'yes i thought so'

Just a reminder that I deserve nice things for being such an angel, and that one of the night things I deserve is a Wally old enough to ship with Linda. 

A Wally who is a cocky little shit, yet adorable enough that Linda can openly loathe him but secretly find him irresistible. 

And their theme song can be “Skinny Genes” by Eliza Doolittle, okay? Okay.

fresaie gave some great advice on adoptables.. ive thought about them since my days on dA but i didnt rly know how to do them??

would you guys be interested in some cute lil mystical creature adoptables? or like some based on mythology mb?? they wouldnt be very expensive either

also, im sending out my last two commission sketches and will then be waiting for the go on coloring/finishing them! however some havent replied to me for a week (understandable its life) and i have rent due tomorrow :( so ill be opening commissions prob later today, tomorrow at the least. i really, really need help this month… i wont be getting any loans until late august :/

but dw, i already have colors and the like planned out for thosw that r pendig so when i get the replies ill just finish them as they come. the new batch will b done differently too:

no more commission info via fanmail bc i just found two clients whose fanmails disappeared?? for no reason ugh jfc… so email only. prices have also changed… only gone up like 5 to 10 dollars after i got multiple asks suggesting i should raise prices (and god knows itd help so we’ll see how it goes)

im also only gonna take 6 slots this time, MAYBE 10 but no more ughhh jfjdj. i took on way too many before good lord… but 7 or so feels like i can do it and as i get better ill go to 10 or smthng.

also no more first pay first serve. its not rly working out and honestly some ppl respond quicker than others so ofc i should work on theirs first (cuz they’ll get done quicker too!!) this’ll also help bc some ppl only order sketches and can b done before a full render

i have also set a deadline for myself on each piece–no more than 5 to 7 days on a client. ofc i plan on getting them done even before that but school is coming back and i need to pump stuff out quicker if im gonna avoid being homeless. and that means not taking months… :/ rly embarrassed by that.. im sorry you guys. i really am.

i hope u guys r still interested and ill b contacting those who asked to be contacted when i opened again!! if u have any questions pls feel free to ask!! alao any suggestions or tips would be really wonderful ;v;

The Ofically Scariest Thing Ever Said On Headset Award

On headset. Wow, this is a really full house. Summer break is officially here.

That’s just what I was saying! It’s like you can read my mind.

Yes, I can actually hear all of your thoughts, so keep that in mind from now on.

Oh god.

I feel sorry for you.

What am I thinking right now?

And the award for the officially scariest thing ever said on headset goes to YOU.

*Submitted by  themagicnumbat

anonymous asked:

have you read red queen by victoria aveyard? if so what're your thoughts on it?

Yes I’ve read it, and I absolutely loved it

this has been lying around in my drafts for a while- a take on Boruto’s room (as a little follow up for Himawari’s)

for matchaball, thank you for raising my spirits on a gloomy and rainy day ♡


Some of the illustrations I’ve finished for the artbook! I still have 6 (out of 15 maybe) spreads to finish (and I’m saving Hide’s for last hahaha) so.. wish me luck!

p.s. I’m also on twitter posting doodles and wips! :’D

And now my rockets Sourin fanzine collection is complete(for now). Thank you again, Rockets!

for n-chu4ever​ because her Fire!John AU is what I do on my weekends <33

John was at Harvard when Scott suggested, lightly teasing, that he really should get his nose out of his books for five minutes and please get a hobby, for god’s sake little brother. The elder Tracy forwards John a list of his University’s Societies, with the thinking that John will at least be half tempted by maybe the Gaming Analytics Group or the Chess Club or the Robotics Club or anything that doesn’t involve John having his eye pressed to a telescope 24 hours a bloody day. Hell, he can join Anime Soc for all Scott cares because John, pale and interaction starved, just seriously needs to get out more.

But then John, for some bizarre, unfathomable reason, decides it’s the Harvard College Magicians Society that he wants to join and Scott stares at him like he’s grown anther head (which, with the amount of time he spends the Uni labs, Scott thinks quite likely).

Magic, John?” Big brother blinks, “Magic, really?” Because John is science and facts and space and his head stuck in the stars or in the lab or to a telescope and magic is the least-John thing he can possibly imagine.

“I’m interested in the tricks behind it.” John just calmly smiles, packing his books away on the other end of the holocall. “They have a circus skills division with fire performances too, and I wouldn’t mind learning some staff or poi or those spinny things on a string or something. And not just for the scientific interest I have in combustion.” He grins, glancing up at his brother. “You’re right, Scotty boy. I really do need a hobby.”

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anonymous asked:

How do you think Syaoran proposed to Sakura? (Sorry for these questions, it's just that you're my go-to SxS expert on here)

Please don’t apologize! I enjoy answering them.  I’m just slow about answering questions in general, haha.

Sakura and Syaoran never stop being an item from the age of 11 to their eventual deaths, so there’s never really a question of whether or not Syaoran will ask Sakura to marry him, but a question of when

Syaoran spends - literally - 15 months looking for the perfect opportunity.  He wants to wait until they have both finished whatever schooling they want to complete.  Then he wants to make sure he has stable employment: if he can’t find a job in Japan, he’ll have to leave when his student visa ends, and that will put a damper on any wedding plans.  (Syaoran is independently wealthy through his family, so money is no real object, but Japan’s Immigration Office isn’t going to accept his inheritance as an excuse for not contributing to Japanese society.)

