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oh I´m in pieces, it´s tearing me up.

Blinda Nálin by TheBlindNeedle
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I also have chronic depression and anxiety and ADD and shit for an icing on the cake. 

I live in Iceland and I’ve got wonderful friends, family, hubby, etc, and so I have had the luxury of being able to make ends sort of meet. 
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GOT7 Reaction: Feeling Needy and Texting Their Crush To Meet Them At The Dorms

(Lit there was a couple times I forgot I was writing a reaction and not a one shot and almost made a full on smut XD Enjoy anon! I made this one way, way ahead of when I planned to because of the requests that are lined up before you, but I couldn’t help it because GOT7 are my bbys okok.)


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JB had absolutely no idea why, but at the moment he couldn’t get you and your body out of his mind. He was in the middle of a small meeting with the rest of GOT7 when his mind veered to the thought of you and what you would look like bouncing up and down on top of him, your perky breasts held tightly within his hands.

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Favourite Acting Scenes – Isak is taken home by Even. (2.10 part 5)

A request from an anon. Also known as the Norwegian ‘Looking’. 

Sometimes, the biggest mistakes actors can make in a scene relies on their ability to make their eye contact convincing. The problem is that often actors feel like they need to maintain contact with their scene partner through their eyes, as if that is the only authentic way that the contact between two people in a conversation is established. The result is that they either are overtly staring at their scene partner, or they feel very over-active. In all reality, most of the time, when people are talking to another person they are mostly looking away, thinking in images, seeing memories. There are exceptions, however; when you’re (falling) in love is one of them. Yes, you might experience less eye contact at the beginning because of shyness, but when you feel that strong affection for someone –even when you’re talking – you will make more eye contact. And that is what happening in this scene: a lovely progression of how eye contact can make all the difference in a scene, when a young guy is connecting for the first time with another guy who might return his affections in the way that he wants him to.

Up until now Isak has felt an attraction to the new guy in school, has had a conversation with him, watched him walk to his boys, and watched some video on this guy as well. And in these last two moments, he is quite overtly staring, because he’s not in direct contact with the person in question.

This changes when Even appears next to him in the tram. This is unexpected, scary, lovely and a dream come true, all rolled into one moment. Isak is feeling extremely shy; he only takes very quick looks and that lovesick smile (that we see return in episode 8) let us know that he thinks, oh shit, what now!! Even makes a cute birdface, tries to offer him a way in (“awesome conversation!”), keeps looking at him but when it takes too long to respond he looks away to find another connection. But then, Isak thinks, he really searches for words, knows it’s now or never and remembers: he’s at least eighteen. He looks Even straight in the eyes. You wanna make use of that ID card?

After arriving at Even’s place and complimenting the artwork, Isak subtly changes in front of our eyes. The most interesting about this scene, I feel, is the fact that we see Isak grow in confidence. Is it okay that I’m staring at you? During their ‘Smoking in the Windowsill’ moment, Even is already confident in his attraction to this boy: he stares quite intently, as if he wants to really take this boy in, burn his image into his memory, show him that he’s interested. Isak returns the eye contact a bit more frequently but he’s still looking away often. But there’s a moment, where Even tells him ‘we’ll listen to him later’, that Isak realizes that it’s okay. He still wants me here. He’s responsive to what’s happening here. Maybe it’s okay that I look at him some more. They laugh. They joke. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

When Even finally looks outside in a silent moment, Isak takes his chance. You see him take a conscious decision: I am going to look at you now. I am really, really interested in you. You’re so beautiful. He can’t help but give a small smile. Even is in his own world for a second, probably debating on how this is going to continue further, his eyebrows in a frown as if he’s thinking intensely.

But the moment he looks at Isak, his face relaxes. His smile widens a tiny bit. All his thoughts disappear, at least for a few hours.

During the ‘Making of the Worst Toast in the World’ scene, this game of exchanging looks continue, but Isak’s not really scared anymore, he’s smiling the entire time. He’s blatantly staring when Even offers him beer, but this time, he doesn’t look away. Even after that moment, he keeps staring in small increments, hearts in his eyes. And Even, when Isak’s busy with his phone, returns these hearts and gives his own hearts too.

Should we (put it in the oven)? Even asks.

Let’s go! Isak says.

And they do. Until Sonja arrives.

Have I been wrong? Isak thinks. 

