'you seem to always be sleeping': story of my life

I admit it, you were everything to me. You were. My world revolved around you and I didn’t realise how much you have affected my life. All the despicable things you have done, I still cannot forget but I will always forgive you no matter what it was that you did because that’s how much I loved you . I loved you so much and for so long, I don’t know how to let go of you.

I thought that  I was fine, but I am not. It’s so hard to go to sleep at night when all it comes back running to me, where I do not want it at all.

I still see you around, everywhere I go, everywhere I turn.
I want to avoid it all, but sadly I cannot. I can easily erase you from my mind but in real life you are always there, when I do not want you. I am finished with all of you, but my mind cannot seem to let go the idea of you.

Make You Mine (Part 4) -  Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader (smut/fluff)

So…. most of you were for a happy ending with Kookie. But would you still root for him even when Tae has changed into a better person? …

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook

Genre : FWB!AU

Word Count : 

Description : It has always been your best friend, until Jungkook came into your life, showing you love and care that you didn’t know with Taehyung. If it comes to boyfriend material, it would be doubtlessly Jungkook. But little do you know that in the meantime, you have become more than just a friend with benefits for Taehyung, who intents to steal your heart, the way you had subconsciously stolen his. 

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*must restore my bias’ image since he seems like a dick in this story*

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Can’t Help Falling In Love

This is dedicated to every single person who followed me, commented on my work or even just read it, you’ll never know how much it means, thank you so much. This ones’ for you, you beautiful human beings!! Here’s to 200!

Thank you lovely anon for requesting this. I kind of blended your request with an idea I’ve had for a while so I kind of got a little carried away with the word count, but I really, really hope you like this. Please let me know if you did!

Feedback is honestly food for my soul so please don’t be shy! 

Title comes from this song.

Request: I think a cute fanfic could be like Bucky and female reader have a scene that gets them caught in the rain and they go back to one of their places and have to put their clothes in the dryer and theres sexual tension and its cute kind of like the scene with the bubbles from the Just My Luck movie with Lindsay Lohan.

Warnings: I’m not quite sure why but I teared up a little writing this but I promise you it’s ALL kinds of fluff.

Words: c, 2,900

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It had been an impromptu road trip that had landed you in this position.

It had started innocently with Bucky becoming obsessed with Elvis Presley. He was still attempting to catch up on all the music he had missed, and this had been your contribution to his growing list, but little did you know that Bucky would become literally obsessed.

Whenever, he worked out you could hear the King’s voice wafting through his earphones, you knew Bucky was old but that man listened to his music way too loud.

One night while you were cooking dinner, you heard Bucky singing along to Suspicious Minds, under his breath, and you couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face.

Of course it didn’t take long for Steve and Sam to pick up on it and begin to tease him about it, and he tried not to talk about Elvis as much anymore except to you because you would listen to him without fail, you would let him show you songs that you already knew just because you could see how happy it made him to talk about it.

“These songs, they really mean something to me y/n, I feel like, I don’t know, I feel like they really speak to me, sometimes they speak for me. Do you ever feel like that?”

“Yes Bucky,” you had said almost in a whisper, squeezing his hand because this man was precious and had been through so much, you were glad he could find some way to relate to something, something that reminded him of the humanity in him.

One night you had wandered into his room without knocking and found him crying to the song ‘You Gave Me a Mountain,’ by Marty Robbins who he had discovered by extension himself, and scooped him into your arms as he tried to explain why it had upset him so much but he didn’t need to, because you already knew and you only hugged him tighter, until he could breathe properly again. That was the night you had decided you were going to take him away for a few days.  

Getting Steve to give you and Bucky time off was simple when you explained what you wanted to do, and Steve had hugged you to him so tightly you teased him that he was going to fracture your ribs.

“He’s so lucky to have a friend like you,” he commented and your heart had swelled with pride.

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RWBY Vol. 4 Ch. 2


I watched the episode twice and I cried both times because of– well. Keep reading and you’ll know why.

– The Schnee house is H U G E holy shit

– Whitley Schnee!! Younger brother to Weiss and Winter.

– Seems like Mother Dearest likes to enjoy the grape a bit early in the day. I wonder why *sarcasm*

– Whitley never liked Winter? Used to be different? “I’ve kept growing”…..Wait. Could he be the informant?!

– RUBY DREAMING OF PYRRHA –– could this be a Silver-eyed Warrior thing?

– 7 sisters. Explains a lot. Oh Jaune ♡

– Pigtails vs. Warrior’s Wolf-tail

– Ren’s reaction to the destroyed village! Baby nooooooo~ Almost like he (and Nora) lived through this before. Possibly what happened to their own village.

– After the mention of bandits, Ren needing that moment to himself. Or was he looking for something like the symbol he and Nora ended up finding? Possibly the same bandits that destroyed their village?

– Digging Ironwood’s new look.

– Jacques Schnee. So not Colonel Sanders (teehee)

– Dust embargo? What have you been doing James?

– Ironwood offering Weiss a place at Atlas Academy. Yes. I hope she takes him up on it.

– Not surprised people are still blaming Atlas for Beacon.

– Weiss trusts Ironwood ♡

– Cannot export Dust. “Precautionary measures.” So that’s what you’ve done James. Still trying to be helpful but probably not helping the situation *sigh*

– Oh no. Oh no you didn’t Daddy Dearest.

– “I think it would make a lot of people happy.” You know what else makes people happy? Not manipulative fathers >_>

– I wonder if Wiess actually enjoys singing anymore. It seems like, from her reaction, she hasn’t sung since she was with her friends/teammates and that makes me wonder…

– Klein!! ♡♡♡ It seems like he has at least 3 other personalities in him (THE 7 DWARVES). Bless this character. I like him a lot, I do ♡♡♡

– The colour-coded sleeping bags *^_^*

– Jaune practicing with Pyrrha late at night. MY HEART 😿

– “Jaune, I–… I… I want you to know that I’m just happy to be a part of your life. I’ll always be here for you Jaune.”


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I couldn’t wait to post this, but I’ll tag it as spoilers for those who wish to stay ignorant. Man the story telling has gone up with this season and I fucking love it to bits. 

Next week will most likely be Blake’s turn! I’m very curious as to what she’s been doing and her family dynamics. Plus, Sun ♡

Time is Nothing - Prologue

This story will chronicle Hannah and Grace’s life together and the slow, debilitating distance that sometimes grows between two people. 

This is important: This story is in reverse chronological order. The Prologue is set in 2025, Chapter One is set in 2024, Chapter Two in 2023, Chapter Three in 2022, and so on. Each chapter has a hint at something in a future chapter so that the reverse chronological order remains clear.

I hope you enjoy reading because I have had the time of my life writing this. (And I also hope I explained this clearly enough.) Special thanks to Alyssa (wiredright) for being excited about this story and validating that this was, in fact, a good idea!

Title and inspiration are from The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. 

8tracks playlist here.

This is totally and completely fiction. 

SFW. 443 words. 

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