'you need someone better. someone who can harness that light still inside of you'


In the Still of the Night

Sam x Female!Reader

Summary: This is a request about a sexual assault survivor who’s struggling to rebuild her intimate relationship. There’s a little smut, a lot of love and a whole bunch of supportive Sam. 

>>Trigger Warning<<: This story deals with the trauma of sexual assault/rape. 

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Words: 1100

It’s warm summer evening and the bedroom window is open as a breeze dances past the curtains. There’s a symphony of crickets playing beneath your window ledge, making music under the fat moon hanging high in the night sky. The only light in the room is the faint glow of a candle, the flame fluttering as the wick burns low.

 You’re on your back staring at the textured dimples of the popcorn ceiling, a remnant left over from the seventies. It helps if you keep your eyes open. You breathe in deep through your mouth and back out your nose, concentrating on the feeling of Sam’s tongue moving rhythmically over your clit. His hands grip your thighs, holding you open as he sucks and flicks you closer and closer to orgasm.

“Sam,” you moan, looking down at the top if his head, watching him bob with small movement. He groans in response, making a sound like you’re his last meal as his mouth seals over your clit, sucking another whimper out of you. You’re almost there now and it’s time, finally. “Sam,” you run your hand through his hair, getting his attention. “Fuck me.”

He looks up, hesitating only a moment before crawling between your legs. His cock is thick and hard, poking your thigh as he settles. He double checks, pleased to find you watching where he’s lined himself up with your cunt, pushing forward as he slips inside.

It’s been seven months.

He slides forward, his cock stretching you, the sensation almost as good as the first time you had sex. He’s long and wide and wonderfully hard inside where you’re tight and slick. It’s a perfect combination of sensations.

Sam starts to move, rocking forward propped up on his forearms, his face hovering above you with his eyes clamped shut. “That feels good,” you moan, bucking up to meet his movements, encouraging him to move faster and harder as the sway of his hips turns into thrusts that make the light slapping sound of skin meeting skin.

“So good,” he grunts, reaching down to wrap one of your legs around his waist.

Everything feels amazing, until you close your eyes. It’s instinct, the building pleasure makes your eyes flutter shut as your neck falls back. It’s only a moment, but the panic rises quickly. When you open your eyes, his head is dropped into the bend of your neck and you can’t see his face.

And then it’s not Sam at all, it’s someone else.

“Sam stop,” you whisper pushing at his biceps, the tightness building in your chest.

He stops on command, freezing in place before pulling out and rolling off you. You throw an arm over your face. “I’m sorry I just, I thought I could….I can’t.”

“Don’t apologize,” Sam shifts onto his side, setting himself up on an arm. His free hand tentatively comes to rest on your stomach and you flinch.

“Jesus, I’m fucking broken…” you say, dropping your arm from your face you look to him. You take his hand and place it on your belly, covering it with your own. “I swear to God, I do like it when you touch me.”

“It’s okay,” he bites his bottom lip, looking down at you with gentle affection. “Tonight wasn’t the night. It’s alright baby, we’ll get there.”

“I just want it to be like it used to.” You look at him, remembering a time everything seemed so effortless. Sex was fun and sometimes rough and always satisfying. But that was before, now it’s an exercise in concentration. “What if it’s year before I can get there, what it’s two or three.”

“What if it’s ten? I don’t care.” He shakes his head. “I get why you’re frustrated and I can’t even begin to understand what you’re going through. But I don’t need sex to be with you, I certainly don’t need it to be in love with you.”

“I don’t understand what’s going on in my own head. I love you so much and I can’t fuck you without seeing someone else’s face. How can that not bother you?” A tear slips down your cheeks, frustration bubbling over.

“Because what happened wasn’t your fault and it in no way changed how I think of you.” He moves his hand to your face, wiping a tear away with his thumb. “You’re gonna have good days and bad days, and I’m gonna be here for all of them. You’re not alone in this, I’m here and I’m not leaving.”

“Sometimes I hate myself, I don’t know how you can still want me,” you confess. These are all things you’ve been working through with your therapist, you just wish the healing process could move a little faster.

“That’s why I love you enough for both of us right now. You’ll find your way back but it’s going to take time. I’ll be here picking up the slack while you’re workin’ on things.” He runs his fingers through the hair at at your temple; everything these days is soft and slow.

“You know I love you right?” You blink back tears trying not to cry again.

“I do.” He picks up your hand, bringing your knuckles to his lips. “I love you too.”

“I wish I hadn’t ruined our night,” you sigh, rolling on your side to face him. Talking helps to the calm the beast in your belly; Sam soothes your anxiety in a way that nothing else does.

“Who said the night’s over? Come on, you take a shower and I’ll make you some of that disgusting herbal tea you love, maybe we can a find a movie.” He sits up, tugging on your wrists, bringing you with him.

