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Me Time (Joker x Reader)

“Imagine trying to have some alone time but the Joker doesn’t know the meaning of space.”

Requested by @stimahagen: “Could please make an imagine where the Joker falls in love with the reader and he becomes super clingy? would be so cute”

The morning sun was pushing its way through the heavy curtains that hung against the windows. You groaned, attempting to get out of bed. Tight arms were wrapped around your waist, keeping you there. You couldn’t help but smile, letting yourself settle back down into the mattress. Eventually, his arms loosened from you and he rolled over. You waited for a few minutes then slowly got out of bed.

You tiptoed through the house, seeking out the kitchen. You never missed out on your chance to have alone time. You pulled some stuff out of the fridge and cabinets, placing them on the counter as you started to cook breakfast. You made sure to make a separate plate for the Joker, knowing that he’d probably be hungry when he woke up. Once you were done cooking, you sat down at the table and enjoyed your peaceful meal in solace. You watched the sun peak out from behind the clouds, a soft smile on your face. You picked up your empty plate and brought it to the kitchen. You paused for a moment, thinking that you heard something from upstairs. He should sleep for another hour or so, or at least you hoped.

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Napkin List

summary: tony’s taste in music rubs off on bucky. much to his surprise, during a rock concert bucky catches the eye of y/n, an intriguing young girl who is planning to go out for drinks after the gig.  

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: 6k+

warnings: drinking, lots of people in a small space, accidental elbow in nose resulting in some bleeding, marilyn manson bc he should be a warning of his own luv him

a/n: i’ve been thinking about bucky developing an interest in pop culture and exploring things he likes and just becoming his own independent person for so long. this is basically a drabble about bucky becoming a rock music fan after hydra

It all started off when Steve decided to make Bucky a list of all the things he had to catch up on.

He got the idea from Sam, who helped him make a similar list for himself when Steve was first recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D.. Steve’s list was pretty short and undetailed; it took him less than a month to get through it, and frankly, once he reached the bottom, he felt as though he had lost a hobby he very much enjoyed.

That’s why, when sitting down to make a list for Bucky, Steve knew he had to make it long, detailed and interesting. First, he put down the obvious choices. Not only was he making the list to stop Bucky from pointlessly staring at the wall, but he also felt like after the many years that had passed, the two of them needed new things of common interest to talk about.

Things like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Rocky and Titanic were something Bucky had to get to know. Steve knew his best friend would appreciate the right amount of fantasty, action and romance movies on the list.

Steve sat and thought long and hard about the things Bucky would enjoy. He put down Jussaric Park, Pulp Fiction, Game of Thrones and Twilight which he personally found beyond interesting despite the rest of the team teasing him about it.

After over an hour of sitting alone at the kitchen island, chewing the end of his pencil and staring at the page in front of him, Steve heard the sound of footsteps approaching.

It was just Tony, taking a break from whatever he was doing in his lab in order to grab a drink from the fridge. When he saw Steve sitting alone, he glanced at the page he had in front of him with one dark eyebrow cocked.

”What do you have there?” Tony wondered aloud, sending Steve an expectant look before grabbing a bottle of ice cold water from the fridge. Tony unscrewed the cap, continuing to look at his friend curiously.

“I’m making Bucky a list of all the things he needs to catch up on. I pretty much have all the movies down, but I’m not sure what next.”

Tony thought about it for a moment, leaning against the counter with his arms folded across his chest. He hummed thoughtfully, tapping his foot against the black tiled floor and finally smiling a little.

”Music is a big one, and I think I might have a few ideas.”

And even though Bucky and Tony didn’t exactly get along, Tony knew what the ex-assassin would take an interest in. Tony and Steve sat together for almost forty minutes. Their time spent together consisted of Tony gushing about his favourite bands and Steve grimacing at the mention of their names.

Truth be told, Steve didn’t particularly like the music Tony listened to in his lab. Maybe it was the violent drums or the harsh guitar solos; or maybe just the fact that Tony had a habit of turning up the volume at three in the morning when Steve was trying to sleep. Whatever the reason, he didn’t think Bucky would be into this kind of music and he felt somewhat hesitant to put it down onto the page, scared that it might discourage Buck from exploring the rest of the list.

However, after a lot of nagging and elbowing in the ribs from Tony’s side, Steve rolled his eyes and scribbled down several of the bands the brunette recommended. And much to Steve’s surprise, within a week of receiving the list, Bucky was blaring Nirvana, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Green Day, Slipknot and Sex Pistols in his room, and all Steve received was a knowing look of “I told you so” from Tony.

Every day during his morning run, Bucky would plug in his earphones and listen to another couple of songs by the bands Tony recommended. The unforgiving drums, the brutal thumps and fierce screaming pushed Bucky to run faster, feeling hot adrenaline pumping through his veins with each verse and line.

After a long, lively and frankly draining run, he’d return to the compound and toss his phone onto the bed, then switch on the stereo in his room, turn the volume up loud and head for the shower.

Bucky would listen to Tony’s favourite bands while training, while lying in bed, while reading books and even while trying to fall asleep at night. It was safe to say that within a few days he became a diehard fan.

By the end of the month, Bucky’s closet was filling up with new band t-shirts, and there was a growing stack of CDs on his bedside table.

Steve couldn’t believe how much Buck had taken to liking this violent music he personally couldn’t stand listening to.

Every morning he’d watch Bucky with utmost disbelief when he entered the kitchen in another band tee. In the following months, the guy had even started wearing black skinny jeans, which was something not even Natasha could wrap her head around.

She liked that Bucky was slowly finding himself and exploring his interests. But if three months ago someone would’ve told her Barnes, the born pre-war golden boy turned master assassin would become a rock band fanatic, she’d probably laugh in their face. Anyone would say it was the most unexpected turn of events.

So, when Bucky’s birthday rolled around, everyone pretty much knew what to get him. Whether it was band posters, wristbands, CDs or t-shirts, Bucky’s childish grin remained as he opened box after box of presents on his birthday morning.

Over the weeks between Buck receiving the list and his birthday, he had grown surprisingly close to Tony. Despite the rough start of their relationship, the two bonded over their shared love of AC/DC and every couple of days the two of them would hang out in the lab, talking, and sometimes Tony would even let Buck help him tinker with his work.

It wasn’t a surprise, therefore, that among the sparkly gift bags and wrapped boxes Buck was handed on his birthday, was a small present from Tony. It was an envelope with two concert tickets inside, a post-it with a message for Buck stuck onto one of them.

Your arm won’t be the only thing metal at the venue.

Bucky shook his head with a grin, glancing up at Tony and expelling a laugh. Tony only shrugged, obviously proud of his lame pun, a bright grin stetching across his face.

“There’s two tickets, and while I’d love to go with you, I’m afraid I’m busy that evening so you will have to take someone else,” the brunette sighed, honestly kind of bummed he couldn’t attend.

“Whose concert is it?” Steve asked, wondering briefly if he’d be able to withstand two hours of aggressive drumming and screaming.

“It’s Manson,” Tony answered casually as Bucky scanned the tickets. Tony was pleased with Buck’s reaction to the gift; a wide smile stretched across his face and he could already sense the soldier’s excitement.

“The murderer?” Steve cocked a brow, eyes narrowed. To say he was oblivious about this type of music was an understatement.

“Rogers, your lack of respect for rock music is honestly quite startling,” Natasha shook her head, smirking at Steve who only rolled his eyes. The redhead’s grin remained as she made her way towards Bucky and plucked one of the tickets out of his hand.

“Marilyn Manson’s career was at its peak during my teenage years so there is no way I’ll let you bring someone else,” she told Bucky with a threatening point of her index finger. The brunette only chuckled; he wasn’t going to protest in the first place. “I’m coming and that’s that.”

Another few weeks had to pass before the concert rolled around, and it felt that the more time passed, the more excited Bucky became. He hadn’t previously listened much to the artist they were going to see, but after listening to Nat ramble about how great the music was, Buck went on to listen to every single song on every single album.

It was a different kind of music to what he had previously been engrossed in. These tracks were filled with rage, and passion and emotion that Bucky always knew he felt but never saw the need to express. This type of music, the lyrics and the fast beat was perfect for late night training sessions with a punching bag, his knuckles aggressively slamming the cold surface until the bag would fall to the floor.

The music made Bucky want to scream; to express his frustration and anger in a way that didn’t involve hurting others. He wanted to punch and kick and scream and shout until he couldn’t no more, and then lay on the floor, feeling nothing but utmost calm.

This type of music allowed him to deal with his rage and angst without hurting anyone and honestly, Bucky found the feeling to be addicting.

So, when the night of the concert finally arrived, Bucky couldn’t stop the feeling of adrenaline and excitement from making his heart beat faster as he pulled on a Manson t-shirt and tied his hair into a low bun.

Natasha was waiting for him downstairs when Bucky emerged from his room and they spent the duration of the ride to the venue discussing their favourite songs and wondering how the night would turn out.

Bucky had to admit he was a bit nervous to attend. Sure, he loved the music and to hear it live was something he yearned to experience. However, he was a bit anxious about the packed venue, the screaming and pushing crowd. He wasn’t exactly a fan of small spaces but he hoped this wouldn’t ruin his night.

He was also quite scared of standing out. He half expected the venue to be filled with teenagers covered in eyeliner and college students who reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke. He didn’t exactly fit either of these descriptions and with Natasha - who always knew how to blend in - by his side, he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of being the only person over the age of twenty five there. Let alone the only person over the age of one hundred.

However, upon their arrival, Bucky and Natasha found themselves being welcomed by a group around Nat’s age who seemed to be just as excited to see the performance as they were. They were a nice bunch and Bucky liked the jokes they made and the fact that they included them in their conversation as they stood in the queue outside the venue, waiting for the door to open.

Just as expected, the place was packed by the time everyone was let in, but somehow Bucky and Nat found a spot to enjoy the concert from less than five rows from the stage. They were standing to the left of the stage, and when the music began to play, Bucky was thankful they were this close to the bar.

For almost an hour Buck and Nat screamed along to the lyrics, clear plastic cups of beer in the air, long hair falling in front of their eyes. It wasn’t long before Bucky spotted some guy with his girlfriend on his shoulders and soon he was yelling into Nat’s ear, telling her he wanted her to get up onto his back.

Unfortunately, only moments passed before one of the security guards told her to get down and although Nat wanted to tell the bald guy to piss off, she didn’t want to get kicked out of the venue. And while they were disappointed for a while, their dismay quickly evaporated when Bucky did the unbelievable and got into the mosh pit in the centre of the crowd.

Nat watched from the sidelines, trying to keep her eyes on Buck and failing miserably when he disappeared among the chaotic crowd. When he returned, his hair had completely fallen out of its original bun and Buck had lost the beer he once held.

“Didn’t take you for a mosh pit kind of guy,” Natasha yelled to him over the piercing music, and Bucky laughed as he tried to catch his breath.

“I think I elbowed some guy in the stomach,” he admitted, his wide grin remaining. His face was reddened from the heat of the venue and adrenaline. Bucky had never felt so alive; not even during missions and he promised himself he’d attend more concerts from that moment on.

