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I was tagged by @jjilljj for this tag (lock screen + home screen + last song + recent selfie); thank you for showing me your beautiful face, Jill~ 😘
(Jimin is my all time favorite wallpaper, 2! 3! is one of my 15 favorite songs from the WINGS album, and yes Jill, the SNOW app really is amazing, making someone like me look half presentable)

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13??? I need new stuff to watch ^^

13. Recommended Drama?

1. Moorim School (has Hongbin from VIXX)
2. Cheer Up or sassy go go) (has N from VIXX)
3. Goblin (Sungjae from BtoB)
4. Who are you school 2015 (Sungjae from BtoB)
5. You’re beautiful
6. To the beautiful you ( Minho and Sulli and Kwanghee) - This is what made me love Kwanghee since 2014 me and me friend used to fangirl about Lee Hyunwoo and had second lead support for him
7. Cheese in the trap

These are the only ones I can think about on the top of my head but there is a few more and I have so many to watch still :D


I haven’t been feeling well lately so I spent most of my time on youtube and these two cheered me up and motivated me to finally get the hell out of my bed and start doing something again 

I’m honestly so glad my friend showed me their videos, they helped me through some tough times

Here are the links to the videos (in case someone wants to know)

A RACE FOR ALL TIME | Japan World Cup #2   (Jack)

DON’T LET HIM FIND YOU… | Hello Neighbor #3  (Mark)

I’m really sad so I’m gonna share some stories with you guys. So I was a manager at Papa John’s for 2 years and after you’re there for a while you recognize the regulars. You get on a name basis and you get to hear/make some really great stories. Here’s some that will hopefully cheer me and you guys up.

1. Great clips gal: She worked next door and was absolutely gorgeous. The guys at the shop always tried to score her number to no avail. When she let me exchange a pizza for a haircut we devised a scheme to get them to stop. Next time she came in we fake flirted it up and gave me her number. The boys backed off, she became a very good friend, and I was a legend in the shop.

2. Calzone Christy: ok her name wasn’t Christy but it sounds cooler like that. The friendliest woman I’d ever seen. She was a long time customer so we’d make her calzones even though they weren’t on the menu, and in return she’d bring us some stuff from the store. Candies, sodas, donuts, just random stuff. She was always so happy and funny just a big ol ray of sunshine and if the calzone guy wasn’t there she’d just order a pizza and give us treats anyway. She always made my day.

3. Hello kitty girl: this little girl and her father came in roughly once a week maybe two. Everytime the little girl demanded she gave me a hello kitty sticker. Over the months I had quite the collection saved up on a label in my wallet. One day just the dad came in and gave me another sticker, explaining that she wouldn’t let him leave without it so he could give it to the ‘pizza lady’

4. Tee shirt girl: Her mom worked at the copy place a couple stores down and the girl would hang out there with her mom after school. Shed come in a couple times a week and always order a small half pepperoni pizza. One day she looked sad and I wanted to cheer her up. Noticing her killer tmnt shirt I drew Donatello on the box. The next week she came in with an elephant t shirt and explained how much she loved the drawing and she wanted me to draw an elephant next. I obliged. Every time she came in she requested a drawing of whatever was on her shirt. Anything from flowers to dinosaurs. After a few weeks her mom came in with her to show me a picture of her bedroom wall with 6 or 7 of the pizza box halves hanging up.

That’s all for now kiddos. Keep you’re chins up. There are so many great things in the world and I promise even the little things makes the bad stuff hurt a lot less.

I miss the way you made me smile. I miss the way you made me laugh. I miss the way you gave me butterflies. I miss how your eyes made me weak. I miss the way our eyes locked whenever we crossed paths. I miss the way you would cheer me up when I'm feeling down. I miss how special you made me feel. I miss your voice. I miss your smile. I miss the tension between us. I miss the way you’d tease me. I miss your laugh. I miss making you smile. I miss you telling me everything will be okay. I miss you.

- 2:14am 27/12/2016

Random AU prompts

1) “I am a ballet dancer and I see you every time I perform in the first row and there are flowers in my room everytime I perform when will you finally introduce yourself”

2) “I am an actor/actress and I was signing autographs and then I smiled at you and you fainted oh my god I’m so sorry, let me apologize and buy you a cup of coffee, at least?”

