'you cheer me up' me 2

Precisely 4 months ago, I landed my eyes on him. 4 months ago, a new source of happiness, of radiance entered my life. Today that man turns 24.
Happy Birthdae to my sunshine.
Happy Birthdae to the man who never fails to cheer me up.
Happy Birthdae to the man who kills me and makes me feel alive at the same time.
Happy Birthdae to the petty man who unfollows his members, but loves them more than we ever can, the man who showers us with love constantly, irrespective of what he may be going through.
Happy Birthday, Daehyun.
Thank you for existing. I’m not sure where I’d be without you. Thanks to you, I found 2 of the best things that have happened to me: B.A.P, and Babyz. This fandom has quickly accepted me like family and has brightened up my life, they’ve become a source of support for me, and it’s all on you.
I hope you’re happy, I hope your “reverse vampire” teeth always stick out as you smile. I hope you realise how beautiful you are, inside out. I hope you’re able to make full use of the GINORMOUS amount of talent you possess. And, I hope you realise how loved you are.
So, Happy Birthday Babyhyun. I love you.

BTS Scenario/Text/Snap Masterlist (11/9)

GIF Reaction Masterlist here!


Drabble - Cuddling + Morning Sex

Drabble - Cooking Together + Teasing + Romantic Sex

All Semester Long (smut)

Birthday Treat Drabble (smut)


Drabble - Make Up Sex + Hickeys

Help… (sensual smut)

Officially Missing You (slight angst to fluff)

Yoongi Smut ft. Namjoon

Follow Your Animal Instinct

Snow Day Anniversary

A Friend of Daddy’s

I Quit


In Love With Another Man

Devious (Male Reader)

Daddy Kink


A Bump in the Road (part 1) (part 2)


Drabble - Sexting

Get a Room (smut)

Yes, Mistress (smut)

Just Take a Break (J-Hope x Reader x V) (smut)

Art Museum (Fluff)

Feel My Lips

Fighting for Nothing

I love It (smut)

Light Up the Dark

I Don’t Need You

Angst and Fluff


Rap Monster:

Drabble - Make Up Sex + Blowjob

Drabble - Moving In + Pillow Fight + Cuddling

Drabble - First Date + Massage + Hickeys

Drabble -  Making out + Neck Kisses + Hickeys

Boyz II Men - I’ll Make Love to You inspired

Boyz II Men- Part Two

Just Being Neighborly

Such a Good Neighbor (Just Being Neighborly pt. 2)

Inconsiderate Neighbors (Just Being Neighborly pt. 3)

Yoongi smut ft. Namjoon


Can’t Sleep

Anything You Can Do (smut)

I’ll Make Love (part 3)


Drabble - Thigh Kisses + Striptease + Shower Sex

Drabble - Cuddling + Teasing + Romantic Sex

Drabble - Morning Sex + Sexting

Drabble - Massage + Hickeys + Fingering

Warm Up (smut)

Your Husband Will Take Good Care of You (fluff)

Are You Alright? (fluff)

Don’t Get Caught (smut)

Rough and Jealous Jimin (smut)

Forever (Angst fluff)

Birthday Treat Drabble (suggestive)


Routine Physical

Let’s Watch a Movie

Morning Love

Pancakes fluff

Bite Series

Forever and Always

Dead Leaves

Soaking Wet (smut)

Kiss Cam

Goodnight Mommy

Still Begging For More

Late Nights

Dance All Night


Drabble - Cuddling + thigh kisses + and eating out

Drabble - Sexting + Teasing + Hickeys

Drabble - Making Out + Eating Out + Morning Sex

Just Take a Break (V x Reader x J-Hope) (smut)

Shower (smut)

Sleeves (angst)

Jelly (smut)

First Love

Birthday Blues

Thunderstorm Cuddles

More Than Friends

Public Transit

Use That Mouth

You Want to Watch? (feat. Hwasa)

What’s wrong? (feat. Rap Monster)


Drabble - Moving in, teasing, romantic sex

Drabble - Cuddling + First Kiss

Drabble - Massage + Pillow Fight + Making Out

Drabble - Cuddling + Making Out + Romantic Sex

Drabble - Sexting + BJ + Orgasm Denial (reader)

Drabble - Cuddling + Thigh kisses + Orgasm denial (reader)

Rough (smut)

I Want Them To Know (smut)

A New Beginning (angst)

Handcuffed (smut)

Birthday Surprise (Alternative ending 1 Happy + 1 Sad)

Who Will Win?