“These things can get pretty violent,” the redhead screamed back, taking a sip of her beer. Bucky’s eyes fell upon her plastic cup, noticing that she was slowly beginning to run out.

“I’ll go get us more,” he shouted, and Natasha nodded, turning her attention back to the stage.

Buck’s heart thumped rapidly as he pushed through the crowd, his smile wide despite the apologies tumbling past his lips for stepping on people’s feet. His hair was sticking to his face and neck, and his fingertips burned his skin when he touched his cheek. However, despite the high temperature, Bucky felt beyond fantastic and he didn’t want the gig to end any time soon.

Finally, after what felt like minutes of pushing through the crowd, Bucky reached the bar and slowly made his way towards the counter. His grin remained as he waited for the bartender to get through the people ahead of him, rushing to get everyone the right drinks.

He continued to watch the concert from his spot in the queue, tapping his foot to the beat of the song until he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned his head slowly, eyes falling upon a girl in denim shorts and fishnet tights, looking up at him with a bloodied tissue pressed to her nose.

“Just thought I’d come say thanks, eh, for breaking my face,” she announced, and despite the crimson tissue covering the lower half of her face, Buck could tell she was frowning. He could already feel the colour draining from his face, his lips parting in utter surprise.

Up until that moment he was convinced he had elbowed the blonde guy with the dreadlocks next to him in the mosh pit. What he didn’t expect was a girl the crowd could’ve easily squished in the pit.

“I’m so-” he began, wanting nothing more than to apologise but she cut him off, removing the tissue from under her nose to reveal an amused grin. She laughed heartily, obviously satisfied she succeeded in scaring him.

“Sorry?” She finished for him, one eyebrow cocked. “I figured. I’m Y/N, by the way. Nice shirt,” she nodded to what he was wearing.

When Bucky looked down, he realised they were wearing matching t-shirts, excepts hers was tucked into her denim shorts and she was wearing what looked like a long sleeved fishnet top beneath it. She was wearing a damn lot of fishnet and her heavy boots told Bucky she knew how to avoid getting her toes stepped on during concerts like these. She obviously felt at home at the venue and Bucky wondered if she was a frequent concert goer.

“Thanks,” he smiled back, laughing a bit. “I’m Bucky.”

Her eyes narrowed a bit as she studied him and for a moment the brunette felt somewhat awkward. Her eyes trailed from his face to the metal arm poking out from beneath the sleeve of his black t-shirt. She didn’t gawk at it as expected, just acknowledged its presence since she hadn’t noticed it before and lifted her gaze back up to his face. Bucky was thankful.

“Bucky Barnes? I knew you looked familiar. Big fan of your work,” she nodded, and he laughed quietly at her statement. Bucky glanced away when the music stopped, signalling a small break for the artist. Green smoke began to cover the stage like a sheet of radioactive fluorescent snow, the noise of chatter and laughter becoming louder. Buck noticed that a number of individuals were heading towards the bar where he was standing.

“A Manson concert would be the last place I thought I’d run into you.” She dabbed her nose with the tissue one more time, realising that it was no longer bleeding and releasing a contented breath at it.

“A Manson concert would be the last place I thought I’d find myself at less than two months ago,” he joked, his grin widening when Y/N laughed at his comment. “I’ve been exploring different rock and metal bands lately. We didn’t really have those in my day.”

The two moved up in the queue and Bucky was glad the younger girl followed him, continuing their conversation.

“Well, I can assure you there are plenty of them nowadays. I could introduce you to some really good, less known bands if you want. I’m here for different gigs every couple of weeks. My dad owns the place.”

Bucky smirked knowingly. “I had a feeling you came here often. You look like someone who knows their music.”

She shrugged her shoulders and Buck’s smile remained as the bartender approached them. He was a tall guy with dark hair and a white cloth draped over his shoulder. He nodded at Y/N, obviously knowing her well and asked Buck what he could get him.

“Actually,” Y/N cut in, flashing a bright grin. “I’d appreciate if you could get my friend here,” she placed a hand on Buck’s shoulder to prove her point, “and whoever he came with free drinks.”

The guy behind the bar chuckled at her typical antics. She had a habit of bringing friends to gigs and letting them drink for free. The bartender was familiar with all her friends but Bucky was a new guy. Despite this, he wasn’t going to protest.

“Friend, huh?” Bucky cocked a brow when the bartender left to pour them their drinks. Y/N ordered vodka and coke for herself while Bucky went for beer again.

“Don’t make me change my mind,” she pointed her index finger at him threateningly and both of them laughed.

“Anyway,” Y/N began after a moment of silence, and Buck could sense her change in demeanour. She bit her lip nervously and rocked on the balls of her feet. “My friend noticed it was you who elbowed me in the nose and she convinced me to come and talk to you.”

Bucky raised a brow, eyes narrowing. “Why?”

She chuckled, avoiding his gaze. “We thought you were cute and I kind of wanted to ask what you were doing after the concert. My whole group of friends are heading out for drinks and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come?”

When Bucky hesitated, she tried to recover.

“I mean, it’s cool if you don’t want to. I totally understand. I thought maybe I could tell you about all those other bands I mentioned over a couple of drinks.”

She looked to the ground nervously as Bucky continued to stare at her as if she had grown another head. Was she asking him out? This was certainly unexpected.

“That sounds… interesting,” he nodded his head lightly, the corners of his lips curving upward. “I’m here with a friend, though. She’s gonna have to get home on her own.”

“She can come,” Y/N quickly piped up, smiling encouragingly. “The more the merrier.”

He laughed at her words, turning his head slowly when the bartender placed their drinks on the wooden bar. They reached out at the same time, grabbing their plastic cups and thanking the guy politely.

“I’ll find her and ask her about it,” Bucky announced, noticing that her grin was growing. “I’ll meet you outside after the concert?”

“I’ll be there,” she nodded solemnly, pressing her cup to her lips and slowly walking away to find her other friends.

It took Bucky another five minutes to locate Natasha among the crowd and by the time he reached her, the music break was almost over. She was indulged in a conversation with a guy with shoulder length blonde curls and glasses, laughing at something he said when she finally spotted Bucky approaching.

“Thanks Buck,” she smiled gratefully when he handed her the beer, then diverted her eyes back to her new friend. She introduced the two to each other and just as Bucky was about to ask Nat how she’d feel about going drinking after the gig, another person joined the conversation.

“So, you’ve found my shameless flirt of a cousin,” Y/N announced, smacking the blonde guy across the head. She introduced herself to Nat who shook her hand politely, then glanced at Bucky questioningly.

“And? Are you two gonna join us tonight or did this moron completely discourage you from it? I can assure you, the rest of the group isn’t as lame as this guy,” she told Natasha with a smile, forcing her cousin to roll his eyes at her.

“Join you where?” The redhead looked from Y/N to Bucky, waiting for one of them to elaborate.

“Y/N here invited us to join her and her friends for drinks after the gig. I elbowed her in the nose in the mosh pit,” Buck explained casually and when Nat looked at Y/N, the younger girl shrugged her shoulders.

“I should’ve punched him back instead of asking him out for drinks but I don’t think that would’ve worked out in my favour.”

Natasha’s lips curved up into a smirk and she sent Buck a knowing look. In response, the brunette looked at her questioningly. It seemed that something he couldn’t exactly pinpoint was going through Nat’s head and it made Bucky curious.

“I’m down for joining you guys,” Natasha nodded enthusiastically, and Y/N smiled brightly at both of them just before the music started again.

For the remainder of the concert Y/N and her cousin remained in close proximity of Nat and Bucky. The brunette couldn’t help but laugh at their passionate screaming of the lyrics at each other’s faces and when the concert ended, Bucky noticed that her face was red and her voice was lower from all the yelling.

Y/N led the way outside where the rest of the group waited for them; two guys and a girl, all of them in their mid twenties. Bucky and Natasha walked side by side as they approached the group.

“Steve is gonna be furious when he finds out you went out with a hot girl without telling him about it first,” Nat proclaimed, nudging him slightly with her elbow. “This whole thing is so spontaneous. I like it.”

They were introduced to the rest of the group and Bucky felt a little anxious when Nat abandoned him to walk with the curly haired guy from earlier on, but his worries melted away when Y/N appeared at his side.

“Turn that frown upside down,” she told him with a chuckle, studying his face until he did, in fact, smile.

“I’m the one who should be frowning,” she added. “My nose still tingles from the impact.”

Everyone seemed to be walking in pairs down the sidewalk and somehow Bucky and Y/N found themselves at the very back of the group. It was almost midnight and it was pretty darn cold, but thankfully the bar was only a few blocks away from the concert venue.

“For safety reasons I won’t be getting into mosh pits any time soon,” he laughed quietly. The group made a sharp turn to the left and suddenly they were entering a building Bucky had never noticed before despite walking down this very street on multiple occasions.

In contrast to the outside, the bar was warm and there was a bunch of people inside. Some were drinking at the bar, others munching on burgers in booths, a few standing around the mechanical bull in the centre of the room. The group quickly dispersed; Bucky noticed Nat heading towards one of the tables with her new friends, and the majority of the group made their way towards the bar.

“I think I’m in the mood for tequila,” Y/N said thoughtfully and Bucky nodded in agreement.

“Alright,” he answered. “How about you go get us a seat and I’ll grab us drinks?”

She didn’t say anything before nodding and walking off in the opposite direction. The queue at the bar was ten times smaller than the one at the venue and within moments Bucky was making his way towards where Y/N was already situated.

She chose a tall round table with giant stools on either side and a napkin holder perched in the middle of the circular surface. Bucky carefully placed the tray with six shots of tequila on the table and slowly took a seat.

The first shot made Bucky’s eyes screw shut and he thanked heavens for the sour lime which combated the bitterness of the drink. Y/N laughed at his expression, placing her own slice of lime in the now empty shot glass and blinking back tears at the sourness.

“Not a fan of tequila?” Y/N quirked a brow, pushing the first shot glass away and smiling in amusement.

Bucky shuddered. “I’ve never tried it before. It’s surely… interesting,” he announced with a nod.

“Not once? How did you know the salt came before the shot and the lime came after?”

Bucky’s cheeks reddened as he licked the remaining lime juice from his tingling lips. The alcohol made his insides warm and his tongue burn.

“I watched someone do a shot of it at the bar,” he admitted sheepishly and laughed at himself when the girl sitting opposite him expelled a quiet giggle. “I’m not much of a drinker. I mean, I like drinking, just don’t know much about it.”

“Neither do I. My knowledge of alcohol doesn’t go beyond vodka, tequila and rum,” she shrugged her shoulders. Bucky smiled at that and watched as she plucked a triangular folded napkin from the centre of the table. She placed it in front of her, smoothed it out and lifted her head.

“Oi,” she called out and immediately one of the guys they had arrived with was at her side. He was an artsy looking guy with blue hair and a brown leather messenger bag on his shoulder. He had a beer in his hand and seemed like the most quirky out of the whole group.

