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“If one day… you have someone that you like please tell me. Alright?”

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Jonghyun covering “This Woman’s Work” is so beautiful, i started crying. It’s so beautiful in fact, that’s it’s blocked in Korea. I know a lot of you guys haven’t seen it, because if we had, we wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. Watching this would be 4 minutes of your life well spent.


oh I´m in pieces, it´s tearing me up.

Blinda Nálin by TheBlindNeedle
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GOT7 Reaction: Feeling Needy and Texting Their Crush To Meet Them At The Dorms

(Lit there was a couple times I forgot I was writing a reaction and not a one shot and almost made a full on smut XD Enjoy anon! I made this one way, way ahead of when I planned to because of the requests that are lined up before you, but I couldn’t help it because GOT7 are my bbys okok.)


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JB had absolutely no idea why, but at the moment he couldn’t get you and your body out of his mind. He was in the middle of a small meeting with the rest of GOT7 when his mind veered to the thought of you and what you would look like bouncing up and down on top of him, your perky breasts held tightly within his hands.

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Happy headcanon: once Jon and Sansa get together, it hardly seems like anything has changed based on their behavior in public. But, catch them alone, or with their closest family and friends, and they are ALWAYS touching each other. Little touches, nothing improper, but his hand is on her back, or hers on his knee, or their feet are somehow, improbably, next to each other. After so many years alone, they draw comfort from the little touches.

Jon and Sansa: *engage in casual, affectionate touches*

Me: *DIES!*

hope-film submitted: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAB!!! You’re really an amazing person who deserves nothing but love and appreciation for everything you do. I first followed you because I wanted more bts content but I really wasn’t expecting you to be as wonderful as you are. Even though i mostly talk to you on anon you’re the absolute best when it comes to interacting with your followers. Never short of the advise, attitude and memes. So really thanks for being you; talented, honest, helpful, sassy, hilarious, inspirational, beautiful and so much more!!

couldn’t get you a cake but hope you enjoy this SAB-wish instead ; ) ♡♡♡♡♡

(sab-wich drawn by @puzzlepeace ^^ )




I kinda told Lydia that I miss her and I can’t wait to get home.

Her heart soars, her chest expands, she sits up a little straighter when he hears his voice say her name.

She knows exactly what he’s talking about. It was just a few mornings ago that she woke up to find a voicemail on her phone. It didn’t surprise her; she had been getting a lot of that lately.

Hey Lydia, I’m in Virginia! We just crossed the border - not that that’s a big deal because DC is easy to get out of physically, but yeah, on my way to Quantico. Finally get to solve some actual cases.

She leaned back against her pillows, phone cradled to her ear, blinking sleep from her eyes.

And you’re probably just woken up and listening to this voicemail, so good morning! If I were there I would say you look really beautiful, because you’re always beautiful.

She couldn’t help it when she grinned and tucked her face into her pulled-up knees, hiding her bashful smile from no one. Compliments from him were plentiful, especially now that they were together, but they always caught her off guard. 

I already told you I will miss you…but…I miss you. I’m still not used to going to school and not seeing you there.

“I’m gonna miss you,” he told her the day she left him at his dorm.

‘We’ll still talk,” she had replied, not yet stepping out of his embrace.

“Yeah, but it’s gonna be weird, not seeing you every day. I need to see your pretty face. And Skype doesn’t count,” he’d added quickly when she opened her mouth to respond.

Since she drove back to Beacon Hills, he’d made sure she was constantly reminded that he thought of her, that he missed her, that he wishes he were by her side. Long distance wasn’t easy, but it was easier knowing she was still wanted, needed.

Just know that I’m thinking about you, every day, every moment, and I’ll always be looking forward to the next time I see you, in person. Whether it’s in Beacon Hills or DC or at MIT…wherever we may be, I will always come back to you. Remember I love you.

There’s a soft mwah! right before the message ends, telling her he blew a kiss at (or actually kissed) his phone before hanging up. That was how he ended his calls and voice messages. Remember I love you, kiss.

(She wonders if, had he the time, he would have kissed her the first time he said those words.)

