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Happy Birthday @nojuro !

potato-pig  asked:

Hello Charlie! You're one of my favourite artists, you really inspire me and I love your art! I was wondering though, how did you get so good at designing and drawing clothes, esp that realistic fantasy style? What inspire you when it comes to that?

Thank you! <3

Dang, that’s an interesting question! I don’t really think about it all that much. There are a couple of things in my art approach that feel like they’re innate and they’re just… there. Instinctual I guess. Clothing being one of them - but I’ll try and explain it anyway!

I think I’ve always gravitated toward practical outfits. Even if I’m drawing someone in a ridiculous pretty dress I’ll always be thinking about how it’s made, in the back of my head. What fabric it might be made out of, where the seams are… real thrilling stuff. And more often that not I don’t draw the showy / fancy pieces - I end up going for simpler styles.

I also love movie outfits because they tend to be more outlandish in design, but they’re still real - someone still had to make them. LOTR for fantasy deisgns (that are real world and look practical and believable.) Anytime anyone puts a lady in armor I’m all in - GOT. Snow White and The Huntsman (even!) … just, anything that tickles your inspiration bones I guess.

I don’t sit around watching runway shows but I get tons of inpiration from it. Haute couture can be kind of mind blowing, if you’re ever stuck for inpiration. Even just the gorgeous textures and patterns are something you can work into designs without them being over the top. I actually have a book to recommend here too! If you want crazy, fantasy style dresses (which actually exist real-world) grab Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty! It’s just… I don’t even have the words:

It’s the perfect mix of fantasy and real world (everything I aim for at least!)


Fic Recs: You Show Me Yours by endingthemes:(~11k)

When Erik receives nudes in the middle of the night from an unknown number, he’s confused and mildly amused. He doesn’t expect it to turn into an actual conversation…with feelings.

As if that’s not baffling enough, his friend’s brother ends up crashing at his place, further complicating everything.

Comments: Amazing, incredibly sweet, wonderfully written fic, please kudo this to outer space. It’s in Erik’s pov, but you can see Charles pining - both of them pine like the idiots they usually are , and there are misunderstandings and texting sass and all that jazz of a good fluffy rom com. I have reread this at least three times

anonymous asked:

You're my favourite artist, and I look to your work very often for inspiration on colour, texture, shape and composition. Who are some of your favourite artists that you do the same to? It would be cool to see where you got your style inspiration 😊

Thank you very much!
My biggest inspirations would be artists like @loish​, @annadittmann​, @agnes-cecile​, @yuumei-art, @alicexz and Audrey Kawasaki! Lately I’ve been obsessing over artists like @andatsea, Brad Kunkle, Tran Nguyen and Nick Runge though! Each of these artists are masters in their own respects and I shall always revere them for their beautiful work. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I wanted to tell u this for a long time. You're my favourite​ artist. I love ur art style so so so much!!!! Like its so cute and lovely and sweet? Like how? Btw, I love Ur komeada and naegi art! My favourite pairing from my fav artist!😍

Thank you so much for the compliments! I feel really honored to hear that I am your fav artist ^/////^ S2S2

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was just wondering if you've ever used medibang before? If not, is there any free art program that you'd recommend? My friend recommended medibang to me but I've never used it before, and I thought I'd ask you since you're my favourite artist. Thank you!

mmmmm never heard of medibang before :/ sorry 
my recommendation for free drawing software is firealpaca. (never used it before but heard good stuff about it)
and if you’re drawing on your smartphone/ipad/tablets → ibis paint (app)

i used tegakiblog (website) for years before getting an actual drawing software and i LOVED it buuuuuuuuut had some crash/not saving issues so…not really high on my recommendation list. its free tho. and i heard they’ve expanded on tools. tegakiblog is what i used to draw this keebo:

theres also picto-chat like websites where you can draw with your friends(or alone) and chat while doing so. :) like takamin. those are free to use as well and you can take capture pics so although rare, some ppl use it as their main drawing tool. tools/layers are limited tho. 

i hope you find what you’re looking for! explore around and enjoy!

anonymous asked:

I don't know a different way to form this question, but I haven't heard from you in a while, are you dead? I mean, if you are, then I'm sorry, I really am not trying to be rude, sorry, but if you aren't then...? Is something wrong? Did you lose your drawey computey thing? You're my favourite artist, and I'd really, really hate for you to actually be dead right now :c. If you aren't and I'm just being impatient then oh, sorry, have fun being a drawey writey person... Bye.

No, I’m alive! I’m just gonna be on a trip for the next few weeks and these last two weeks have been a lot of getting my ducks in a row for work and life. I had a couple of cases at work which were turning out to be more involved than I thought they’d be and I wanted them resolved before I was away <3

I live. The computer is fine. My resolve is still going strong. I just got a bit swept up with life, whoopsie doopsie

aliosaur  asked:

i don't mean to be rude or pressure you or anything like that (you're genuinely my favourite artist on tumblr!!) but i was wondering if there's a reason you don't draw V in the comic strip things you make??

Thank you so much – that means a lot to me omg ;;o;; ♥ !

I don’t draw V that much because I don’t really know him yet!
I promise I’ll add V in all the previous posts once I finish the game (even tho Seven’s route ++ secret end was like, 101% spoiled for me) - anyway, I’m gonna call it the “V Expansion Pack” lol!

Please give me a bit more time ;;v;; ((Also quick notice please refrain from sending me any Seven Route spoilers – I’m trying to forget the ones that were shoved at me lolol))

anonymous asked:

Hi mod! I was wondering - any reason for why the higher tiers for your kickstarter don't include the vol1 pdf? I'd like the vol 2 hardcopy but also really want vol 1 in pdf... and since I'm in your ask box anyway: I'm so excited for how close the project is to being funded!! You're my favourite artist and a Good Person I admire

IT DOES includes that I don’t know why? it isn’t listed? I’ll have to see if I can change that anyway all the higher tiers includes all the rewards for the lower ones! :D

anonymous asked:

Malec was what brought me to your art and I just wanted to say I love the way you draw and write their interactions! You're one of my favourite (if not the favourite) Malec fan artists out there and I've had a really hard year this year and no matter how horribly my day has been your art work never fails to make me smile and feel happy again so thank you so much. Just wanted to let you know that you're appreciated and please continue to produce more beautiful art!

Thank you so much, dear, for your words) It means a lot to me) If i can make your day a little better,  it’s the best reward for me =) Really)

anonymous asked:

This entire blog is a blessing. You're my absolute favourite Tumblr artist ever, you have a wonderfully creative mind, and now I get to see more of your creations every day!!!!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!!!!

That’s like one of the nicest things. Thank you