nope! (afterbirth update #22)

ill once again start this post letting everyone down, due to pax we are just today finalizing the release date for afterbirth… therefor we need to postpone the release date trailer till next monday so we can start taking preorders on the same date. i know it seems like im messing with you guys at this point but i swear im not, in fact ill give you a bit of info about release to ease your minds a bit.

-afterbirth will be out before xmas

-afterbirth will preorder with a considerable discount 

-afterbirth will be awesome.

we showed/tested the game out at pax and the response was extremely positive, especially for greed mode (which we are still currently tuning) so ill switch this post over to the 2nd half of the greed mode update with added video gameplay from pax for those that missed it!

Greed Waves

greed modes main game is fighting off waves of randomly chosen sets of enemies that spawn around the room. these waves ramp in difficulty and continue to stack on top of one another till you hit wave 8, press the stop button or die.

the more waves you string together without hitting the stop button the higher the cash bonus and if you are able to do it without taking damage there is another bonus in it for you. after wave 8 you get a breather to cash in your winnings and the button mysteriously changes to a skull!

pressing said skull will start the “boss waves” an easy wave (on par with a basic boss from that chapter)and a med wave (usually an easy level boss with a small mob). you get a lot more time to kill these waves, but depending on how fast you are there is a high chance that the second boss will spawn in along side the first… but you can always sacrifice half a heart to stop the next wave from spawning if things are looking dire.

once these boss waves are finished, the exit door will unbar and you will be able to progress to the next level… or you can take a chance with the “nightmare boss wave” in order to unlock the devil room door.

but get this… every single room in greed mode is 100% new, cursed rooms yield totally new surprises, secret rooms have bigger pay offs and the content of devil rooms aren’t exactly what you are use to.. in fact all the pools in greed mode are totally new and have been heavily modded to fit greed mode perfectly.

all in all greed mode will feel like a totally new experience that will not only yield tons of rewards for completing it with each character.. but also features a very unique ending that should have you coming back for more for quite a while.

and here is some actual footage of afterbirth being played for the first time ever publicly by one of the best isaac players of all time, cobalt! (greed mode starts around the 18 min mark )


you only kinda get a taste of greed mode in the video but the further you go the more greed will take over and the theme of this mode will really make itself known to you. risk/reward is a huge theme here and if you get too greedy.. it will bite you in the ass hard. 

next week, i swear.. next week!