Grind Practice

Ride me Baby

I’m Here

Touchin, Lovin part 1 (smut) part 2 (no smut)

Triple the Fun

Hiding Every Cloud Under a Smile

Drive Me Crazy

Giving birth to Jungkook’s child

Diablo (part 1) (part 2)


I Want Them to Hear

BTS FAKE SNAPS (all members unless specified)


Finding out you and Jungkook are dating

Sexy (Suga)

Adorable (Suga)

Body Positive (Suga)

Happy Birthday (Jungkook)

Needy snaps

Loving you despite height (V)

Jealous snaps (Suga)

Taking virginity

Cheering up their lover

Cute snaps to lover (Jimin)

Snaps to their boyfriend

Jealous snaps (Jungkook)

Sassy/flirting (Jimin)

Wondering why you’re dating their maknae (V and Jimin)

Cocky/annoying (Jungkook)

Grumpy because you didn’t spend the night (Jungkook)

Proving they’re hot to their crush (V, Jin, Jungkook) (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

When you fall off the bed laughing (Maknae line) (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

Stuck in the rain (Jungkook and J-Hope) (V and Jin)

Can’t sleep at 5 a.m. (V, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin)

When he wants attention (Jungkook) (Suga)

When you’re pregnant with another member’s child

Horny (Suga)

Jungkook being Jungkook

NSFW Birthday present

Missing you (Jimin)

Horny/sexy (V)

Letting you know you’re beautiful (Suga)

Birthday snaps (Jungkook)

Encouraging (Rap Monster)

Ignoring them for Pokemon Go

Surprise birthday (Jin)

Asking for nudes (Jungkook)

BTS Texts:

Bts Big Brother, Revealing Clothes

Yoongi Text: You are studying

You got a nightmare: text

Jimin: Proposal Picnic

Maknae line annoying you

Horny Suga

Arguing who tops (gender neutral)

Birthday texts

You Okay? (Namjoon)

Drunk texting your crush

They’ve been gone

On your period

The Party (OT7)

BTS (two or more members)

BTS x “Shy Girl”

BTS x “Shy Girl” 2

BTS x “Shy Girl” 3

Tongues Series (Jin) (Suga) (J-Hope) (Rap Monster) (Jimin) (Taehyung) (Jungkook)

Truth or Dare? (links on post)

Take a Walk (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Delicious (Yoongi & Jimin)

It’s Only Me When the Cameras Are On (Taekook)

More of everything to come!

Sleeping Beauty (Avengers Cast x Reader Drabble)

You didn’t know that the Avengers cast can also be called sneaky paparazzis. Also you love sleeping. Who doesn’t, right?

Word count: 779

Author: @chrixa

“Hi, uh, I’m Sarah and I want to ask is it true that Y/N can sleep everywhere?” A chorus of laughter followed her question. 

“That is indeed true,” you smile at her as you nodded. 

“Oh she can sleep literally any time as well,” Chris adds as another wave of laughter filled the convention hall. 

“The Russos would just call like a 5 minute break and when you look at her she’s already asleep in someone’s lap or shoulder,” Sebastian said.

“Are we really talking about this?” You shake your head at the cast’s excitement. 

“Her favorite spot is Sexy Seabass’ lap,” Anthony smirked at your direction as the crowd cheered. 

“Hey there’s no denying that those thighs are the comfiest pillows out there,” you challenged Mackie with your smirk as well. 

“Really, Y/N? You chose Sebastian over me?” Evans asked you with a fake pout. Sebastian was just shaking his head in his chair. He faced this bickering between the three of you everyday when you were on set. Even sometimes he’d join in, when you guys weren’t bickering over him. 

“Stop whining you big baby,” Scarlett lightly slapped his bicep. 

“There’s one thing she doesn’t know though,” Sebastian said and giving you his famous one-sided smirk. You know something’s ‘bout to go down. 

“Sorry, Y/N, I really did try to stop them,” Mark apologized to you from the other end of the table. 

“What?” You ask, dumbfounded while mentally preparing yourself of what’s gonna happen in approximately three seconds. 

“We all have a picture of you sleeping, sweetheart,” Robert answered while sipping a drink from his glass. Of course they do. 

“You do not." 

"Yes we do,” Evans smiled wickedly. “We even made it into like some sort of competition of who gets the most pictures of you sleeping.” 

“You guys are evil.”

“As if you didn’t know,” Robert’s voice made everyone laugh again. 

“I have one of you sleeping on Evans’ shoulder while he plays with his phone,” Lizzie said. 

“I have a selfie with you sleeping. Look your mouth’s open,” Mackie showed the crowd the picture. 

“Can we go to the next question please?” You cover your face with your hands. They are always either a) embarrassing you or b) babysit you, there’s no in between. 