Because let’s remember, this is not only a scene in which he has to find out whether Even returns his flourishing feelings; it’s even more important to Isak because he feels like he has found a kindred spirit, a guy who likes guys, who likes him, a boy. And maybe that is also why he’s been so careful in the beginning: what if Even feels that it’s not okay for me to look at him like that? It’s a real fear for people within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. But the subtly acted ways of the different eye contact between these two in this crucial scene has already found an answer for these two.

There is no turning back now.

 Previous parts: here.

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5 Theoliza

Prompt 5: Help

Eliza takes a deep breath, trying to gear herself up as she gets onto her tiptoes for the third time in the past minute. She extends her hand as far as it will go, reaching up as high as she can, basically the closest she’s ever been to levitating right off the ground. Her fingers barely brush against smooth wood before she’s flat on her heels again, huffing out a breath of frustration.

She tilts her head back, narrowing her eyes at one of the books on the second highest shelf of the bookcase, hoping her glare will just knock it down. But it stays stubbornly where it is, lodged between two other books. Eliza glares even harder.

It’s the perfect book for her research paper, and of course there’s not an online version, because the universe really seems to be out to get her today. Eliza doesn’t know what she’ll do if she can’t get that book. Her paper is due in three days. She needs that book.

Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, Eliza takes another slow, deep breath. “Okay,” she murmurs to herself, bouncing a little on her feet. “I can do this. Just-” She jumps, reaching her hand up and cursing softly when her hand just smacks uselessly against the shelf. She tries again. And again. And again. “Dammit,” Eliza hisses. If she was just two inches taller, if she was-


Eliza spins at the voice, coming face to face with a maroon colored shirt. She pulls her eyes up higher, meeting the slightly amused gaze of another girl. “Sorry?” Eliza asks. “I didn’t hear y-”

“Do you need help?” The girl says, slowly, and with a smile on her lips. She’s got a deep purple color of lipstick on, and Eliza forces herself to tear her eyes away. It’s a nice color.

“O-oh,” Eliza stammers out, not realizing that other people probably saw what looked like her attacking a bookcase. “I…yeah, I just really need this book.” She points up, not checking to see if she’s pointing to the right one. The girl has a really nice smile. “But I can’t reach.”

“Let me.” She steps forward, and Eliza blushes when their arms brush against each other for a brief moment as she steps aside to give the girl more room. “This one?”

Eliza looks up to where her hand is, and she tilts her head. “Next one over.”

The girl nods and grabs it easily, bringing it down and turning it so the cover is facing her. “The Gothic Tradition,” she reads aloud, an eyebrow quirking up. “Interesting.”

“It’s for my intro class,” Eliza tells her, holding a hand out for the book. But the girl just keeps looking at it. “Which is due soon, so…” She trails off, unsure of how to tell the girl nicely that she really needs that book.

“For Montgomery’s class?” The girl asks, laughing a little when Eliza nods. “Let me guess, he assigned it last minute? A ten page paper with just one,” she waves the book, “outside source?”

“You took his class?” 

“Yep.” The girl opens the book and starts to flip through it. “This paper kicked my ass. I mean, the process did. I aced it though.”

“Y-you did?” Eliza asks, stepping closer. She’s never been able to pull an A on one of Montgomery’s papers yet. But this one…she’s determined. “How?”

The girl shrugs. “I’m just that good,” she teases, and Eliza rolls her eyes, but she can feel a smile tugging at her lips. “Here.” The girl pulls out a pen, and Eliza watches with wide eyes as she starts to write something on one of the pages.

“But you…that’s a…” Eliza mouths wordlessly at the girl, hoping she won’t get charged for marking up the book. “What are you doing?”

“Leaving you some notes,” the girl tells her with another smile. “They’ll help you out with the paper.” She flips the book shut and hands it to Eliza, still smiling, and Eliza feels her face flushing again. “You know, wearing heels might help out your height problem. You could get all the books you want that way.”

Eliza laughs at that. “Too clumsy as it is.” She hugs the book to her chest. “Thanks, though.” She bites her lip as the girl nods her head, dark curls bouncing as she does. “I’m Eliza.”


“Theodosia,” Eliza murmurs, liking the way the name sounds, the way her lips move when she says it. “Nice to meet you.”

Theodosia holds out a hand for Eliza to shake, which she does, her hand shaking just a little. Theodosia’s hand is smooth and warm wrapped around hers. “Nice to meet you, too, Eliza.”

Eliza likes the way her own name sounds when Theodosia says it. 

“Well I should…” Eliza gestures vaguely around her, taking a slight step back. “But thank you.” She winces internally, realizing she had already said that to Theodosia.

