his shirt off his shoulder, exposing the cool skin to your skin, brushing against them eventually.

You look down your lap – his thighs – in the whole process, unable to face him in your position. He is your best friend, well, crush, and what will happen after this is over? For him, it might be the same, but you. You can never look at him the same way again.

When the shirt reaches his wrists, you help Newt to take it off him. His breath softens as he leans down to your ear. He then whispers, “I-I’m sorry for this [Name],” before kissing you on the lips. He seems hesitant at first, afraid of your response of his actions. But when you kiss him back, he slowly loses control.

Your hand instinctively goes to his face, cupping him, and deepening the kiss. He does the same, still gentle with a little tenseness between the kisses.

Breathless, your right hand goes to his hair while the other one still cupping his cheek. You do what you did before, but with a little more strength. And with that, he cries out your name, and bites your neck, trying to suppress the sounds he is making.

“You like it, don’t you Newt?”


You pull his hair again, this time exposing his neck. Licking your lips, you kiss the skin of his neck, looking for a spot that makes him whimper the most. You can feel the bulge in his pants growing even more.

“Newt…” you moaned.


“Do you really want this…?”

“[Name]… I-I want you…”

“How much do you want me? Do you think you’re enough?”

"I want you so much… I want all of you… But I-I’m so scared I’ll never be enough and I-I’m not good enough, and- and I-“ he can’t seem to be able to finish his sentence before you feel your left hand getting wet, wet from his tears.

“Oh no, Newt, please don’t cry… I’m so sorry I asked that… It was very stupid of me”

Despite your efforts of trying to calm him down, he can’t stop the tears from flowing down. Those emotions he has been hiding pours out of his head when you kiss him. He never thought that someone would like him back. All those years of rejection…

Newt then feels your hands around him, hugging him tightly. His breath hitches on his throat.

“Newt. You are enough. You have always been and you will always be,” you say.

“B-But those people…”

“Who cares what those people say? You are Newt Scamander and you are perfect. I would never think that you are never good enough for me because you. Are. Enough,”


“I’ve never told anyone this before…  Except maybe Queenie who can read my mind, but I love you. I love you so much. And I would trade anything in the world just to be yours, and you to be mine,”

The looks on his face writes dumbfounded, by your confession. Your face is visibly red and warm, even in the pink, soft glow. You decided to kiss his forehead, but before you do, he lifts his face so his lips meet yours again.

“And I, you, my love”

As you kiss him, you can feel his hands going up and down your sides, to your shoulder, then your arm, feeling every inch of you.

“This-This situation reminded me of a beast…” he said.


“Where the female is the dominant one. And the male is the submissive one,”

“Are you saying that we are like those beasts?” you ask.


“Or are you saying that you want me to be dominant?” you add.

“May- No! No, no. I- I want to try to be dominant… For once… Is that okay?”

“Of course Newt. Let’s get up first, my thighs are getting sore,”

“Ah! Right, right! I’m sorry, I’m sorry,”

Newt stands up and your thighs relax. Standing next to him, you stretch your legs then plop down your bed. You pat the spot next to you, inviting him to your personal space.

He obliges and sits next to you, the bed sinking down on his weight. You cup his cheek, wanting another kiss. But he stops you.

You raise your right eyebrow in confusion. “C-Can I dominate you…?”

A smile begins to form on your face as you take off your t-shirt, leaving you in a bra and a pair of shorts.

“Please do, Mr.Scamander.”


He lies on top of you as his hands touch the skin on your body, feeling every part of you. Newt’s expression shows adoration, love, curiosity, and a hint of lust. In return, you also want to feel him. Your hands roam the bare, toned torso of his, feeling the warmth radiating from his skin.


“Yes, Newt?”

“This, this is actually my first time…”

He blushes then looks away, completely ashamed.

“Newt,” you say, tilting his head to face you. “It’s my first time too. And… I trust you.”

