'woah dude'

“but wouldn’t it be hot if I made this lesbian fuck a man instead?”

“woah dude, that’s kind of morally reprehensible at fundamental level”

“no it’s ok it’s my ship”

“oh well in that case I guess we’ll just ignore the history of gay people both in reality and in fiction being portrayed as being saved by heterosexual relationships, and the horrific reality that a lot of gay people forced themselves into these relationships to avoid literal death. as we all know, it’s written in the constitution not to ship bash”



thoughts :

I believe in truthful journalism and educating people on reality, not lying in order to gain attention and make headlines.

My thoughts on Felix: He is a human and as humans we make mistakes. We become wizened when we learn from these mistakes and deal with similar situations accordingly with that knowledge. He knows this well, and as a person who has been on Youtube for a long time he’s also learned a lot. 

This applies not just to him, but to other long-time YouTubers as well. The things he has said in the past and the jokes he’s made may be inexcusable, but he knows and is learning about that limit now whenever people bring it up right away and say, “HOLD UP NOW DON’T YOU DARE-” 

As for the “journalists”: Stop- you are not journalists. How can you be proud about lying to a population when you are supposed to tell the truth to… unless you’re being paid to lie. Don’t call yourselves journalists. This was intentional, and as Felix stated in his video-  “a direct attack”. Their intention was to solely make Felix appear as a bad person to those who don’t watch him regularly/have never known of him. 

Felix did what I feel was a pretty significant job addressing the situation between himself and the media in a recent video of his, featured below:

Truths being twisted and evidence applied falsely. Resources warped and ripped to pieces in order to find one sentence or physical movement that would define the character of a man that the majority of the writing’s readers wouldn’t even know personally. 

I quite appreciate the way he took on this recording: no music to ‘soothe’ the words being said, whole focus is on him and his words. He didn’t rant angrily, he was mature and showing control as best he could the whole time when confronting the bullshit that’s been thrown at him.

This makes me very happy as well:

“#1 on Trending”

It goddamn better be.

I normally wouldn’t write about things like this, but I watched that video at 1 AM this morning and least to say it made me angry and gave me all the more reason to hate certain forms of media, or producers of it such as the three persons, and possibly even more individuals. It’s amusing to see them try to take down Kjellberg- who has given more to others than the people who wrote those articles ever would and will. 

It’s sad how easily people fall for these things as well. Needless to say I have been watching his videos since the good ol’ Amnesia times, and I’ve appreciated his recent videos the most because he has been honest and truthful with how he feels about a lot of things. So therefore I would be likely to know that he is none of the things that the mentioned media portrays him to be. 

I’m happy for PewDiePie because he’s gotten so far and is using his influence for the better. I knew this had been going on for a while, but I had no idea what to do other than grumble to myself and be an old person about “all of these foolish youngin’s writin’ things that ain’t true.” 

I decided to go ahead and write everything out this time, because that video had done it for me. Apologies if there are mistakes and grammatical errors, I kinda speed-typed all of this.

Thank you if you’ve read it. :D

- floofy

coffee milestone reached!


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    chara actually being a good parent to frisk


I hope you are excited because I know I am! This doesn’t just mean more art, it also means more streams! Thank you to everyone who sent in tips!

Thanks to the suggestions we got yesterday, the next milestone is a mere 30 coffees away: 

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    chara and frisk doing jojo poses (jojo’s bizarre adventure crossover) 

I’m so excited for some wild Jojo posing!

Woah dude technology taking over brah. Social media the only thing on people’s minds. No one pays attention to me or my cool ideas anymore. You’re all a bunch of fuckin sheeps..goats.