“But this is the winning number,” Evans said while showing the crowd a picture of you sleeping, obviously, on a couch, on a sleeping Sebastian Stan, still in full make up and costume. Your head was on his lap with your mouth slightly open and his ‘metal’ hand was on your stomach. Evans slides the picture to the right and there you were still in the same position while the rest of the cast was behind you and Sebastian making silly faces. Lizzie even put up a heart sign with her hands. 

You looked over at Sebastian and as you correctly predicted, his face was as red as a tomato. He was shaking his head while his shoulders shake with laughter and covering his face with his hands. “Okay next question please guys,” he said while still laughing. 

“How many pictures of Y/N sleeping do you guys have?” The moderator asked. He’s getting into it too? Seriously? 

You glanced at the table and saw that they were all scrolling through their gallery. “Seriously guys?” 

“Are you guys done counting?” The moderator, Josh, you think, asked and the audience cheered, eager to find out who won the ‘competition’. “Okay hold up your hands on 3. 1, 2, 3!” 

You saw that Robert held up a 3, Mark held up 1 (bless him), Evans held up 7 (seven?!), Sebastian held up 4, Mackie had 5 of them, Lizzie had 2 and finally Scarlett had 4. 

“Yes!” Chris pumped his fist in the air while the audience cheered another wave of excitement. 

“Chris, dear, if you want to take a picture with me all you have to do is ask. No need to be my biggest paparazzi.” 

“You know what, Y/N? I’m gonna post these pictures on Twitter.” 

“And you’ll have to buy me coffee everyday on our next movie.”


“And ice cream.”


“And donuts.”

“Do you want a whole restaurant as well?” 

“Okay next question!” Josh finally said. What took him so long?


ECCC. My epilogue.

There were already quite a few great posts about outlander ECCC experience but wanted to share my little “cherry on the cake” of attending comicon.

As some of you know I flew from London to get the chance to see Sam & Caitriona ‘in real life’ at ECCC. And as I was sitting in airport lounge, waiting for my flight back and reading first fan reports on comicon I rose to get a drink…and there they were!!! Just a couple of tables away, just the two of them, waiting for the same London flight as me :). I didn’t dare to try to talk to them or get a selfie- as frankly after 2 days of intense fan interaction this would be an inappropriate intrusion. This was their private time. And also because Sam seemed preoccupied with some problem and Cait was cheering him up so getting in there with hi can I have a selfie would make me feel a bit classless:). So I just sat gazing at those two beautiful creatures with clearly at least great friendship and affection for each other. But. I could not resist some sneaky snaps…which you can see here to back up my little story (publishing them b/c I think they are innocent 😇 enough to not be too much of privacy invasion ;).

So there you go - my little tidbit…

If anything seeing them at ECCC even so briefly made me ❤️and respect them more ( I was worried I may be disappointed). Great people and I just wish them well whether together or each on their own.

Also, once again I wanted to thank @supertam87 @sileas84, @chrismosstree, @mama-tumblz and @caitriona-m-balfe and several lovely other ladies that I met throughout the 2 days for making my short but intense Seattle trip such a terrific experience!

Masterlist: Harry Potter


Preference #1 - His/her face when he/she meets you
Preference #2 - How he/she tries to impress you
Preference #3 - When you make him/her smile
Preference #4 - How he/she kisses you
Preference #5 - When he/she is nervous around you
Preference #6 - When he/she sees you crying after a fight
Preference #7 - How he/she cheers  you up after a bad day
Preference #8 - When he/she sees someone else flirting with you
Preference #9 - How he/she hugs you
Preference #10
- How he/she makes you feel beautiful
Preference #11 - Your first date 


Ron Weasley

Tongue Tied
Love On Top
Dance With Me Tonight
Padfoot’s Daughter

Draco Malfoy

For Now
All Nightmare Long
Draco’s Girl
All I Want For Christmas
Can I Have This Dance?
Love Me Again
Somethin’ Stupid
You Found Me
Come Fly With Me
Until I Met You

Neville Longbottom

In Your Arms
You Are Not Alone
What Happens In the Green Houses
True Colors

Fred Weasley

Right To Be Wrong

George Weasley

Flying Love
Little Piece of Heaven
Banana Pancakes

Oliver Wood

Bad Day
I Hate You
Swim Down
Bad Reputation (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10) (Part 11) (Part 12) (Part 13) (Part 14)

Percy Weasley

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Luna Lovegood

Someone Like You


Dr. Iplier and Bim Bonding

“Sometimes the stress gets to you, you know? I want to help people by saying all bad news before…well, their deadline, and I know people don’t generally like hearing they’re dying. Bim- he just knows how to cheer me up. It might be because he’s in the field of entertainment or he’s just a great, funny guy. Either way, he’s really amazing.”