But Theodosia just shrugs. “Anytime.” She turns and starts to walk away, pausing to look back. “Don’t forget to look at my notes.” And then she’s giving Eliza one last smile before disappearing behind another one of the shelves.

Eliza stands there a moment longer, cheeks still flushed and a smile on her face. She should hang out in the library more often.

She takes the book to the front desk, showing the person working there her ID and then thanking them once she successfully checks the book out. She trots down the stairs of the library, only stopping once she’s all the way down. 

Holding out the book in front of her, Eliza starts to flip through it, keeping an eye out for any handwriting. A few pages have underlining and stars written next to certain paragraphs, but it isn’t until the middle of the book that Eliza sees actual writing. But it’s not notes.

It’s a phone number.

Eliza bites her lip, feeling her heart jump in her chest as her eyes roam over the numbers, gaze landing on the small note beside it.

In case you ever need help reaching more books - Theodosia.

Eliza smiles, her cheeks hurting a little from the force of it. But she can’t stop. She only hesitates a moment before pulling out her phone, punching the number into her contacts and putting a lipstick emoji next to Theodosia’s name. Then she calls.

Maybe she can get notes from Theodosia for the paper in person. Over dinner. 


this first photo picked up so many notes (270 currently!!) and I received many compliments and a few people who even called me an inspiration! That means a lot! Having this bad of a breakout was an honest to god low point in my life. It made me depressed, anxious, and extremely insecure about being around people. I took photos with my shirt over my mouth. Uploading this was a way for me to hopefully help people who were possibly dealing with the same, if not, more acne! And it actually did help.

I felt the need to upload a recent selfie replicating almost the exact same pose to show my skin today, as you can see, it went down by a lot.

Acne passes, and you deserve to feel beautiful with it, because believe me please when I say that you are. Everyone of you is such a beautiful person that words can’t explain it, and I’ve never been happier knowing you exist.

Sports Bras and Trench Coats (Pt. 2)

A/N: well, this seems to be one of my more popular fics, so I decided to write a part 2! Go me!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: All of the smut. Oral (Male and female receiving), Squirting, very intense orgasms, and um idk. Slight Dom!Cas. It’s just really smutty. bring a clean pair of undies. Don’t worry though, there’s a fluffy ending.

Word Count: 1.7k


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Next time did in fact come around. The very next day you’d found yourself pinned against the wall in the hallway outside your bedroom, hanging onto Cas as he had his way with you yet again, not that you were complaining.

You’d thought of Castiel this way before, but you’d had no idea it’s what he wanted as well. And from what you could tell, he wanted it bad.

Sam and Dean had found a case immediately after their werewolf case, a few towns over from where they already were, so they’d just went straight there.

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one big homestuck family

Day 74

Featuring: Yoongi, You

Warnings: slight language

Written by: Admin V

Those eyes. Those legs. Those lips. Those hands. Only you would fall in love with a boy just by drawing him over and over again. But you really can’t help it–Min Yoongi is just too, too beautiful.  

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This isn’t creepy at all.

You sit at the back of the classroom, sketchbook out in front of you. The teacher and the other students are droning on and on, something that is just a faint buzz to you in the back of your mind.

But there was, in particular, one student that you paid attention to.

You bite your bottom lip as your pen scratches across the paper. For some reason, you just can’t capture his beauty the way that you wanted to. You don’t do him justice.

None of your sketches do.

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{Once in a Lifetime} a Lance Tucker One shot

Lance was an asshole. Period. They didn’t call him ‘The Fucker’ for nothing. But, damn, if you didn’t want him. Badly.

You knew it would be a one time thing. There’s no “more” with Lance. And it’s no secret that he’s been around. You didn’t care. You knew you’d do anything.

He walked into the training facility early that morning. You were already there, warming up and stretching, when you felt his eyes on you. “Morning, Coach,” you said with a small wave. He just gave you a smile and kept walking.

‘Damn him’, you thought to yourself, sitting up on the mat. 'Time to make a move’ you told yourself, and marched to his office.

The door was slightly opened and you could see him sitting at the desk, arms behind his head and feet up, eyes closed.

You cleared your throat and his eyes shot open. “Can I help you?,” he asked with a sarcastic tone, but he grinned like he knew. Of course he knew.

“Sorry, coach,” you started, innocent look on your face and he sat up, “I’m having trouble stretching. Can you help?,” you finished and you could see the fire in his eyes.