“Give me a pen,” Y/N told him with a grin and the guy didn’t say a word as he reached into his bag, pulled out an old, ragged, doodle covered notebook and found a black pen inside it. He handed it to Y/N, shook his head at her antics and walked off.

“He writes poetry. Really, it sounds as if he had swallowed a dictionary and started vomiting up words no one has ever heard of, but no one dares tell him they don’t understand it,” she chuckled, clicking the pen and taking a breath.

She looked to be deep in thought for a moment before finally pressing the pen to the napkin and beginning to write.

Bucky watched in awe as she scrunched up her face in concentration, her hair falling in front of her eyes as she wrote. He placed his elbow on the table, rested his head on his hand, and watched silently as she messily scribbled down song title after song title.

“I’m sure you’ve heard a few of these songs already but they’re my personal favourites and I couldn’t risk you going off and not knowing them,” she joked, cursing when the tip of the pen accidentally tore a bit  of the napkin, creating a small hole. As she continued to write, Bucky could see that the napkin was already covered in ink splotches.

Halfway through the creating process of the list, Y/N took a break and they downed their second shot of tequila, and soon after, the third. It wasn’t long before Y/N disappeared from the table and headed to the bar, getting them another round of drinks, this time coming back with blue cocktails with tiny umbrellas and a ton of ice.

“I told the bartender to surprise me,” she giggled, setting the bright drink in front of Bucky who studied it carefully before pushing the red straw past his lips and sucking. It was good, and by the time they were halfway through their first cocktails, Y/N was already calling the attention of the bartender and asking for four more of the same drink.

When the list was finally finished, covering the entire surface of the now unfolded napkin, Bucky’s head was buzzing and Y/N was telling him stories about her dog who Bucky was begging her to let him meet.

Buck liked the way in which the conversation seemed to flow between them; so easy and casual. They didn’t discuss any difficult topics that could make him feel uncomfortable, just funny stories and silly jokes. Bucky felt beyond relaxed and when the clock struck 2am, Y/N got up from her seat, took Bucky’s hand and began to pull him towards the mechanical bull.

At first he didn’t understand why she’d taken such an interest in it all of a sudden, but when they got close enough and he noticed Nat struggling to stay situated on the animal’s back, Bucky’s bark of laughter was enough for Nat to make eye contact with him, lose her stability and fall onto the padded flooring.

Her shoes were gone, her hair was a wild mess and her eyes glowed with intoxication.

Y/N’s cousin jumped over the railing and hurried to Nat’s side, helping her up and laughing when she did, too.

“Can’t believe she hadn’t punched him for being annoying yet,” Y/N proclaimed, shaking her head in amazement. Then she turned to Bucky.

“Ten bucks says you won’t be able to last a minute on the bull,” she challenged, a smirk on her face.

Bucky cocked a brow. “Ten bucks? Please,” he scoffed, drunkenly scanning the mechanical beast with its furious eyes and red saddle. It seemed that the inanimate bull itself was looking at Bucky with a challenging smirk.

“Let’s bring it up to ten bucks, meeting your dog and…” he paused for a moment, wondering briefly what else could he claim as his prize. His eyes scanned the room. “If I win you’ll also read me some of your friend’s terrible poetry.”

“And if I win?” She asked expectantly, grinning up at Bucky.

“How about ten bucks, pizza and…”

“…And you’ll come to another concert with me,” she finished for him and Bucky pretended to think about it for a moment, swaying lightly on his feet, then nodded in confirmation.

“Deal,” he agreed, holding his hand out for her to shake which she accepted.

Y/N watched from the sidelines as Bucky climbed over the railing, nodded to the guy controlling the bull and clumsily got onto it. He held on tightly, sweaty palms sliding on the smooth surface of the animal’s horns and he winked cheekily just as the bull began to move.

Y/N laughed and watched in disbelief as Bucky swayed back and forth, left and right along with the bull. His hair was falling in front of his eyes but he seemed confident enough, steady on its back despite his drunken state. That is, until he decided to show off and let go of the animal with one hand, lifting it up into the air. The bull threw him off with so much force Bucky landed on the floor with a loud thud, laughing as he rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling which seemed to dance above his head.

Y/N walked around to where he was situated on the floor and climbed over the railing.

“57 seconds. You were almost there.” She held her hand out for Bucky to pull him up but when he took it, he tugged her down onto the floor instead. She fell next to him, laughing.

“Let me catch my breath,” Bucky announced, one hand on his stomach, the other still clutching hers. He stayed on the floor for less than ten seconds before they were ushered off the padded flooring by the guy in charge of the bull.

“If I drink anything else,” Bucky began, helping Y/N climb back over the railing, “I’m going to throw up.”

She nodded in understanding. “Just watching you get thrown around like that made me nauseous.”

“Well, it looks like you won so how about we get out of here and get pizza?” Bucky proposed, honestly kind of surprised with his confidence. He wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or maybe just the fact he felt so comfortable around her. Whatever the reason, he didn’t protest when she eagerly nodded her head, grabbed his hand and led him towards the exit.

On their way, Bucky made eye contact with Natasha who stood across the room and who shook her head in disbelief when she noticed him leaving.

Outside, it was even colder than before but the alcohol blurring Bucky’s thoughts made it harder to notice. They walked hand in hand down the sidewalk, the now empty streets lit up by flickering lights. They continued talking, Y/N playfully teasing him about his inability to stay up on the bull and him challenging her to try it herself the next time they’d visit the pub.

By the time they reached the restaurant they had become closer friends than Bucky thought possible.

Y/N was the one to pick the restaurant, a small 50s style diner with red and white striped seats and funky decorations. It was empty apart from another couple of young adults who sat at the back, probably as drunk as them.

They ate in silence, until Bucky dropped pepperoni on his jeans and Y/N laughed at his clumsiness, adding to the mess by throwing a french fry at his head, the golden snack getting tangled in his hair.

“Gross,” he commented, attempting to remove it and then tie his hair back to protect it from another french fry attack.

Y/N laughed, and Bucky did too, grabbing a spoon and stealing some of the younger girl’s ice cream which she hadn’t yet gotten around to eating.

“Rude,” she narrowed her eyes and it was his turn to laugh.

Seconds passed, then minutes and finally an hour. The moments spent together seemed shorter than they’d expect them to be, and with each bite of crispy pizza it was getting closer to the time they’d have to part their ways.

Bucky didn’t want to leave her and honestly, Y/N hated the idea of going home and probably never speaking again. After all, they were strangers who spent one drunken evening together and in the morning they would go back to being who they were before.

So when the owner of the diner announced they were closing up and Y/N and Bucky were faced with the fact they had no where else to visit that night, they left walking side by side and continued talking until they reached a taxi parking. There, they said their goodbyes and got into separate vehicles, Bucky driving off first with the napkin she had given him clutched in his hands.

He smiled contentedly as he scanned the titles in her messy writing, a few doodles of stars and smiley faces from when she was trying to think of more songs and had to take a break from writing.

He got home just before 4am and his smile remained as he quietly tiptoed through the halls of the avengers compound, closed his bedroom door and collapsed on the bed. He stared up at the ceiling, clutching a pillow to his chest, still in his jeans and shoes and just smiled.

He smiled because he had made a friend with whom he could be comfortable, who didn’t pester him with questions and with whom he could indulge in his interests. Bucky’s grin didn’t falter when he picked up the napkin again, unfolded it, shook his head at her messy writing and continued to read the titles.

And there, at the very end of the list, among splotches of black ink, doodles and small holes in the paper was a phone number, followed by the simple words, “call me so we can figure out what concert to go to next”.

Dating Fred Weasley would include..


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-Staying up later than everyone else, just to cuddle in front of the fire in the common room. Ron, who had passed through several times just scoffed and muttered something under his breath.

-In the Great Hall, after about a week and a half of you two dating, everyone knew to keep a space so you two could sit together.

-You had quite a few classes together, which involved sitting that close to earn a look of disappointment from several teachers, forgetting to listen because of casual flirting or plain snogging; yet again, look of disappointment.

-Before going into Snape’s class, both of you would make a bet on how long you two could snog before Snape says something about it. George writes the times down and would time it whenever you started to snog. 

-After you being on a winning streak with guessing, Fred guessed 7 minutes, while you guessed 6 minutes; you got caught at 7 minutes and 32 seconds. Oh, boy, you didn’t hear the end of that. He had won, and bragged about it too.

-Attending every Quidditch match; Fred always looking to find you just before the game starts, ether winking or blowing a kiss; that earned many Gryffindor’s groaning in disgust. 

-Or if you were on the team, a few matches he was more focused on watching you and making sure you didn’t get injured. But once you proved that you could take care of yourself on the field, he worried less.

-Once, you were in incredible pain, with cramps and couldn’t attend the match; Gryffindor ended up losing. Since then, he believes you being at the matches are good luck. Even though, he completely forgave you for missing the match, he still makes sure you can absolutely attend the match.

-Laying in bed, looking into each others eyes, hands in hair or just roaming, admiring each others features, a few sweet nothings said; whenever you two want to escape from reality, relax after stressful classes or a Quidditch match.

-Getting sent a Weasley sweater, in Gryffindor colours, with a tiny ‘F’ patched onto the sweater. Fred groaning when you unwrap it, edging you not to wear it, calling it embarrassing; but that gave you more reason to wear it proudly.

-You and Fred got together a short while before Xmas, so once you were strutting around with a Weasley sweater, everyone knew it was official.

-Dates during the breaks are the best, if you’re at the Burrow, it involved walks through the garden or cooking (or as Molly liked to call it, making a mess). If you were in the muggle world, trips to the beach at sundown, going to pet adoption centres too look at pets and mucking around in stores became frequent dates.

-Constantly helping Fred & George with their pranks until, teachers and students alike start to become wary of yourself too. Often you would be the one to distract teachers or students whilst they did the prank. 

-Ron taking a while to warm up to the idea of you two dating, but Ginny was over the moon. She soon considered you her old sister, and often came to you for advice. Percy saying “It’s a wonder how Fred got such a responsible girl,” which then locked in yours, Fred and George’s next prank victim.

-Molly admiring that you could cook and so willing helped out doing so, as none of her other kids did. “Trying to become favourite child aye, Y/N?” “Well yes, I think its working too, so you might want to take some notes.” 

-The first time you cried in front of Fred, was when you over said Molly talking to Arthur; saying how she can already seeing your last name changing to Weasley, and becoming Fred’s wife.


-”Studying” together a lot, but not for actual classes or school work. Often, he wouldn’t hear from you in a “concerning amount of time,” and come to see what you were up too. You had discovered some new creature or a way of magic that hadn’t been brought up in classes and you were eager to learn more. 

-He would often just lay beside you and admire your determination with the subject; and try to learn a few things along the way. Whatever you were interested in, he was interested in. 

-You did the same with Quidditch, it was something that interested him, so you tried to learn the rules and how the game works. Rumour has it, he even went to Oliver to get tips on a easy way to explain the game to you. 

-The amount of times that yourself and him stayed up, talking about everything and anything had gotten countless. Much to the annoyance of both your house and his. You would stay in his dorm or your common room.