“I-I trust you too, [Name]”

He begins by trying to unclasp your bra with both hands, and seem to have a little difficulty. You smile and help him. In one swift motion, the bra is tossed aside, and your nipple hardens as it hits the cold air.

“May I..?”

You nod. His hands gently play with your breasts, occasionally fiddling the nipple. He also gives it an experimental lick and suck between every touch. You moan and sigh at each touch, every one of them leaving you wanting more.

As he plays with your breasts, your hands sneakily go down to his crotch, zipping down the fly and pulling down his boxer, releasing his hard manhood. Your right hand wrap itself around the shaft, while your left go his tip, which is leaking with precum.

Your hand begin to work its magic, the right pumping up and down, and the other rubbing the tip, making a circling motion. He moans onto your breasts, the vibration sending chills down your spine. This goes on for a minute until you decided to pick up the pace.

As you pump his cock faster, he also sucks on your nipples harder, each one of them getting the same attention he’s giving.

Soon enough, he comes onto your hands. You bring your hands to your face, and you lick them clean. Newt blushes at the sight as he rests his head on top of your chest.


“Newt? Is everything okay?”

“I’m so lucky…”

You were about to ask him what he meant until he position himself at your entrance. Before he enters you though, you swiftly reach to your bedside and pull out a condom, unwrapping it and placing it on his cock.

It tenses back when you touch it, and you know he is ready for what’s about to come. No pun intended.

“If this hurts… Tell me to stop, [Name]. I don’t want to hurt you,”

He slowly slides himself inside of you, his cock stretching you slowly, painfully. You cringe and whimper at the burning sensation, and you cling onto his shoulder for your dear life. He stops moving when your nails dig into his skin, worry flashes in his green eyes.

“I’m okay Newt, ah.. Give me some time to adjust..”

You try to move your hip so his cock goes deeper. Newt understands, and he slowly sinks himself fully inside of you.

As the burning sensation subsides, you begin to feel pleasure. The feeling of being full, it makes you go crazy. And you want more of him.

“Newt, you can move now,”

He starts thrusting in an out of you with a slow pace, still testing the waters. He wants to make sure that you are in your most comfortable position. With each thrust, his moan gets louder. And with each thrust, he picks up the pace.

You don’t know what to feel anymore. The sensation in your abdomen or the spinning in your head. Everything happen all at once, and you can’t contain it anymore. You beg for him to go faster, harder, and he does with every thrust.

Symphony of your love making fills the air, both voices complementing each other. Him calling your name, you moaning his name, him grunting and you whimpering at every thrust. You reach your peak when he hits that spot inside of you that builds up your release. You brace yourself on his shoulder, while kissing him before it happens.

“I love you [Name]… Ah… So much…”

“I love you too Newt…”

He comes first into the condom, you second after he finishes. It’s the most amazing thing to ever happen in your life, and even now, you’re still seeing stars. Your body feels like a jelly too. Both of your panting is the only sound you hear for a minute, until he breaks the silence and asks,

“So… How was it?”

“Really Newt?”

“Um… Am I not supposed to ask that…?”

“You did great Newt, I love every second of it,”

“Oh thank heavens, I thought you weren’t enjoying it as much as I did,”

“Trust me, I really did. And now, thanks to you, I don’t think I can concentrate on the test tomorrow”

He gives you a guilty toothy smile, and mutters a series of sorry to you.

“It’s alright baby, I’m sure I’ll nail that nest,”

“Are you really sure?”

“I am,”

“A hundred percent?”

“A hundred percent sure. Now come here and let’s sleep. I feel very tired,”

He scoots down next to you, pulling the cover over your and his naked body. You curl up next to him, and he wraps his arm around you.


“Yes, love?”

“Please don’t leave me,”

“That’s my line, sweetheart. Now, let us sleep,”

“Goodnight Mr.Scamander,” you smile.

“Goodnight too Ms.[Last Name].”

The last thing you feel before falling asleep was his lips on your forehead.

Will You Be Mine?