Syaoran gets the engagement ring custom-made: small pink diamonds arranged in the shape of a sakura flower, surrounded by tiny emeralds*. It’s not very ostentatious, but he hopes she finds it to her taste more than finds it striking.  She likes small, cute things best anyway.

He needs to pick the perfect setting.  At first Syaoran thinks he should just carry the engagement ring with himself for a while and when the perfect mood arose, go to one knee and propose then.  But there’s two problems with this idea: 

1) It goes against his sensibilities to not carefully plan out the proposal, and
2) Tomoyo insists that Syaoran tell her the time and day so that she can get it on video. Of course.

Finally, he settles on proposing on Sakura’s birthday.  After having breakfast with her family and lunch with her friends - Sakura is careful to equally share herself amongst her loved ones - Syaoran finally has her alone for dinner.  He proposes they go for a walk under Tokyo Tower afterwards.  They reminisce about fighting Eriol in its shadow.  They stop to look up the Tower; the moon breaks out from behind some clouds.  Some bushes rustle.

The moment is perfect. Syaoran takes a deep breath, turns to Sakura, and says her name.  She looks back at him.  He takes her left hand in his, reaches into his jacket pocket with his right hand, and goes to a knee.  He pulls out the ringbox.  He opens his mouth.

Nothing comes out.

Syaoran’s heart won’t stop pounding, so loud in his ears that he doesn’t think he would be able to hear himself even if he could speak.  His face is burning.  Sakura says ‘oh!’ and stares first at the ringbox with round eyes, then at him, turning bright pink and bringing her free hand to her mouth.

Ten terrifying seconds elapse.  Then Sakura cries, “Yes! Of course I will!”

She falls to her knees and grabs Syaoran around the middle, hugging him tightly.  Syaoran, stunned, hugs her back stiffly.  She kisses him, hard, and Syaoran finally manages to breathe again (through his nose).  Once Sakura pulls back, Syaoran finally opens the ringbox and put the ring on her finger, which she’s very pleased with.  They sit there on the pavement, both of them trembling, and Sakura laughs and Syaoran smiles.  They can’t even stand for quarter of an hour, and Syaoran is rendered all but mute by emotion.  (They might both cry a little.)

(The shaking bushes stop shaking only after they get up and leave.  Tomoyo never shows anyone the video; some things are best kept to oneself.)

*Diamonds are the birthstone of April. Green emeralds represent Syaoran (because he likes green).


Full disclosure: this is heavily inspired by knightarcana. :D

Jonghyun/Taemin; i had a title but i cant remember it; PG

anonymous asked: i’m really into the merperson jong au you talked a little bit about on twitter can you move it up to the top of your queue when you finish it please omg
hey lucky u anon i finished this last night lmao

“Sea?” the human asks. Jonghyun rolls sear eyes.

“Yeah. Sea. Me. I am the sea. We all are. We hear the sea, we breathe the sea, we live the sea…?” This is like, straight out of the egg knowledge. Sea can’t believe that this Taemin doesn’t know this.

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EXOs reaction when their girlfriend wears skimpy clothes on stage

Anonymous: Exo reaction to seeing their gf wearing skimpy clothing on stage

A/N: A person send a request. Thank you whoever you are anonie!


Xiumin: No reaction, only feels for Xiumin. Just horny feels.

Luhan: “IS THAT Y/N?”

Kyungsoo: “Yes, I think so”

Luhan: “That’s what I thought”

Kris:  *blank* (but likes what he sees)

Suho: Extremely happy and proud by your performance. 

Lay: Tries to control his unicorn boner, but can’t take his eyes off of you.

Bakehyun: “Oh. OH!”

Chen: “Ahahahahah guys you did you see? She almost tripped with that heels”

Chanyeol: Leans himself back on his seat, enjoying your performance and your body.

Kyungsoo: (to Baekhyun -without taking his eyes off of you-) “She is gorgeous, isn’t she?”

Tao: Enjoying this way more than anyone else who’s watching.

Kai: “The things she is doing me…”

Sehun: Thinking if you even wear anything under that ‘dress’


Phandom Art Swap - I got this post by nanisnart

Since it was a big crossover headcanon post, I thought why not just… expand on those headcanons… ye.

So… Dan is still from a different timeline. He ran into Clockwork on his own and ended up back in the 70s, where his love of wanton destruction caused the economy collapse and the later nuclear apocalypse that the MM timeline is based on. Portals to the ghost zone were never created. The elimination of his own timeline as the new one replaced it kind of amplified his madness, which was plenty there before. After years of surviving thanks to the time medallion that ensures his existence out of his own timeline, he gets captured by Vlad again, and his unique matching stable DNA is the reason he can be used as a blood bag for Danny and many of the other clones. He doesn’t recognize these familiar faces at first, but as this alternate Valerie Gray and he team up, he slowly starts to remember…