“I could watch a movie,” you agree, following him out of the bedroom.  

It’s not that everything is magically healed or that Sam somehow satisfies the void that you’re struggling to fill…but he helps. Every word, every time he doesn’t question your reaction and just accepts how you feel, it make things just a little better. One moment, one night, at a time.

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In light of the update, I’m going to share a WIP that I started probably last summer while I was playing Harvest Moon like it was going out of style. 

Title: A Bountiful Harvest

Pairing: Jack Zimmermann/Eric Bittle

Rating: T (for language, sorry folks!)

Word count: 1485

Status: Unfinished

Excerpt: "What the hell did I just witness, Lards?“ Shitty hisses to her across Jack, as if Jack can’t hear him. 

"I think we just witnessed the most epic flirting since Rans and Holtzy had it out last spring” Lardo replies, leaning over in front of him. 

Shitty nods. “I thought that’s what I was seeing, I just thought I’d make sure." 

"Oh, stop,” Jack chuckles. “We were just introducing ourselves." 

"Maybe you were,” Lardo says, sitting back up and crossing her arms, “but Bits over there was flirting." 

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  • otp: you're remarkable
  • otp: thank you for remarking on it
  • otp: i still feel like i can trust you
  • otp: you can trust me
  • otp: i'm not going to hurt you
  • otp: we can protect her
  • otp: it's not your fault
  • otp: hold on to me tight
  • otp: it feels really good having you inside me
  • otp: that's when we met
  • otp: i need information about what i don't know
  • otp: if you're not leaving i'm not leaving
  • otp: kind of makes him a hero
  • otp: i am happy to see you
  • otp: maybe there's another way
  • otp: do you have any happy stories
  • otp: i love spending the night with you
  • otp: i need a girl wednesday
  • otp: she must really believe in you
  • otp: someone i could really care about
  • otp: i think you deserve better
  • otp: there was no choice to make
  • otp: like a hero
  • otp: promise me
  • otp: i need you here
  • otp: you're my partner
  • otp: come home
  • otp: it's a gift
  • otp: love is the most powerful emotion
  • otp: i see the way you look at him
  • otp: just the thought someone that important to me
  • otp: you're not gonna lose me
  • otp: you'll always be my girl
  • otp: someone who can harness the light that's still inside of you
  • otp: whoever you love the most
  • otp: there has to be another way
  • otp: you are not alone
  • otp: i believe in you
  • otp: i need you to be safe
  • otp: i want to be with you
  • otp: i love you
  • otp: do you understand
  • otp: unthinkable
  • otp: you and me
  • otp: maybe you might have meant it
  • otp: you really sold it
  • otp: we both did
  • otp: let's go home
  • otp: she's his happy story

It’s so funny that Laur/ver fans absolutely have no arguments for their ship.

Argument 1: Oliver had Laurel’s picture that helped him surive Lian Yu
Yes for first few weeks and then he fell in love with Shado. Oliver wasn’t in love with Laurel before the island. He deeply cared for her but he wasn’t in love. Unless you call cheating and impregnating other women love. I think what kept him going on in the island was the wish to get back home and make it up to Laurel for being a dickhead. That’s what that picture was about. If he truly wanted life with her, he would never have gone to Queen’s Gambit in first place. When someone gets cold feet they run away to Las Vegas for a weekend or go get drunk. Oliver took her baby sister to family boat and had sex with her over and over again. Yes, Laurel was big part of his mentality in the beginning but he forgot about her just few months later. And in the mean time he got a new girfriend. Two actually, because anyone still remembers that kiss with Sara before she died second time? And remember 3.14. Oliver actually went back to Starling and he didn’t even check on Laurel. We haven’t even seen the longing looks or anything. Writers were giving us the hint people. That’s the story they’ll never touch again.

Argument 2: He was in love with her after he got back
No. Oliver was in love with idea of Laurel. The idea that he’s not permanenly damaged. The idea that he can sitll have love in his life one day. He wanted to be accepted, to make amends, to seek forgiveness. Yes he implied once that he was still in love with her but I don’t think he realized that wasn’t love. It was solely wish that he can have normal life. Island changed him. He became completely new person and he wanted to make it up to her for what he did. Besides, while Oliver was “in love” with Laurel not only did he slept with but he also dated numerous women: Shado, Sara, McKenna and Helena. Yes I’m going to bring up Olicity now and ask you with how many women did Oliver sleep with after he professed his love for Felicity? Zero. Zilch. Nada. 

Argument 3: This show should have Black Canary and Green Arrow romance
And it did. In season 2, when they actually brought Sara back. We had massive badass moments and romance between these two. They never had to introduce Sara. They could have used Tommy’s death to push Laurel into BC direction and have GA and BC again but instead they chose Sara. Because Laurel and Oliver simply weren’t working. 