-Five months into dating each other, on one of the nights staying up till dawn, talking about everything was when the first ‘I love you’ was muttered. Both of you were tired and your eyes were starting to sting; he took your hand, laying a lousy but simple peck before muttering ‘I love you.’ 

-He looked up through his lashes, to see your reaction. You simply ran a hand through his hair before repeating the words back. A small smile crept on both of your faces. “Really guys, gross. I’m trying to sleep.”

-Fred informing you on most recent prank plans. Once he caught you screw up your face half way through explaining, “What’s wrong with it woman?” “Well, if you went to say the Hufflepuff common room instead of the Gryffindor common room, it would throw off a few teachers.” 

-After that, he would come to you with the plan, just to get your opinion if they could improve it. Once you started hearing and helping them  make the plans, the rate of them getting caught went down quite a lot. 

-Sometimes there wasn’t any way to stop the twins from doing the stupidest plan ever devised. Once, it took place in the Great Hall, you sat beside Luna, Cho, Neville and Hermione, awaiting the prank. As it was happening, all five of you narrated the entire thing.

-Having arguments over the dumbest things; why the Bloody Baron is well bloody, whether pineapple belongs on pizza, how would giraffes wear pants, whether the cat that just passed was Professor Mcgonagall or not, how to pronounce yacht. 

-Fred would be very vocal in his affection for you, with constant little compliments, it didn’t matter what you were doing, he found a way to compliment you. “You hair looks amazing darl, but it now has four pens in it.”

-Laying your head on Fred’s lap whilst reading a book, he would be leaning against a tree, discussing more ideas with George for their store. Every now and then, “Whatcha think of that one Y/N?” “It sounds great dear.” 

-He would help you calm down and relax whenever you collapsed under the pressure of class work, grades, expectations to live up too. Meanwhile, you would comfort him whenever he was doubting things or feeling not good enough.

-You would plan out the dates in advance, sometimes down to what booth you’d be sitting in. But Fred would prefer to wing it. Sometimes Fred would give in and let you plan the date.

-Fred couldn’t stand not touching you. He would always have his arm wrapped around your waist or neck, his hand resting on your lower back or your thigh. Constant little pecks, on your hands, neck, forehead, jaw, the crease between your nose and cheek was his favourite. 

-Fred showing you around the secret pathways and passages himself and George had found. You would absolutely amazed that he and George managed to find such beautiful and quiet places. 


-At first, people didn’t believe it, especially Slytherins. A slytherin, dating a Weasley?? How bizarre. After that, whenever you entered the room, Fred would stop his conversation and yell out, “That’s MY girlfriend!! Guys look at her!!” 

-PDA to the max. This was just more of Fred’s plan to prove that you two were dating. Multiple kisses before going to different classes, sitting closer than humanly possible, sitting by yourselves, giggling at onlookers. 

-So many inside jokes, George got a little jealous after a while, but he got over it. Casual conversations in class or in the Great Hall, and you or Fred adding a small comment. This was followed by yourself and Fred laughing whilst everyone else is just left dumbfounded. 

-Slytherin and Gryffindor literally are polar opposites. Slytherins look out and protect themselves first, whilst Gryffindors are more loyal. Fred was very open at the start of the relationship, meanwhile you took a while to open up.

-You’d be the one whispering idea’s in Fred’s ear then he would go prosecute whatever you suggested. You would be in the background, whilst Fred would rather be front and centre. This mixture worked perfectly in prank wise, getting a new, sharper new perspective for pranks delighted both himself and George.

-Fred and yourself pushing and challenging each other when it came to tests and grades. You always challenged and battled each other to achieve higher than the other. You were rather ambitious and worked hard to achieve whilst Fred was just as stubborn and impulsive. 

-This battle continued onto the field. Both of you were on the Slytherin & Gryffindor Quidditch teams, respectively. You were a chaser. Often time you two would yell banter at each other, must to the disapproval of several teachers. Lee Jordan would mention everytime too.

-As a Slytherin™, you wouldn’t show emotions a lot in public, especially. But when you finally let your wall down to Fred, and let him comfort you; your relationship went to another level. From the moment on, both of you were closer than before.

- Once, he hit your arse whilst you were walking to your next class, when you turned around he would pretend it was George. Then proceed to go mad at him for touching his girl.. That made George go bright red, and that story still gets mentioned at Xmas dinners.

-He would get a little jealous, as for almost the entire first month of your relationship, everyone thought it was a joke. He wouldn’t show his jealousy though, it wasn’t until hours after, say, some boy casually flirting with you when he would casually say a remark about it.

-Dates and walks through the Forbidden Forest. Professor Mcgonagall and Hagrid would turn a blind eye, unless it was after dark. It was a nice, sweet escape from the teasing and general stress. Finding little berries and snacking on them.

-Fred, George, Harry and Ron talking in the Gryffindor common room or Harry’s and Ron’s dorm; Harry was complaining about Malfoy, his gang and Slytherins in general. “I know whatcha mean Harry, Slytherins can be real annoying sometimes mate.” “Dude, your girlfriend is in Slytherin.” “Oh yeah.” 

-Wearing each others sweaters and scarfs. Fred sporting a Slytherin scarf, meanwhile you proudly wear a Gryffindor sweater. Although, Snape wasn’t very happy but he ignored it anyway. 

-F&G would often prank you, but one day you just were not in the mood. But furthermore, they persisted. Half way through the prank, you turned around and said, “I swear if you two continue to keep annoying me, I will slit your throats in your sleep and then bathe in the blood.” George passed you a chocolate frog, “Here Y/N, eat this, your Slytherin is showing.”

-Making out in all of the secret passage ways that himself and George had discovered. Making it yours and Fred’s personal goal to make out in every room, or at the very least, every common room or one room from each floor.


-Taking food from the Kitchen, to give to Fred and George after Quidditch matches, knowing they’d be exhausted and starving. They would look forward to what you would bring them and even took guesses on what.

-Doing the most stupidest things, at the most stupidest hours. Listening to Queen, in only a long jumper and socks, sliding dancing on the marble floor. Pillow fights before classes, breaking out in song for no reason, discussing the most stupidest theories.

-Once, you two had a ‘girls night’, although Fred would never admit it too anyone else. He walked in to your dorm, as in the hufflepuff dorms didn’t have the whole staircase thing, to you braiding your hair. Since, his was rather long at the time, you braided his hair too; face masks might also have been involved. 

-Cloud gazing together. He would insist on you laying your head on his stomach so grass didn’t get throughout your hair, lying near the lake. Both of you would point out the stupidest looking cloud and say ‘That’s you.’ Many afternoons were spent down near the lake.

-Being that cute and adorable that you two could probably melt Snape’s heart. Always having a hand resting in anothers or an arm around the neck or waist. Little smiles with rosy cheeks. Eating ice cream together and somehow getting some on each others noses.

-Fred asking you to Yule Ball with a bouquet of flowers, conveniently coloured yellow and red. Earning a best dressed award on the night, time stopped for a second when you two entered. 

-Always defending each other without thought. Every knew not to insult Fred in your presence after you shouted numerous insults at a Ravenclaw student until you got detention. Fred then made it his job to get detention so you were together.

-Cute, adorable PDA. Stares that are a little longer than normal, warming up each others hands, sweet nothings said, blushed cheeks, delicate pecks before separating for class. Grabbing each others hand and twirling them around in corridors.

-Molly making you a Weasley sweater with your house colours, with the tiniest bit of red knitted into the wool. Fred mentioned your love for scarves, so you also received a hufflepuff x gryffindor coloured scarf. 

-Him being excited for you to show him muggle ways of doing things, muggle movies, muggle toys etc etc. His favourite muggle film quick became The Parent Trap and Wreck it Ralph. 

-Building a fort, with password protection, snuggling snacks from the kitchen. Watching Disney films until sunrise. You and his first kiss was in the fort. You were watching Lady and the Tramp, you had gotten some sauce on your upper lip, he wiped off with his thumb, before moving his hand to your jaw and pulling you closer.

-Him laying on your bed in your dorm, whilst you were in the shower singing. He would lay and listen to your singing muggle songs mostly, but he enjoyed it just the same. 

-Skipping a two or three class day to cuddle in his bed, which the sun perfectly shone onto. Fingers running through each others hair, casual resting on bare skin above each others hips. Not caring about the repercussions. 

-Him attempting to braid, or style your hair whilst you were studying, at the start your hair ended up in knots but you taught him simple buns and braids. A few girls were jealous that their boyfriend couldn’t braid their hair but you took it in your stride.

-Becoming good friends with George, Ron, Ginny, Harry, Neville and Hermione. You moved to their table during meal times and sat with one of them in any classes you happened to have together. 

BTS Reaction to their S/O wanting help with learning Korean


“But you seem to be doing so well” He would argue. 

“So… You don’t want to help?” you would ask

“Nonononono I would I love to help. I just meant that I think that you are capable of doing it by yourself. But if you really want the help then I’m here for you. I’ll help” 

It would become a daily thing. The two of you would sit down at the dining table in evening after dinner and go through the text book. It had became Jin’s favourite thing. After a long day or practice he couldn’t wait to get home and spend some quality time with you. His heart would flutter and would smile at how adorable you were whenever you made a small slip up in pronunciation. 

“Wahhhhhh, look at how good our Y/N has become. You’re better than me these days”

“Oh, shut up” you would giggle bashfully and gently shove his shoulder 

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“Yoongi, can you come here for a second please?” You call across the room. 

Like most of the time, he has his headphones on but removed them at the sound of you voice,

“Sorry, what did you just say babe?”

“Can you come here pleeaaseeee?”

He walks over and sinks into the seat next to you.

“Okay, I need you to help check my pronunciation. But you cannot laugh at me. Please.” You glare.

“Okay okay, I won't” He chuckled and then waved a hand over him face and changed his expression to a very serious one. 

You weren’t terrible but some words were not as good as others. This became apparent in the change of Yoongi’s facial expression. The corners of his eyes would crease and his lips upturned. 

“Yoonggiiii, stooooop” You whined

He bursted out laughing but then cups your face,

“I’m sorry but you’re just so fucking cute, it hurts” He would say ruffling your hair”

“…Can we make this a regular thing? I get to watch you be adorable and you get to improve your speaking skills. A win-win situation” He smiles 

“Pft… okay, fine” You peck his lips.

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You were sat on the sofa with your two text books. Korean Language sat on your lap and Korean Grammar beside you. The sound of the apartment door opening tore you away from your studies. 

“Helloooooooo” Your boyfriend calls through to you. He soon walks through into the living area and finds you and your paperbacked friends. 

“Oooooh, is our Y/N hard at work?” he asks

“Very” you reply, looking back down at todays chapter.

Hobi slouches down next to you, resting his head on your shoulder. You smile, brushing the hair away and kissing his forehead. 

“How was practice?” You ask

“Eh. Long and tiring. Like most of the time. But from of the looks of it you have been busy today as well. Can I have a look?” He asks whilst having a peep at your book. 

“Sure” You say passing the book onto him. The both of you sit there going through the work you had done for the day. He would nod in approval and point out parts that could be improved. 