As the voicemail plays, Stiles’ voice now addressing Scott, Lydia imagines him wandering the FBI training grounds with the same wide-eyed look he had when they were touring the federal city. She pictures him perusing assignment case files, tongue poking out of his mouth, pen behind his ear, his cute determined expression on his face. He is happy on the other side of the country, out of reach from the supernatural, and she cannot take that away from him.

So as much as she is aching to be with him again, she’s going to let him stay away.

(Little does she know, he’s already finding his way back home, to Beacon Hills, and to her.)

Chocobro Relationship Headcanons:

Prompto Argentum–

Fem!Reader, SFW.

Originally posted by incendio

  • Meeting Prompto is low key the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • Even if it was kind of a mess.
  • It’s a blind date that does it. Your friends set the two of you up at a diner in the city, and he is such a bouncy, sputtering nerd from the very moment you introduce yourself.
  • He can barely look you in the eyes without the fear of just screaming compliments at you because what the hell how are you so pretty and how is he actually on a date with you right now where did Noct even find you?
  • And you aren’t much better.
  • The second you see him standing there with that crooked grin and those big, blue eyes your brain short circuits and cheesy, 80s love songs start playing on a loop.
  • You’re pretty sure that within the amount of time to takes for your order to get to the table, you drink double your weight in ice water.
  • Like, you’re so nervous that your hands are practically vibrating, and naturally water dribbles all over you at least twice. Which makes him choke on his tongue and throw an insane amount of napkins in your direction like it will help.
  • Poor boy can’t stop staring into his cup as if it’s giving him advice on how to not screw this date up.
  • He does not. Because despite the awkward start, the two of you somehow, someway power through it and agree wholeheartedly to a second date. And a third. And so on.
  • Eventually all of the nerves that comes with a new relationship leave you both, but for the better part of six months he still turns a pretty shade of pink any time you look at him. Prom just can’t get over it. You are really so, so beautiful and he can’t help it.
  • He does try to hide it, often turning his chin down to burn a hole into a spot on the ground as you grin at him and continue with whatever you are saying.
  • Admittedly, you are just a little evil about it.
  • Sometimes you stroke a single fingertip down the warm skin of his cheek as you speak, just to see it darken in color. It’s pretty fascinating.
  • You’ve started a game with yourself where you count how many ways you can get him to blush. You’re currently at 143 (and still counting).
  • One of your favorite ways to get him all flustered is by giving him kisses on the nose. It makes him giggle, high pitched and shaky as he turns strawberry pink all the way to the tips of his ears.
  • Being this close to him has many perks.
  • From this proximity you can memorize every single freckle, every pale lash that rests against the softness of his cheeks, and the curve of his lips beneath his scrunched up nose.
  • You commit to memory every tiny detail of him and catalogue it in your brain under the never ending list of things you love about him. And, then you’re making out with him because who can blame you.
  • You are absolutely obsessed with them, and you make it known like ten times a day.
  • It usually starts when you’re cuddling. Prompto will be sprawled out on the bed with you, nuzzled into the front of your shirt and voice muffled as you talk about your day and such.
  • You don’t know how it happens, but you always end up starting at his shoulders, counting out each little freckle one by one.
  • At this point, he knows you’re going to start before you do, and often times you can feel him shaking with laughter against your chest. It absolutely does not stop you when he teases you about it, and it never will.
  • Every ten or so are punctuated with a press of your lips to whatever part of him you can reach, and you don’t cease until one of you falls asleep or you lose count all together.
  • One day he shows up to Noctis’s place with a face full of tiny, drawn-in constellations. It didn’t take much convincing for him to agree to let you play connect the dots with one of your felt tipped eyeliner pens.
  • You were so cute, tongue sticking out as you concentrated on getting the lines straight and stopping each time you finished one to explain the meaning behind it.
  • He totally teared up when he had to wash it off before bed that night. Not that he’d ever admit to it.
  • Prompto is extremely supportive of anything you do, especially if it will make you happy. Sometimes to the extent of annoying his friends by going on about this awesome new thing you’re up to.
  • “Noct! Did you see this pic of what Y/N made for dinner last night?”
  • You jealous that my girlfriend is a better cook than you, Iggy?”
  • “Prompto, it was just take out that I put on to a plate for you. You literally watched it happen.”
  • Remembers every anniversary and every important date, even makes up his own important dates and discreetly reminds you a couple days before hand bc he’s a good boy.
  • He is very thoughtful. The king of homemade gifts!!!! They are all so well made that at first you think he purchased them.
  • Your first anniversary was when he gave you a giant photo album full of pictures that he’d been taking in secret.
  • A lot of them were of you in various situations, of the places you’d been to together, or just of things that reminded him of you.
  • Every time you flipped to a page that had a selfie of him in it you screamed out loud about how handsome he is and how much you love seeing him.
  • He hid in the couch cushions, nervous laughing and smiling so hard that it made his cheeks ache.
  • This sweet little baby is so full of love for you that sometimes it physically hurts.
  • But like any other human being, Prom’s not always 100% sunshine and rainbows.
  • He’s too nice, too sweet, and too scared to ruin your mood so a lot of the time he just won’t tell you if something is wrong.
  • His feelings will eat away at him until it gets so bad that you have to pry it from him, wrapping every limb around his frame and not letting go until he tells you what’s up.
  • It’s something the two of you are working on, and it’s becoming easier and easier for both of you– easier for you to catch the tiny hints that something’s wrong, and easier for him to talk to you about it, too.
  • Prompto always wants to be connected to you in some way. His hands are always grabbing for yours, and if there’s ever a situation where hand holding is somehow not okay his pinkie is still sneaking over.
  • He just wants to know you’re real and that you’re still with him sometimes.
  • A ball of energy that is constantly bouncing around, fidgeting, or rocking you from side to side if you’re near him.
  • This is accompanied by him humming little songs under his breath, soft and sweet against the shell of your ear.
  • You aren’t sure if he notices, honestly.
  • Gets cold so easily in the winter months!!! You had to purchase him several giant hoodies for Christmas last year because every single time he went to touch you his hands felt like ice cubes.
  • Will unzip the hoodie and make you get into it with him before zipping it back up.
  • Because he’s kind of a demon who can get whatever he wants from you just by pouting and calling you your favorite pet name.
  • Nicknames make him melt into a pile of mush! The dumber they sound, the better they are to him.
  • One time you called him “Little Spork” after a particularly good cuddle session and he laughed so hard that he fell out of bed.
  • You’ll do anything if it makes him happy. Well, pretty much anything.
  • You still refuse to let him take those special pictures of you, no matter how precious those begging eyes of his are.
  • It’s only a matter of time before you give in though, and he knows it.
  • So yeah, this boy will be the end of you honestly, and you wouldn’t have it any other damn way.

