'woah dude'


“but wouldn’t it be hot if I made this lesbian fuck a man instead?”

“woah dude, that’s kind of morally reprehensible at fundamental level”

“no it’s ok it’s my ship”

“oh well in that case I guess we’ll just ignore the history of gay people both in reality and in fiction being portrayed as being saved by heterosexual relationships, and the horrific reality that a lot of gay people forced themselves into these relationships to avoid literal death. as we all know, it’s written in the constitution not to ship bash”



Bakugou Raised the Stakes

This is actually a sequel to @dumdumdrawstumtumsprevious thirst provoking picture of Bakugou (WHICH FREAKING WORKED YOU MONSTER) that @dumdumdrawstumtums gave me as a Christmas gift because they like to give the best gifts but also torture me at the same time. SO now to properly celebrate this awesome gift (also to potentially inspire…an additional upping the ante) 

“Woah dude, you really ate all our lunches!” Kirishima said staring at Bakugou’s exposed belly after the hot headed teen had successfully devoured all their meals, seemingly without issue. Without permission, Kirishima reached out and poked the belly to feel how hard it was. “I can’t believe it! You’re the man Bakugou!” 

Bakugou smirked with his hand still raising his shirt over his distended belly to allow everyone in class to see just how strong his stomach and by extension he, himself was. Izuku was in the corner staring intently with a slight worried look on his face. What Bakugou didn’t know is that Izuku himself had eaten himself to a fairly similar state on a few occasions due to his now constant bulking diet that All Might had him on, however, Izuku had to admit that there was something about Bakugou’s distended belly that was so…attractive. Thus Izuku couldn’t take his eyes off of Bakugou’s belly and was inwardly jealous that Kirishima was so able to touch the distended organ. 

Then a wet and echoing eruption rang out in the class. “BEEELLCH!! I told you I could eat all your lunches! Anyone want to up the stakes?” Bakugou let out defiantly, looking around to see if anyone dared. This time it was Minoru Mineta, the shortest and perviest boy in class that came up to see Bakugou’s belly. “Bakugou, you sure you can up the stakes? I mean look at your gut!” He took the occasion to slap Bakugou’s bloated belly hard several times while he tried to look cool in front of the rest of the class. “You ate all the food in class and it already looks like you could of had me in there! What would you do, bet that I’m the next stake? Or is that steak?” Mineta said, still slapping the stuffed belly as Bakugou face went from shock of Mineta’s forward actions of slapping his gut to thoughtful to finally an evil grin.

“Oh? You think I can’t fit more into this beast?” Bakugou said with a hearty belch forced out by all of Mineta’s slapping. He leaned close to Mineta and burped loudly into his face. “I think I’m willing to take that bet.” Without saying another word, Bakugou grabbed Mineta by the collar and kicked the door open with a grunt to take Mineta away from prying eyes. He glanced up and down the halls looking for a spot. “Yeah this will do,” he said as he spied what he was looking for. Bakugou smirked again and then opened the door to a janitor’s closet. Thanks to everything in UA being oversized, it also had plenty of room. He yelled down the hall, “Be right back losers!” 

Several minutes passed by and then the door to class 1-A burst open as Bakugou kicked open the door. Everyone stared as Katsuki Bakugou came back into the classroom, easily double the size he had been before he had left. His white shirt and jacket were completely open along with his pants that showed his bright red boxers underneath. He huffed loudly, rubbing his belly to try to soothe it. “*Huff* How’s that for raising the *pant* damn stakes..?,” He asked as he hiccuped loudly, and with enough force you could see his belly bounce. “*Hic* Oof- Settle the fuck down in there. I feel like I’m about to explode…”  he said stroking his belly. It moved slightly on its own as he waddled back to his desk. 

He sat back, letting his bulbous belly rise before him, the bottom of his bloated swell hitting the front part of his grown belly. Everyone was in shock and stood around him with mouths agape. Kirishima came over a little nervous. Bakugou winced. “What the fuck do you want…” he said weakly. “Holy crap! That’s the manliest gut I’ve ever seen! What did you end up eating?” Bakugou though still pained from his overfull stomach had his shit-eating grin come back “Mineta,” he said flatly.  

Kirishima laughed. “That’s a good joke! But really what did you eat? Where is Mineta anyway?” Bakugou scowled. “I told you.” Izuku got up from his desk in a rush and quickly came over and finally placed his hand on Bakugou’s bloated belly. It squirmed under his rubbing hand. “You…really did didn’t you…” 

“Damn right I did, tasty little squirt too! URP!!! Now any of you want to start rubbing this or should I see if I can raise again?” He said burping loudly and pointing at his overfilled gut.