I don’t give Coal enough attention tbh, he’s really fun to draw

  • me:*in the shower, thinking about how it's raining outside and how maybe I could just take a shower in the rain*
  • brain:yeah, if only rain had the same nutritional value as taking a shower
  • me:yeah that's totally a combination of words that expresses what I was feeling thanks brain

me: *owns 5 flannel shirts* *wears nothing but converse* *has a pixie cut* *stans gillian anderson* *listens to hayley kiyoko*

me: yeah but im totally straight!!!!!! boys are the best thing ever!!!!! i just LOVE breaking all those Lesbian Stereotypes by being a straight girl and doing stereotypical Lesbian Stuff!!!!!! i also love Men and Boys did i mention that already

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im a pakistani, n i just... find the marriage thing so odd?? i mean, people r like "oh the girl has graduated school, lETS GET HER MARRIED NOW TO A COMPLETE STRANGER" n like, so many women get domestically abused this way?? n a year into the marriage every1s asking "where's the baby" like... chill... also loads of people here dont get emotional and mental abuse, n tell their daughters to "tough it out" which makes me burn from rage so badly...

I have seen multiple marriages end bc people are so preoccupied with the ritual of marriage that they don’t see anything else beyond that. they don’t look at compatibility they just look for the best deal at the time. like this isn’t a used car this is someone’s life! as a result of this type of matchmaking, the woman often ends up in an abusive situation. thankfully the people I know have managed to get out. I think their parents learned a lesson too. but people shouldn’t have to make that first mistake of getting married and abused by the wrong person to realize these things. it’s unjust.

furthermore, it’s not in everyone’s kismat to get married. idk why we force it so much, it’s a very toxic mindset to make everyone think marriage is something everyone eventually does during their lifetime. bc it is a system that makes people who haven’t gotten married feel like they are failures in life and like they haven’t lived a fulfilling life if they have never married.

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are you still taking these? if you are then royai some kind of prophecy au? can be human or spirits or god/godess or whatever!

Long ago, a disagreement between two of the most powerful nations, Amestris and Drachma, led to war, in which each unleashed devastatingly catastrophic blows upon the other. The Amestrian Dragon of prophecy appeared to quell the fighting, but unbeknownst to him, the Drachman empire too had an incredibly powerful force, known only to few as the Winged Serpent. The two forces clashed and the battle lasted years upon years, and only after a fatal blow was the Dragon defeated. Using the last of his strength, he sealed himself away with the promise to rise again, and the earth fell into an age of darkness.

It is said that the Phoenix, his most loyal and worthy subject, jumps through time and countless lives searching for the Dragon, with the hope that she will find and awaken him to spare the world from an otherwise eternal darkness.

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In your opinion, which characters defies the Westeros's societal values as opposed to conform with them like Catelyn? I'd say Brienne, Sam and Arya, maybe Arianne but like, she was raised in a different context.

I do have the full definitive ranking that I could post, but i need to think through some of it.

Arianne is the very bottom of the list, with Asha right behind her. But yeah, Dorne is totally a different setting. I’d say the Iron Islands are too, but at the same token they’re more of a heavily toxic patriarchy and Aeron and Vic are tied for #3 on the list given their blind acceptance and utter terror of emasculation. But but, Asha’s upbringing was 100% unique for someone from the Islands too, being Balon’s daughter and whatnot. The people even comment “she thinks she’s a dude!”

Anyway if we wanna talk just Westerosi patriarchy proper (Quentyn, Dany, and Mel are also towards the bottom), it’s totally be Arya. I mean you could argue the North is a different setting too, but at the same token we see Sansa sort of struggling with internalized PB in a way Arya just doesn’t (though Sansa is actually growing out of it and challenging it). But yeah, there’s still no denying that Arya and Sansa didn’t have a typical upbringing with Drunk Nun.

Tbh I’m surprised to see Sam suggested; he has such a damaging view of what a “real man” is and that struggle is something that stays with him the entire time. He respects women for sure, but the internalized patriarchal messages that haunt him are a really strong feature of his chapters.

Brienne is sort of the same way too, but at the same time she may have the most fascinating conception of womanhood in the books (she’s like dead middle of the list). She eschews gender roles and is in some ways totally unapologetic for it, but at the same time she has this just horrible anxiety that she doesn’t fit anywhere, that her father deserves so much better than her, and then she also seems to place a high value on her “virginity.”

So yeah, those Northron PoVs beat her (except Ned). Though Tarth is huge and could totally have its own culture. It’s no coincidence that the more “Westerosi proper” the person, the higher they rank. Barry the scary is 4th after the Greyjoy bros. Then the Lannisters. Then JonCon. Ya know?