A/N: A smutty Spencer x Reader anon request where the reader is a virgin, but Spencer isn’t. Reader hasn’t even had her first kiss yet. Things get hot and heavy after a kiss, and she blurts out the status of the ‘v’ card. Also, they aren’t dating at the time. @coveofmemories @sweetg


“Why are you looking at me that?” you asked, watching as Spencer’s eyes bore into you. After dinner, which you got together for every Friday, you started to help him clean the dishes. The water had sprayed back into your shirt, soaking you to the skin from the chest up. 

When you looked at him, you noticed the way his lips parted ever so slightly, how goosebumps traveled over his entire body, how his eyes became darker as they scanned over you. A 20-something year old virgin, you weren’t used to people being sexually interested in you, but the way he was looking at you made you think just that. You hadn’t even been kissed yet. “Spence,” you said, the cool air from the apartment hitting your dampened shirt and causing you to shiver, “What are you looking-”

Closing the space between you, he wrapped his arm around the small of your back and gathered you to him, pressing his lips to yours as a warmth you’d never experienced radiated from inside you. Whenever you’d seen kissing in the movies, it was in a grand setting surrounded by music and tons of people, but this…feeling Spencer’s lips against yours, in the privacy of his apartment, with nothing but the other’s slight moans to fill your ears…this was better.

For a moment, not knowing exactly what to do, your tongues battled for space in the other’s mouth, but after a minute, you placed the dish you were holding on the counter and wrapped your hand around the back of his neck. Your hands glided down the sides of his neck as you brought your tongue out to bite down slightly on his upper lip. “Spence, I…”

He stopped immediately, wondering if he’s overstepped a line. “I’m sorry. Did I…?”

“No,” you said, correcting him and stealing another quick kiss before continuing. “Just…where did that come from?”

A slight rush of air huffed out his nose as he laughed. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. I just haven’t had the guts until now.”

“Well…” you replied, wondering whether or not you should tell him that not only hadn’t you had sex, but this was the first kiss you’d ever had, “You should probably know that I haven’t had sex before…” You touched a finger to your lips, more to feel his kiss rather than to point it out to him. “That kiss was the first one I’ve ever had.”

His eyes went wide at the confession and you were pretty sure that you’d lost him right then - that he was going to pull away. “Really?” he asked. Just curious, not accusatory. When you nodded again, he grabbed your face in his hands and deepened the earlier kiss before pulling away. “I hope that lived up to what you expected.”

“More than,” you laughed softly. Leaning in, you licked at his upper lip and pulled him toward you. As the single kiss turned into more of a heated session of lips and teeth clashing against one another, you felt your core tighten for him. God, you wanted him. You weren’t dating him, but…did that really matter? “Spence…” He’d started to slide his hand under your shirt and you wanted to go inside, but he took as a sign that he was overstepping his bounds and stood back. A sigh nearly escaped you when his touch lifted from your body. 

“I’m sorry,” he repeated.

You reached out for him and pulled him back into you, wrapping your legs around his waist as he stepped toward you. “Will you…will you be my first?” The question seemed to take him off guard, so you continued, trying in vain to clarify yourself. “I know we’re not dating and if you’re not comfortable with it that’s totally fine, but when I was in high school, I had so many of my friends saying how much they regretted their first time because the guy ended up being an asshole, but…if you were mine…I know I would never regret it.”

Spencer tangled his hand in your hair and lifted you up against him as he carried you inside. “Are you sure?” he asked, laying you down on the bed like you were a precious piece of china. 

“Yea,” you said, sucking in your lower lip. Within a few minutes, you had pulled off your top and he’d grabbed a condom from his night stand drawer. His hand floated over your skin, tracing the lace of your bra. As he went down your body and traced the lines of your jeans, you pulled his belt from its loops and leaned up to kiss him through the fabric. 

The second you pulled away from his length, he came to hover over you and kissed down the slopes of your breasts until he removed the lace from your body. “You are gorgeous,” he said. “And thank you for trusting me to be the one.” 