“It’s quite saddening to receive the bad news, but to give them? As aloof as Doc might be, he wants to help you by throwing the bad news already. I think that’s quite an admirable trait. He was there for me with my little issue about Matthias. I’ll be here with this.”

(Well, here’s another comic of them. I’m starting to love them as much as Bing/Google what the heck. Oh well XD It’s fun lol)

S.COUPS interview in Seventeen Magazine!

“Reliable eldest & leader who brings them together”

1. How are you going to express your personality?

I try to present myself strongly, but in reality, I’m someone who’s easily moved to tears. Whenever the members cry, it makes me cry as well.

2. What is your role in the group?

Even if I have things that are troubling me,  I don’t sound things out and just work quietly.  I want to be like a father (to the members).

3. What is the time that makes you the happiest?

The time I’m up on stage. When we had concerts in Japan this February, Hoshi asked the crowd, “Please let us hear your voices!” and the cheers we got back were very memorable.

4. How do you spend your days off?

The other members go out (and do stuff), but I’m a person who has to sleep when I get the chance. (lol)

5. What’s your favorite daily clothing style?

I like wearing refreshing and cool accessories to give me an edge. I also go shopping with Mingyu to his recommended stores.

6. Charm point

If anything, I’m reliable. There are many times younger fans ask, “Can I call you Oppa?” and older fans think I look like a reliable person, which makes me happy. The people who rely on me are Jeonghan and Seungkwan. When they speak to me about their troubles, I give them honest answers.

7. What kind of kid were you in school?

I’m a mischievious person- I splash water on my friends who are sleeping with their heads on the table and run away quickly. I’m also close with my teachers, and I keep in contact with them even now.

8. A few words to ‘SEVENTEEN’ readers?

There are many things you can only experience while you’re a student, so I’d like (you all) to make lots of memories, and I’d be happy if Seventeen was one of them.

trans: もち 

pic cr: mi_1004J

The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Heyyy. Could u do a rly angsty Jughead x Reader where the reader catches Archie (her bf) making out with Betty or something and she goes to Jughead, her best friend, and asks him to help her make a revenge plan? They start acting all lovey-dovey to make Archie jealous of what he lost and they make sure he finds them in ‘compromising situations’? I think it’d be really cute and funny. Thx!!!!

A/N: I’m going to do that so the reader finds out about Archie and Miss Grundy instead of Jughead as she’s walking past the classroom. Hope you like it! (Sorry I’m not the best with angsty stuff ugh) Requests are welcome!

Warnings: Archie x Reader (in the beginning), Cheating, Underage relationship (stupid Miss Grundy), Small amount of swearing,


The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

You had a bad feeling in your gut. Your boyfriend of a few months had been canceling dates and avoiding both you and your best friend Jug.

He was supposed to go on a roadtrip with Jug on July 4th but instead you and him sat in Pop’s trying to figure out why Archie canceled on the boy.

“It doesn’t make sense, Jug. He told me yesterday that you guys were leaving early?” You sigh and frown at your melting milkshake.

“I don’t know, (y/n)…”

“Do you think he got into some sort of trouble?” You push the basket of fries towards your best friend. The thought of your boyfriend lying to both you and him made your appetite disappear.

You glance out the window of Pop’s.

Keep reading


This is Damien of Dream Daddy, I’m going to be dating him when the game comes out. He’s one of my favorites so far okay. I really look forward to dating this Vampire Goth Dad with my Dadsona. (ALL OF THE DADS ARE HOT)
Reasons why Damien is already top tier:
. Nothing pales in comparison to his black fingernails. (They’re Anish Kapoor Black like his soul. Did you know the center of a shadow is the brightest point, like he is on my life.)
2. Black earrings, several fucking cheerings from this flustered gay right here.
3. His shirt frills that pay the bills.
4. His fancy cape, my mouth is agape.
5. He’s wearing purple and gold, I’m sold.
6. His crimson & purple eyeshadow, he’s won.
7. Another perk, those fangs he’s hiding behind his smirk.
8. I can hear his campy anime chuckles and it’s making me buckle.
Okay enough rhyming through my gay musings.
Protect him, his gender expression, make-up, and piercings.


1- “Cheer up Betty. You’ve always got me.”

2- Betty takes being called a female Jughead as the nicest compliment ever. <3

3- “C’mon! It’s me you’re talking to! I can read you like a book!” 

The moral of the days kids:

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones will always respect each other, defend one another and have each other’s backs pass it on.

My Professor. (1/?)

-Hanbin x Reader (Professor!Hanbin)

-It was universally known that friend with benefit between best friends would be a chaotic ride from the start till the heartbreak of either one or both party. No one says anything about being in one with your dear professor…

-What is this? I don’t know what this is… hahahaha 🙃🙃🤔😏 Read it and decide for yourself. (then maybe let me know what this is haha…Sigh, I need help.)