3) “I was on my way to work and some asshole - aka you - caused traffic jam and I yelled at you but then I saw you at work and you are my new boss hole shit pls don’t fire me”

4) “I was hella drunk last night and you came by to cheer me up, and why you are acting so weird wait what do you mean I sexted you”

5) “I am the only adult on the children’s playground and here you are, looking too young for being a parent, playing with your kid and a puppy can I please pet your puppy I am so bored”

6) “When we were kids, we promised that we’ll never fall in love with each other and save our friendship, but here we are, ten years later and you are looking so freaking gorgeous oh hell I think I fell in love with you”

7) “You have a twin sibling and I always fuck up and can’t distinguish who is who please stop doing that this is not hilarious”

i don’t expect anyone to read this and if you do i apologize in advance but i needed to get this off my chest. i just finished watching pyrocynical’s funny 2016 montage thing and not only made me reflect on this past year but all of the years he’s been on youtube making videos. you can clearly see he doesn’t want to create the same content every single video and i appreciate that so much. he’s completely right about having to change up your content or else you’ll either go insane, your channel will die, or both. i’ve been subscribed to him for almost 2 years now and i can honestly say these have been the best 2 years of my life partly thanks to him. he never fails to make me smile no matter what kind of content it is. he cheers me up on my worst days and i can’t thank him enough for that. niall i know you probably won’t ever see this but i just wanted to say thank you for making me happy when no one else could and help me through my darkest times. you’ll never know how much of an impact you’ve made on my life. keep up the amazing work :) @pyrocynical
sorry if you read this lmao

My Daddy is the bestest Daddy in the whole wide world 😊 Why?
* He gave me all these stuffies 🎀
* He washes me and my hair in the shower, then dries me sweet and softly 😊
* He sends me good morning and good night texts.
* When I’m sad he drops everything to call me or even drive 2 hours to cheer me up.
* He cooks delicious food and feeds it to me when I have troubles eating.
* When I’m upset he always makes me smile.
* He is always happy to see me and shows it.
* Chases my bad dreams away.
* Grows a beard coz his baby thinks it’s sexy (and it is OMG 😍)
* Makes me cum a lot 🙈
* Watches cartoons or whatever I want to watch with me.
* Takes care of everyone he loves and always puts them first.
* Never yells or ignores me.
* Always has appropriate punishes (and let’s me get away with a lot 🙈)
* Has an amazingly busy life and still tries to make as much time as possible free to be with me.
* Always has my best interest at heart and a million other little things that make me love him more and more each day ❤

Thank You Daddy, You really are the bestest, sweetest, and handsomest (i know thats not a word 😋) Daddy a girl could wish for 😗

And no, none of you can have him, he’s all mine 😜

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Alfred's stunned as Arthur says 'Alfred, would you do me the honours of making me your husband?'. Literally EVERYONE in the capsule is silent, then tumultuous cheers break out when Alfred just pulls Arthur up into a tight, giddy hug and squeals 'YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!', and starts jumping up and down euphorically with Arthur still in his arms, and they're both literally and metaphorically on top of the world. (2/2. I apologise for the super-long thing... ^^')

👀im not crying you’re crying


Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas

Here’s to my third mountain! I never thought I can squeeze hiking in my crazy schedule in school. My last hike was last year February and I can’t contain my happiness when I got to finish the trail, thinking how can I do this - traveling and hiking alone. Yes, you’ve read it right! I went hiking alone, without friends and so this check off one on my bucket list - travel alone. You guys may ask who took my photos/ who are those people I have picture with. Those were group of hikers who I joined, so basically, they adopted me. They were all friendly and accommodating, I didn’t feel like I was out of place. So cheers for new friends!

This mountain really challenged me. In the past 2 mountains I hiked, they were only 400-600 meters above sea level, but in Maculot, uh, it’s 930! I almost cried and gave up because I was really tired and the trail was steep. But fortunately, I finished it and it was worth it, you guys. There was like 3 summits - Rockies, the main summit, and the grotto. We all finished those before 3pm so I you can say, I’m proud. While I was at the top, the song that was playing in my mind was Beautiful by Crush - one of the ost of Goblin. I swear it was the perfect song to describe what I was feeling that time.

