ok listen, captain flint/james mcgraw was john silver’s backstory. he is the person that made him who he is. he says he was no one because he believes that to be true. he believes that he was ‘nothing’ before flint. his past wasn’t important, it wasnt what defined him. silver didn’t have a cause before he met him. until flint gave it to him, he had no story. in the same way flint had no story before thomas. no story worth telling, no story worth fighting for. so cant you see it? silver not telling flint his past wasn’t because he didn’t trust him. not because he didn’t love him. it was because flint was his beginning. he was where his war began. and how do you tell someone that? how would james tell thomas that he is the reason for all of it. how would silver tell flint that not only is he fighting for madi, but he is also fighting for him.

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Where did u get ur url from? or how did you come up with it?

The year is 2008, possibly 2007. I’m 12 years old and on the family computer, about to sign up for Quizilla. “I want a REALLY unique name,” I say to myself, looking down at the list of possible names I’ve prepared. “Nothing fandom related, and nothing with numbers or extra letters tacked on the end. Something super special that can only be ME.”

I type my first suggestion into the box. “Username already taken,” the website says. I shrug and try the next one. “Username already taken,” it repeats. With increasing worry, I go through my whole list, only to have them thrown back in my face because some other lucky duck got to them first. Soon I’ve reached the end of my list. All the usernames I could think of have already been taken.

“What am I supposed to do now?” I ask myself sadly. “All the names I wanted are taken and I can’t think of anything else…” But I’m a determined kid, and I don’t give up easily. “There has to be SOMETHING I can use as a cool username,” I say desperately, glancing around the room, hoping inspiration will strike. Something on the floor catches my eye and I look down.

There’s a tattered catnip packet lying next to my chair, a gift I had purchased recently for my cats. I stare at it thoughtfully for a few seconds before shrugging and raising my hands to the keyboard. “Eh…I guess it’s worth a shot.”

i know i’m in the minority on this site, but i’m actually happy about the disney remakes

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it's super interesting that briana actually doesn't have friends anymore and their family members don't want to be involved with them it's like there's something bad about them or they are hiding something 🤔🤔😨

Yeah like, she has one friend, Ashley, Tammi, Brett, Cybergranny, Austin, that one cousin and had a hired bff so it won’t look so weird, but now even she’s gone. The extended part of the Clark family doesn’t get much involved (Ashley’s brother and mom) and a few don’t even get involved at all (like Ruth and Troy), same with the Jungwirth side… it’s so weird lol she had lots of friends based on the pics from before this mess and now it’s just this few people, over and over again 

Story time: I’m sitting in the kitchen and my mother just says “What’s the picture of the two women and children on your wall..” And I’m staring at the computer thinking, how does one explain a photo of SuperCorp with their pretend children…. She then asked if “they are lesbians… and if they are from ‘Wonder Girl’, do they have children on the show, if they’re not lesbians together on the show, why do they make photos of them together?” 

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She was referring to the beautiful family portrait based off of SilentRain’s fanfic Breathe done by the amazing @tantoun (x)

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Okay, so, not sure if this has been asked before. If so, sorry. But, looking through Chara's Origins and Dogs of Future Past, I have to ask. Is "The Player" an actual entity? An entity that has been controlling Frisk throughout their time in the Underground? Is "The Player" us? the ones who play Undertale? Or, to avoid breaking the fourth wall too much, is "The Player" Frisk? They are the one who's choices ultimately effect the world, after all.

Well…you did play the game, didn’t you?

  • someone: do you want to talk about it?
  • me: maybe when i die
  • me: *chugs an entire bottle of vodka without breaking eye contact with them*
  • me: should be soon

the no filter tag :^) ty @vanillasimsfan and @citrontart for tagging me!! idk if I did this right tbh I didn’t even read the rules rip but imo the most unnatural thing about this is how weird alex looks without their glasses dfghgdg

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