'yes i see that doctor'

Now that Will and Grace is coming back (28th of September this year) I feel like it’s the perfect time to share something I learned a while ago. John Barrowman, probably best known from Doctor Who, Torchwood and Arrow,  Barrowman was also considered for the role of Will in Will & Grace, but the producers reportedly felt he was “too straight” and the role eventually went to Eric McCormack instead. Like have you seen John Barrowman??! 





Here’s the link to his wiki if you don’t believe me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Barrowman

PS: I’m really happy that Will & Grace is coming back, I have a lot of fond memories of watching it wiht my older sister.


Matthew Lawson and Alice Harvey
How about we go outside and get some air?


The moment Alex Kingston learns who 13th Doctor is going to be (Raleigh SuperCon - July 16, 2017)

Eight in his cell in Seeing I.

He put down the cornflower and picked up brick red. It was his fiftieth box of crayons. The cell was covered in colour, wallpapered in three years’ worth of designs, to a height of precisely six feet on each of the three walls. Abstract patterns, mostly, though perhaps here and there you could imagine a humanoid figure, a landscape, an image from deepest space. A faint, oddly comforting aroma of oil came from the walls in the heat.

The implant could only see and hear, he was sure of that now. It could not read his thoughts. At least, not many of them. Because otherwise Dr Akalu would not keep asking him about the drawings in his cell.

More Tattoos {Tattoos ii}

Author: Juju

Warnings: pregnancy talk (duh) and miscarriages and my first attempt at angst

Summary: You try to keep the secret from the Mendes family. It doesn’t work out as planned.

Word count: 2.9k

A/N: Italics is flashback! Also @torontogawd, thanks for being awesome and putting up with me as well as @zipline-mendez

if you read this and you like what’s down there, send me a ‘rude is trash’ in my inbox. i’m trying to prove a point to my friend.

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You, Shawn and Aaliyah were currently sprawled out on Shawn’s bed. It was incredibly late, but none of you wanted to sleep. 

You had been in an in-depth conversation about bananas, but you all got lost along the way. As one would, talking about…bananas. 

“Shawn?” Aaliyah piped up from her place on the end of the bed.

“Yeah?” He answered.

“Do you wanna get a tattoo? Like ever?” 

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  • Benedict Cumberbatch: does push-ups
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: in full Doctor Strange costume
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: ON.ASPHALT.
  • Me: Take me. Take me now. *swoons*

doctor/master au : DC Comics

Peter Capaldi aka Joker and Michelle Gomez aka Harley Quinn 

                 ‘I hope Puddin’ wasn’t too mean to you.’
                                              ‘Pud… din’?’
         ‘now, did he push you out of that thing, or did you fall? couldn’t really tell. he can be very mean sometimes. except to me, of course, because he loves me so much.’

There’s a lot of fanon, possibly backed by Word of God, that Harry was also a doctor, but what if Harry wasn’t that kind of doctor.

Like, they’re back from a mission, and Eggsy is like, “Harry, I think I’ve tweaked my shoulder, could you take a look? ”

“Well, I’m not sure I’m the most qualified-”, Harry demurs.

“it’s alright, I know you ain’t been a doctor for ages, but I don’t fancy going down to medical, they hate me. And you probably know as much as them.”

Harry winces. Time to pay the piper, as it were. “Ah, yes. Well, actually you see, I am a doctor, but not that kind. I have a doctorate in biology.”

“… You what, mate?”

“Yes. I specialized in butterflies. I wanted to be a lepidopterist. That’s really why I joined the army, at first. I thought it would be rather romantic, traveling the world, finding exotic butterflies.”

“So, you mean…” Eggsy is visibly struggling. “You mean to say you’ve been letting me think you’re the other kind of doctor all this time…”

Harry scowls. “Well, back when you and Lancelot were watching Grey’s Anatomy together, you kept going on about Patrick Dempsey, forgive me if I took advantage of your little misapprehension in the hopes it might stir your interest.”

“That’s because it’s Patrick Dempsey, Harry!” Eggsy now looks like he’s forgotten all about the shoulder. “And you’re you! You’ve been *holding my interest* ever since you picked me up from Holborn looking like you stepped out of a Byron novel, you great big wanker. Fuck!”