Oh, on our way down, we did rappelling. It was required. If you want to go home, you’ll gonna have to do rappelling hahaha (another new experience!). This trip was refreshing. I took the risk, met some new friends, and learned how to socialize haha! I’m eyeing some beaches and more mountains this year, hoping this won’t be my last trip. Wait for more! x

Height Related Sentences, Send one for My Muse’s Reaction..

1. “Shall I tell you what’s going on? Or would you like me to get you a Box?”

2. “Who are you calling ‘Someone so small they can only be seen with a magnifying glass’?!”

3. “Hey cheer up, Dynamite comes in small packages!”

4. “You’re too small to not look when you’re angry..”

5. “I’m not a giant, you are just really short!”

6. “How’s the Weather down there?”

7. “Hows the Weather up there?”

8. “The good thing about being this short is, I have better access to Dat Ass!”

9. “Call me short one time Asshole! I dare you! I double Dog Dare YOU!”

10. “Big People Suck!”

11. “If you don’t stop patting my head..My fist is going between your LEGS!”

12. “Sorry, but you must be this short to ride ‘This’ ride..”

13. “You’re too short to handle all this, Sweetie..”


15. “What? No! I will not be Your throne chair!”

16. “Yeah, you are tall..But that just means more of you to love! Mmfff!”

17. “You are not using me for a step ladder!”

18. “Watch where you are stepping you big oaf!”

19. “I’m not Small..I’m Fun Sized..”

20. “You know what the best thing about small guys/girls is? They are easy to move into the perfect position!”

21. “There is nothing 'FUN’ about this..”

22. “Bend down so I can kiss you..”

23. “You want a Kiss? You have to work for it..Get up here and We’ll talk..”

24. “This is the most awkward slow dance I’ve ever had..But..I still like it..”

25. “I’d tell you to calm down, but it looks like you are already half way there!”


@starblazer124 Happy birthday dorky!!! You been an awesome friend for me almost 2 years now and I can’t believe it isn’t more. I hope you have an amazing day and here’s some Iceberg to help you with that! Happy b-day Matt!(^ω^) ((this were the 7 went :3c ))

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Your modern-magic-timey-wimey ocs would make the most awesomest comic ever, man! I'd read the hell outta that!! 👌 If you brain up anymore on them I'd love to hear it!! 🤗 I'd also love to join you in drawing adventures with them (I have so many ocs that it's embarrassing) but I sadly have the artistic talent of a cluster of colourblind hedgehogs in a bag (black adder quote for the win 😉 ) so I'll just have to continue to cheer you on from the sidelines. 😂

have this random doot lol; It would be pretty fun to do a comic lol, though my patience is in the negs so I’d get so lazy with it after like 2 panels~ so as of right now it’ll just probably be me goofing around with drawing them ehehe. Maybe someday if I get more thoughts put together! (I would very much like to hear about these many ocs my dude, should hook me up with the inside scoop👍👍) But that’s a bummer man, would’ve welcomed that with open arms~ No worries though haha, I appreciate the one-man cheer squad and I’m glad you like my little brain children lol, you rejuvenate my motivation to draw them more<3

Pretty ashamed and sad this this tweet was made. Last season I switched gyms and it was very nerve wrecking for me because they were the summit champions and has much success. I showed up with a full, but I had only been cheering for one season and it was my last senior season. I didn’t have much stunting experience, and because I didn’t have jumps to tuck, they put me on 4.2. Let me just say I wouldn’t have rather spent any other last year in the senior division than on my 4.2 team and I have a full. I just want to let you know I think it’s disgusting that we think that a level defines our overall skill. I was the only one in the beginning of my season will a full and by the end there was four of us with level 5 skills on a small team. Just remember a level does not define us as an individual athletes.


im new to this community (about 2 months) and ive never felt like this so long. i feel like im loved and i belong here. ever since i started watching jack/sean, ive been so happy. jack’s videos have cheered me up so much lately. his positivity & happiness is so contagious. just recently, im going through a break up and i was going through suicidal thing for awhile now and jack’s videos have been cheering my up. like seriously though, ive never felt so much better in my life.

