✧ infinite 30 day challenge ✧ 9/30

 infinite member you think is the most easily shipped?

                      i was stuck between woohyun,sungjong and dongwoo, but after thinking about it, most of my bromances have woohyun so yeah :)

TALE FOUR: His Ghost Resides In Your Heart And Lingers In My Soul



(He always notices Sungyeol’s habits. Some of them really does hurt.)

They’re huddled under a fluffy blanket on the floor of their balcony, a sky of silver and pitch black is above thier heads.

“When people die, they become stars. Their brightness is the amount of love they gave” Sungyeol states, longingly gazing at a certain star, the most shining one.

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✧ infinite 30 day challenge ✧  7|30

infinite member(s) you would want as your best friend(s)?
                                                     wooyeol (:

anonymous asked:

what otp's in infinite do you ship?

(in no particular order) woosoo!! (actually this one is always first), ifnt f in general (and anything that comes from it i.e myungyeol, yeoljong, myungjong etc), 91 line (and also anything that comes out from it, wooyeol, hoyeol etc) BUT I LIVE FOR WHEN ALL THREE OF THEM ARE TOGETHER, dongsoo because the eternal roommates and myungya!! because why not

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You should read this i like it so much www (.)asianfanfics(.)com/story/view/753872/1/endless-tales-of-infinite-drabble-oneshot-collection-infinite-myungyeol-woogyu-hojong-wooyeol-wooya-yeoljong

Yes, I already read that before. :D (and it’s really really great. also, it is already posted it before  ( sorry. searching in this blog is hard i’ll fix that -update: already fixed)

Anyway people, if you want to read it again here’s the link