He got up out of the chair and walked over to you, standing as close as he could. He chuckled quietly and you felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up. He ran a finger over your jaw, making your mouth drop and letting a moan escape. He grinned again and put his lips on your ear, “I don’t think you really want me to help you stretch, beautiful,” he whispered and you couldn’t help but moan again. He laughed. “Keep moaning like that and we won’t even make it out of the office,” he said, voice dropping.

 You looked up at him and just shrugged and he reached down and ran his finger under the band of your shorts. You moaned again, this time louder and he groaned, “oh, that’s it, baby doll,” he said, quickly flipping you around and bending you over the desk

.He ran a hand slowly down you back until he pulled down your shorts and panties in one shot. He snaked his hand around, feeling how wet you were and let out a low moan. “You know I’m not going to take it easy on you,” he breathed out, and you nodded. “Comin’ in here,” he panted out, pushing himself against you, “practically beggin’ me to fuck you,” he said and you whimpered. 

 "Is that what you want?,“ he asked, his voice dark, and you nodded frantically as he slid himself into you, letting out a loud groan at the sensation. "So tight, gorgeous,” he said through gritted teeth, picking up the pace, pounding into you so hard that you could barely hold on. 

 "That’s it,“ he huffed, "clench around me. Come on, doll face, cum for Lance,” he growled and that was all you needed, cumming hard and screaming his name. He moved faster, strokes becoming erratic as he found his own release.  

He pulled out and helped you up, reaching down to grab your shorts and handing them to you. You felt yourself blush as he walked back around to his chair, sitting and throwing his arms back around his head, like nothing happened. You pulled your shorts back up, unsure what to say, so you just walked to the door, turning the handle. 

Just as you walked out, you heard him. “Had fun babe, but that was a once in a lifetime deal.”

Sodapop Curtis Imagine

Warnings: Body Image


You never liked the way you looked. You always thought that there was someone better. Being Sodapop’s girlfriend didn’t really help your self esteem because you always saw beautiful girls that wanted him to be theirs instead of yours.

You got from work and it was a day sent to you by the devil. To make it even worse, you drove by the DX and saw a beautiful, blonde-headed girl flirting with Soda. Of course he was oblivious, and he thought nothing of it. And normally this wouldn’t bother you because it was normal, but today it really stung.

You walked in the door of your house and immediately went back to your room. You closed the door and sat down on the bed, beginning to think. You thought about how Soda deserves someone better than you. You looked over at the full length mirror and walked over to it. Looking at yourself, you started to cry. Your sobs echoed through the whole house, but you didn’t care. No one was in there with you.

Or, that is what you thought at least.

Soda walked in the door and heard you crying, so he was quiet. He walked back to your room and quietly opened the door, watching you. He had never seen you cry like this before. And the worst part was, you had no idea that he was watching.

You unbuttoned your flannel and took it off, leaving you in only your bra and your jeans. You found every little flaw. You found every stretch mark, every freckle, every mole and you started to cry harder. You thought that you were (too fat/too skinny) and you thought so many negative things.

“God,” you said quietly, “why am I not as pretty as these other girls? Why am I not like them? He deserves better than me. He has all these gorgeous girls wanting him, but he still chose me. I don’t understand. He picked the worst one.”

This is when Soda decided to step in. He stepped closer to you and said, “(Y/N), I did not pick the worst one.”

“Oh no,” you sniffed, “how much did you hear?”

“I heard just enough,” he walked over and gripped you in a tight hug. “Why did you say all that stuff about yourself?”

“Because it’s all true. I am ugly and you deserve someone so much better.”

“(Y/N) please, never think that. I chose you because you’re you.”

“But–,” he stopped you before you could finish.

“Look baby, beauty comes in all kinds of different forms, but yours is my favorite,” he smiled and you did too.

A/N: I am so sorry, this is so terrible and cringe. If you liked it though, good for you. Thanks for reading!