Argument 4: Laurel saw best in Oliver and brought his light out.
Uhm when? Oliver said something like this himself but excuse him poor baby, he was confused in the beginning. She loved Oliver before the island because yes, she did see goodness in him but I don’t recall her pushing him into greater man. When he got back, she only saw pre-island Oliver, not this new reformed man. And I don’t mean the Arrow but Oliver Queen. The one who cared and protected his family, who was trying to be a better man. And even if she believed in Arrow in the beginning she did turn her back on him. Oliver Queen is not a hero because of Laurel. Nor Tommy or Felicity. He’s hero because as Sara said it, he has the light inside of him that pushed him into his hero trajectory. He always had that light but he needed someone to nourish it, to harness it. Tommy was a catalyst for his change, Felicity was the guiding principle in his transition. The one who saw the good in him from very beginning. When everybody called him murderer, she called him a hero. Laurel didn’t go to Lian Yu to bring Oliver back after they both lost the person they deeply cared about. Laurel didn’t stood by Oliver after Undertaking when everything was falling apart. Nor was Oliver there for her in her addiction phase. Oliver broken and damaged man he is, has come long way in the span of three years and the one who pushed him through that was Felicity. So no, nobody’s thinking of Oliver getting back with Laurel once he becomes Green Arrow because Felicity’s the reason he is noble, selfless man today. Laurel deserves all the happiness in the world but her happiness was never nor shall ever be with Oliver Queen. Oliver already found his soulmate and his future. 

Argument 5: Oliver and Dinah are endgame in comics
I’m not even going to comment on this one. One word: divorce.

GUYS. So I was watching Arrow 1x02 and this is what was written on Oliver’s tombstone: “A loving son and brother, whose light was dimmed far too soon.” I noticed that it said ‘dimmed,’ as in hazy, unclear, or faint. Not necessarily gone. Why? My first thought was that the Queen family wanted to keep hope that Oliver would come back. So they didn’t necessarily say his light was gone, because that would suggest that they’ve accepted the fact that Oliver was dead. But his light was simply dimmed, meaning it’s still there. And even post-island Oliver believed his own light was gone, which was why he believed himself to be such a monster. But thanks to Sara, she reminded him that he still has that light inside of him. Even Oliver was surprised at her words because even he though his light was gone. Although she doesn’t literally say it’s dimmed, she does say that Oliver needs someone to harness the light that’s still inside of him. Personally, I’d like to think that by ‘harness,’ she means someone who can (thanks to Googling the definition) ‘control and make use of’ his light. As in, using that light for something good. Does that remind you of a certain someone who pointed out to Oliver, numerous times, that he is a hero? Regardless how many times he shook away the idea, one person rekindled his light. When almost everyone around him pretty much gave up on him, using the past-tense word ‘believed,’ one person used the present-tense ‘I believe in you.’ One person showed him that he didn’t have to be the monster he once was; he could be a better person. He could be a hero. And in the Season 2 finale? He finally realized he is one.

You deserve someone better. Someone who can harness that light that’s still inside of you.

They needed 43 episodes to say out loud something that Oliciters have known since episode 3. 



Selfless Love: The Beauty of Felicity Smoak

Anon: Hi! I read your Olicity meta “When Did Oliver Fall In Love With Felicity” and I loved it! :) But can you please talk little bit more about Felicity falling in love with Oliver? I’m really curious about Felicity’s feelings. Do you think she really loves him from the first meeting?

First, I sincerely apologize Anon. You sent me this question quite a long time ago. My brain capacity was maxed out on my fanfictions. Now that those are done, the cobwebs cleared and I was able to give this some thought. 

The short answer? Yes. I really believe Felicity fell in love with Oliver the moment she met him. The end!

I kid, I kid. Why Felicity fell for Oliver and how Felicity loves Oliver requires a longer answer. It all stems back to that first moment, but on a larger scale, the writers are telling us a story of selfless love.

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Because I’m getting too many messages about why it’s not Felicity as if it’d change my opinion, I’m gonna make the ultimate ‘why only Felicity makes sense to be the one kidnapped at this point of the story’, so any question I get related to this won’t be answered anymore.

I don’t care about the promo, if it seems a fake out or not, I’m speaking only from the construction of Arrow narrative this season. If someone is gonna point out I’m biased, yes I am duh. Everyone is biased, but it doesn’t mean I’m not being rational about it. 

First, out of every relationship in Arrow, the one that developed the most during this season was, without a doubt, Olicity. Oliver became emotionally tuned to her, seeking her approval, her advice, her comfort. in a way, she turned into his shelter. We had many great moments in a short time. From 'there was no choice to make’ to 'you’re my partner’ to 'you’re not gonna lose me’ and now 'I believe in you’. These types of speeches in your average shows between the main ship would take IDK, three seasons to happen? All of this happened in a spam of a season. Why rush this? I mean, it doesn’t feel rushed at all. It makes sense in the context of the show, but in comparison of last year, it was too many things/speeches in the same season. If you asked me back in 2x01, the speech of 2x07 would happen in the season finale because that was the pace I was picturing, especially compared to last season. If they rushed the emotional development of Olicity, that must mean they want to have a pay-off for it. All those scenes were building up for something in the finale.

