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“Why is one episode so long? I was here less than 30 minutes last time. It’s been two months now! Why isn’t it over yet?! What if the time keeps on running like this? That’s right! This is a serial webtoon. Does it need something to end the episode? Right! Something should happen to the lead character! An incident which can be the ending scene. An incident. What kind of incident?

And here we have a completely legitimate photo of Jeon Jungkook admiring Park Jimin’s ass 🍑

a personal playlist that I will update and edit over time.


i. YOUTH - Troye Sivan  ii. Wonderwall - Oasis  iii. Drive - Halsey iv. Work Wong - Hozier v. Hurts So Good - Astrid S. vi. You Found Me - The Fray vii. Heaven - Troye Sivan viii. We Move Lightly - Dusin O’Halloran ix. Tennis Court - Lorde x. I will survive - Gloria Gaynor xi. Cosmic Love - Florence + the machine xii. Home - One Direction xiii. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko xiv. Dream - Imagine Dragons xv. She keeps me warm - Mary Lambert xvi. Neptune - Sleeping At Last xvii. Believe - Mumford And Sons xviii. R.I.P. 2 My Youth - The neighbourhood xix. This Heart - Mary Lambert xx. Saturn - Sleeping At Last xxi. Is There Somewhere - Halsey


since i already answered #8 here, i’ll post #1 separately!

#1: Favorite hero?

not only do i love them both but i also play as them the most (i have at least 19 hours as lucio on record…and 17 for genji…someone save me), and as such i couldn’t choose between them so i just drew them both (in the skins that i have for them in-game)! go team green 

i really love tracer and d.va too (but i’m terrible at playing as them), and i am a fan of playing as soldier 76 as well but alas i’m too lazy to draw everyone HAHA

okay but bones on tumblr like “i’m a doctor, not a discourse machine”


I’ve been wanting to thank a certain someone on tumblr…

Thanks to her… she made me want to draw more, get new friends and being noticed…

TBH, I had this blog for quite some time annnnd this was the only time that I felt like people wanted to see more of what I’m capable of…

I seriously want to strike up a convo with you… but im too shy, plus I feel kinda bad for suddenly ignoring you (which I didn’t.. I just didn’t know how to show my appreciation.. until now) 

Thank you so much @kyorinumnum … 
Thank you for filling me with determination ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

PP3 Prediction

I’m writing this down now just in case it does happen and no one believes me when I said I predicted it.

I think it would start off with Beca as a Music Producer. But The problem is that she works at a shitty studio with a shittier boss. So she tries to start her own company but her boss Blacklisted her so she can’t find anyone to work with. Then she gets an invitation to a reunion at Barden University the class of 2015. She doesn’t really want to go until she gets a message from Chloe asking her if she’s coming. Now Beca didn’t necessarily fall out with any other Bellas but as a music producer she was always busy and met new people, eventually losing touch with the rest of the Bellas. After getting that message she decides to go. Emily would be there because she’s with Benji and so you still have the original cast. Chloe would probably bring Aubrey because they still hadn’t lost touch (if they were bring Camp back). Then there’s a moment when Chloe gets a little mad, along with the Bellas of why she lost touch. Then they get in a fight as Beca attempts to defend herself and she walks off. Before she leaves though she gets all the girls together to apologise and this time do things a little differently. As they sing some song Beca get the idea that the Bellas would be the perfect start to her record company and she could actually save it from crashing and burning. They record an album and make it big. Beca’s company is saved and the Bellas are back together once again making music. The End.

reapism  asked:

ok so i got a story for u. bc im a wiccan one time i went off into the outback with another witch pal i had at the time and we found a whole fucking horse skeleton. perfectly fucking clean and its skull was in tact and had nearly all its teeth so it died from old age right? so we decided to collect them. now to get to like this bushland we had to go through a park i knew. and there was kids. so what do i do? i scarE THEM WITH THE HORSE SKULL. & sometimes i just like to think of reaper doing this

this just in: reaper scares local kids with various animal skulls

robb stark appreciation month @robbstarkappreciation

day twenty-four: modern AU

social worker/union representative

In which everyone who knows him and his family expects Robb Stark to take economics in college so he can follow in his father’s footsteps and run the family firm, but he proceeds to surprise them by picking law with the goal of working in social services.

People do ask him why such a choice. He always shrugs and replies that sometimes you don’t necessarily want the things everyone assumes you might. 

(He never tells people that it’s because his half-brother only was officially adopted into the family after a long, exhausting procedure and because the system failed his best friend over and over until he stopped trying telling social workers in school that no, he didn’t have bruises all over his arms because he fell from the stairs, and that he’s been wanting to do something to change it since he can remember wanting to do something for a living. The people who should know, do. For the rest, he doesn’t really care.)

Not long after he starts working, he decides that he’s not going to mind his business in the face of cuts to his field and to education, and proceeds to surprise most people in his parents’s not exactly progressive circle all over again, when he joins a union along with getting a party subscription, and campaigns for being a representative not long later. When asked what they think of it, Ned and Catelyn Stark usually smile and reply that they’re happy he’s out doing what he wants and doing good in the world, and if it’s not what they thought he’d grow up to be, well, is it even such a big deal?


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This is so good I’m blushing.