'yes sir.'

Headcanon where hinata is captain and yamaguchi is vice captain, and everybody including kageyama and tsukishima do whatever they tell them to do bc a) hinata has mastered the magical pout and puppy eyes while b) yamaguchi’s freckles got prettier plus he knows everyone’s secrets 

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for the thing, 31 + sheith? or any ship really I just thought sheath matched well

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I love the way your face lights up when someone says, “It might be dangerous.” (I am glad we are friends.)

Shiro had been a shock.

Once upon a time, Keith had been prepared to hate him.  With his easy smiles and quiet tone, the way he was too quick with a salute and too eager to say ‘Yes, Sir’ or ‘Yes, Ma’am’, the slight pause before any kind of ‘No’.

Keith had taken one look at him and thought ‘Him?’  This was the shadow Keith had been chasing, the Shiro.Tak in all records?  This kiss ass?  How did that happen?

When they’d been forced together, when one of Shiro’s ‘Yes, Sir’s had been to work with Keith, there was only one reason Keith had tolerated it at all.  He’d been taught to be a creature of spite.  Keith would dig in his heels, learn every little trick the teacher’s pet knew, wring him completely dry, then destroy his records and leave him behind.  

Then Keith could move on, and he’d never have to see this waste of talent and his stupid face again.

That was, until the first pair flying simulations.

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nice & easy, nice & rough

pairings: jinki/taemin, onew/taemin, jinki/jongin, taemin/jongin, jinki/taemin/jongin
genre: pwp
rating: nc-17
word count: 839
ontae/ontaekai sex club smut “au where” (disjointed & incredibly messy)

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Sensei have you seen Yukkin? He seems to be missing in action.

I wouldn’t say he’s missing in action, but he’s somewhere.


Yukimura: Mun, don’t move that, let me help you,

Mun: But I can do it for myself.

Yukimura: No! A lady shouldn’t move heavy things, let me do it! *lifts a corner*

Mun: *lifts a corner higher than Yukimura*

Yukimura: Oh, than—

Yukimura: *embarrassed* HOW, WHAT–?! B-BUT YOU’RE SO SMALL.


Yukimura: I DO!


Yukimura: YES SIR

Yukimura: I MEAN MA’AM.


Mun: *ties hair back and lifts those practices swords and starts singing* LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, TO DEFEAT–

Back with Saizo:

Saizo: Yeah… I’m not sure what they’re doing…

Okay so, Yuuri is ultra protective of Yurio and once he catches wind that Otabek and Yurio are crushing on each other a talk has to be had.

Yuuri: Otabek? Can we have a chat? In private?
Otabek: Sure.
Yuuri: If you hurt or take advantage of Yuri, I will personally make sure you don’t place in another international competition for the remainder of your skating career. Do I make myself clear?
Otabek: *terrified but nods* Yes sir.

Yes Sir Series Part Three: Yes Ma’am

Title: Yes Sir Series Part Three: Yes Ma’am

Paring: Dean x Reader

Read part one here: xxx and part two here: xxx

Word Count: 1,902

Warnings: SMUT!!! SO MUCH SMUTT!!

A/N: Thank you all so SO much for sticking with this! I absolutely LOVED writing it. Enjoy!!! Guess I need a new smutty focus huh???!!!!


I leave for school in a week. Tell me what night works. This will be the only control you have for the night.


Dean’s POV

Letting out a slow breath you responded to Y/N’s text. Tonight, 8pm.

You hadn’t been able to get the memory of her asking to dominate you out of your mind. Thinking back to the way her body feels against yours, how it responds to your touch, your hand dropped to palm yourself through your pants. No. Not right now. Save it for tonight. Pulling yourself back up to your desk you tried to clear your head and focus. After twenty minutes of staring at your computer screen you decided to call it quits and head home early.

The kids had been picked up by their grandparents giving you some time to straighten up the house a bit. As you came into the front room something moving past the window caught your eye. Taking a few steps closer you saw Y/N in a tan trench coat walking up the front path.

You quickly stepped back from the window hoping she hadn’t seen you. God she looked gorgeous. Your breath caught in your throat when you heard the doorbell ring. Heart racing you went to the door and slowly opened it.

Y/N stood on your stoop, the glow of your porch light highlighting the curves of her face perfectly.

Without a word she stepped past you, starting up the stairs, she looked over her shoulders. “Follow.”

“Yes ma’am”

Readers POV

Turning to continue up the stairs you smiled as you heard the door slam and the sound of Dean running up behind you. Hearing him pass through the doorway to the master bedroom behind you strode over to the foot of the bed and turned.


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