“But please don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re doing so well baby. I’m so proud of yooouuuu~” He wraps him arms around you and pulls you so you’re laying on top of him. 

“This fuels your teaching ambition, doesn’t it?” you ask giggling. 

“I mean… Yeah, it does” He chuckles, kissing the tip of your nose. 

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Your boyfriends strolls into the bedroom finding you sprawled out, face down across the bed along with texts books and pieces of paper. He shakes his head snickering. Today was one of those days where you lacked quite a bit of motivation, making it very hard to stick to your organised daily routine of learning Korean.

“You okay, baby?” he asks, leaning against the doorframe. Without lifting your head, you point to the surrounding papers. Curious, he sits down next to you, picking up a book. 

“Ahhhhh, do you want some help?” He asks, running fingers through your hair.

“Ugh, Joon, please don’t do that. It’s making me want to sleep even more than I already do” You groan. 

“Okay, Y/N, sit up. We are going to go through this” 

You groan but still comply. He makes you follow him through to to the dining room table. Namjoon went through the chapter with you for a good hour or so. 

“How do you feel?” he asks.

“Better” you reply, “It feels easier when I have someone go through it with me.”

“I’d be more than happy to help you more often. Remember, I know what its like.” 

You nod, “Yeah please” 

He smiles, kissing your temple.

“But can we sleep now? I’m tired” 

He laughs and strokes the back of your head, 

“Sure baby, we can sleep”

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Whilst Jimin was a dance practice you took the time to practice your pronunciation. You were sat on the sofa with your headphones to listen to the audio. Although you should’ve been practicing and improving upon the words you knew, you thought why not learn something new. Just give it a go. 

It must have been just over an hour and you heard a loud thump in the hallway. You ripped your headphones off and froze in place. You picked up the pillow next to you which would certainly scare off any intruder  and walk towards the hall. 

But it wasn’t a robber or a ghost. It was your boyfriend on the floor holding his stomach in laughter. 


“Oh my… babe… I can’t… LOOK. I’M CRYING. THERE ARE TEARS.” Were the few words he manages to say through laughing. 

Eventually, he calms down and explains. 

“I come in and I just hear you talking to yourself. But then I released it was Korean and. Oh my God, baby you’re so cute” He grins whilst squishing your cheeks. 

You pull his hands away, frowning. 

“Oh leave me alone. I know i’m bad. That’s why I’m practicing” 

“No, it’s so cute~. Listen, I can help if you want. Then you don’t have to talk to yourself” He sniggers.

“Really…?” You ask

“Of course!” 

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You and Taehyung were sat on opposite sides of the sofa. As always, Tae was in his own little world, bobbing his head and mumbling song lyrics to himself whilst scrolling through his phone. And you were frowning down at a certain example sentence in your textbook that you had been trying to get your head around and string together for the past fifteen minutes. You groaned in frustration, throwing your head back. 

This caught you boyfriends attention and he looked over at you. 

“Huh, What’s wrong darling?” 

“Whenever I think I’ve got this sentence, I tried to say it but… I just can’t get it out” You whine.

He scooted closer to you to have a look at the sentence. 

He cleared his through and repeated the sentence slowly. You watched the way the words easily rolled off his tongue and left his lips. You huffed to signify that it was still proving to be difficult. 

“Let me hear you say it” He said, passing the book back to you.

You did your best to say the sentence and looked back to Tae’s face afterwards to check for him opinion. He looked back at you with his huge boxy smile. He found your mispronunciation incredibly endearing. 

“…What?” You asked, self conscious.  

“You’re so adorable” he smiled adoringly at you. 

The comment made you flush “Tae, I need feedback. How can I get better?” 

“Ah yeah, right. Let me break it down for you” 

You finally somewhat got there after about half an hour 

“YES, Y/N! THAT’S IT!” He cheered holding his hand up in the air. You laughed and returned his high five. 

“Lets make this a regular thing” 

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“Kookie, remember you promised to help me with pronunciation tonight” you reminded your boyfriend after cleaning up the dishes from diner. 

“Oh yeah, you want to start now?” 

“Yeah, just give me a second” you said going to get your essentials. 

You both sat down on the living room floor with the book in between you. 

“Actually, Y/N. I have a better idea” Jungkook smirks. You raised your eyebrows in curiosity.

“And what would would that be?” you asked.

“How about I test you? So you have to repeat the sentence in Korean but without looking at the book” 

“Wow, that is such a Jeon Jungkook thing to say. But okay.” 

The few sentences you said with ease which earned an approving look from your boyfriend. But then the next one somewhat stumped you but you where still quite sure of yourself. So you give it your best shot. 

But Jungkook found something about it absolutely hysterical and flopped onto the floor in a fit of giggles. You pouted and frowned. 

“Whats so funny?” you grumbled 

“That’s not how you say it, babe.” He laughed. 

“I’m sorry that i’m so bad at this. That’s why i asked you to help me.” 

“I know I know I know. I’m sorry. You’re so cute though” He kissed you forehead. 

“Okay, Lemme break this down.” He grinned.

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requested by anon.

Can u do a thing where ur sister comes to visit with her boyfriend and she always teases u about not having one so like Taehyung pretends to be ur bf and he makes you do the stupidest things like male sexual noises in ur ve and shit but u end up dating irl also very fluffy and cute tae💖💖💖💕💕ily!💕💕💕💖💖

destin; french for destiny.

destiny; ˈdɛstɪni

  • the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.
  • the hidden power believed to control future events; fate.

word count: 1.4k

a/n: ngl this isn’t my best work, purely buck fluff is hard to write but i hope you like it anyway

“Taehyung, please pretend to be my boyfriend over the course of the next two weeks cuz my sister and her boyfriend are gonna come and I don’t wanna be teased.” I said all in one breath, causing me to breathe in heavily, evoking a smile on Taehyung’s face. “What do I get out of that?” he laughed as he took a sip of his latte. “You get to spend time with me?” “I spend time with you everyday… we like live together…” “Please.” I said, dragging it out so much that it was almost me being cute. “Ugh, fine. But I’m taking the lead on this mission.” he said as he ruffled my hair and placed a very much platonic kiss on my forehead.

“___! I haven’t seen you in ages, baby sister!” my sister screamed when I opened my apartment door. “Nice to see you too.” I laughed as I hugged her, when I pulled away I awkwardly greeted her boyfriend, we weren’t exactly close. “So, any boyfriend? Or are you still single as always?” she joked, causing me to roll my eyes. “Babe! Who is it?” Taehyung suddenly called, I had forgotten that we just agreed to pretend we were dating. “Babe?” my sister asked, causing me to laugh and walk towards Taehyung, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room. “Babe, this is my sister and her boyfriend.” I smiled at him as I introduced the two strangers to him. “Nice to meet the both of you, I’m Taehyung, ___’s boyfriend.”

“You never told me you got a boyfriend!” she screamed as she jumped up and down. “It was a low-key thing, we haven’t told many people.” I laughed. “Yeah, we’re keeping this between the few people we have told.” Taehyung chuckled as he walked over to me and placed a kiss on the top of my head, nuzzling me afterwards. “I’m so glad you finally have someone!” “Me too.” I smiled as I wrapped my arms around my ‘boyfriend’.

“You guys should kiss right now. It would be so romantic!” my sister squealed, causing Taehyung and I to awkwardly look at each other, we knew it was inevitable but so soon? I released by wrap around him and he rubbed the back of his neck. The next thing she said didn’t help with awkwardness, “We should go on a double date some time! I mean we’re staying here anyway so why not spend some more quality time together?” she spoke, once again, jumping up and down. “Sure, maybe later this week? We’re a bit busy with school work right now…” Taehyung lied. “That’s fine! As long as it happens! But you guys still need to kiss!” she squealed as she anticipated the moment. Taehyung, suddenly bursting with energy, turned to me, pulled me in and placed his lips against mine. I must say it was probably one of the best kisses of my life.

“Fuck, what are we supposed to do? Go on this stupid double date and risk being seen?” I asked as I paced around the small gap between the two shelves in the uni library. “Well people might just assume that we’re just friends, they know we’re close.” he replied, raising his head from his book. “But what if they don’t? And we’re gonna have to act all coupley for my sister.” I said, sighing in frustration as I threw myself onto the chair opposite my ‘boyfriend’. “I say go for it, let’s live a little.”

“I’m so excited for our lunch date! I know the perfect place! I used to go there all the time!” my sister said as she wrapped her arm around her boyfriend’s. “We used to go there all the time.” he corrected her as he placed a kiss on her forehead. “Sure, I’m up for it. As long as my cute ass girlfriend over here is.” Taehyung laughed as he wrapped his arm around my waist. “Of course I am.” I said, smiling, as I tiptoed slightly to place a kiss on his left cheek. “You two are the cutest!” my sister squealed for the nth time since she appeared at my house.

“I say when we get home we mess around.” Taehyung whispered into my ear as the food was being served by the sleazy looking waiter. “What the fuck do you mean?” I whispered back, my shock being slightly evident in my voice. “I mean, let’s make sex noises to like pretend we’re, you know; like why not have fun when we’re both just pretending anyway?” “Ugh, I hate the shit you drag me into.”

“What are you two lovebirds talking about?” my sister asked as she shoved a spoonful of food into her mouth. “You know, stuff. Couple stuff.” “Like?” “We’re planning our next date.” “Already? This one just got started! You two are eager!” she laughed as she turned her attention to her boyfriend. “You’re so bad at lying, ___.” Taehyung muttered before having a bite of my food. “You’re not much better, babe.” I whispered back, emphasising the ‘babe’ just to mess around.

Later that night, Taehyung and I went through with our plans. We started off slow and never become really loud but we definitely sounded like we were sinning but the trick was, play a video game with your best friend on silent. “This is so fun.” he laughed as tried to beat me at this round of Mortal Kombat. The more we played, the more sexual things sounded to others. We had to try so hard to hold back our laughter in between, I was laughing so hard that I was flat on my back in tears. Taehyung quickly joining my side with laughter. Suddenly, in the midst of our laughing fit, we heard a knock at the door, “Hey, kids, I know you’re in love but can you guys keep it down a bit?” “Oh my God…” I whispered to Taehyung as I turned to hold his body out of embarrassment. “I’m sorry, we’ll keep it down.” Taehyung voiced as he turned to wrap his arm around me.

“Why did you get so embarrassed, babe?” he smirked as he lifted himself onto his right elbow. “I didn’t expect her to come and say that!” I said, letting go of Taehyung and covering my red face. “Aww, my baby is embarrassed.” he chuckled as he placed a kiss on my forehead. “Stop that!” “We’re dating!” “Ugh, at this rate I might actually fall for you!” I joked but subconsciously knew that it was definitely possible. “I wish you would!” he laughed back at me.

“Sorry about last night.” Taehyung chuckled as he entered the kitchen the next morning. “Don’t worry about it, you two are still full of energy and aren’t drained from work life.” my sister chuckled as she poured in some milk to her cereal. “Well, I’m taking ___ on a breakfast date so don’t wait around for us and enjoy your time with your boyfriend.” Taehyung smiled as he poured himself a glass of water and left to go back to me.

