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TWD: "Women in refrigerators"

So I’m sure everyone is pretty familiar by now with the “women in refrigerators” idiom coined after issue #54 of the Green Lantern comic, where Kyle Rayner comes home to literally find his girlfriend in a refrigerator. The discovery of her body acts as a catalyst for him to start taking his job as Green Lantern seriously there by making his girlfriend’s death a means of motivating the male protagonist to achieve his intended purpose in the story. So basically a “fridged” character is one who’s death was used as a plot device to advance another character’s story line. If you’re not familiar, here’s a photo for reference:

So yeah, brutal man… just… brutal.. but I’m not going to go into explaining the trope further. I’m just going to jump right into all the times that someone (specifically a woman) was “fridged” on The Walking Dead (TV show only - for now) and why this kind of thing has to stop no matter how badly the writers need to move the plot along. Some of these examples are up in your face offensive and some are just tossed in casually - which may actually be worse! So yeah, grab a drink and make the jump below. 

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TSK: Purely out of my concern for your health, of course.
  • 10-year-old boy with strep throat: But Mom, I wanted to go on the field trip tomorrow!
  • Mom: I'm sorry about that. But I'll let you play video games all day tomorrow instead.
  • Cranquis: Oh, really? Hmm. Perhaps I should make a house call to check on you tomorrow. Xbox or Playstation?