@therealjacksepticeye, thank you for everything. your videos are the best. your warmth, compassion & positivity never stops spreading. listening to you say these words, “you are not a bad person, you can get out of it and i believe in you. if nobody believes in you just trust that i believe in you”, makes me so happy. I can’t even describe the feeling because the fact that you can be a huge impact in someone’s life who is like 30000 miles away from you is just heartwarming. i wish i can spend a day with you or even just meet you in person so i can just give you the tightest of hug so that i can thank you for everything you’ve done for me. or just talk to you so that you can spread your happiness and positivity and make all my negativity fade away. i know it’s not much but you make me so happy i cant even describe it. ill never stop supporting you because you are an amazing person. you deserve so much. thank you for everything. 💗

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I have such mixed feelings towards you. I was so in awe of your skill and was so excited to find out you had a tumblr. But the first time you interacted with me it was just to snap at me for a little mistake like... it was a don't meet your heros type of moment. I can't read your stories now, and yet I find myself agreeing with almost all of the comments you add into a post. I'll just... cheer for you from the back of the class, under the table with a book in front of my face.

I snap at people who deserve it. If you did something to warrant an attack, that’s on you. Many of my readers have followed me here. Some have been mutuals with me for 2 years even. We don’t have problems. So it’s not a don’t meet your heroes thing, its a, you effed up thing and can’t handle responses.

If you did it on Anon, then it probably wasn’t a kind thing if it caused me to snap. Just because you think everything is fine doesn’t mean everyone feels the same. And if it happened for no reason as you think, then you should have said something the moment it happened. Not waited until after some cowardly Anon just sent me a death threat. Which makes you look bad by default. And you should have contacted me personally instead of like this if it really bothered you.

Not my problem. So go ahead with your mixed feelings. I don’t attack without provocation. Remember that.

Save Me - Chapter 2

A few hours later, Aaron finally got back to me and well, I should have known this plan was coming together way too easy. Apparently, Michael, my 15 year-old nephew, had a hockey game and the whole family was going to cheer him and his team on. Why did it not surprise me that Aaron followed that up with “if you already planned on taking Mackenzie, why not take Lily and Paige too?” Damn.

Knowing what a nightmare it must be to have two crazy seven year-olds at an ice rink all day, I got why he asked. Still, I’m not going to deny it, ‘WTF’ did echo in my mind, which should have been a serious warning that I listened to but I didn’t. If I was questioning my abilities at being an authority figure for one child, I was almost in full blown panic mode with the thought of three of them! Wanting to be a good sister won out though and I decided to grin and bear it. He was the one crazy enough to trust me. “If it’s okay with Mackenzie, then it’s okay with me.”

After putting some thought into it, as well as another very full glass of wine, I came to the conclusion that this might just be an awesome little adventure only to be shared with my three beautiful nieces and me. My one, not very tiny concern….Lily. Quite frankly, she’s a beast. An adorable, bright, sweet seven year-old girl with a wicked little mind of her own, she’s been known to have the ability to literally push you to a limit you didn’t even know you had. That Lily, I’ve seen but never experienced on my own.

Lily is the opposite of her twin, Paige, thank goodness, I don’t think the world is ready for two Lily’s to inhabit it. ‘Maybe Mackenzie, being almost 13 will help’ I thought to myself. Wait, who am I kidding, even her mother can’t control her! Shit, this has disaster written all over it. Shaking my head at this little change in plans and taking another rather large gulp of wine, I went online to buy our concert tickets. Fuck it.

I googled Thirty Seconds to Mars tour schedule and found June 4th concert I was interested in. Just as I was about to buy the tickets I clicked on the link to “ Adventures in Wonderland”. Backstage or side stage access, meet and greet, signing and a goodie bag?! Now THIS would make it special. THIS says “cool Aunt”. After literally no deliberation, and I mean zero, I purchased the best package you can buy. When it came time to check out and I saw my total….yikes! Maybe I should have deliberated just a little bit. This was a small fortune but as I took another sip of wine I realized it would be a once in a lifetime experience that they’ll be sharing with just me and that alone was worth the money….or so I told myself.

My new mantra 'It’s going to be fine, It’s going to be fine’ rolled over and over in my head….hopefully by the time the concert was here, I just may believe it!!