-Rated M for language, mention of sex (secretly rated B for bullshit 😏)

-S/O to @7n13bang for being MVP AF for requesting and read through 2 (soon 3) novel sized pieces of my shitty ass writing. 


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jolting awake from a sudden thunderous bang in the pin drop quietness of the lecture hall, you raise your head up angrily and stare up still in a daze. Your hands rub your eyes sluggishly to rid them of the leftover blurriness of sleep before trying your best to locate the source of the disturbance. Looking around the room, a few frustrating expressions pair with the scribbling sound of pencils on exam papers, you concluded that you had for once not slept pass the ending of the class. Finally, your eyes land on a boy 5 rows in front of you who’s nervously picking up his textbook, apologizing profusely to the 20 pairs of eyes glaring daggers his way.

Fucking Brian, always with his clumsiness.

A low grunt escapes your lips as you glare down toward the flustered boy nervously pushing his textbook underneath the ugly blue plastic chair of the rundown lecture hall with his foot. Now, normally you’re not so uptight that you’d be cussing someone out for an accident. It happens, especially during a high stress period like midterm week. However, what he did just now cost you one of the most amazing dream ever, or dirtiest… or maybe you need holy water kind of dream, depends on who’s talking. 

Dozing off in class wasn’t a rare occurrent for you. Math has always been one of those subject that comes to you without much struggle which leaves plenty of time for day dreaming about nighttime activities. Actually, what is a rare occurrent would be you attending class. Sign up for a late class, your best friend had said, it’d be easier to get to class since you’re already awake, he said. No chance of being late to class from oversleeping. Well he was right about the not being late to class part. You can’t technically be late if you never bother with showing up to begin with. What a load of bullshit. If anything, the tiredness built upon itself and by 4 o’clock, your body physically give up. Regret welcomes you in its cold embrace every single time you drag your feet across the grossly worn out, stains filled carpet of the 100 years old math building. If it wasn’t regret, it’d be the constant stress to your poor heart every time it creaks from the settling cold of dusk. You wouldn’t be surprise to see it completely in ruined one of these day. Honestly, how is the building even in function still. 

Having nothing better to do after finishing the exam early, you resorted to your usual activity during class time. As much as you enjoy the thrill of solving problems, sitting through a 2 hours lecture just isn’t your thing, even worse when there’s nothing to do after an exam. You lost count of how many people that had asked why you even bother showing up to class just to fall asleep 5 minutes into the lesson.

“Oh, they threaten me if i don’t start showing up to class, i’d get academic probation. Plus they say they’re considering kicking me off the cheer squad so you know, sleep here sleep at home… it’s the same shit.”

That was one of those lie you told so often it’s slowly becoming the truth. You could be strap onto a lie detector right now and neither will you sweat nor blink. What choice do you have but to deceive everyone. Plus, it’s not even that important of a lie, white lie even. If you told them the real reasons, probation would be the last thing you’d need to worry about. It’s not as if you can publicly declare your love for the hot professor. Actually, that in itself isn’t really the problem, 70%-99% of his students secretly mentally undress him during class anyways, boys and girls alike. 

Seriously, who wouldn’t. 

Being one of those genius kid that had everything figured out by the time they graduated high school, he’s barely even 4 years older than you with a Master and a Phd. under his belt with a fancy job at a prestigious university. Towering over most at nearly 6 ft, he pretty much stands out in any crowd. Even if his intimidating height doesn’t do its job, his impressive look will take care of the rest. Despite being a professor, he looks anything but with perfectly sculpted face, even better figure, and a fashion sense that shamed even models. He pretty much could be standing there reciting the phonebook and it’d somehow be interesting. 

The problem itself is that you actually acted upon your desire when the opportunities arisen a few months back. Well, that opportunity wasn’t just a simple heat of the moment thing but rather months of intense push and pull, suppressing and wanting to unleash a fury of unimaginable desires on each other. But let’s leave that tale for a later date. 

Staring up at the center of your deepest darkest secret, you muster up a sleepy smile when your eyes meet his. He had been busily grading away at his desk while simultaneously proctoring the exam before now, looking ravishingly stunning under the rare appearance of his oversized brown tortoise specs. A playful smirk rests upon your mouth without your knowledge, tongue breaching its barrier for a slow sensual meeting with the lower lip. He often wears contacts, only busting out the glasses whenever he knew he needed to get on your good side.  