Favourite Acting Scenes – Isak is taken home by Even. (2.10 part 5)

A request from an anon. Also known as the Norwegian ‘Looking’. 

Sometimes, the biggest mistakes actors can make in a scene relies on their ability to make their eye contact convincing. The problem is that often actors feel like they need to maintain contact with their scene partner through their eyes, as if that is the only authentic way that the contact between two people in a conversation is established. The result is that they either are overtly staring at their scene partner, or they feel very over-active. In all reality, most of the time, when people are talking to another person they are mostly looking away, thinking in images, seeing memories. There are exceptions, however; when you’re (falling) in love is one of them. Yes, you might experience less eye contact at the beginning because of shyness, but when you feel that strong affection for someone –even when you’re talking – you will make more eye contact. And that is what happening in this scene: a lovely progression of how eye contact can make all the difference in a scene, when a young guy is connecting for the first time with another guy who might return his affections in the way that he wants him to.

Up until now Isak has felt an attraction to the new guy in school, has had a conversation with him, watched him walk to his boys, and watched some video on this guy as well. And in these last two moments, he is quite overtly staring, because he’s not in direct contact with the person in question.

This changes when Even appears next to him in the tram. This is unexpected, scary, lovely and a dream come true, all rolled into one moment. Isak is feeling extremely shy; he only takes very quick looks and that lovesick smile (that we see return in episode 8) let us know that he thinks, oh shit, what now!! Even makes a cute birdface, tries to offer him a way in (“awesome conversation!”), keeps looking at him but when it takes too long to respond he looks away to find another connection. But then, Isak thinks, he really searches for words, knows it’s now or never and remembers: he’s at least eighteen. He looks Even straight in the eyes. You wanna make use of that ID card?