This is honestly absolutely rubbish and cringy af but who cares right, it’s cute so hopefully you guys will still like it ! I’m in a real lack of inspiration right now, I had a few productive weeks but now I’m really struggling so i’m counting on you to send me some requests, my loves xx

“Have a nice evening.” Y/N said, smiling over to the driver before hoping out of the Uber. As she stepped out of the car, she looked around for the restaurant and walked towards its entrance, stopping to wait for her friends. Her view was suddenly blocked by someone who had put their hands on her eyes and she smiled to herself, exactly knowing who it was. “Well that is really cheeky, Joseph.” She said before she was finally able to see again and she turned around to face a smiling Joe. “How did you know?” Joe chuckled before pulling her into a hug. “I know you all too well.” She teased, inhaling his warming scent and hug lasted for far too long. “You sure do.” Joe teased back, before pulling away to smile at her. The two best friends were snapped out of their stare as she spotted two of their other friends walking over to them. The fake blonde grinned at her and walked over to her, pulling into a tight hug. “You literally saw me two days ago, silly.” She laughed as Jack was still holding her and he kissed her cheek. “That was too long.” He said, pouting before Mikey leaned in to pull her in a hug as well. “Hey, LP.” Y/N said , smiling over at him and they all looked at each other before finally entering the restaurant.

The four friends walked over to a small table, Jack sat next to Y/N as Mikey was sitting next to Joe. And Y/N was happy with that because Joe was sitting in front of her and for a moment, she could picture this being a date with only the two of them but it wasn’t.

An hour later, the friendly dinner was going on as a normal night out but Y/N’s mind was somewhere else. Because throughout the whole dinner, the boys had been paying attention to the apparently really attractive girls sitting behind them and it felt as if she was invisible to them. But in fact, she wasn’t because Joe’s eyes were only focused on her. “I know why you wanted to sit there, you plonker.” Jack exclaimed , chuckling with Mikey. “What do you mean?” Joe frowned at his mate as he was getting annoyed by their tipsy attitude. He didn’t care about those girls, she was the only one. “Getting a better view on the pretty ladies, huh?” Mikey joked and Joe simply rolled his eyes at his comment but he quickly noticed how Y/N was so quiet and it worried him. “Is everything alright?” Joe asked, not even paying to his friends comments anymore. Y/N flinched at the question, her gaze on the plate in front of her. “Yeah.” She simply said, offering him a weak smile but she had been his best friends for ages, he knew she was lying. “You can tell me anything, you know.” Joe stated, his eyes meeting hers. “I’m fine. I just need some air.” Y/N said and before he could do anything, she was already walking out of the restaurant. It didn’t took long for Joe to get up but just as he was about to catch her up, a girl from the table was blocking his way. “Call me.” She said, sending him a wink and his eyes fell in the piece of paper in her hand and Joe looked over to Jack who send him a nod. Joe glanced over the girl’s shoulder, seeing Y/N stepping through the door. “My heart is taken.” Joe said firmly, brushing past the girl and running out of the restaurant.

“What’s wrong?” He said as soon as he stepped out of the restaurant and his eyes fell on her. “Are you all that blind?” Y/N scoffed before turning around to face her best friend properly and Joe simply frowned, stepping closer. “You’re all just fantasizing on those random beautiful girls and I’m just standing there, completely transparent.” She explained, watching Joe’s glare soften. “I’m not the girl people pay attention to. It’s selfish I know but it’s true.” She finished, eyes locked onto the ground. Joe knew her insecurities and had heard her say things like that before but if only she knew how wrong she was. Because in a room full of people, his eyes were always drawled back to her. Joe stepped closer until their bodies were only inches away and he grabbed hold of her hand. “It’s funny you say that because there’s actually this really beautiful girl that I can’t help but notice every time she walks in a room.” Joe said, his hand moving to her cheek and she smiled, feeling her cheeks flush red. “Who cares about the other girls, the only one I want is you.” He said and before she could reply, he had already pressed their lips together. Y/N snaked her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. “It took you bloody ages to do that.” Y/N mumbled against his lips and Joe let out a laugh. 

Soon enough, they were both walking back into the restaurant, earning some confused looks from their friends and as they were walking by the table full of girls, Joe made sure that they would notice his fingers locked with Y/N’s before sitting down.

♡ Chemistry ♡

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a/n: first post!!! welcome to my blog for any new people, hopefully you’re here to stay :)

↣ word count: 1054

↣ includes: fluff, bestfriends who secretly like eachother, first kiss, cringe and all that goodness

Kwon Soonyoung was on your mind a lot. More than you’d like for him to be. You’d find yourself thinking about him when your chemistry teacher dragged on about your next assignment. You’d think about how his dark fringe would fall over his eyes as he gave you a bright smile when you passed the schools hallway. You’d think about the giggle that would slip from his lips as he showed you photos on his phone. You’d think about the way that smooth melodies would flow from between his teeth when he sat in the music room and thought nobody could hear him.