Second, the obvious parallels between Shado and Felicity. Out of every character of this show, the only one Felicity is alike is Shado. They both helped Oliver to shape a new and better version of himself. They had kind hearts, they inspired Oliver to become The Arrow. Dude, Oliver wears the hood to honor Shado and Felicity was the one to give him the compound bow aside inspire him to find a new way to fight crime. If Felicity is the Shado of Oliver post-Island, who better than her to pay for Oliver’s crimes in Slade’s eyes.

Third, the people that work to Slade aka The Count and Isabel. In the beginning of the season I don’t remember who said that Isabel would try to get between Olicity and, obviously, she failed miserably. The only person Oliver killed for was Felicity. He didn’t lose it when Laurel was in danger with the doll guy and later with Helena. He shoot three fucking arrows in the Count chest. Do you really think Slade is not aware of that?

Fourth, 'corrupt those he loves’ speech showed Felicity’s face. We still didn’t see the payoff of this. We actually didn’t Felicity being directly affected by Slade. Sara, Diggle and Oliver fought him multiple times, Roy was kidnapped by the mirakuru thing, Quentin was arrested for his involvement, Thea was kidnapped twice and learned about Malcolm being her father, Moira is dead, Laurel learned the truth of his identity. Why Felicity was the only one who wasn’t touched directly by Slade evil plan? Everyone Oliver cares about got a strike or several, but Felicity, the one he killed for, the one he called his partner, nothing major happened? After all Slade’s 'I’m gonna destroy everything you love and then I’m gonna destroy you’ speech, she’ll be the one he’ll let go. The brain behind Oliver’s mission. Do you guys remember Oliver losing it after she was away for 5 weeks because of Barry right? He couldn’t do his job without her. If you want to incapacitate Oliver, you take Felicity away from him. The fact is if Felicity gets kidnapped, Oliver would need Felicity to find Felicity. He relies a lot on her. Slade knows it because he is monitoring her phone.

Fifth, the construction of 2x22. Yes, there was a huge, kickass battle going on, but the story, the heart was Oliver and Felicity. It was all about their closeness. Oliver opening up to her, Felicity giving him hope (and don’t think I didn’t notice the light in the arm close-up during the hug when two episodes before we got the line ‘someone who can harness that light that’s still inside of you’), Oliver carrying Felicity while he was injured instead of letting Dig take care of her - who was in better shape than Oliver, the close-ups of hug and the shoulder holding with music, the almost kisses.

I don’t have a list of people that could be kidnapped, it’s just Felicity. And she’s the only answer to me because of the way the writers build-up the whole season. I don’t see Sara and Diggle because one is very competent and I really think Slade doesn’t blame her, just Oliver and the other isn’t be the equivalent of Shado’s role in Oliver’s life. I can’t see Laurel because they spent the whole season keeping them emotionally distant of each other aside three specifics scenes and they kept this trend during 2x22 when Laurel went to do her own thing and Oliver was with his team. Thea already was kidnapped twice by Slade in the period of 4 episodes, it’d be repetitive and not really shocking for the characters - as AK said it’d be. While Oliver cares about Quentin and Roy, they are totally not those people.

If it’s not Felicity, this will be the disappointment of the season.

Am I watching fan-fiction right now?!

I just need to rant guys because I am still not over the premiere, I mean how could I be?! I literally feel like ever since Olicity has become canon that I am living in a dreamworld or watching an amazing agonising fan-fiction!

Who would have thought 2 years ago that this cute IT girl in the office who was meant to be a guest star but flawed us with her portrayal of this amazing character would be the main love interest to our hero?! This is only happening through the power of Stephen and Emily’s chemistry and I believe us, the fandom!

After the amazing season 3 premiere I still can’t believe my eyes, that Oliver Queen was finally ready to love his adorable IT girl! 

Firstly, that fern that the cutie pie Felicity Smoak gave Oliver was so adorable and it just represents sooooo much! She said “it thrives in low light”… I love how they mentioned light and whether it being low light it’s still mentioned because it means a lot for our ship. 

The light that Sara mentioned when she said “you deserve better, someone that can harness that light thats still inside of you” which appeared when they hugged last season when she motivated him to fight against Slade and the light which appears during their first kiss (don’t worry I’m getting to that). Felicity is the person that can harness the light thats inside of him because she is his light.