“You’ve never given me a reason not to,” you replied, pulling his hair gently as he kissed down your body and toward your core. “You’re my best friend.”

Smiling, he reached under your bottom to shimmy you out of your jeans and panties. He sighed against your core when he saw how ready you were for him. A slight choked groan left you at the feel of his tongue against your slit. Again, until now, you had only imagined, and the way you were feeling, what he was doing, the moment in general, was everything you’d ever imagined.

Every nerve was on fire in the best way possible. As his tongue slipped in between your folds, you heard him growl against you, sending a small shockwave through your skin. You were grateful he was focusing on you, but all you wanted right now was him inside of you. Nothing else, not even the magic of his mouth was enough. “Please,” you said, looking down to where he was lapping at your center. “I need you…now.”

He could see the desperation in your eyes and came up to swallow your pleas with his mouth. “You have me,” he whispered, quickly slipping the condom on and pressing himself to your entrance. 

When he slipped inside, you arched your head back and he stilled himself to ask if you were okay. “I’m fine,” you breathed, desperate for him to be closer than was physically possible, “Just take me.”

Slowly, he started to move inside you, watching as the emotions and feelings played across your face. Considering this was your first time, you weren’t going to last very long. “Oh my god, Spence,” you choked, crying into his neck. “I need to come…make me come please.”

He grabbed your hand, which was grasping onto the headboard and brought it down between you as he continued to thrust. With his hand over yours, he began to massage your clit, moving it around gently as he thrusted into your wet heat. As your orgasm began to crest, he left your hand to continue on your own. The tears stung your eyes as your back arched off the bed. “Look at me,” he said, caressing your cheek. You hadn’t even realized you’d closed your eyes until he spoke. 

The second you opened your eyes, his heated gaze met yours and you cried out, your hand still against your core as your legs wrapped tighter around him. “Fuck,” you cried out. You’d barely noticed that he’d come too until he collapsed at your side. 

“Worth it?” he asked, noticing the smiled on your face.

You couldn’t help but chuckle. You’d never been high before. But you imagined that this is what it felt like. You nodded and rolled into his embrace. “Totally worth it,” you said. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me,” he said, kissing your nose. “I’ve wanted you forever.”

Unwanted Pillow Talk

Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thank you babe! And thanks for requesting!!

Prompt: “I love your writing, my request is Leo X reader 2016, the reader is daughter of shedder , she decides to tell Leo or he finds out. (your choice) she ends up quitting , the ending be cute and sweet” @afanficprincess15

Word count: 653

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

You’d gotten a text in the middle of the night from Leo, saying he wants to see you, now. Groaning, you ignore the text and put your phone face down. He knew she was asleep, why text now.

You were about to fall back to sleep when your phone buzzed again, and again, and again. Picking up your phone, you didn’t even read the messages and just put your phone on silent.

Leo could wait. At least that’s what you thought.

Leo managed to sneak into your apartment, and wake you up himself. He’d been watching you through your bedroom window (you forgot to close the curtains again) and he was very annoyed that you just ignored him like that.

“[Y/N]…[Y/N] wake the fuck up!” he pulled the blankets off of you, throwing them to the other side of the room.

“Fuck off, Raph.” You grumbled, covering your head with one of your abundance of pillows you kept on your bed (for times like these.)

“It’s not Raph. It’s your boyfriend.” He hissed, flipping you over and narrowing his eyes at you, as the pillow flopped to the side.

“What the fuck, Leonardo?” you only ever used his full name when you were really pissed, and he knew this, and usually dreaded it.

“I could say the same to you, [Y/N], if that’s even your real name.” Struggling against his iron grip, you glared back.

“What’re you talking about, Leo?”

“Why the fuck did you not tell me you’re related to Shredder, you’re his fucking daughter!”

“Oh, you know about that?” you grinned sheepishly. You were going to tell him, you were, it was just never the right time.