Truth be told, you were on Soonyoung’s mind just as much as he was on yours. He thought about the small frown that would appear between your eyebrows as you sat across from him in the café and worked on some sort of assignment. He thought about the way your smile would slowly grow as you tried not to laugh at another lame joke he told you. He thought about you when you stared out the window of your chemistry class, always wondering what was on your mind. Never would he have guessed it was him.

You poked at his side.

“Soonyoung.” He stirred a little but didn’t wake up. You picked up your phone to check the time, wincing at the bright light. It was just past 10:30 on Friday night and you and Soonyoung had been watching a movie at his place. He was lying beside you on the couch with his head on the couch’s arm and his legs spread across your lap. You felt your heart flutter as you looked down at him, skin velvet smooth and glowing honey brown under the dim lamp light. He looked so peaceful that you felt bad for waking him up, but you knew he’d be complaining of a sore neck in the morning if you didn’t. You giggled as you poked his side again, watching the frown that graced his eyebrows as he was slowly lulled out of his slumber. His dark brown eyes fluttered open and made contact with yours as he slowly sat up.

“What do you want?” You giggled again. Soonyoung being grumpy after he’d just woken up, especially after being woken up by somebody else, was a sight you were more than used to by now.

“Soonyoung, you can’t sleep here.” He rubbed his eyes before looking at you again with a blank expression on his face. You felt your cheeks start to heat up as Soonyoung failed to look away from your face. You lightly shoved his chest, breaking him out of his daze. He titled his head to the side and smirked a little, making you even more flustered. You buried your face in your hands and leaned away.

“What do you want?” You said into your palms, slowly looking back up at the boy sitting next to you.

“You know you’re really pretty right?” You felt your heart jolt as you stopped smiling and looked him right in the eyes. You couldn’t believe if you’d actually just heard what you thought you did.

“What?” Your cheeks were heating up by now and you were thankful for the only light being the rays coming from the tv and the dim lamp next to the couch.

“Ah no, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that I just…” Soonyoung sighed and sank down into the couch. You weren’t the only one who was embarrassed now. You could see Soonyoung wincing at his words as he thought about what just left his mouth.

“N-no that’s alright, I just, it’s not what I was expecting you to say.” The dull hum of the long-forgotten movie was the only sound either of you could hear. That was until your giggles started joining in. You sunk down into the couch as you started to laugh harder. Soonyoung sat up straight and frowned down at you. He was now not only embarrassed but also extremely confused.

“Y/N, what’s so funny?” You had to take a few seconds to catch your breath and stop laughing before you could look at him again. He was still frowning at you and you couldn’t help but admire how beautiful he really was. You were both now sitting facing each other with your sides to the back of the couch. One of his legs was curled up in front of him and the other hung off the front of the couch. You placed your hand on his knee and pulled yourself closer to him. Just like yours, you could see his breathing start quicken as the space between you lessened. You took the hand that was on his knee up so it was resting gently on the back of his neck. His eyes grew wide as you slowly pulled his face closer to yours.

Your foreheads gently bumped as you pulled your lips together for the first time. His lips were petal soft and you felt the hairs on your arms stick up as he slowly melted into the kiss. His hands found their way to your hips as kissed you back.

Soonyoung could not say this was how he thought his night was going to go. He didn’t want to pull away but he knew he had to breathe soon. The feeling of your lips on his was something he’d imagined many times before but never thought he’d get to experience anytime soon.

Against your will, you started to pull back and so did Soonyoung. You rested your forehead against his as both of you breathed heavily. His arms wrapped around your waist as he pulled you in tight. You could feel him grin against the side of your face and you couldn’t help but to smile too. The two of you stayed there holding each other for what felt like hours, but was really only minutes, both of you feeling light and warm from the moment you two just shared.

You shifted back so you were once again sitting up straight. You laced your fingers with Soonyoung’s as you looked at him.

“Hey Y/N?” You could see his cheeks were cherry blossom pink as you studied his face. You hummed in reply to his call.

“What are you always thinking about in chemistry?” 

Not-So-Secret Admirer

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) likes Barry but she almost didn’t know that he liked her back.

Word count: 1.272

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Link: Part 2

Warnings: (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour and (Y/E/S) is Your Eye Shape.

You work at CC Jitters, a well-known coffee shop in Central City, and you had a night shift this time. You had to do the final cleanings and you had to control the shop’s record of proceedings of the day, that includes counting all the tips, checking the receipts and sum up the earnings of the day.