You’ve never meant for this little preference to be made known, much less to Hanbin. Late night spend in his office in reality is much less exhilarating than what one would anticipates of a willing single lady and an open available man lock in a room, wee hours of the darkness with nothing else but the quiet cricket of night as companions. He had been on the 3rd pile of paper scribbling away furiously with a few disappointing sigh. It had only been the first exam of the quarter and already, stress bestowed upon the poor professor. His brows furrowed in frustration of where could he have gone wrong that resulted in such detrimental way to the class learning curve. A soft “God” slipped through his lips like the most dainty of wind rushing through the leaves. Your heart ached for the young professor blaming himself for the lack of the class. Seconds of sympathy turned into minutes of absentmindedly staring at how his hair no longer holding its shape but rather flopping over in evident of a exhausted long day. Even with the guilt of not being able to do more to help him coursing through your blood vessels, you couldn’t stop the primal calling of the pooling heat in between your legs. 

His svelte fingers rubbing his brows vexingly as his head twisted in discomfort. Judging from the amount of red blooming on the page, it had to be one of the stoner kid that’s even worse at showing up to class than you are. When he wasn’t nibbling gently on his knuckles, his teeth would be busy gnawing away at the redden abused lips, rolling and licking them to smithereens. You let your attention engulfed in the slight sheen on those high cheekbones, eyes lingering along the sharp jawline that had definitely had every girl in the department wishing they could trace them with their tongue. His jet black locks messily draped over the peeking undercut, no longer sinfully neat from the constant ruffle of his hand rummaging through in disappointment. A near moan-like sigh escaped your lips when his index effortlessly push the oversized pair of glasses up the bridge of his noise, tugging it gently by the end piece. Hanbin is undeniably handsome, that’s for sure. But God forbid how immorally good he looks with his specs on, playing into his part as a professor so damn well. Unknowingly, your legs less than inconspicuously crossed over themselves, clumsily rubbing hard knocking the underside of his desk a few times, begging for any sort of friction. All from the way his glasses framing his ethereal face so perfectly. You had been so lost within the mesmerizing view that you nearly lost your soul from the sudden rasp of his voice.

“Baby girl, what are you doing over there?” Checking in on you was something he had always done. Even grading get rough and tedious so you provide the right amount of distraction for a quick break.

“H-Homework…” You stuttered out in an almost incoherent mess, chest heaving, breaths steadily rising. Heart rapidly drumming against your ribcage out of shock.

“How’s that going?” He sighed, a slight smirk nestled itself on his lips.

“Uh-Uhm. Good!” You shamelessly stared at the busy man in front of you that was sparing you no glance. He continued with jotting down comments, circling mistakes.

“Are you working on art?”

“Huh? No. Physics.” For once, you wished for nothing more but for him to return to ignoring you, leave  you to your day dream. You whimpered pathetically, losing command over all your senses.

“Judging from the way you’ve been absentmindedly doodling circles on your paper, I’d have guessed it’s a kindergarten art assignment for learning shapes. But hey! What do I know, right?” Not even one single second spared. He didn’t even look up while cooly making his observation. “Then again, I could be wrong. I think your legs are busy doing something else though.” His tone remained as calm as ever. As if he was just making a passing comments on how pretty the night sky was, not the fact that you were pleasuring yourself off the jaw-dropping sight of him hard working. “Or should I teach you some anatomy lesson right now. We’ll start with picking up your slacken jaws off the floor…” Finally, that haughty, mischievous expression graced itself on his features, his eyes glanced upward just enough to witness all the color disappeared from your skin. 

“C-Can you blame me though? It’s late and I-we should be in bed by now” You somehow managed to still be the least bit sassy while throwing down your pen after the mortifying realization that he was right. Atop your free body diagram a jumble of scribbles and circles layered themselves in no particular order. Your hands immediately went to press down your awkward legs in hope of controlling your dampen core. You bit your cheek out of pure embarrassment, physically impossible to look his way. You must’ve looked so stupid drooling over him with your mouth gaped wide open while drawing random shit on your homework.

“Is that so? I did said you don’t need to keep me company when I grade exam. You can go home first…” Clearly amusing himself from watching you suffer, he quipped playfully.

“No… I’ll stay.” You insisted, wincing a bit from a particularly hard chomp against on your own lip.

“You’re way too distracted today. What is it? Is it because I’m ignoring you?” He halted his movement, right hand placed over his left matter of factly. You tried your best remaining still in your seat, eyes glancing around, sweating like a sinner in church.“Hmm, that’s not it. I’ve ignored you for weeks before when my folks came to town. I bet it’s not my clothes either. You’ve seen me in these slacks plenty of times…” You swallowed hard, fingers nervously tapping on your thigh. He eyed you up and down, inside out, left to right with an inquisitive note to his burning gaze. 