Felicity is his light ladies and gentleman, this dude has been through some dark shit and truly she is the one to restore his humanity back and this is even confirmed during the date (also getting to that bit soon). The flirting and eye sex during this scene though, awww my cuties!  Even Roy and Diggle were eyebrow raising, I loved it!!! 

And how cute was it when she held his face?! She was so touchy with him this ep!! They are so comfortable with each other, oh how I would have loved to see the development during the 5 months!

Secondly, the asking out scene was absolutely, to quote Felicity, SCRUMPTIOUS. I don’t think I’ve even seen Oliver so nervous, it was soooo cute and I really wanna see more of baby face, cutie pie Ollie of course when it comes to Felicity. The way that he ran after her and started general convo… AWWWWW!

Then when she said “speak from the heart” regarding the QC board meeting and he just did it, it took her by surprise she could even believe it so she had to clarify…


(Look at my nervous cutie pie Ollie! So adorable)

(The Felicity Smile)

(He finally just does it because he knows it’s what he wants, finally.)

Now the date… I literally felt I was watching fan-fiction, it was so overwhelming and amazing…I mean guys look they have gone on a date, A REAL DATE! Who would have though it?!

Look at these looks they are giving each other!!!! (BTW how stunning does she look?!)

This hug is so adorable, they just want to embrace each other… my babies!

They are so nervous and cute, it’s like they and we can’t believe it’s finally happening!!

(aww look at him fiddling with his jacket, he can’t stop smiling! Captain Amell was right when he said this ep Oliver smiled a lot!)

The writers did an amazing job with this date, when he Oliver said “sorry I’m just a bit out of my element” there it is cutie pie Ollie again being all nervous because he is finally on a date and accepting these feeling for Felicity… I can’t even! Oliver opening up to felicity so effortlessly without hesitation reminds me to when Thea told him to just let someone in and BAM there it is… I was having heart palpitations guys I swear!!

Now the bit that really just stuck with me and probably everyone in the fandom was when Oliver was explaining how he pretty much shut off his humanity and how he just saw people as “threats and targets” when returned to Starling City and he didn’t know know how to turn it on but then he walked into her office… AHHHH like I said is this fan-fiction?!

She was the FIRST person he could see as a person, just a regular cute IT girl that was neither a threat or a target and the first person to really make him smile. I mean, no wonder he kept going back to her for help, okay yes she is highly intelligent and he needed those expertise but she made him feel human again… she was slowly helping to restore his humanity and she didn’t even know it.

The way he said “there was just something about you” I don’t know how I didn’t faint at that point!

(The way he is smiling and recalling how he felt when he met her, the wistful looks!! It’s all too much guys, my heart is exploding)

Look at this stunner and her beautiful facial expressions, she realises in that moment just how deep his feelings are for her… I think we all did tbh.

I literally screamed when he mentioned the red pen (also holding onto my chest because I get these sudden feelings bursting through anytime something happens that give me intense feels), the sacred red pen, I mean he remembered the smallest details about her!!

I immediately compared this scene to Pacey and Joey when he remembered something so small but significant to him because it was about the one he loves (sorry if you don’t watch Dawsons creek I just had to parallel)…

To anyone who thinks that Olicity are rushed, this just proves it wasn’t, how could he have not fallen in love with her during the 2 years they’ve known each other you know, to remember something so small but means so much to him because it was the first time he felt anything that was humanly possible since his time away.

Oliver realises that it’s time, time to leap into these feelings for her… just look at him though! (Well done Stephen for his AMAZING facial expressions in every scene, he does a perfect job)

Felicity is so taken a back, she can’t believe it’s finally here she has been really patient with him I man she was never gonna wait for him but she has been in love with this guy and finally he’s letting himself love her back.

This date was perfect, until bloody Count Vertigo ruined it…

I really wish we got to hear what Felicity was going to ask Oliver because she says “Oliver are you…” - it could have been some thing like “Oliver, are you saying that you want to start something?” or whatever… I just wish we got to hear hat she was going to say!! but never fear we have a whole season of Olicity to enjoy and cry over!

The way that Oliver’s first instinct was to hurl his body onto hers to shield her from the explosion was breath taking literally he doesn’t even have to think about it and likewise for Felicity, she clings onto him!

The parallel to Tommy dying rings in my head during this scene, the facial expression he carries… he can’t lose her.

The first thing that Felicity said when she woke up was Oliver as soon as she felt a glimpse of his touch, they need each other - it’s like basic instinct for her.

This killed me, Felicity having to hear Oliver say he can’t have a life like Diggle’s which is basically saying it can’t work between them… she knew it was over before he even spoke to her… aww hate seeing my baby Felicity crying! (Also props to Stephen for looking at Felicity towards the end of the convo with Diggle and props to Emily for her amazing expressions during it.)

This scene had me literally silently crying, the look on Oliver’s face when he saw Felicity watching the baby… I’m falling to pieces guys, I’m so wrecked. because it’s all he wants to just be with her and have a life with her but he feels like he can’t… 

Now.. the most agonising, loving and heartbreaking scene of theirs.