After arriving at Even’s place and complimenting the artwork, Isak subtly changes in front of our eyes. The most interesting about this scene, I feel, is the fact that we see Isak grow in confidence. Is it okay that I’m staring at you? During their ‘Smoking in the Windowsill’ moment, Even is already confident in his attraction to this boy: he stares quite intently, as if he wants to really take this boy in, burn his image into his memory, show him that he’s interested. Isak returns the eye contact a bit more frequently but he’s still looking away often. But there’s a moment, where Even tells him ‘we’ll listen to him later’, that Isak realizes that it’s okay. He still wants me here. He’s responsive to what’s happening here. Maybe it’s okay that I look at him some more. They laugh. They joke. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

When Even finally looks outside in a silent moment, Isak takes his chance. You see him take a conscious decision: I am going to look at you now. I am really, really interested in you. You’re so beautiful. He can’t help but give a small smile. Even is in his own world for a second, probably debating on how this is going to continue further, his eyebrows in a frown as if he’s thinking intensely.

But the moment he looks at Isak, his face relaxes. His smile widens a tiny bit. All his thoughts disappear, at least for a few hours.

During the ‘Making of the Worst Toast in the World’ scene, this game of exchanging looks continue, but Isak’s not really scared anymore, he’s smiling the entire time. He’s blatantly staring when Even offers him beer, but this time, he doesn’t look away. Even after that moment, he keeps staring in small increments, hearts in his eyes. And Even, when Isak’s busy with his phone, returns these hearts and gives his own hearts too.

Should we (put it in the oven)? Even asks.

Let’s go! Isak says.

And they do. Until Sonja arrives.

Have I been wrong? Isak thinks. 

Because let’s remember, this is not only a scene in which he has to find out whether Even returns his flourishing feelings; it’s even more important to Isak because he feels like he has found a kindred spirit, a guy who likes guys, who likes him, a boy. And maybe that is also why he’s been so careful in the beginning: what if Even feels that it’s not okay for me to look at him like that? It’s a real fear for people within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. But the subtly acted ways of the different eye contact between these two in this crucial scene has already found an answer for these two.

There is no turning back now.

 Previous parts: here.

Hcs for Hanzo, Genji, Gabe, Jack, and Jesse watching fireworks with their s/o


  • Hanzo wouldn’t say much, really. He’d be watching them, practically mesmerized by the colors, and appreciating the beauty of them in every way.
  • He’d also have you pulled fairly close, an arm around your waist with his other one being used to hold himself up on the ground.
  • He’d spare glances at you every now and then, probably in between the waves of fireworks, and just watch you enjoy yourself.
  • You’d tug on his shirt and point at the ones that really caught your attention, and he’d only hum in response and nod.
  • You wouldn’t notice his stares until close to the end of the show, and when you did, he’d admit to it wholeheartedly. He’d hold up his hands in surrender and press a small kiss to your temple.
  • “You looked so happy watching them, my blossom, I couldn’t speak up.”
  • You two would head home, and after the show, he would have most likely bought some sparklers from a firework store himself.
  • He’d light one for both of you, and he’d let his burn. But you? You’d do everything with yours; draw in the air with it, write your names, or just wave it around. And all the while, Hanzo would watch and appreciate how lucky he was to be with you.
  • Afterwards, you’d ask him why he watched you so much and didn’t enjoy himself like you did.
  • “I can’t help myself…your beauty captivates me.”


  • He really enjoys the giant green fireworks that fade out to yellow, sparkling in the sky as they die out.
  • He’ll sit next to you, the both of you wrapped up in a huge blanket. His head lays on your shoulder, hair tickling your cheek.
  • He has to excuse himself for a moment, but the fireworks are so loud, you couldn’t hear his reason.
  • He’ll come back just to surprise you with his own “fireworks.”
  • You’d hear a loud BANG behind you, right next to your butt.
  • Giggling, he’ll hand you a box of those little poppers you throw at the ground.
  • As you two listen to the fireworks behind you, beautiful colors silhouetting your shadows, the two of you will be having a great time making each other dance around the exploding bags of pebbles.
  • You’d stop to watch some particularly amazing fireworks, pointing them out to Genji so he doesn’t miss any really cool ones!
  • Genji suggests bringing in a ping pong paddle to play popper ping pong, but it’s just a really bad idea that could end up minorly burning someone.
  • The two of you don’t really think about the mess you’ll have to clean up later until the main show is over and the two of you are stepping on sharp rocks and paper.