“Ah…” Like the devil had just thrusted himself upon the man lost in thought in the mere microsecond it took you to blink. A wave of indiscernible mix of ego and arrogance submerged him in its toxic lake, darkening the light in his star filled eyes with lust. You felt lost gazing in those blown out pool of brown, feeling its seductive calling drawing you closer to losing yourself. You tried to resist but like a spell bound fool, you found yourself wandering further into his embrace. 

The sudden shift in mood had you sinking into your seat as if it could somehow eject you out of the thick tension of the room that was overworking your lungs with harsh gasps. Curiosity burned away and contentment bursting out with life like a phoenix reborn from ashes, his eyes still following you closely, latching onto the way yours darted between the collar bones peek-a-booing beneath the unbuttoned collar of his disheveled button up and his face. An all too familiar grin spread across those plump hot lips of his, a smuggest of a smirk. 

“So. My baby girl got a thing for glasses huh… Why didn’t you said so in the first place.” He leaned back into his chair, legs spread wide as if daring you to perch atop them. With a swift motion of his finger, you hopped out of your seat and straight to his side as if you just won the lottery. 

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The freshman ships

1. Chris x Mc

“I’ve already told her about how great you are”

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2. James x Mc 

“When i look at you i feel like i’m living out one of my stories”

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3. Kaitlyn x Mc

“You always know how to cheer me up”

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4. Zig x Mc

“The main gist was that i’d found a girl who reminded me that i had dreams before life got in the way” 

Originally posted by sensualkisses

4. Becca x Mc

“Enough foreplay, i want you now”

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Talking To God
  • Me: Hey God, I'm gay and lonely, can you give me something to cheer me up?
  • God: *gives me Dear Evan Hansen*
  • Me: Fuck, okay. I meant happy but this works too. *cries because Mike Faist*
  • *2 months later*
  • Me: Never mind, this is happiness. *cries because Mike Faist*

Hello everyone! My dash is rather dead, and since I unfollowed a lot of blogs a while ago, I would like to follow some new blogs so here’s to another follow spree :) Here are my general requirements:

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Other things I will be looking at but are not an absolute requirement:
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2. Multifandom anime blog / 80% of your blog isn’t limited to one fandom 

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anonymous asked:

You said in an earlier post that you would not spam us with hero/villain prompts. Please, please go back on your word and start spamming us! I LIVE for the hero/villain prompts. I have so many short stories I've created because of those... You make A+ prompts. Never stop! 😘

1) “Maybe you should try giving me another hug, I’m sure that will magically make me a better person. Or perhaps true love’s kiss if you’re really committed.”
“We’re not in love.”
“Oh, okay. So it’s just pitiful aim that you’re losing so badly. Awkward! I’ll keep my suggestions to myself.”

2) “You’re not as chirpy as normal, hero. Kitten get stuck up a tree?”
“Something like that.”
The villain frowned. “Is there anything I can do?” They glared when the hero looked at them in surprise. “It’s no fun breaking you if you’re already broken…why are you smiling? Stop it.”
“I thought you wanted to cheer me up?”
“I did until you started smiling at me like that.”

3) “Now,” the villain murmured. “You sound just like me.”
“And yet you don’t look pleased.”
“You were never supposed to be me.”

Crush Imagine (request) #38

Hey, love your crush imagines even though they will never happen to me, but I have a request. It’s really cheesy, but have y/n tell y/c she likes him, then have him not say anything, then, she leaves. But when she’s at home alone, he comes and is soaked in rain, and tells her he likes her too. I know it’s really cheesy, so you don’t have to do it, but thanks in advance!


“Should I tell him?” I asked y/f.  I’d been debating, whether or not to tell y/c about my feelings. 

“What’s the worst that could happen? He doesn’t like you back” y/f gave me a look. 

“But what if it ruins our friendship” I weighed the pros and cons. 

“If it ruins your friendship, then girl, he’s a total dick and you shouldn’t want him as a friend. I see it as a win win situation” y/f urged. “Look, are you going to the game tonight?” y/f asked.

“I don’t know. Y/C told me to go, but I have homework” I admitted. 

“Homework? That’s the lamest excuse, and besides, it’s Friday. You have the rest of the weekend for homework. Look, think about it, I’ll save you a seat there. Besides, you can tell him after the game” y/f wiggled her eyebrows. I laughed and hit her arm, walking to my next class. 


“So, are you coming?” y/c asked. I bit my lip as I pressed my phone against my ear. 

“I don’t know yet, I’ve head you guys are pretty bad” I teased. 

“Oh yeah, that would explain why we’re undefeated, we must suck. I mean me especially, I mean who knows why I start, I’m so bad” y/c sarcastically said. 

“I don’t know, I’ll see” I put on my shoes. 

“Alright, well, for what it’s worth, I’d really like to see you here” y/c said. 