The shop closes late at night and you usually stay there with Iris, but this time you were alone. She had a date with Eddie and you were envious of her relationship with him. You thought that Eddie was really attractive and sexy, but let’s not count that fact. The only reason why you are jealous was that he treats her great and right.

You always wanted to have a boyfriend like Eddie, but he never came. You surely liked someone, but no one liked you back. People usually asked you why you haven’t gotten a boyfriend, because they thought that you were gorgeous and simple, yet lovely. Your (Y/E/C) (Y/E/S) eyes and your great sweet smile always catch everyone’s attention, but no one ever confessed their love for you. Sad, right?

But speaking of liking someone: you’ve been admiring your best friend Barry for a long time now, but it seems like he likes Iris, even though she’s already in a relationship. You thought that it sucked but cool at the same time, because you created a chain reaction.

Apropos of Barry! He told you that he would come to the coffee shop just before it closes so he would accompany you for the night, but the shop has closed for almost an hour now and he wasn’t there yet. He didn’t tell you anything, not even a call or a text message.

“Allen, you’re always late.” You rolled your eyes as Barry came across your mind. You decided to fix the tables, but you were shocked as you see a fast red streak entered the shop. You felt a cold gust of wind on your skin as the speedster did the job for you in just a second.

You were confused and amazed at the same time: confused because he helped you all of a sudden and amazed because he is real, the infamous speedster is real. He was called the Flash by the people and he appeared in the city few months ago. You heard that he helped people in times of need, but you never believed them. You just really didn’t. Not until now that he helped you.

“Good evening, beautiful lady.” The speedster greeted you as he stood in front of you. His face was almost covered, but his green eyes looked familiar to you. You carefully observed him and you thought that his scarlet suit really fitted him well.

“Good evening.” You greeted, still confused. “Thank you for your help.”

“Oh, no problem.” He smiled. “But since you saved some minutes of work thanks to my help,” You corrugated your forehead quickly. You thought that his help was free, but it wasn’t. He was asking you for something in change.

“Huh?” You cut him off, already pissed off.

“I’m just asking some minutes of your time so I can talk to you, don’t worry.” He assured you and you quickly bit your lower lip. You felt bad because you quickly judged him, thinking that he had bad intentions with you.

“Oh, sorry.” You said, swallowing down your pride.

“It’s okay.” He happily answered. “So?”

“Sure,” You smiled and nodded your head. “besides my best friend is late and I still have to wait for him.”

“Oh.” He shortly answered. You noticed that he didn’t know what to respond you and you thought for awhile that behind that mask there was Barry. Their eyes and smile were the same and you know that very well, because you used to spend your hours on staring at Barry whenever he was looking away. You studied his features very well that you can write a whole book just to describe his beautiful face with the exact details. “Uhm, hey (Y/N)?”

“Oh, sorry.” You apologized as you nodded, trying to break your thoughts slowly. “Did you ask me something?”

“I asked you if it’s okay if I bring you up to the rooftop?” He asked and I just nodded. You noticed that his voice was different from Barry’s voice so the idea of him being Barry quickly vanished.

You erased your thoughts as you felt a cold breeze against your skin and, when you opened your eyes, you were already at the rooftop with him.
You both enjoyed the cold wind and the panoramic view of the city.

“Why did you help me?” The question suddenly slipped out of your mouth.

“So I can talk to you.” He smiled, answering directly to your question.

“And why did you want to talk to me?” Another question popped in your head. “How did you know my name?”

“(Y/N), I’m a good observer.” He vainly answered. “It’s been days, weeks, months that I’ve been observing you.”

“Are you a stalker?” You raised your left eyebrow.

“Of course, not!” He laughed a little bit. “Just call me your secret admirer.”

“Secret admirer? Do I know your real identity?”

“Maybe yes, maybe no. Who knows, pretty woman.” He smirked and you became confused even more.

“That’s unfair.” You pouted and crossed your arms as you expected that he would say his real identity. You were disappointed but you couldn’t get angry or vexed with him.

“Sorry, but I wouldn’t be your secret admirer if ever. Am I right?” You rolled your eyes.

“Fine, the Flash.” You murmured, but emphasized his name. “But secret admirer? How?”

“You’re a beautiful person, (Y/N). It is impossible not to fall in love with you.” He seriously confessed.

“Oh, thank you.” You felt the heat on both sides of your cheeks and you knew that you became red because of his compliments.