  • He’d probably not take you to the firework show in town, saying it’s “ridiculous” or “irrelevant” and that “we can have our own show at home.”
  • You’d kind of not agree with him, and do your best to persuade him into going to the show, but he’d win, like always.
  • You’d be waiting at home when he returned with the fireworks. You’d be expecting some measly little packages of sparklers and smoke bombs, and maybe some sizzlers, but what you see would surprise you tenfold. Four large packages, all varying in contents – they’d come up to the height of your waist, fucking hell – and Gabe would only have a smug smirk on his face as you look at them.
  • You’d still kind of not enjoy doing fireworks at home, but when Gabe sat you down in a safe area while he prepared them, you’d cross your arms and wait for the inevitable forest fire.
  • But– there would be none. He’d scare you at first, suddenly lighting one of the more larger fireworks, and when it went off in the air, you’d let out a yelp.
  • But…watching them, you’d find them pretty neat. They’d all be dazzling colors; red, green, blue, orange, yellow. They’d go off, continuously, and Gabe would suddenly appear next to you.
  • “Do you like them, mi amor?”
  • “Yes, Gabriel. I think they’re fabulous. Thank you.”
  • “Told you that this would have been better than the show in town.”


  • He’ll be grilling up some food for the big show in the park. The two of you are out for a picnic while you watch the fireworks.
  • “You want a dog or a burger?”
  • He’d like to think he is “Grillmaster: 76” but his grilling skills aren’t exactly up to par with his fighting ability.
  • He’s got his large cooler full of soda and beer.
  • When he’s done making dinner for the two of you, you’ll both sit and try to enjoy your charred meals.
  • Just add a little more salt, maybe then you can stomach it.
  • Or just wait until after the show to eat.
  • You’ll both be sipping your drinks, watching the beautiful fireworks light up the sky.
  • He’s relatively silent when watching them, rarely commenting on how nice a few of them look.
  • It’s not particularly exciting to sit and watch fireworks with Jack, but it’s nice to just relax next to him and forget about the struggles in the world.


  • He’d be hooting and hollering over every gigantic explosion with his arm draped around your shoulders.
  • “Whew, what a beauty!”
  • He’ll whistle at the LOUDEST most OBNOXIOUS booms.
  • He’ll be drunk. He really likes to celebrate when the big fireworks are out.
  • He has definitely purchased confetti pistols for the event. Handing you one of your favorite color, he’ll challenge you to a duel.
  • The triggers on these pistols are always incredibly hard to pull and there’s always the chance you’re going to burn your hand when the gunpowder goes off. 
  • When he shouts fire, confetti flies all over you, the strong scent of gunpowder filling the air. Your own pistol broke of course, but McCree bought around five packs of those things you are given as many chances to shoot him as you needed.
  • He’ll lend you a hand, assisting you in the proper way to pull the trigger without getting any of the negative repercussions.
  • As you sit and watch the finale of the big fireworks show, he’s showering you in confetti from the confetti pistols.
  • You’re going to have to scrub really hard to get the smell of gunpowder out of your hair, but McCree sure had his fun.

mystic-danna  asked:

Oh, well. First, I love you and your blog. Secondly, can you do a reaction were the BTS members see your for the first time and fall in love instantly? Thank you~ 💜

Jimin: *immediately takes action and talks to you after realizing what he’s feeling towards you*

“hey I’m Jimin” “I saw you over there and I couldn’t help but talk to you” “You are really beautiful and I was wondering if we could go on a date some time?”

Hoseok: *bravely asks you out right on the spot*

“hey, you’re the most gorgeous thing i’ve ever seen” “you and me” “dinner” “sounds good?”