“I told your sister that we’re going on a breakfast date so now we have to go.” Taehyung threw at me as he walked back into my room. “You what?” I laughed in complete disbelief. “Yeah, let’s go to that cafe that you love, my treat, babe.”

“You really didn’t have to do this, we could’ve just had McDonald’s.” I laughed as I was being handed my favourite breakfast item from the menu. “This is the least I could do.” “For what?” “For you, my best friend and girlfriend.” he chuckled as he was handed his latte. “You haven’t managed to fall for me, have you?” I said, half-joking, half-hopeful. “What if I did? What would you do about it?” he answered, turning it back onto me. “Probably date you, why not live a little?” I said, using his previous words. “Then why don’t we do exactly that.” he smirked. “What? Date? You’re joking.” I laughed as I took a sip from my own coffee. “Nope, not at all. I want to be with you, for real. It’s been fun pretending and I’m already comfortable around you, probably more than your sister is around her boyfriend.” “Fine, let’s live a little.”

The Godfather-(Derek Hale)

Originally posted by dylan-robrien

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Derek Hale and (Y/N)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1950

Warnings: swearing

Summary: (Y/N) and Derek meet again after 6 years of being apart

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Blue (Prince Adam x Reader)

Originally posted by the-awesome-elvispresley

Word Count: 930

Pairing: prince adam x reader

AN: beauty and the beast is one of my all time favourite movies and stories, so with the new movie (which was incredible by the way and i’ve watched it four times already) out I was inspired to do this :)

It had been months since you’d last seen your father before you were locked away in this enchanted castle by the cursed beast.Over that time you and the beast had gone from despising each other to becoming close friends and maybe even more.

It was a cool night as the wind whipped around you both on the balcony as you took in the magnificent view in front of you. Little did you know the man beside you wasn’t staring at the view, instead he was staring longingly at you. “It’s foolish, to think that you could ever care for a creature like me.  For who could ever learn to love a beast?”

“I don’t know…you’ve become quiet the gentlemen.” You smirked watching his stunned expression before taking his hand in your own as you began to lead him back inside. “Come, I want to show you something.” He followed as you lead him up the staircase and eventually to your favourite place in the castle, the library. "You’ve made me curious Y/N, what is it you wish to show me?”

“I found a new book and it’s extraordinary, I wanted to share it with you!” You rushed out excitedly as you climbed the ladder to reach the novel.

“Ah-be careful climbing that!” The beasts voice was laced with concern as he rushed over behind you protectively. You lightly laughed at his behaviour, his concern for you was adorable yet you reassured him nonetheless. “I’m fine, see.”

The beast let out a huff at your carelessness, he was so grumpy sometimes. Your eyes set sight on the book you were searching for as you reached up eagerly to take it, only to loose your balance and fall backwards off the ladder. Closing your eyes tightly you waited for the impact and the pain that would soon follow, but it never came. Instead a pair of strong muscular arms caught you, stopping you from hitting the ground. Opening your eyes they met with those incredible captivating blue ones that belonged to the beast. 

Quickly becoming lost in thought as you stared into his wonderous eyes you heard the beasts voice that was filled with worry. “Y/N?! Are you alright?”

A smile appeared on your lips at the sound as you continued your gaze into his eyes. Reaching up cautiously as if he might break at your touch, your hand gently caressed the side of his face as you spoke. “Your eyes, they’re the most beautiful pair i’ve ever seen.”

The beast seemed to be in shock at your actions as he became speechless, finding it difficult to keep his eyes off your face as you gently caressed his own filling his heart with warmth. A thought popped into your mind as you continued to stare at the mysterious man in front of you, the man whom you were falling for but still didn’t know his name. “You never told me your name. I don’t wish to call you a beast because you are far from one, you’re kind and gentle.”

His breath hitched in his throat at your words and your close proximity. Clearing his throat he finally broke eye contact and carefully placed you down on the ground. “Adam. My name is Adam.”

A wide smile took over your face at his confession before you bravely held his hand in your own as it gave you butterflies when you both touched. “Well Adam, I have something to confess myself.” His eyebrows furrowed as he tilted his head in confusion, gently rubbing circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. “What is it?”

Standing on your tippy toes so that your hands could reach behind his neck you moved your body so that it was against his own. “Adam, over these last few months you’ve shown me kindness, compassion and loyalty, something that I didn’t think i’d ever find from another. You’ve captivated my heart and I must inform you that I’ve fallen hard. Adam…I’m in love with you.”

The beast smiled the biggest you had ever seen him before as he placed his hands on the small of your back, resting his forehead against your own. “I love you too Y/N, more than you could ever know. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Your heart melted at his words as you leaned into his touch only now noticing the sparks of gold that swirled around his body. “What’s happening to you?!” You asked worried as you pulled away from his embrace to see better. His body lifted slightly into the air as his fur turned into skin and he became human again. A gasped left your lips as he came down to the ground, standing in front of you in his true form. He was breathtaking.

Originally posted by until-the-last-petal-falls

“Is it really you?” You questioned astonished as you grabbed his face to look into his eyes. And sure enough they were the eyes that belonged to Adam. "It is you! The spell has been broken!” You exclaimed excitedly before jumping up so that your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms rested behind his neck.

Adam laughed happily as he twirled you around, he’d never believed he’d ever be this happy. “I’m human again Y/N!” You nodded your head as you giggled at his behaviour. Leaning in to close the distance between you, you pressed your lips against his own as you finally kissed the man you loved. From that moment on you knew that everything would be okay, as long as you had Adam by your side.


if u haven’t noticed yet, Remus John Lupin is the love of my life

This is part 2 of Truth or Dare, but it could also be a complete different imagine, so you don’t really need to read part 1

Feel free to request!

word count: 1521

Originally posted by potter-imagines-here

“Hello, Y/N.” You look up from your book only to see James taking a seat next to you. “Why are you reading? You’re supposed to eat. Did you accidentally switch reading with eating?”

“No, I already ate breakfast, James. What is it?” you ask, as courteously as possible, eager to go back to your book. You were in the Great Hall, finished breakfast quite early and it was Saturday, so you didn’t have anything to do until afternoon.

“Can’t I make conversation with my friend?” he asks innocently and you raise your eyebrows at him. “Fine, fine,” he sighs. “I just… you have a date with Remus tonight, am I right?”

“Yes,” you answer and can’t help the redness appearing on your cheeks.

“Well, you see, I’m really not supposed to tell you this and I know we’re all friends, but…” he trails of, taking a deep breath. “Remus has liked you for a while and he was and still is very insecure about himself. We always try to raise his self-esteem… he has some… problems, which he should tell you about, it’s none of my business, but sometimes, most of the time, it’s not really working.“

“What are you trying to say, James?”

“That he’s head over heels for you and don’t expect him to act as a tough boy or something, he’ll probably be shy and closed in himself because, as I said, he’s very insecure and probably thinks he doesn’t deserve you-”

“That’s nonsense! I like him very much, he deserves me as much as I deserve him,” you say, frowning.

“I know, Y/N, that’s why I’m saying this. You both are amazing persons and I am very glad you two finally are dating, but be gentle with him. Please,” he looks at you hopefully.

“There is really no need to ask me to be gentle with him,” you say softly. “Repeating myself, I happen to like him very much and I wouldn’t hurt him. He’s also my friendーwell, now obviously more than that, but he was my friend first.” You smile.

James smiles, nodding. “I’m glad to see someone finally treats him the way he deserves, so with all of this being said, I wish you luck with your date. Oh, and Y/N?”


“Whatever he tells you, don’t say something that could hurt him. Where are you going, anyway? He wouldn’t tell any of us, he said we’d make fun of him.”

“Oh, just Hogsmeade. Where else could we go?”


“Remus,” you said, as though making sure he knew you were here. You were supposed to meet in the Entrance Hall to go together in to Hogsmeade.

He turned around, facing you, and a slight blush appeared on his cheeks, along with a sincere smile. “Y/N. You look amazing.”

“I’m pretty sure I look like any other day, but thanks, Rem,” you laugh.

“Yeah, but the difference is that now I can tell you without it being awkward. It’s just that you look amazing everyday,” he smiles cheekily at you.

“Oh, aren’t you charming.” You laugh, trying to hide the fact that you were blushing. “Shall we go?”

He nods and you two start walking in silence, both of you being scared to ruin the mood, until you both reach the magical town. “So… where were you planing to go?” You ask, looking at him for a second, then back at the road, recognising a few of your house mates.

“Well, there’s this book shop-”

“Ah, books. You know me very well, Remus Lupin,” you playfully wink at him.

“Y/N, we’re both bookworms, how can I not know?” he laughs. “And after that we could go wherever you want to go, as long as you’re happy.”

“We should do something that makes you happy as well,” you look at him, frowning slightly.

“Y-yeah, well, um, what about Honeydukes?” he stutters.

“That’d be great,” you smile and remembering what James said about his insecurity, you take his hand in yours and drag him towards the bookshop.

You enter, hand in hand, something that made you feel protected and giddy, because, as cheesy as it sounded, it felt like it was made to fit in yours. The smell of old books fills your nostrils and you rush toward the shelves with your favourite genre of books. You’ve never been to this bookshop before and it was very far indeed, but you would have noticed it. “Pretty awesome, isn’t it?” Remus whispered in your ear. “They have a section with muggle books as well, isn’t it just perfect?”

You turn aroun, facing him. “How come I didn’t know about this place?”

“What can I say? I’m full of surprises,” he smirks. You put your arms around his neck and press your lips on his. “Yeah, you are,” you said.

You started looking at the books, finding all of them very interesting, but one of them caught your eye, so you took your wallet out, ready to buy it. “Dang it,” you mumble. You took the wallet with your muggle money.

“What is it, love?” Remus appears by your side, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Nothing, nothing.”

He frowns. “No, really, what is it?”

You sigh. “I took my muggle money instead of wizard money, no big deal,” you smile up at him.

He takes the book from your hand and goes to pay for it. “No, Remus, don’t!” you whisper-yell after him, but he already paid for it.

As you get out of the shop, he hands you the book you wanted to buy and smiles at you. “Remus, you didn’t have to,” you sigh.

“Nonsense, love. You obviously wanted that book, consider it a gift,” he smiles innocently at you. “Besides, would you rather me buying you a drink or a book?”

“What did I do to deserve you?” you mumble to yourself, smiling at the ground.

After you both went to Honeydukes and bought a lot of sweets and candy, which he paid for again, because you had muggle money, you went to sit on a bench and eat them. “You know I’ll pay you back when we get back to the castle, right?

He chuckled. “You can try, but I won’t accept it.

“But why?” you whine.

“If money can buy things that make you happy, then I don’t care, Y/N,” he doesn’t look at you, but distracts himself with opening a bar of chocolate.

“You’re being so nice to me,” you mumble, now imitating him and opening more sweets to eat.

“Because you deserve it,” he looks up at you. “But Y/N, there’s something I need to tell you before we take this further. I know it’s just our first date, but… it’s important. You need to know what you’re getting yourself into.” He frowns. Was this what James was warning you about?

