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I'm confused. If Cas had Jimmy Novak's wallet all along, why did he go as Steve in 9x06? I'm guessing it's really hard to get a job without proper identity? How did he pull of being 'Steve' if he had nothing?

I think he must have been aware that showing up as Jimmy to get a job would bring him unnecessary attention from the world just because Jimmy Novak shouldn’t be randomly showing up on, say, tax forms for a job in a Gas ‘n’ Sip on the other side of the country from where he went missing five years before. Even if Cas never knew all the subtleties of the system he knows how Sam and Dean use fake IDs for everything - he must have been around them enough by season 9 to know stuff like the credit cards and stuff that they actually use for day to day life are under fake names just as much as the FBI badges they only use for work stuff. He’d understand that who their real identities are not for the public eye, and in that way Jimmy, being a real ID that used to be connected to his face at least, is not something he can* use. So the ID in the wallet is useless, just on that basic and probably unexplored assumption.

(*Can or would want to use - using Jimmy’s name would attach him to that life again, and in a way his season 9 thing was about finding out who he was, so emotionally rather than logically, he’d be distancing himself from Jimmy. Stepping into someone else’s shoes was not his story… But I am actually trying to over-think the logic here :P)

Anyway I like to think that Cas had some form of fake ID or credit card Dean gave him to get out of town - even if he booted him out abruptly it seems monstrously inhumane to kick him out without even bus money, especially after we saw Cas completely running out of money before that point and Dean knows he was strapped for cash enough to travel via homeless shelters… Jimmy’s wallet apparently just had the kind of rubbish pocket change in it you’d expect, as per 8x22 (the first time Cas ever spent money?), and he spent enough of it there on the groceries that by the end of 9x01 even with the helpful truck driver giving him cash to make a phonecall, Cas was completely out of money after the laundromat scene…

Anyway, all this leads me to think that when Cas worked at the Gas n Sip, obviously he had no bank accounts or anything attached to whatever ID he had (we never learned what surname Steve was using but oh my god it would be awful (hilarious) if it was based off nothing but a credit card Dean threw his way as he shoved him out the door - give me all the possible rock aliases starting with “Steve” you can think of and let’s make all 9x06 fics that little bit more fun :P)… I assume “Steve” got paid cash in hand, and that comes with a certain level of no questions asked, even if you have no reason for no questions asked. I’ve worked cash in hand where I filled in a tax form with basically just my name and some basic details to confirm who I was - and the only person who verified that was my boss looking at my passport I think just to verify I was over 18 rather than anything else (not an issue for Cas), so it’s completely down to this random third person to say “eh, good enough” or skip the visual confirmation of ID. I can imagine if there’s a similar casual attitude to cash in hand low paid jobs in the US, Nora a little while down the line may be having some serious paperwork issues when it turns out how much on Steve’s paperwork was completely made up (and also Steve doesn’t even turn out to exist) but he was there a reasonably short amount of time - not long enough to get to the end of a tax year anyway, I assume. :P It’s quite plausible that if Nora needed to fill the place and she figured as a legal adult (can work during school time and work full work days) white male who asked no well-informed questions about benefits or holiday pay or whatever else Cas didn’t know about that someone of his description should have been asking, Steve was a better candidate than some high schooler looking for their first job, and so she overlooked some details to get him on the payroll.

There is almost certainly a tragic montage of Cas going around applying to Help Wanted signs and being rejected for various reasons - from flubbing the interview because, aww, Cas, to nailing it but the job not being able to take him on for the wildly dangerous legal reasons. Actually a small business would probably have been better for him if he got a job with *no* paperwork; imagine a small family run thing and he hits it off with them and gets to crash in the shop but they know and they basically pay him not just cash in hand but under the table. (AU ideas!)

I’m pretty sure the Gas n Sip’s corporate side would notice someone taking all the hours Steve did but not apparently being paid for it if it was under the table, ergo, forged paperwork, blind eye from Nora, Steve is on payroll, and being paid cash in hand.

I mean look at Nora’s situation: single mother of an infant. I bet she got basically no maternity leave either side of Tanya being born and she still has to look after the baby and can’t easily get child care outside of whatever arrangement she has for work. Cas showing up is a godsend (heh) to take off the pressure because she can give him the weird-hours shifts and he can start immediately.