Jungkook: *is too shy to talk to you and instead just steals glances of you*

“should I go up to her?” “what if she doesn’t like me?” “omg we just made eye contact” “shit how can a person be so beautiful”

Namjoon: *feels embarrassed after realizing that he has completely fallen in love with you*

“ahhh what am I going to do” “i’m going insane” “I can’t believe I fell in love with her at first sight”

Taehyung: *can’t help but smile at you and directly tells you his feelings*

“hi what’s your name?” “i’m Taehyung” “do you believe in love at first sight? cuz I do” “I think I’ve fallen for you”

Seokjin: *falls head over heels for you as you walk in the room*

Jungkook: “hyung you’re so red”

Seokjin: “I think i’m in love”

Yoongi: *overwhelmed by the sudden feelings that’s taking over him*

“what is this feeling?” “I don’t understand” “why am I smiling so much” “this is the first time i’m feeling like this” “what do I do?~”

Before It’s Too Late (part 9)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just look at the gif.

A/N: My tia and tio want to take me to New York for my 18th birthday and I’m like woaahhhh. I’ve only ever been to Las Vegas, California, New Mexico and Texas and I only drove to those places and I’m like freaking outttttt.

The drive home was quiet, the only noise was coming from the radio playing some recent song. You didn’t even glance at Bucky once, just stared out the window until you got home.

The next morning you woke up before Bucky and went down to the kitchen where your mother was making coffee.

“Want a cup?” she questioned.

“Yes please.”

You sit down and watch your mother pour the coffee into two cups. She sits next to you and takes a sip of hers.

“So,” she spoke softly. “How was Tony’s New Year’s party?”

“It was fun.” you nod. “Had a blast.”

“Uh huh. What happened?” her eyebrow quirked up and you look at her questioningly.

“How do you know something happened?”

She scoffed. “I’m your mother. I know everything.” she responds. “So tell me what happened.”

You let out a sigh, taking a large drink of your coffee. “Bucky kissed me last night.”

Your mother nearly spit out her coffee. “What?!”

Your eyes widen and you shove her shoulder. “Will you be quiet?!”

“Sorry, sorry.” she whispered. “So he kissed you?”

You nod. “I turned to tell him happy New Year and he kissed me.”

“What happened after that?”


You watch as your mothers’ eyebrows knit together. “What do you mean ‘nothing’?”

“I mean nothing.” you shrug. “After we kissed Natasha came by and pulled me away to do shots with her. We haven’t talked about it.”

Your mother shook her head. “You need to talk to him.”

You frown. “I know. I’m just scared that-”

You stop talking when Bucky enters the kitchen. He rubs his eyes like a child would before looking at you and your mother.

“Oh, hey.” he says.

“Morning Bucky.” your mother smiles then turns to you. “Well I should bring your dad some Advil. He was doing the worm last night.”

You nod and watch your mother leave the kitchen before turning to Bucky. “You hungry?”


You flash him a small smile and stand up. “I’ll make you some pancakes.”

You make your way around the counter when Bucky says your name, causing you to turn to him.

“How about we go to IHop?”

You watch as Bucky shoves a forkful of pancakes in his mouth while you took small sips of the hot chocolate in your hand. Bucky looks at you and smiles and you do the same before clearing your throat and speaking.

“We need to talk.”

He was hoping there wasn’t going to be a talk. Bucky quickly swallowed the food in his mouth and drank his apple juice.

“Uh… right, yeah.” he cleared his throat. “About last night-”

“Why did you kiss me?”

“Ripping the bandage off, huh?” he chuckled. You folded your arms across your chest and he licked his lips. “Okay, okay. Sorry. Just trying to lighten the mood.”

“Why did you kiss me?” you repeat.

Bucky exhaled. “I didn’t mean to. I had too much to drink and it was in the heat of the moment.”

“So it wasn’t on purpose?”

Bucky shook his head. “No.”

You wished he had said yes. Even though you knew it was fucked up, you wished he said yes.

“Can we just… forget that ever happened?” he pulled you back to reality. “I just… it was a mistake. I would’ve never done it sober, I wouldn’t hurt Kristen like that I-”

“It’s forgotten.” you cut him off. You weren’t going to sit there and listen to him tell you that it was a mistake – that you were a mistake and how he would never hurt Kristen and Kristen this and Kristen that and Kristen, Kristen, Kristen. “Don’t worry. I know how much you like Kristen, my lips are sealed.”

Bucky smiled. “Thank you so much, Y/N.”