So I typed the command to delete a library on my computer that I thought I just installed, but it was probably important because I started seeing things delete like Geany (my preferred text editor), Nautilus (folder browser) and um… ubuntu-desktop. Oh, and USB ports don’t work anymore

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Hi! Would it make sense for parts of a "magical world" is know to humans and some parts isn't? Like other magical worlds/dimensions are not know but that magic and witches exist are known?

Yeah, that could totally make sense!

I mean, even if you look at the concept from a historical point of view, there were countries hundred of years ago that certain parts of the world didn’t know existed. So it would make perfect sense if your characters didn’t know that other dimensions existed.

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Either way I don't see it as completely fair to judge Eto most of the characters in Tokyo Ghoul have done bad things even his friends from Re (don't get me wrong I'm not hating on them)

Yeah, I totally understand that because I can’t understand how Kaneki loves Arima so much after everything he’s done to him personally, so I get your point and I agree with you. 

What I do feel is that Kaneki feels sorry for Eto? Like if he pities her like “poor thing”, that’s the feeling I had when he cut her in half and saw her falling down the building. Like he knows how much Yoshimura cared for her and feels sorry to see the monster that she became, but I don’t feel a huge love or sympathy from Kaneki. So I don’t know. Maybe if she is alive they can build up a relationship in the future, who knows. Like I said, I don’t think Eto is dead, and as long as she’s still alive that opens many chances for them to get closer or something.

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hi! love your blog by the way. have you noticed that there is so much positivity for fat girls, black girls etc on tumblr now? like how amazing!!! but...where is the love for fat boys? black boys? gentle boys? small boys? nervous boys? you know? thats not me being anti-feminist, feminism is equality and im not seeing that in terms of positivity!

Yeah, I totally get what you mean! Women and girls deserve all the positivity in the world, but so do all the boys and men who never get a shoutout. Those are the kinds of posts I make (and other male positive blogs too) so that it’s a little more equal ^-^

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I agree with your politics and your ideas. We've had a lot of positive interactions in the past. It bums me out when I see how you talk to people you don't agree with though, it's like you forget they're a person at the other end of the computer. And yeah, totally, often they're saying stupid or problematic shit, and that shit pisses me off, too, but talking down to them isn't going to get them to actually listen or think about what you're saying. They see vitriol and they get more aggressive.

I have no time for tone policing, tbh? Especially when I often start off neutrally and only ~get more vitriolic~ when they preach about how they don’t give a fuck about my safety and would rather me be with my oppressor.

Space boy, alien boy or even smurf boy if you want to call it like that lol

//Omg, It’s been FOREVER since I added something to my blog! I know it and I’m sad. Btw, I drew this on my desk while I was studying. It turned out good so I digitalized it!
Well, I’m back to school. As crazy as it sounds, I’ll probably update more now that I’m studying (yeah I’m totally unproductive while in recess) so you can expect more drawings soon or later.


So… this is my contribution for @opscifiandfantasy

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: none (or so I thought… but yeah… needles… totally forgot those are a thing for some people…. :,D)

I had so much fun while drawing this. I came up with a whole new AU in the process and even found time to write a fanfic matching the pic. (Although it’s not completely finished yet and in German. Also: Rated adult for some reasons.) For anyone who’s interested and is able to read it I post this link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12018313/1/Aliens

Feel free to translate it if you like to, but link me back and credit me. ;)

For anyone else a short summary of what the pic is about: Law is a researcher, working for the Smile-Corporation at a research facility on the planet Punk Hazard. One of his research objects is an alien he named “Big Red“ (yes, it’s Kid xD) and instead of giving him the lethal injection, which the army said to be necessary, he falls in love with him. Kid’s species I called Ilexx. They’re poisonous, poikilothermic humanoids living in clans and feeding mostly on hunted down animals.

Yes… I know that it absolutely doesn’t make sense to put them out into space. xD But that’s the picture that came into my mind after listening to Katy Perry’s “E.T.“ I also listened to the music by Celldweller while drawing this - it just creates the perfect mood.

(I wonder if anyone can spot the hint on ZoroxSanji in this pic xD)

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I knew I shouldn't have clicked the link to the callout screenshot bc I knew I'd be angry but ops too late;; I've had to deal with people like that too and I just. aA. DONt worry about it just focus on the good tiddy, everybody loves tidy

YEAH YEAH it’s totally in the past now like I don’t care LMAO

mainly because they just didn’t get anywhere with it

like, nobody believed them from what I understand, their post didn’t even get any notes hahaha