“You know you can tell me anything Remus, you’re still the same in my eyes and will always be.” You look at his concerned face and suddenly start to become worried. “What is it, Remus?

“I-I just don’t want you to see me different, t-that’s all…” he trails off. “You just, you just mean so much to me and I don’t want to ruin this day we had together, but you deserve to know this before we get into something serious-”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” you cup his face in your hands, letting him know that you’re here for him. “Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll still see you the same loving, kind and wonderful person you are.

“I just don’t want you to leave me,” he sobs.

“I won’t, I promise. Just tell me so you can get it off your chest.”

“I’m-I’m a werewolf,” he looks down, as if ashamed of himself. “Go ahead, you can gasp, widen your eyes and run, I won’t bite until it’s full moon,” he says in a low tone.

You wrap your arms around his torso and squeeze him as tight as you can. “That’s okay.

“You don’t wanna run away?” he mumbles in your shirt. “B-but I’m a werewolf!” he pulls away, looking at you surprised.

“So what? That doesn’t make me love you less,” you smile endearingly.

He had his mouth open, as if trying to find words, but now knowing how to put them in a sentence. “I love you so much, Y/N, you don’t know how happy I am that you’re not scared of me,” he pulls you back in the hug.

“I’d be a twat if I’d do that, honestly. Hey, Remus?”

“Yes, babe?”

“Do you wanna be my boyfriend?”

“I was supposed to ask that! Don’t take away my masculinity!” he exclaims with the biggest grin on his face.

“Oh, so you don’t wanna be my boyfriend, fine then.” You get up from the bench and start walking, until he grabs your wrist and yanks you towards him, making you bump into his chest and kisses you passionately.

“How stupid I’d be if I’d say no to such an opportunity?”

Be Mine || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by musicluvaffair

Word Count: 2.6k

Genre: Angst (fluffy ending)

There was something different about him that made all the girls go crazy. And yes, that makes this seem like an old cheesy 90s flick that’s gonna end with the protagonist and antagonist fighting it out through a dance battle but just wait.

Jungkook was what everyone liked to call the “bad boy”. He fit into every stereotype that came with the name. He would stay out late, get in trouble with the cops, and he broke almost every girls heart.

Yet that didn’t stop any of them from loving him. He emitted this feeling, something dangerous that all the girls were interested in. You, were just as guilty as the others.

There was something about the boy that was different from the average. It didn’t matter how many hearts he broke or what he did, he was still somehow one of the most likeable people at the school, while also being one of the most dangerous.

It was your first year of high school when you had first met Jungkook. You had come half way through the year and were nervous as by that point almost everyone had established their social groups, and you had no idea where you were going to fit.

It was then that Jungkook had shown up. He had been nice enough to direct you to the front office, and that was a side of Jungkook that you had never seen ever again. It seemed in that moment he had been a completely different person, and while everyone was obsessing over the fact that he was so cool, and so handsome, you liked him for a completely different reason.

You couldn’t deny that the bad boy side interested you though. It was something every girl secretly wanted. They wanted someone who would make them feel loved and protected, but would also make every moment an adventure. And you were one of those girls.

Jungkook was one of the most interesting boys at school, and no matter what you did you couldn’t get him off your mind. You were always drawn back to that moment in your first year. And you could swear that you find him staring at you every so often.

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Something Tells Me


NOT MY GIF (but I sure do wish it was because look at that jawline oooo baby) 



Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a beautiful gift, created so that no one every goes through life without love. Born with an invisible matching marking, a tattoo to signify their bond, that only reveals itself after the two souls touch for the first time. After escaping Hydra, Bucky hopes more than anything that his soulmate died a long time ago, but little does he know you’re right around the corner.

Characters: Bucky x reader, Steve Rogers

Warnings: Soulmate!au, cozy!bucky (this is the single best warning ever), sorta angst but sorta fluff, swearing

Words: 2178

A/N: So this is my first fic that I’m posting, but they’ll be tons more to come is you guys like this one. I’m super new to tumblr but figured this would be a good platform for me so strap in kids.

Bucky didn’t want a soulmate. He’d never met his own, he refused to let himself even picture what they looked like, he didn’t even know their name, but he knew - knew - he didn’t want them. It was sad really, and he knew it, rejecting a soulmate without having even laid eyes on them. And it was for this reason that he forced himself to believe his soulmate was dead.

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The Stars Between Us. Part 2.

Pairing: BTS Kim Namjoon x Reader

Summary: When ever you get hurt your soulmate feels the same pain, and with y/n being abused by her father what is Namjoon meant to do when he doesn’t know who his soulmate is, all he wants to is to save her.

Genre: Fluff, Angst, soulmate AU

Length:1349 words

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: I would just like to say a massive thank you to those who have read this, I was completely overwhelmed by the support that I got off part 1, I was not expecting that at all and it made me so happy to see it, you guys are truly incredible. <3

Originally posted by chyogi

Two weeks, that’s how long you had been in your new school for. Two weeks, and nothing had changed, you still hadn’t made any new friends at the school yet, you were too scared of allowing people into your messed up life. Though everyday Namjoon always asked you to join lunch with him and his friends, you always declined, instead you went and ate your scarce lunch in the toilets to avoid having to see everyone’s glance towards you. And then there was your father, due to the promotion he had a lot more work, and that meant a lot more stress and his favourite stress reliever had always been you. Which meant you always had new bruises to cover up and Namjoon always felt despondent towards ever being to help his soulmate he thought he didn’t know anything of.

           It was Monday, and school was looming over you and all the other kids, upcoming exams made everybody anxious and restless. Everywhere you looked you would find kids slaving over textbooks and handwritten notes trying to cram information into their already filled brain. Very little people wanted to be the ones at the bottom, most people were fighting to get the number one spot in school and get into the best universities, people would sabotage over people, and some would make themselves so ill that in the end they wouldn’t be able to the test anyway. School was just a test run as to what the real world was like, everything and everybody is divided into sections, people are judged down to the tiniest detail; That, you learnt a long time ago.

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mess is mine pt. 2
jon x sansa, book canon post-war for the dawn
A continuation of this one-shot for @soapieturner :))))) who encourages such silliness. Fluff and accidental fully clothed orgasms? And in-universe sex ed by Maester Sam. What is my life?

Sansa was tired of Jon’s excuses. He was a truly despicable husband. She had endured five months of marriage, and had fallen asleep nestled in the crook of his arm most nights, and yet he held true to this inexplicable vow. 

“Do you miss the Wall?” she grumbles one night after things had gotten a little too hot and heavy.

He does not answer. He has the nerve to bop her on the nose with his finger. Then he rolls over and falls instantly asleep. She loathes him.

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Writer in the Dark

Written For: @earthshake

Written By: @goldbravado

Pairing: Harry / OFC

Word Count: 13,064

Warnings: language, mild sexual content, alcohol consumption 


they always say behind every great man is a great woman. sometimes, they say behind every great song, there’s a great, untold story

or, a story about sweet creature and the woman behind it

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anonymous asked:

You wanted a request, right? How about Batfam, being emotional support for Dick?

I couldn’t think of an actual event/situation but then I started thinking about the ways each family members shows their support and this became more of a series of character study drabbles. Bruce is the “silent support” type, so is Cass, Tim is the motherhen but also the listener, Damian is the distracting type, Jason is a proud member of the “if you can’t shake it off, beat the shit out of something” school of thought. And Alfred? Alfred knows tea is the answer to all the world’s problems.

Thank you for the prompt, I hope you enjoy this :)

Bruce was never a bad parent, but he’d never been particularly gentle. Soft words and soothing gestures didn’t come easily to him. When Dick’s parents had died, all he’d wanted was for someone to wrap their arms around him, hold him close and tell him everything would be all right. Bruce hadn’t done that, hadn’t touched him at all the first few weeks unless Dick instigated it.

But he’s always been there. Around a corner whenever Dick needed to talk, sharing stories of his own childhood when he just wanted to listen.

It’s no secret that Dick’s always loved the spotlight, whether it’s an awed crowd or a gaggle of reporters. But some nights, like tonight, when he’s tired and sore, drained from family squabbles and persistent crime, the charming smile is a lot more effort. Which is, of course, the night he promised Bruce he’d attend one of the Wayne Foundation galas.

He’s been trapped in a metaphorical corner by Gotham’s most ambitious and successful reporters for almost thirty minutes now when fingers wriggle into the space between his arm and his side. Dick lifts his elbow automatically to allow Cass to loop their arms together. His sister smiles sweetly up at him, ignores the vultures around him with the ease of someone used to being unseen.

“Dance?” she says, a quick squeeze making it clear that it’s more order than request.

Dick’s rigid smile melts into something a little more real. “Of course,” he replies, turns to Vicki and her friends to faux-apologetically bow out of further questionining.

He twirls Cass around the dance floor, her steps light and her dress glittering around her ankles. Her smile brilliant and only for him.

“Best big brother,” she whispers when he reels her back in. Winks because they both know Tim is her favourite but she loves them all equally. The song stops and she leans up to kiss his cheek, giggling a little at the smudge of lipstick it leaves behind. Dick gins back, doesn’t wipe it away even though he’s probably going to get teased mercilessly when it shows up in photos tomorrow, because that kind of reminder that he has family who love him is exactly what he needs right now.

Tim exists in an almost-constant state of worry - it’s what drives him to Dick’s door in the first place, what gets him drafted into the Bat life. After he becomes Robin, Dick gets texts from him almost every night. Usually just a quick how was patrol?, to which he’s always sure to respond, but sometimes a more blatantly concerned want to talk? when he knows it’s been a hard night. The first few times he’d gotten such messages, Dick had brushed it off, replied with some variation of no thanks, I’m fine. He didn’t need to burden the kid, his little brother, with his troubles.

It only takes one disaster of a night and Tim showing up in his apartment because Dick didn’t respond to his text for him to learn that Tim is a really good listener. He sits quietly with his hands in his lap, earnest and attentive, and when Dick has finished pouring his heart out he finds that he does feel marginally better.

“Thought I was supposed to be the big brother,” Dick chuckles, mussing up Tim’s hair.

The younger boy rolls his eyes, ducking away from Dick’s hand, pulling the arm over his shoulder and curling closer then turning his face up to smile at him. “Big brothers need help sometimes too,” he says.

There are some places in the Manor that are just accepted as being better for… he doesn’t want to say brooding, because that’s Bruce’s thing. It’s just a bit of contemplative thinking, that’s all. The library is one such place that’s good for getting lost in thought, which is, of course, where his youngest brother finds him the day after a bad patrol.

“You’re upset,” Damian says it like it’s an inconvenience to him; small and haughty with his mouth turned down and his arms crossed. Frustrated, not with Dick but with himself for not knowing how to solve all his brother’s problems.

Dick musters up a weak smile for him, the expression settling into the grooves of his face with an ease he doesn’t feel. “I’m fine, Dami, just thinking.”

About everything that could have gone wrong. Everything that did go wrong. Everything that could have gone worse. Everything that should have gone better.