“Yeah…” you return the smile although it didn’t reach your eyes. “No problem.”

Christmas break soon came to an end which meant going back to the campus, in the warmth of your apartment. Upon getting home, Wanda and Natasha bombarded you with questions and Natasha didn’t fail to remind you that you had to tell Bucky how you feel otherwise she’d take matters into her owns hands.

It had been two days since you got back and you were on your way home from the campus when Bucky caught up to you in the hallway.

“Hey, wait up.” he grunted out. You stop walking and turn around, seeing Bucky jog over to you.

“Hey sorry, I didn’t hear you.” you apologize.

“It’s cool.” he shrugged as the two of you start walking again. “It’s good to be back.”

“Right? I didn’t know how much I missed the apartment until I got home.” you chuckle.

“Yeah, I stayed in bed for the rest of the day.” he says. “I saw Kristen yesterday and gosh. I missed her so much. I spent the entire day clinging to her. She’s just so… so… perfect.” you look up at him, seeing a big smile on his face and frown. Natasha’s words echo through your head.

You can’t keep your feelings all bottled up.

Stop hurting yourself like this.

You need to tell him how you feel.

“Bucky,” your mouth spews out before your brain could even process what was about to happen.

The two of you had reached your apartment door and stopped walking.

“Yeah?” he turned to you.

It was now or never. You had to do it, you just had to. You couldn’t keep everything bottled up anymore. You were just hurting yourself more and he deserved to know. Sure nothing may happen when you do and sure you may be putting your friendship on the line but little by little it was hurting you to be around Bucky.

“We need to talk. About everything.”

Bucky’s eyebrows knit together in confusion. “What do you mean?”

You let out a frustrated sigh. “I mean everything. The times you’ve almost kissed me, the time we actually kissed, everything.”

Bucky leaned in close. “I thought we said we were gonna forget that ever happened.”

“Well I don’t want to. Not anymore. We’ve just brushed everything aside and never really talked about anything.”

“Y/N.” he closed his eyes. “Please, let’s not do this. Let’s just forget about-”

“No! We’re not gonna forget about anything until we talk.” you fold your arms across your chest.

“Fine! Fine, let’s talk.” he copies your body movement before gesturing for you to speak.

“Tony’s New Year’s party. Why did you kiss me?” he opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off. “-and don’t give me that ‘I had a lot to drink’ bullshit cause we both know you didn’t drink more than three drinks and you need way more to get drunk.”

Bucky sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know okay. I don’t have a reason for why I kissed you, it just happened. I saw everyone kissing someone and… I don’t know, I saw you and you looked really beautiful and I couldn’t help myself.”

You watch Bucky tuck his hair behind his ears. You didn’t know what to make out of this. Was there a possibility that he liked you? Or was he just like ‘hey, everyone else is kissing so why not’. Your silence made Bucky continue.

“And all those other times I’ve tried kissing you, it was just… you’re really pretty Y/N. There’s no denying that. The first time, when we were laying on your bed I took my time looking at you and I just had the urge to kiss you and I thought you wanted to kiss me too but then you got up and left the room. The second time was Christmas and… I just wanted to kiss you so bad. I don’t even know why. But then Kristen called and I was brought back to reality.”

When you hear Kristen’s name fall from his lips, you take a step back, colliding with your apartment door to put some space between you and Bucky but he takes a step forward. He had to like you, right? He’s talking about how much he wanted to kiss you and his body language right now makes you think that he wants to do it again. You see his eyes flicker down to your lips and he bites down on his bottom lip. He likes you. He’s making it very clear that he likes you. Now was the time. You were going to tell him how you felt.

You smile. “Bucky I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you since we were sixteen and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to tell you. But, I’m in love with you. Nat kept telling me to tell you but I never did. I guess I was scared of rejection and what would happen to our friendship but it’s beginning to get harder and harder to be around you, especially when all you do is talk about Kristen.” you study his facial expression for a few seconds before continuing. “Don’t get me wrong, Kristen is a really nice girl, Bucky and maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut about my feelings for you but I can’t go on living my life based on the what-if’s. I’m standing here in front of you, telling you that I’m madly in love with you, risking everything in hopes you feel the same way.”