They’re both silent for a moment, the sound of the landing gear unfolding underneath them. “You know,” Harry says finally, “I do believe I may have something for that shoulder at my house.”

“Yeah?” Eggsy’s eyes are bright with interest. “Is that right?”

“Unfortunately, I may have to keep you for observation overnight. Standard procedure, you understand.”

Eggsy’s fingers creep into his. “I think I’ll manage.”

“I have been told, however, that I have excellent bedside manner.”

“Harry, oh my god, shut up and kiss me already. Doctor’s orders!”

“Who am I to refuse that,” Harry agrees and obeys.

Open Letter to FanFic Authors

Roses are red, violets are blue

You made me feel important, its true

Thank you fanfic authors for writing everything you do. I, personally, prefer fluff and reader inserts but still.

Thank you for helping me get through middle and the early days of high school. I felt lonely and unwanted, but your stories of fictional characters valuing the reader always brought a smile to my thoughts. (Not face, because I wouldnt let anyone know I was reading fan fiction in public!)

I was able to go on adventure with my favorite heroes or villains and exist in a different world for awhile.

Thank you for the AUs and pairings. Sometimes, written better than the original content. It gave whatever world the charcters lived in more content and made it more interesting.

Thank you for producing content for free that may get very little recognition.

Thank you for being my dark secret and being there for me in the darkest of nights.

I’m in college now, but I still remember some of the fics I read those many years ago. Good stories will stay with a person, so thank you for writing them.

Thank you for writing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Baby Bumps - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

Warnings: pregnancy, miscarriage scare 

Request: hi!!!!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is having Jughead’s kid (they’re maybe still in high and you can decide whether he was involved with helping the reader through her pregnancy or not and whether they’re a couple) and jughead gets a call or is told something’s wrong but it ends up being a false alarm and everything is okay and just fluff ok that’s really all (that’s a lot I’m sorry…) thank you! 

Summary: Jughead and the reader are having a baby together during their senior year after a heated moment 7 months earlier. The readers falls down the stairs while at home and Jughead gets a phone call in the middle of class. 

A/N: I really liked this idea, thanks anon. I hope its everything you wanted and more :) 

Your POV 

You can’t see your ankles. Well, if you spread your legs out wide enough you could see where your ankles should be, but aren’t. Pregnancy is sooo annoying, first you need to pee all the time, then the baby decides to play soccer in the middle of the night and now your ankles have swelled to non existence. Its not that you not happy you’re pregnant, you’re actually really happy that you’re having a baby. Especially with my devoted boyfriend of 2 years, but you just can’t see your ankles. Well, now your ankles match the size of your feet you try to reason with yourself humorously. You move you ankles out again. Nope. Still too big and non existent. 

You spend about half an hour focusing in your enlarged ankles. You contemplate getting up before your baby decides to make that choice for you. Sighing, you try to sit up but even in your bored, distracted state you know it’s fruitless without Jughead. Manoeuvring yourself to the edge of the bed, taking up a total of 10 minutes (you were counting), you move your legs off the bed. 

Making sure your swollen feet are stable and you roll off the bed, falling into a kneeled position on the floor and pushing yourself up with your knee. ‘Well that’s my daily workout done for today’ you sarcastically think as you waddle your way into the bathroom. After doing your business and again using unusual methods that resulted in you feeling like you ran another marathon, you sit onto the bed and position yourself so you can get up again without exerting yourself anymore than you need to. 

After watching a couple of episodes of Jane the Virgin you start to get really hungry and crave burrito. You’ve never actually had a burrito but you love Mexican food and you you’re really craving one so you decide to get up and go downstairs to call around and try to find a place that makes burritos. As you’re waddling your way through your house, about halfway down the stairs you trip over your enlarged feet and nonexistent ankles and fall down the rest of the way. Grabbing your phone from your bra, you quickly text Jughead. 

Fell down stairs can’t get up pls call ambulance 

Jughead’s POV 

Jughead’s in the middle of his maths class when he feels his phone buzz in his pocket. When pulls it out he sees a text from you and quickly unlocks his phone, worrying that something is wrong. 

Fell down the stairs can’t get up pls call ambulance 

His senses go into overdrive fearing the worst for you and the baby. 

Babe, I’m gonna go call. Please hold on. 