“Yeah, I know about that…” he paused, swallowing back tears as he stared into your eyes, “you’re using me aren’t you?”

“What? Leo no-”

“You’re using me to find out my weaknesses! You’re just finding out information for that oversized paper shredder-” At this point he’d let go of you, and was pacing around your bedroom, knocking things over.

“Leo!” you yelled, making him stop and cross his arms, “I am not my father, nor am I ‘using’ you to get information or whatever!” you thought you were tearing up, but by the time you were finished yelling, your eyes were like streams down your cheeks, hitting your collarbones.

“How do I know though?” he yelled at you, tears falling down his own face before he fell to his knees. In a weak voice, he whispered, “I just don’t want to lose you…” Sobbing in his hands, you knelt down in front of him and wrapped your arms around him. You understood why he was concerned and angry, you would be too if your family was potentially at risk. The only thing you didn’t agree with was the ruining of your sleep.

After he’d calmed down, you treated him to ice cream on your couch, your legs hung over his thighs.

“How did you even found out?” he looked up, a spoon in his mouth and ice cream on the corner of his mouth. Giggling, you swiped your finger across it, licking the ice cream off.

“Uhh…” you rubbed the back of his neck, a hangdog expression on his face. “Me and Donnie… did a slight back up check on you?” your smile dropped and your expression turned into a ‘really?’ one; your spoon next to your mouth.

“So you stalked me?”

“I would call it an accidental, yet informative deep web search.”

When Is It Too Late To Begin Again?

The night comes in after a gray day. The cool fog refracts streetlights; I dash out, always late. My boots clack too loud in the silence of the fog’s influence

I drag myself to a party, reluctantly. Some old friends have swarmed into town. What would they know of me now? Already I’m tired of the coming conversation, what am I doing, where am I living…. I have my excuses lined up, ingenious, unquestionable ones.

But I wasn’t expecting you

I rushed into the hall, the sounds of laughter and conversations filling up all the air.
I was choking on their false happiness before I’d even entered the room. My excuses sit on my tacky, too-made-up lips, my “what a pity I have to leave” face prepped, on hold. My brain has already bolted back into the cool of the fog.

Your eyes, clear as the ocean in Maui, see through me and drag me across our past. My brain yanked out of my escape, tied to our ending that made me run away to this town. I moved on; I found a place for me like a checker on a checkerboard, just one indistinct life among many in a city that can more than absorb heartache and failure.

I’ve been staring at you, and a smile spreads across your face down your body to your legs that move to me, frozen in that time when we were everything and nothing else mattered at all.

The band in this room loops around on a tune, waiting for you to take the stage. These women invited you to sing, so they could swoon and fan themselves with fantasies that you’d be theirs.

They were our old friends, and I couldn’t keep them. They slathered me in their pity at our breakup, gloating in their jealousy. It threatened to consume me.

You’re still coming; the band gestures to you. The women I didn’t need to see, smile out their hatred of what we had once. I can’t swallow; I can’t move. Your eyes, hypnotic, are fixed on me. My heart pressed down by the ease of your walk, casual in your rocker style, a part of who you are. Every step is like a dance that’s too cool to be choreographed, and I gulp down the scars on my heart.

I’m desperate to breathe, and the music loops insanely, and I want to back away. I’ve moved on! I have! I don’t want this anymore. My hand throbs from the lack of pressure of yours.

Your fingers reach out, lightly touch my hand that must have been stupidly extended out, a handshake? Oh, I don’t even know what you think I wanted, but I’m afraid it all shows in my eyes that haven’t left yours. You don’t ask me how I’m doing. You don’t ask me how I live today. You just smile a smile that fills your head, even your blue-tinted rocker spiked hair shines with the smile in your eyes. When is it too late for new beginnings because I’m ready to abandon all I have, take your hand and run so fast we reverse time. All I want has been compressed to standing like this, fingers touching forever.


Accidents Can Be Good

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“Y/N! Open the door!”

Sam’s giant hand slammed against your bedroom door again and again, threatening to splinter the wood.