His little brother huffs, pivoting on the balls of his feet before marching off to one of the bookshelves at the back of the library. Dick closes his eyes, tips his head back and listens to the ambient sound of the room until Damian returns. His brother pauses in front of him, then exhales, not quite a sigh, and clambers up into his lap.

“Father said this was one of your favourites,” Damian declares, pushing a thin book into Dick’s hands. Dick opens his eyes, his brother’s soft hair tickling his nose when he leans forward to read the title. He thinks maybe his brother means for him to read to him, but Damian settles more comfortably against his chest and opens the book himself, beginning the story in his sweet childlike voice, “In merry England in the time of old, when good King Henry the second ruled the land…”

And Dick allows his eyes to drift closed again, wraps an arm around Damian’s waist and hugs him close, allows soft litlting words and his imagination to carry his mind away from dark thoughts to happier tales played out in the Sherwood Forest.

Red Hood catches up with him on patrol, booted feet smacking the concrete the only warning Dick gets before he’s being tackled to the ground - well, rooftop. He rolls with the momentum, comes up in a crouch with his arm around Jason’s neck. Drops it instantly when he realises who his attacker is.

Jason laughs, low and metallic through the helmet’s speakers. “Come on, Goldie, you can do better than that.”

“What do you want, Hood?” Dick sighs, not rising to the taunt.

“Heard you and the old man had a bit of a tiff,” Jason replies, casual and oh so baiting. He shifts about a metre away before standing.

Dick snorts, short and derisive, relaxing back so he’s sitting with his legs bent in front of him. “And what? You want me to talk about my feelings?”

“Not exactly what I had in mind.”

No, Jason’s always been more fond of confronting problems with his fists not his words. Unless, of course, the words are fuelled by a generous amount of alcohol.

“Thanks for the offer, but I don’t need a punching bag.”

Jason shrugs, stuffs a hand in his pocket and comes up with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. “Suit yourself, Dickiebird,” he says. “You know where to find me if you change your mind.”

Dick opens his mouth to point out that he doesn’t, actually, but Red Hood is disappearing over the edge and shimmying down the fire escape before he gets the chance. It’s only after he’s vanished into the streets below that Dick finds a folded piece of paper sticking out of his boot, probably jammed in there during their brief scuffle. He takes it out, shaking his head when he recognises the address. It’s a bad, a doodle of two clinking beers beneath it.

There’s a teapot already waiting on the table when Dick shuffles into the kitchen, steam rising from two cups beside it. Alfred doesn’t say anything when he sits down beside him, just slides a cup over and adds a dash of milk to the hot drink. For several minutes, they just exist in silence.

“Do you want to talk about it?” the butler offers eventually, filling in fifteen down on his crossword - Darjeeling.

Dick bites his lip. He cups his hands around his tea, feeling the slight sting of heat from the fine China, watching the wisps of steam which curl around the rim. Behind him, chittering birds in the garden can be heard over the hum of the oven. Alfred waits, endlessly patient, while he thinks.

“Not right now,” he says lowly.

Alfred nods, takes a sip from his own tea. Dick knows that when he is ready to talk, Alfred will be right here waiting to listen.

Remember Me - Chapter 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: After (Y/N) memory gets wiped by Hydra, Bucky and the others have to figure out how to get it back. Will they succeed or is it lost forever?
Warning: Kidnapping, shooting,


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Three times and one (Part I)

Being an ordinary human girl among a group of extraordinary people with peculiar abilities on an entirely different planet can be much of a challenge, more so that you have taken quite a liking into a certain God of Mischief, with whom you oddly seem to get along with very well. Sounds like trouble? Well, you kind of asked for it.

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Prisoner (Baekhyun Scenario) Part 3/3

Part One | Part Two

I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around what happened with Baekhyun last night. After being terrified of a man that never showed any emotion, spoke in a cold tone each day, throwing his gun on the table as if it was a toy… it’s quite hard to believe that last night, that same man actually had a soft side.

Why is it, that when he put his arms around me and held me close, did I feel safe? Safe in the arms of a dangerous man that has killed many people without hesitance? Call me crazy, but even I do not understand why I felt so.

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Euphoria (Taehyung Smut)

*Um… Went a little overboard heh heh*

Word Count: 1,502 words~

The ghost of his hands pinching and squeezing at your skin while he was in euphoria. The way your hips would grind against his deeply as you try to find your own euphoria.

He loved making love to you.The little droplets of sweat that formed of your skin, the way your breasts would bounce in rhythm to your body. Your hair clinching to your neck and your voice engulfed into sweet, high pitched moans.

It was all he wanted to see. He watched feverishly as you let out one last sound, a sound that you yourself couldn’t recognize as your voice. His cum would spill into the condom, the sight of you enough to make him cum.

That was last night, your bodies quickly shaping into each other while you both fell asleep. Your legs tangled with his while you pressed your head against his hot chest. Your hand pressed against the skin of his torso and he felt his muscles relax under your touch.

You woke up, your body lazily covered in your dark velvet sheets. The dark cherry red colour was one of your favourites to sleep on, its smooth texture hugged your body lovingly.

The morning sun lit the white walls, truly waking you up from your groggy state. You shifted your body carefully, your boyfriend still peacefully sleeping next to you.

You turned to face the window, the rays of the sun kissing your skin softly and you felt arms wrap around you. Your back was pressed against his skin and you felt his chin rest on your shoulder.

“Morning, baby.” His deep voice spoke into your ears. He knew how his raspy voice always made you needy and his hand smoothed over the outline of your body. From your arms, to your curves, to your hips, and down your thighs.


“Mhm, what’s wrong baby?”

“N-Nothing.” It wasn’t like you didn’t want him, you always did. Beyond his innocent personality lies a man thirsty for your body. He feasted upon your moans, your whimpers, and your squeals.

Those sounds that indicate how he was making you feel, how good he was making your body feel. He wanted them to himself, he wanted you all to himself.

These were his selfishly uncontainable desires.

“We should start the day, Tae.”

“There’s one way we can start the day.”

“What’s that?” You could hear the motive being underlined in his words but you wanted to hear it from your own ears.

He was so misleading. Enjoyed leaving you wondering, just to see you frustrate yourself to no ends.

Such a tease.

“Morning sex.” He purred into your ears before placing soft kisses to your neck and shoulder. His hands grasp your breasts, his fingers playing with your nipples while he continued to plant kisses on your neck. Your moans were soft to his ears and he couldn’t wait to hear you scream out his name.

“I want to hear more.” He murmured into your skin and hovered over you. His lips captured your lips hastily, letting this moment continue to heat up quickly. Your lips moved in sync with his, cherishing the taste of his lips.

He tasted like what cozy blanket felt like, what getting the last piece of cake before you favourite cafe closed felt like, those blissful days where you would lounge around, his scent was stronger than a meadow of flowers, stronger than anything you’ve even smelled. This was Taehyung, the only man capable to make you forget your sentence before you even start it, the only one whose smile that could make the world pause just to stare.

“Fuck.” He lowered himself, his mouth becoming immersed into your collarbone. He make sure to leave his love bites, as he called them, there before moving down to the crevice between your breast.

His lips acted asperously against the skin before moving over to your hard nipples. His teeth did most of the work, biting and tugging while his tongue smoothed it over. He would repeat this to the other nipple before delicately kissing your skin while he reached your thighs. You spread your legs for him, his lips kissing the inner part of your thighs and he stopped to stare.

He loved this part of your body the most. It was the softest, the one place he never wanted you to hide from him. He would purposely buy you dresses and skirts that hit mid thigh just so he could see them.

“So beautiful, baby.” He couldn’t marvel in the sight of them any longer when you shifted them in discomfort. He smirked, knowing you wanted him to bury his face in your little wet core.

“T-Tae. Please.”

“What’s that?” He slowly brushed over your wet core and you shuddered to his touch. He knew what you wanted, but the satisfaction of hearing the words escape your lips was what he needed first.

“Please, p-please-ah.” His finger flicked your clit, the small nub was the most sensitive part of your body. And he knew exactly what to do with it.

“Say it.”

“P-Please eat out-ngh.” His finger slipped into you, the sudden friction making you moan his name. He pumped his fingers into you, collecting your wetness on his fingers.

You felt his fingers begin to stretch you out as he continued to add more fingers inside you and he used his second favourite weapon.

His tongue.

You couldn’t recall all the times you’ve came on his tongue. The soft flicking, the long licks, his tongue pressed flat against you.

It drove you crazy.

“T-Taehyung..!” You squealed as your voice continued to spill out moans. He ate you out like you wanted, his fingers unforgiving to your body and his tongue adding to your wetness.

“Just like that. Louder.” You obliged, your voice increasing in volume as he lets his fingers just take over. You could feel the edge getting closer and he could feel it. He pulled his fingers out of you, tasting your wetness off his fingers.

You watched his tongue lick the taste of you, that small moment moving slow motion before your eyes darted to his cock. He was clearly hard, you get on your hands and knees in front of him.

“You want to suck my cock, baby?”

“Please, I promise I’ll do it good.” He watched your movements, your hand pumping him while your tongue licks the tip. You were sucking on the tip in no time and your hands took care of his shaft.

A throaty groan escaped his lips and you’ve barely started. You affected him like this, the simplest things you did were easily his turn on.

When you pushed your hair behind your ear while you indulged into one of your favourite books, the way your hips shake when you listened to your favourite song, when you would nervously bit your lip, when you jumped when you got your favourite scoop of ice cream.

He was stupidly in love with you.

“Fuck.” He growled while you bobbed your head on his cock. He loved that tongue of yours, how it perfectly wrapped around his cock. When you would run it across his shaft, when you licked his torso naughtily, it was exhilarating.

“Just like that, baby.”

He praised you, making you want to blow him better and he stopped you. He pulled you up for a hot and wet kiss before you positioned yourself. He readied himself before focusing back on you. You lied down on your side and he lifted your leg, moving it over his leg while he straddled your other leg.

He slid into you slowly, you biting your lip so you won’t let out a loud scream. He waited before moving and you let your whimpers free. Your voice began to crescendo, the pace of his thrusts almost increasing along with your voice.


“So good.” You could feel him hit deeper inside you, his thrusts going at just the right speed. Your breath was being taken from you, heavy pants being heard from you both.

There it was again.

That euphoria he was searching for. Your face immersed into ecstasy, the breathless sounds of your moans that filled the room and the seeming endless depths of your pussy.

This was euphoria.

He apply gentle pressure to your clit, indicating that he was getting close but he needed you to release first. Just to see that expression he yearned to see since he awoken this morning.

He got his wish.

You came, the pleasure coming in surging through your body. He spilled his cum into the condom before tossing it away. He licked his lips, watching you lie there lazily on the velvet sheets.

Your hands were clenching onto them while he was pounding you but you released them. He picked you, you looked at him in surprise as he carried you into the bathroom.

“Let’s get you clean up, babe.”

~Admin Blake

Friends to lovers!au: Doyoung

• sorry for my late post!!! I just got back to uni and its been an absolute hectic day

• but anyway at last doyoung’s here, the totally official mother of nct

• I may or may not have gotten inspiration from the confession on nct night night, aka the cutest fan of Jung jaehyun

• let’s go let’s gooo

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