“Well see y/c, we’ll see. I have to go, good luck!” I grabbed my keys and headed to my car. 

“Thanks, see ya” he hung up. I sighed and unlocked my car, started the engine, and drove to school. I was a little early, the game didn’t start for another 15 minutes, but our school tailgated everything, and the tailgate was in full swing. 

“Hey, you made it!” y/f squealed, grabbing my arm and dragging me over to one of the guys pickup trucks where a cooler of beer was. 

“What is it?” I asked. Due to a number of suspensions, we’d started pouring alcohol into water bottles, gatorade bottles, you name it and we used it as a disguise. 

“That my friend is vodka” y/g/f said, taking a sip of his drink. I shrugged and took a sip, feeling a little courageous. 

“5 minutes!” someone shouted, and suddenly everyone started packing up. Y/f and I headed to the school gym, where the boys basketball game was. Y/F and I climbed up the bleachers, getting a good seat and turned around, cheering with everyone else. They were going for another title, which was why all the basketball games were so crowded. I saw y/c warming up, dunking the basketball and damn did he look fine. Y/C looked over at the bleachers and caught my eye, waving to me. I smiled and waved back, feeling my heart flutter. 


“The score is 41-41, could this be any more of a tight game? With only 2 seconds to go (y/c/last name) dribbles to the half court and takes the shot, and makes it!” the commentator shouted, as the buzzer went off and we all jumped up, cheering and shouting as the basketball team all hugged each other. I ran down the bleachers and jumped into y/c, hugging him tightly. 

“Congratulations” I grinned. Y/c chuckled and rubbed my back, slowly letting go off me. 

“There’s a party, since you know, we won. It’d be nice if you came” y/c scratched his neck. 

“I’ll be there, just text me the address” I grinned. He nodded and was lifted up by everyone, chanting his name. I laughed and left the gym, imagining different ways to tell him I like him. Eventually y/c texted me the address for the party, and by the time I’d gotten there, I still couldn’t figure out how to tell him. Music was blasting but the time I reached the party, and people were making their way inside. I parked my car and went in, looking for y/c. 

“Y/N! Hey” y/c waved. “Do you want something to drink?” he asked. 

“Jack Daniels” I shouted, noticing a bottle of Jack Daniels out. He nodded and poured me a cup before getting up and walking over to me. 

“Come on, I think there’s a hammock around here” y/c led me outside, and indeed there was a hammock. “Hold on I’ll grab a blanket, it’s a little chilly” he set down our drinks and quickly ran back in. Y/C came back out with two blankets. He spread one across the hammock and we sat down, and then he spread the other one over us. He reached over and handed me my drink, and took a sip of his. 

“So that was quite a game” I took a sip. 

“They were good, but we were better” he winked. I rolled my eyes and shoved his shoulder. 

“I have to tell you something” I set down my cup, remembering I would have to drive home, and even though it wasn’t far, I would rather be a little buzzed than black our drunk while driving. 

“Alright, what’s up?” he put down his drink. 

“I just, I don’t want this to change things with us.You know? I like us, how we are” I rambled. 

“Y/n, what are you trying to say” y/c chuckled. 

“Right, god I’m so scared to say this but I’m just going to say it,” I turned and looked at him, “I like you. Not like oh hey we’re friends, I like you like you.” Y/C sat silently. “Y/C say something please” I bit my lip, was this a mistake? Y/C stayed silent. “Okay” I nodded and got up, quickly leaving the party, feeling tears forming. I got into my car and looked at the clock. 8PM. Who the hell leaves a party at 8PM? I shook my head and drove home, ran up to my room and shut the door, crying. A crack of thunder came from outside, shaking the house. 

“Oh great” I muttered, of course, rain, what could make this night worse? After about 20 minutes of crying, I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face.  Once I had dried my face and put on my moisturizer, I heard the doorbell ring. I crinkled my eyebrows and headed downstairs to open the door. I opened the door and there stood y/c, soaking wet head to toe. 

“Y/C what are you-” I was cut off by Y/C grabbing my waist and kissing me passionately. I felt every nerve in my lips tingle as I kissed back and ran my hands through y/c’s soaked hair. The water from his hair dripped onto me, not that it really mattered. We pulled away and I touched my lips, unsure that what just happened, had really happened or I was hallucinating. 

“You left before I could say anything. I like you too. A lot actually” he placed a hand on my cheek and traced my jaw with his thumb. “I know I should have said something, but I was so shocked” he muttered, kissing me again. I placed a hand on this chest and kissed him back. “You and me, we’re going to be good together, just you wait and see” he pecked my lips. “I’ll see you later…girlfriend” he smirked, and walked away, probably back to the party.