You sat on the foot of your bed, hugging your knees and cringing each time the door shook. “Go away, Sam!”

“I will not! Open the door!”

“You’re just going to have to kick it down, then, because I’m not coming out!” You screamed at him, picturing his angry face, the face you had invoked with your confession. “Just go away!”

Sam clapped his hand down once more, but did not raise it. He added his forehead to the mix, pressing it against the hard wood, and sighing loudly. “Please, can we talk about this?

You scrunched your face up and glared at the door; anger replacing your sadness for a moment. Now, he wanted to talk? Not ten minutes ago, you had spilled your soul for him, offering him what you had thought was good news, only to be met with shock and anger. “There’s nothing to talk about. Just go away.”

“Y/N…” His voice was softer now, low and apologetic. “I’m sorry. You… took me by surprise is all. I should have reacted better. I’m a jerk, I know.”

“A jerk?” You laughed. “A jerk, that’s it? Come on, you can do better than that.”

“Asshole. Bastard. Shitface. Call me whatever you want, you’ll be right. Just open the door. I’m sorry.“

You stood up, deciding to give him a chance, and touched the knob. “Sam, I…”

“Open the door, please.”


“I want you to tell me again so I can react the right way; show you how I really feel. Please.”

“I can’t. You’re mad. You don’t want this.” You turned away, hanging your head. “It’s a lot. I know. But I’ll figure it out. Alone.”

Sam hit the door again, softer this time. Just a brush of fingers, a gesture of defeat. “Please. You’re not alone in this. Just open the door and tell me again.”

Shaking your head and taking a deep breath, you finally unlocked the door. When it opened, Sam let out a heavy breath as his eyes traveled your face. “Tell me,” he said softly.

You swallowed hard and lifted your eyes to his. “I’m pregnant.”

This time it was different. There was no shock on his face, no wide eyes, no disbelief. Only a smile. Sam stepped forward and took you in his arms, gently lifting you as he kissed each cheek and then your lips. When he set you down, you fell against him, grabbing onto his flannel as fresh tears fell.

“So, you’re not mad?” you asked between whimpers.

“Of course not,” he assured you as he squeezed you closer. “I’m so sorry I panicked. But I’m really, really happy. I love you, Y/N.”

“Good. Because there’s about to be a lot more of me to love,” you laughed.

So, maybe the first go-round had been a little rough, but Sam would spend the next nine months and beyond proving to you that even accidents can be a good thing.

Gif Submitted by: @because-imma-lady-assface

Blurb by me!


Losing you wasn’t just painful, it was fucking damaging also. It wasn’t me sitting down on a couch surrounded by my friends as we watched movies and ate food to try and forget you. It was me staying up at four in the morning because the thought of you was so fucking strong I couldn’t even close my eyes without seeing your face. It was me swallowing thickly and blinking back tears every time I was in public, the hole in my chest causing my breaths to come out shaky rather than normal. It was me laughing at things for no reason as my stomach turned because the urge of falling apart was getting stronger. It was me crying at random hours during the day and me not wanting to get up out of bed. It wasn’t just me staring blankly at your number, deciding wether or not if I should call you. It was me throwing my phone at the wall and breaking it, because I was drunk again and the thought of you ever changing your information terrified me. It was me deleting our conversations and regretting it because now I couldn’t know where we had went wrong. It fucking hurt, losing you had hurt and I wasn’t ever able to forget that kind of pain.
—  A.M.// getting over someone is horrible (via tullipsink)
Happier With You (Part Two)

Summary: Steve has had many regrets in his life, but his biggest regret was when he let you go all those years ago. Now, you’re with someone else, and you’re happy. And that’s all that Steve wants for you. But he knows that he was happier with you by his side. And deep down, you know it too.

Inspired by: Ed Sheeran’s entire Divide album.
Also, inspired by my friend, Tator Tot. Nothing spicer than Sriracha Steve.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1421

Previous Part: Part One 

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