“So, it’s late and you still have to finish your work.” He smiled at you. “Goodbye for now, gorgeous.” He grabbed your hand and left a sweet kiss on the back of it.

“Goodbye, my secret admirer.” You both laughed and he winked at you before running away from you. You followed the red fast streak running through the dark streets of central city and smiled to yourself.

You loved yourself for a little while, because, after all, someone appreciated your presence and someone admired you, not that secret anymore but he was still your secret admirer because you didn’t know his identity.

You quickly went downstairs and you were about to get the receipts as you saw Barry knocking on the glass transparent door.

“Barry!” You happily exclaimed as you opened the door. He entered the shop gasping, trying to catch some air to breathe well once again.

“Why are you so happy?” He asked with a smirk on his face despite his breathing problem. He quickly went to the bar and got a cup of water.

“I just met the Flash!” You couldn’t believe yourself that you were saying it.

“Cool! You now believe him, eh?” He teased you as he drank his water. He was the only one who knew that you didn’t believe in the Flash.

“Yup, I’ve always told you that to see is to believe.” You happily said and he just laughed at your reaction. “How about you? Why are you gasping that much?”

“I’ve just had to run as fast as I could to get here.” He explained, almost breathing normally. “I know that I am late, but I had to demonstrate something to someone.”

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RFA+ Minor trio reacting to Mc being really good with makeup? both special effects and "normal" makeup, and always looking like a goddess because of it?^-^

I know next to nothing about makeup and I don’t wear any irl, but oh my god does that stuff take talent

-He has never seen somebody with such perfect makeup
-The only way he can describe you is a God(dess)
-Your special effects makeup would be great for cosplaying, if you’d ever be up for that
-Whenever Zen sends a selfie in chat and  brags about his looks, Yoosung will send a selfie of you
-Zen would shut up because god damn your eyeliner could not be more on point
-Yoosung does get jealous if there is too much attention on your selfie though
-How precious

-The first time he sees you he freezes
-You’re so beautiful, more beautiful than he is!
-Perfect eyeliner, perfect eyebrows, perfect highlight
-Your makeup is actually flawless
-His heart is going 100mph
-He can just tell that you do better work than the professional makeup artists he’s worked with
-Zen would ask you to be his makeup artist
-He could put in a good word about you with his manager and even see about getting you into doing it as a career if you’re interested
-He would love to be able to see you at work, and see the amazing special effect makeup you can do

-Just wow
-She’s never seen makeup that flawless
-And this girl keeps up with celebrities, none of their looks come close to yours
-(I headcanon that Jaehee is super into beauty channels on YouTube so)
-Even the most popular beauty channels can’t pull off the work you can do
-Once you guys begin getting close and begin dating, she’d ask if you’d be okay with giving her a makeover
-You happily oblige
-She loves the heck out of it and can barely recognize herself in the mirror afterwards

-Okay, he has seen a lot of faces because he’s a businessman and all
-But holy shit
-Even the people he’s seen that have had professionals do their makeup look like middle schoolers compared to you
-He has no idea how someone could be so good at doing makeup
-It’s such an underrated talent
-He could be able to afford the really good makeup palettes and beauty products for you as gifts
-He could help you launch a career out of it if you wanted to

-When he first checks out the CCTV
-There is a literal angel in Rika’s apartment
-He can see your bomb ass highlight from the CCTV camera alone
-And these are not the nicest cameras ever
-Then he finds your social media accounts
-Holy mother of god
-He sees all the makeup you’ve done on yourself, and on other people, and he is speechless
-He thought he was good at changing his appearance, but you can literally make somebody into a mythical creature if you wanted to
-He’d be completely up for teaming up with you to use your amazing makeup abilities to prank Yoosung

-Forget taking photos of nature let me photograph your contour like damn
-He calls you nicknames like God(dess) or angel
-He takes millions and millions of photos of you
-He’ll also take photos of your special effects makeup or any other projects you do on other people
-So amazed by how you can use all these powders and liquids to make something so gorgeous

-He knows nothing about makeup and he doesn’t see the big deal about it
-So he doesn’t think too much about your daily makeup and never pays attention because you look fine with or without it
-He doesn’t at all care what you look like
-But when he sees you do special effects makeup on other people
-He’s so impressed
-Like you can change a human being into a monster
-Or you can give somebody completely new bone structure
-What kind of sorcery
-He’s curious as to how you manage to create different looks like that
-If you offered to let him watch you do somebody’s makeup or even your own, he would like to
-He’s too nervous to ask though