I understand my baby Felicity because of course she wants to be with him, but remember that prior to this she heard Oliver basically say he can’t have a life thats beyond being the Arrow so she already knew this was coming and she knows that he has to come to the conclusion by himself that he can have a life as Oliver Queen with her.

So she had accepted this but him saying maybe to her is almost giving her hope and why I love this woman so much is become she knows her worth and I’m not saying Oliver doesn’t but he doesn’t understand that by him saying maybe it gives her the smallest hope and that word maybe - it holds so much for her because it fully doesn’t let her go because she loves him so much but like I said she knows her worth. She knows that she can’t live her life waiting for someone who could maybe be with her. She send a definitive answer, she need him to say that theres no chance and she needs him to say that he doesn’t love her… anything to let her go. She needs him to stop dangling maybe’s in front of her because done trying to grasp onto them not knowing whether she will have a life with him… and yes it will pain her to even think about not being with him but for her own sanity and life she needs to be let go if they can’t be together… God I love this woman.

Oh Oliver Jonas Queen, the way that he just cupped her face into his hands and spun her around… I was crying so hard btw. He just couldn’t take it, listening to her pleading with him to say he never loved him so he had to prove to her that thats not the case. 


“Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.”

He loves her, she is it for him and whatever agony we go through in the future in this fandom I truly believe that this is it it’s endgame for them.

Again my baby cakes Felicity is absolutely remarkable!! She could have just as easily kissed him back or swooned or anything but she chose to walk away because she is a strong woman who knows that he can’t give her what she wants, he just told her he couldn’t and by kissing her it was slightly selfish on his part because he had basically just ended or stopped what was going on between them and then kissed her so for her it would have been a little frustrating but also intense as hell because this is what she had wanted, to just feel him and know he loves her but it’s come at the worst, most heartbreaking circumstances.

Can I just say how I can’t believe I’m writing a post about Oliver and Felicity kissing!! It’s happening guys.. we are canon!!

I mean come one, look at this!!!! Did we even think that this would be happening?! Oliver Queen couldn’t handle the thought of Felicity thinking that he didn’t love and he had to show her he did however slightly selfish it may have been given that she literally begged him to let her go because he has chosen the Arrow over Oliver Queen. 

THIS KISS!! (just take a few seconds to truly appreciate this) & can I just also say that among any of the various people that he has kissed, not one of them can compete with the chemistry that this small but intensely heartfelt kiss that is shared between the two. Look how they linger after, not wanting to part way and hoping it lasts forever…

The angst I felt when she walked away killed me!!! Like i’m still recovering from it guys, look at him!! This pain in his face and his hands tensing up when only a few seconds ago he was holding her face and he just let her slip through his fingers! (he has his “I fucked up” face)


My reactions:

To the writers for the making me crumble:

But at the same time, I also do enjoy an angsty love story! I mean it’s painful of course but every great love story has it’s ups and downs and whatever we go through this season I can literally say without a doubt… we are endgame. I mean, you just don’t set up all these wonderful scenes in the PREMIERE to not have them not work out together for end up together however long that may be. 

So yes writers, thank you for finally doing what had to be done and taking a giant step for Olicity and for what you did in the premiere that shattered me I do understand why it had to be done…

I’m still probably going to call you bastards every time I watch the scene (which is a lot) but I get it… :)

So hold on guys, this season is going to be full with a hell of a lot of pain and agony! But I think it will be worth it in the long haul…

It’s gonna hurt like a bitch but if we can get through two years of watching intense eye sex and small touches whilst begging for them to get together then we get can through the hard times of their relationship whilst finding their way back to each other now that they clearly know how the other one feels and like I said… Olicity are endgame.

Last thing:

anonymous asked:

Vas, girlfriend I need your assistance please lol. There has been discussions about both Oliver\Laurel and Oliver\Felicity scenes in City of Blood that Felicity failed to convince him and that it was Laurel who convinced him to not sacrifice himself to Slade meaning that their bond is deeper. Also I've seen talk about how the hug Oliver had with Laurel in City of Blood and the one he had with Felicity in Streets of fire was the same. Could you please help a sister out? LOL explain to these fools

My response in a nutshell: 

Okay, maybe not that harsh but I just couldn’t resist the gif. LOL. Who can resist Selina Meyer? (Meyer for President, yay!)

Look, sometimes there is just no convincing people. People will pluck any argument, any little thing out of context and try and use it to prove a point that literally no one else can see. 

All I can say is this - it was not Laurel’s “I know who you are in your bones” (gag) or “I know you like I know my own name” (double gag) lines that convinced Oliver to not give up. The ONLY thing that got his attention at that point was the knowledge that Sebastian Blood was working with Slade. That was literally the moment that Oliver woke up and realised, “Wait a minute. There’s something I can do with this.” Laurel was the only person to have that information (or to have proof, at this point) so of course she was the one to tell him.