After seeing no immediate reply he quickly gets up in the middle of class, asking if he can leave early because he doesn’t feel well, he packs up his stuff and races out of the school and to his and your shared house. After calling the ambulance, while sprinting to you from the school, he barges into the house and sees you lying on the floor, knocked out cold. Milliseconds later, he hears sirens and 2 nurses carrying a stretcher enter the house. In what felt like the slowest minute in his life, Jughead finally enters the ambulance with you, grasping onto your hand tight. 

“I’m here (Y/N), I’m so sorry I wasn’t with you to being with,“ he mumbles to you while he strokes your hair. He keeps apologising the whole way to the hospital. Once they reach it, they escort him to the waiting room while they run you into the ER, making sure everything with you and the baby are fine. 

Jughead can’t help but pace in the waiting room, worry overcoming him, only making him pace even more. He knows worrying won’t help, but he doesn’t want to lose the only things in the world that matter the most to him. Half an hour later Archie, Veronica and Betty run into the waiting room and sit down, watching Jughead as he loses his grip on his usually calm and level mind. 

“(Y/N)(L/N)” a voice loudly calls as the room falls silent. Jughead races over to the doctor, Archie, Veronica, and Betty all hang back knowing that Jughead should have some alone time with his girlfriend before they start fretting over her. 

“Doctor, is everything alright? With her and the baby?“ Jughead uncharacteristically rambles out, too worried to care. 

“Everything is fine, she nearly lost the baby, but we managed to keep them in and so she’ll have to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy." 

“Yes, of course. Is she awake? Can I see her?" 

“Yes she is, she’s in room 118," 

“Thank you doctor,” and he rapidly walks over to 118 and barges into your room, not caring about how loud he was being. 

“(Y/N),“ he breathes. 

Your POV 

“(Y/N),” you look up at the sound of your name and smile at you boyfriend whose disheveled hair peaks from his beanie, revealing to you his worried state. 

“Juggy,“ you sigh opening your arms for him. He doesn’t hesitate and walks straight into them holding you tightly too him, almost afraid that if he let’s go he’ll lose you. 

“I was so worried about you both,” he mumbles into your hair, kissing it between sentences, “we nearly lost them." 

“But we didn’t, and everything is fine with me and the baby. All that happened was that I tripped down the stairs. There was nothing to fear,” you try reassuring. Your words comfort him a little but he’s not so desperate as to believe everything you said. 

“(Y/N) your “little” fall could’ve cost you the baby and possibly you,“  

“You wouldn’t have lost me,” “No, but you could have been badly injured," 

“True, but let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on the fact that our little family is alive and well- ow! and and still kicking. jeez,” chuckling at your statement, Jughead reaches down and places his hand on your stomach, starting to rub circles. 

“I know you’re glad I’m here too little one, but there is no need to keep hurting your mama,“ he says smiling at you. You smile back and realise that despite everything, nothing could ruin your little family. Almost as if he was reading your mind, Jughead leans towards you and kisses your lips. 

“I love you beautiful,” he mumbles against your lips. 

“I love you more,“ 

“Not even possible." 

A/N: Y/N = your name 

I hope I did your idea justice!!! Let me know what you thought of it!!

Casually watching Yes, Prime Minister, when Nicholas Courtney shows up - in uniform, bearing important security information!

So now I’m imagining a Doctor Who/Yes, Prime Minister crossover, where newly-appointed PM Jim Hacker Freaks The Fuck Out, because aliens, Humphrey! Aliens! Actual space aliens, on UK soil, and - what do you mean, it happens all the time?!


“Home! We’re actually home!”

“Yes, result! See? Told you I could do it.”

Companion: So how does sexuality work if you’re an alien?

Doctor: There are so many variables to consider - what’s gender, what’s attraction, what’s sex, what’s romance - I can’t frame my experience within the limits of current human vocabulary. In Gallifreyan I’d probably be considered… *draws on the screen* This. 

Companion: A set of circles that if you squint kind of looks like Virginia Woolf?

Doctor: But the TARDIS might be able to translate it. She does have all the knowledge of time and space.

*screen wibbles*

Companion: This just says ‘Pretty Gay’.

Doctor: And ‘Kind Of A Pervert’ - yes, I see it too. Thanks dear.


immortality isn’t living forever, that’s not what it feels like. immortality is everybody else dying.