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Teasing, Showers, & Man Buns

A/N: Any of my friends on here that know me and see me IRL, please just keep scrolling. Don’t @ me… This is my first time writing smut, so I apologize in advance for whatever the hell this is. I’d like to thank The Litty Titty Committee™ for pushing me to bring this little idea to life. Hope you enjoy.

Harry’s been back home from tour for three days now, and he’s been nothing but a tease. It’s been over six months since he’s touched you. You would’ve thought he’d have jumped you as soon as he got off the plane, but no, his smug ass thinks it’s a great idea to just taunt you until you cave first.

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As many times as it takes…

Ofc I redrew this, I had to. Look at that face, look at it *gestures to his face*


Hope you guys enjoy~


That’s my contributition (that no one asked for) to @tbholland CEO!Night

- Ok I didn’t want to do it, but I’m doing it;

- CEO!Harrison was planning a new project so he called his best CEO!advertisers: you and Tom;

- (Let’s imagine that Haz’s company is older and bigger than yours so sometimes you collaborate with him);

- Funny fact: you hated each other;

- Tom was the typical womanizer who slept with a different woman every night and you were the “old maid with a house full of cats”;

- None of you were excited at the idea of working together;

- Expect Harrison, he was having the time of his life watching the two of you fighting fo every little thing;

- “I’m so done with you, I’m leaving”;

- “I’m leaving before you”;

- “Don’t you dare”;

- “Holland, you are a drama queen”;

- That night, you met at a jazz pub to think about this project;

- But you couldn’t come up with an idea that satisfied the both of you;

- The waiter arrived with your glasses of wine and he said something like “For this lovely couple, Pinot Grigio and Bardolino”;

- “We’re not a couple” you said at the same time;

- After this awkward moment, the conversation became more personal;

- “I divorced twice” You said;

- “And the last time I slept with a woman was four months ago” he added;

- “Well, cheer to the lonely us!”;

- You started to understand that you have so much in common;

- Following scene: you check how many credit cards you have;

- “Ok, Visa, MasterCard, American Express… Oh no, you also have that one?”;

- “Yeah, I’m so ashamed right now”;

- After a few hours of drinking and laughing, the waiter came to tell you that they were about to close”;

- “I live a few blocks away from here, do you want to drink something” you asked;

- And it was thanks to the wine you had drunk before if you asked him to come to your place;

- ‘Please don’t say no, please don’t no’ you repeated in your head;

- “Sure, let’s go”

- ‘Thanks God!’

- You guys were sooo tipsy;

- “So, that’s your house”;

- “Yes, and as you can see I don’t have cats”;

- Tom pointed at every object in your house and said “This one?”

- “Uhm… that one is husband number one. That jerk didn’t want to leave it but I had a better lawyer”;

- You’d lay on the sofa, too tired to make a move and you could feel Tom’s hands reaching your fingers and interlace them together;

- “Do you mind if I kiss you?” he asked;

- He would be so gentil about this;

- Like, kissing you slowly like in the movies;

- This would be so sexy and romantic at the same time;

- This lead to drunk, slow and giggly sex;

- I can totally picture Tom saying something like “Two marriages and you’re still that tight?”;

- Followed by “If I were your husband I wouldn’t let you leave the bedroom”;

- Repeating all this in the following weeks;

- But you also started to work on the project;

- Harrison was over the moon because your idea was so fucking good;

- “I’m glad to see you didn’t kill each other” he kicked making you blush;

- When you left Harrison’s company you didn’t know what to do;

- “So, are you still in town this week?”;

- “Yes, why?”;

- “Maybe we can… meet sometimes”;

- “Are you trying to ask me out, Mr. Holland?”;

- “Just if you want to, Miss Y/L/N”;

- You called a taxi “I’ll think about it”;

- Tom watched you entering the taxi and leaving him with a dumb smile on his face;

- A few seconds later he received a SMS;

- “Pick me up at 8pm xx”

the most upsetting thing about this whole situation is that by edward highlighting the fact that the kpop industry is full of skinny ppl, it made a lot of ppl look at kyla not only now as ‘fat’ but lazy, naive and stupid for choosing a career where she would stand out. ppl are talking about how she should ‘focus more on school’ and that she made ‘a child’s decision’ to become an idol when ‘she should have known’ she was going to be criticised 

its just rly upsetting that ppl are now not only criticising her for her body, but for choosing and working towards a career she’s passionate about and trying to make her seem foolish for it. she’s a 15 year old girl who’s achieved so much through her talent and hard work and ppl think they have the right to say she’s not entitled to being happy with her achievements bc of her weight. many other young idols are ‘allowed’ to be as happy and proud and successful as they should be, so why isn’t kyla?

The 2nd Act Breakup, or Why it Makes Sense for Keith to be Away from Lance in S4

I’ve seen a bunch of people freak out about Keith and Lance having very few moments in S4, what with Keith leaving for the Blade of Marmora, and so I wanted to maybe help ease some people’s anxiety, by writing a meta on why Keith leaving makes perfect sense for klance, because honestly? That is the conclusion I walked away from S4 with.

We know Keith and Lance are each other’s romantic interests, and as this post says, in the very first episode Lance was introduced as the main character, and Keith as his love interest. Why does this matter? Well, because every good story establishes its themes and growing conflicts right off the bat, so the audience will know what they’re getting into and what problems should be resolved, as well as the different characters involved. Putting something like this in your first episode? it’s a big deal. It’s saying: here’s a pair of characters, this is their current dynamic, now watch it change over the course of our show. This is highly common for a romance arc, which is defined by TV Tropes as “the journey of two characters from strangers to lovers.”

And while Keith and Lance aren’t complete strangers when they meet in E1, they didn’t really know each other before the first episode. Which still fits (TV tropes also mentions how this trope “comes in a myriad forms and flavors”).

So how does any of this relate to Keith leaving in S4, you ask? The answer lies in the Three Act Structure.

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oh shit I thought so! basically I was just saying what if reaper's scythes don't have to be literal scythes, and if so what if Lup carried around a nail-studded baseball bat as her weapon

no wonder tumblr tried to delete this message. this image is too powerful. i’m reeling a little bit

Friend: You look upset, what’s wrong?

Me, internally: In the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, John Gabriel Utterson has live with knowing that both of his best friends are dead. He was the lawyer to both of them but still the death of Robert (Hastie) Lanyon was still so sudden and out of the blue, he couldn’t save Dr. Lanyon. Then he has to live with knowing he was seconds too late to save Henry Jekyll. This is all canon by book standards. Not to mention, Lanyon doesn’t exist in the musical but Utterson does. Mr. Utterson is forced to shoot Dr. Jekyll six times, killing him. In the Wedding Reception, after Henry is shot, you can hear John drop his gun and cry “Oh my God! No!” In every adaptation, John Gabriel Utterson is forced to watch his best friends die.

Me, laughing: yeah, I’m good. How are you?

Welcome back to the @tpthvegebulsmutfest - everyone’s favorite festival, assuming ‘everyone’ just includes our very specific brand of nerd. So, the important people!  
Day 3: Just this once

I have no doubt that better artists than I are going to make something actually smutty with this prompt, but all I could think of was poor Trunks putting up with his parent’s disgusting PDA and it was too funny to me not to do it.
“Just this once could you two not be so gross??”
Oh Trunks, you sweet summer child. Goten doesn’t have normal parents either. There isn’t a single normal adult in your Lavender haired life. 

I promise tomorrow I’m gunna get some actual smut - I’m working up to it!!