In service to your ask, I just watched that scene again (I’ll take a dozen pints of mint choc chip in recompense, please. Thanks.) Most of her speech is about trying to convince Oliver that he shouldn’t give up but right up until the end he is adamant that there is no way. The last thing he says before she tells him about Blood is “I can’t! [stop Slade Wilson]”. Then she tells him about his connection with Blood and his face literally changes. The shock is apparent first, then the realisation sets in and then the calculation takes place. THAT is why it seems like Laurel convinces him where Felicity couldn’t. It is only because Laurel had the practical information that brought Oliver out of his “I can’t” funk into “okay, this is new and exciting information that I can use” mode. 

And actually, in the end it is STILL Felicity who convinces him that he can find another way. Twice. Once in Streets of Fire and again in Unthinkable. Laurel gave him the practical motivation by telling him about Blood but in the end, that didn’t really matter because deep down - emotionally - Oliver still didn’t believe that he could defeat Slade. He was literally baring his soul to Felicity in Streets of Fire, telling her that he had failed everyone in his life. Emotionally, Oliver Queen was broken, defeated. Felicity was the one to remind him that he has been better, that he can be better, that all he has to do is continue fighting. He tells her “I don’t know how,” and she responds, “Neither do I”.

No practical advice here. The practicality is not important; it doesn’t matter who the villain is or how many men he is commanding or what the next logical step is. The problem is that Oliver doesn’t believe in himself. That is when Felicity tells him that the only things she knows is that 1) he is not alone and that 2) she believes in him. My friend Jen jbuffyangel often points to this as the moment that Oliver stopped flirting with his feelings for her, stopped skirting around them, and fell headfast into ever-lasting love. I tend to agree. Watch him in this scene: 

In the first two gifs he is literally hanging off her every word, as if he is feeding on her optimism and her hope. He’s desperate for her to tell him that it is all going to work out. Look at his face in that last scene. How his eyes refocus; he’s drawing from her strength and it is giving him purchase, it is making him believe. Look at the determination on his face in this last one: 

The moment that he places his hand on her back it’s as if he’s found solid ground again. He’s found clarity again and a renewed sense of hope and of purpose. Because of her, not because of anything or anyone else. 

She does this again in Unthinkable when she tells him to make Slade out-think him. It is Felicity’s words that propel Oliver to literally do the unthinkable; it is Felicity’s encouragement and motivation that leads to him to find another way. The people who don’t see this should ask themselves one thing: why is it Felicity telling Oliver these things again and again? Why, in moments of deep peril or confusion or despair, do they make Oliver turn to Felicity for support instead of someone, anyone, else? The answer is pretty damn simple. Because if she tells him, he believes it. He thrives on her belief in him. He craves it. 

As for the hug comparison - pfft. I’m not even going to go there. If people truly think that the Laurel/Oliver hug, between two friends where one of them was still unaware that the other knew his secret, is exactly the same as the hug above, the one in which pretty much 99.9% of the fandom was convinced they were going in for a kiss, the one in which they literally went in for a close up of Oliver’s hand on Felicity’s back with the bright Light™ engulfing them and making a very, very clear - hit you over the head with an anvil, clear - callback to Sara’s “You need someone who can harness that light that’s still inside of you” line…well, I refer those people back to my original gif up top.  Or I’ll just assume that they are watching a completely different show to you and me. 

The Firebird - Chapter 3


My huge thanks to the amazing @akai-echo for the awesome banner and aesthetics - sometimes I feel like you just read my mind :)

And to the great @dandelion-sunset and @titaniasfics who provided such help with their beta skills and who always, always challenge me to do better.

Let’s get on chapter 3, shall we?

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3. Getting Started.

“Five, six, seven and eight. Get focused, sweetheart! Head up, smile, No! Back to the start!”

Sweat was falling down Katniss’ back, wetting her tight top as she took her starting position, again. Left leg in front of her, tip of the feet on the ground, arms in crown above her head, and the right leg as the pillar it needed to be.

The air in the rehearsal room was heavy, charged with work and that typical smell of harderner lacquer. The large mirrors reflected the image of a thin dancer in tights and pointes, wearing a long diaphanous red skirt, a color matching her grey eyes and olive skin. Her hair was combed in a once-tidied bun, but small strands of wet hair had made an escape and were flying around her head.

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anonymous asked:

Do you believe that Camille and Klaus have a soulmate connection to them/their relationship?I'm trying to understand what makes his relationship with her more special than what he has maybe had in past relationships- that maybe it's an 'understanding' factor, Cami gets Klaus and Klaus gets Cami. I'm not sure! I'd love to hear your opinion.