And I think that explains a fair bit of their dynamic as well - they’re leaning on each other in completely unspoken ways. She doesn’t ask about Cas blatantly sleeping in the back room because by this point she knows him and trusts him as a person even if she’s only getting more and more of an idea of how his life is messed up (opinion on the life he must have led not improved by finally getting a visual of the useless boyfriend who kicked Cas out ;)). Cas is treading water at being human, but without knowing her story until he gets to her house he thinks she’s massively, disproportionately nice to him (especially, see above: sad montage of Cas failing to get jobs) so the thought that she might like him above average and actually be asking him on a date, as humans do, is something that seriously crosses his mind. 

Aaanyway, as a parting thought which you didn’t ask but I’ve been thinking about anyway and never mentioned because it seemed too insignificant and obvious but no one’s said anything and it amuses me, sooo… I managed to save a lot of money over the 2 years I worked long horrible hours at minimum wage, because I didn’t have to pay rent - just bills and food. Cas was paying even less than that seeing as he probably did remain homeless the whole time (aw Cas nooo)… So I think it’s pretty plausible he saved enough cash as Steve to survive basically as deep into the show as he did (especially as we never actually saw him *need* to eat once he had grace again so it may have all been car money, phone credit and motels). While we saw Hannah using Caroline’s credit cards (argh Caroline you poor thing :P), before that point Cas must have spent a fair amount too (or also continued to split the costs with Hannah).

(I do wonder if Cas’s army was like legitimately renting that building because it was such a massive undertaking (and would have used a lot of electricity) and they all just chipped in with whatever cash their vessels had - there seriously needs to be a ‘I’ll let you possess me but don’t you dare rob me’ clause added to the angel consent thing - Hannah better get on it now she’s back in Heaven hopefully making changes based off her experiences. :P)

ANYWAY it’s been ages since Steve and Cas hasn’t had a job since (duh). When Cas finally met up with Claire he had $200 left, right? Considering Cas ran broke in season 9, the fact he has a bunch of money this season pretty much means it was all the stuff that he earned, which he’d been keeping in Jimmy’s old wallet (you know, since it was already there in his pocket). Which when you think about how far $200 gets you while paying for running a car (disclaimer that I don’t know American gas prices), Cas was pretty much on the last legs of his journey anyway, which is a sad thing to think about considering the actual plotlines attached to it. And he didn’t even get that cash back as far as we know… 

So… Now Cas has *no* money again.

I wonder if this will actually be addressed later? 

Like the Back of my hand

Part 2 of Solangelo Soulmate AU

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Word count: 1,165

tags: #solangelo, #will solace, #nico di Angelo, #soulmate au, #pjo, #katealot, #LikeTheBackOfMyHand

Dedicated to @the-netflix-queen, thanks for giving me the inspiration to continue on.

Previously: Under his portrait were two little words written in small, quick letters. “found you.” When Will looked back up, the boy was looking at him with a smile on his face. Then he got up and started walking towards him.

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Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword

*** All Right everyone! Berjhawn and myself have both written separate soulmate/enemy fics for you today based on THIS post (and the prompt  therein by @cindymoon and @chekhovsgum) , featuring the Avengers, more specifically Bucky and Cap. Two VERY different takes on the trope. We decided to post at the same time! To find hers, check out @berjhawn “Enemy or Lover.” ENJOY!!!***

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Everyone knows that the name of your soul mate appears on one wrist, and the name of your enemy appears on the other. What no one ever told you was to expect the unexpected. (brief smut)

They always said your names would show up when you least expected. You saw your friends names emerge, by their early twenties, some far later than that. One on each wrist, written in the handwriting of the matching soul, like a tattoo. You’d watch them try to find the two, eager to find out which person would be their soul mate, and which their enemy. You saw relationships die as the lovers realized that their names weren’t on one another. You’d seen enemies become lovers and lovers become enemies; the tattoos never lied, but they also gave nothing away. There was no rhyme or reason, sometimes it was the right, sometimes the left, sometimes soul mate, sometimes mortal enemy. No one knew. It was a fickle clairvoyance, this glimpse into the future.

You’d almost given up hope that your names would ever show up, content in the fact that maybe for you, the future was fully of your choosing; truly your own and not destined or designed by anyone or anything else. But then it happened. You stood in the shower one cold morning, warm water cascading over tired skin and weary bones; reaching for the shampoo, you saw the letters. On your right wrist were the words ‘James Buchanan Barnes’ in flowy, almost antique penmanship. On your left, faint letters grew deeper and darker until you could make them out. ‘James Buchanan Barnes.’

Either fate had made a mistake, or fate had screwed you. Either way, it was several years before you met him. The man on both wrists.

* * *

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