You didn’t realize your eyes were filled with tears until they fell down your cheeks. “So do you?”

A few seconds passed before Bucky starts laughing, catching you completely off guard. “That was some good acting, Y/N. I didn’t know you were taking theater.”

He thought you were acting. He wasn’t taking any of this seriously.

“I’m not acting, Bucky. I’m being serious. You can ask any of our friends. They all know that I have feelings for you.” you wipe your tears away.

The smile that was on Bucky’s face from laughing slowly disappears. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that I’m in love with you, Bucky! Since we were sixteen! I want to be the one you hold hands with and the one you kiss. I want to go on dates with you and call you mine. I want to do cute things that couples do. I just want to be with you. You make me happy.” you reach up and place your hand on his arm softly. “Please tell me you feel the same way.”

The two of you stare at each other and it looks like he’s going to kiss you until he scowls at you and yanks his arm out of your grasp as he takes a step away from you. “What the hell is wrong with you?” he snapped and you gasp, hearing the hostility in his voice. “Why would you tell me all this when you know I’m in a relationship with Kristen? You know how much I like her, why would you – what did you think was going to happen? That I was going to be like ‘oh I love you too’ and drop Kristen to be with you?”

You start crying again but this doesn’t stop Bucky.

“I don’t know why the hell you’d tell me this now. You had five years to do it and you wait till I’m in a relationship with a girl that I really like to tell me. I was happy, Y/N. And then you go and throw this shit on me and-” he stops speaking and just sighs.

“Bucky,” you whimper. “I’m sorry, I know what it looks like but I promise you my intentions were to only tell you how I felt. I couldn’t keep them bottled up anymore.” he doesn’t look at you and you touch his arm only to have him move. “Bucky please. Let’s just talk, don’t-”

“I can’t do this with you, Y/N.” he says, stepping back.

“Buck.” you sob.

He looks at you, heart clenching at the sight of you crying and guilt filling him. But he doesn’t move from his spot. He opens his mouth to say something when the elevator dings. Bucky turns his head to see who’s there while you cover your face with your hands, crying.

Kristen. It was Kristen who got off the elevator. She sees you crying and a look of concern washed over her face. “Is everything okay?”

You remove your hands and look at Bucky. The handsome brunette turns and looks at you before nodding. “Everything’s fine. Let’s go.”

You watch him walk over to Kristen, placing his hand on the small of her back as he guided her into his apartment. He glances at you once more before shutting his door.

You let out a loud sob, being unable to contain it before you rush into your apartment. You lock your door and throw yourself on your bed, drowning your cries and sobs and tears into your pillow.

A/N: This took me 5ever to write. I hope ya guys enjoyed this part, tell me what ya think!


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Sports Bras and Trench Coats (Pt. 2)

A/N: well, this seems to be one of my more popular fics, so I decided to write a part 2! Go me!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: All of the smut. Oral (Male and female receiving), Squirting, very intense orgasms, and um idk. Slight Dom!Cas. It’s just really smutty. bring a clean pair of undies. Don’t worry though, there’s a fluffy ending.

Word Count: 1.7k


Originally posted by sunlitcas

Next time did in fact come around. The very next day you’d found yourself pinned against the wall in the hallway outside your bedroom, hanging onto Cas as he had his way with you yet again, not that you were complaining.

You’d thought of Castiel this way before, but you’d had no idea it’s what he wanted as well. And from what you could tell, he wanted it bad.

Sam and Dean had found a case immediately after their werewolf case, a few towns over from where they already were, so they’d just went straight there.

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this first photo picked up so many notes (270 currently!!) and I received many compliments and a few people who even called me an inspiration! That means a lot! Having this bad of a breakout was an honest to god low point in my life. It made me depressed, anxious, and extremely insecure about being around people. I took photos with my shirt over my mouth. Uploading this was a way for me to hopefully help people who were possibly dealing with the same, if not, more acne! And it actually did help.

I felt the need to upload a recent selfie replicating almost the exact same pose to show my skin today, as you can see, it went down by a lot.

Acne passes, and you deserve to feel beautiful with it, because believe me please when I say that you are. Everyone of you is such a beautiful person that words can’t explain it, and I’ve never been happier knowing you exist.