Let me tell you, you’re about to read what is probably a very unpopular opinion amongst the Klamille fandom. The truth is I started watching The Originals and stayed merely for the familial love and relationships; the romantic factor didn’t matter the least bit to me until maybe the end of Season 2 when I actively started shipping Klaus and Cami, but I didn’t consider myself a Klamille shipper until I started writing my S3 reviews and realized through writing how much I loved this pairing even if I had no idea I did. So if you’re going to understand my answer, you must know that I’m a sucker for the Mikaelson family before I’m a Klamille shipper.

I would also like to add that soulmates are not necessarily romantic. A soulmate is “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner”. Yes, I looked it up. Don’t judge me. This means it’s someone who balances your essence with their own, balances your darkness and your light with their own, and makes you a better person for it. Does Camille do all that for Klaus? Well yes, she does. It’s one of the reasons why I love their relationship and it’s part of the answer to your question. However, there is someone who has been in Klaus’s life since the moment he was born and who never gave up on him. Someone who knew him before they both turned into monsters and stood by him when he couldn’t recognize his own brother anymore, who completed and balanced him, who fought for his humanity and salvation, long before Cami was in his life and her love could make him a better man. That person is Elijah Mikaelson. I firmly believe Klaus Mikaelson’s soulmate is his brother.

You’re welcome for the hook up gif, by the way. These are dark times for our ship, we might as well hold on to the good memories. That being said, Camille is without a doubt Klaus Mikaelson’s greatest romantic love story and his romantic soulmate, for all the reasons mentioned above. But what makes this relationship more special than any other they’ve ever had? Well, I think you hit the mark there, Anon. It is their understanding indeed.

Let’s think back to Klaus’s past relationships and what they represented. If you want to understand the reasons behind the assertions I’m about to make, I invite you to read my answer to another ask which I think complements your own when it comes to the different relationships Klaus has had in the past and why his relationship with Cami is better for him than the previous ones.

Aurora and Klaus had something real, but they loved each other the wrong way. Even though they did bring up the best in each other through their love, they didn’t harness each other’s light; they harnessed the darkness. They loved the monsters they both were and how they were no longer alone in their fear, anger and grief. They never tried to see past that, into the person they could be if they let go of those demons and embraced the goodness inside. That’s the opposite of Klaus and Cami’s relationship.

Car*line, I’m not sure if she actually ever enjoyed his company or merely liked him when she needed to distract the bad guy so her friends could play hero or when she wanted some adrenaline in her life. Suffice it to say, that’s not exactly a relationship which could ever make Klaus feel accepted or loved; it wasn’t really a relationship at all.

Then we have Genevieve, but c’mon, they mutually used each other for their own egocentric needs and to have a little fun under the sheets. I would say that’s pretty far from a healthy, adult relationship.

The thing about Cami and Klaus is that not only do they complete each other, they are also extremely similar. This means that they can both understand each other better and more deeply than anyone has ever been able to understand them, and they can accept each other, flaws and all.

Camille believes in Klaus when no one else does, because she knows there is more to him than the darkness he passes on. Why? Because she has that darkness inside her as well, and yet she still has a light within.

Klaus believes in Camille when no one else does, because he knows there is more to her than the darkness she is terrified of embracing. Why? Because he has that same darkness inside him, and yet she was the only person he’s ever been with who harnessed his light and made him want to fight for it.

Klaus Mikaelson and Camille O’Connell are Yin and Yang. Opposing forces who balance each other. But even Yang has a darkness inside and Yin has a light within. They balance each other because they understand each other well enough to see past the appearances, the fears and the pain and into the person the other really is, the person they love. And that redeeming, firm, unwavering and unconditional love leads them to be that person.

You asked me what made their relationship more special than any other they’ve had in the past… I think it’s very hard to come by someone who can understand, accept and embrace who you are and love you so deeply their love has the power to impel you to be the person you are meant to be. Camille O’Connell was the first woman to ever love Klaus for who he is to the point where he wanted to be better for her; Klaus Mikaelson was the first man to ever love Camille for the person she was proud to be and the person she was terrified she could become all at once. There is something epic about the way they never give up on each other, the way they won’t back down whatever horrible things they may have done in the past or whatever demons may haunt them. Whatever happens, they will never stop loving or believing in each other.

1x18 - “The life that I’m leading for myself right now doesn’t leave much room for an actual life…and I don’t need one.” “That’s a really bleak future to spend..with no one.”

2x06 - “Because of the life that I lead, I just think that it’s better to not be with someone that I could really care about.” “Well, I think you deserve better than her.”

2x14 - “You’ll always be my girl, Felicity.”

2x21 - “You deserve someone better, someone who can harness that light that’s still inside of you.”

2x23 - “He took the wrong woman…I love you.”

Felicity will always be his girl and THE girl. He just needs some time to realize the depths of his feelings for her.