'wish that older brother of yours'

A Little Visit

For @superfluouskeys “I’m just visiting” Prompt. (Thank you so much!) And for @dadrunkwriting I hope you enjoy!

Link Lavellan was only a young boy of ten when he first saw the fierce and beautiful Nevarran shem. Apparently she was some sort of royalty but she didn’t act like it.

He loved the way she sparred with her older brother in the backyard. She was good, too, better than himself, in fact. And found himself wishing he could have the chance to bout with her.

“Grip your sword a little higher,” Link heard the older brother say as he watched from behind a bush. She obeyed. “Yeah, that’s it. Perfect. Another round, then?”

Their feet moved with perfect footing as they lunged, blocked and parried, it was like they had their own special dance. Link wanted to clap for the girl as she smacked the wooden sword from her brother’s hand.

“I’ve got you now. Perhaps I am ready to face a dragon with you.” She said, her chin tilted high, as she held the tip of the sword at his throat.

He swiped it away, laughing. “Not yet, little sis, but someday soon, perhaps. Be a dear, Cass, and help me up please.”

Cass. That was the beautiful girl’s name. Link smiled happily, he could finally put a name to that face.

Cass gripped his wrist and gave him a pull. He came up easily. Link was amazed she didn’t even stumble or waver in the slightest with that amount of counterweight.

“Children! It’s time for dinner!” A voice called out from inside the house and Link watched sadly as his visit came to an abrupt end.

Your little brother has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. When the Make A Wish program asks him what he wants he simply responded with, “Kill my older brother before it’s too late.”

Do not think for one second that you have me fooled. I will find out who you are, then let your blood paint my blade if you wish to bring harm upon my brother

My au where the present McCree goes through weird time warp shenanigan and is the one to save Genji from being “killed” by his older brother, Hanzo.

Young Hanzo’s about nice as an angry porcupine when some cowboy appoints himself as Genji’s bodyguard and young Genji’s a rebellious teen who thinks the american gunslinger’s the coolest thing since his green hair dye.

But Jesse McCree is swab BAMF who you can’t help but be drawn to so of course Hanzo’s all angsty tsundere with his feelings where as McCree’s going crazy from trying to keep the green haired shit from getting killed while dealing with a younger and snappier version of his crush.

iris was gone, shipped off to idris after a fire message explaining her crimes. now magnus just had to find a way to help a small, scared girl understand what she just saw.

oh, how he wished alec was there. alec, having a much younger brother, was better with small children than magnus was. older children and teenagers, he could deal with. but anything younger than clary had been when he met her, he was at a loss.

he crouched down in front of her and she backed away. “hey, i’m not going to hurt you, i promise.” he held out his hand but dropped it when she recoiled further. “i’m magnus. can you tell me your name?”

she shook her head and when the side of her neck was exposed to him, magnus saw her warlock mark and got an idea.

“i like your gills.”

the little girl searched his face, then said in a voice so small magnus had to strain to hear it, “i like your eyes.” magnus smiled at her and she gave a tiny one back. then she said, “what did you do with nana?”

“um.” this was the hard part. how could you tell a little girl that the woman who raised her was an evil mastermind?

“nana’s a bad lady, isn’t she?”

“why would you say that?”

“because she hurt the nice man who was looking for his friend.”


“yes, your nana was a very bad lady. but you’re safe now, okay?” she nodded, which magnus took as a good sign, even if she was still a little hesitant. “good. now, do you think you can tell me your name?”

a long pause. then, “madzie.”

“that’s a very pretty name.” this time her smile was wider. “listen, madzie, i’m-”

“magnus.” magnus turned and stood at the sound of alec’s voice. “are you okay?”

“perfectly. honestly, alexander, you underestimate me. but…” he stepped aside to reveal madzie. “there’s someone i want you to meet.”

alec smiled and magnus’s heart melted - he loved alec’s smile because it was something that not everyone got to see. “we’ve met, actually.” he stepped closer and got down on madzie’s level.

“cool gills.”

Creepypasta #981: A Different Kind Of Ghost

Length: Super long



It all started when we were kids. Charlie was five years younger than me, my kid brother that meant just about everything to me. I wasn’t afraid to admit it; that kid was my world. Ever since our dad passed him to me, ruffled my hair, said, “He’s yours now, Sammy,” I knew that I would do anything to protect him.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t a typical older brother. Yeah, I played my pranks and hid under his bed to scare the shit out of him, put itching powder in his underwear drawer, but nobody was allowed to mess with him but me. And nobody messed with me but him.

“Did you hear that?” he asked one night when he was eleven. He was sitting up straight in bed, staring at the window. I rubbed my eyes, annoyed. I wish I didn’t have to share a room with him, I was sixteen and so ready to live out on my own.

He got up and checked the window, looking around with wide eyes. “I see him. I see it.”

“Dude, there’s nothing out there,” I muttered, pulling the pillow over my head. It was just another prank. I would go to the window, look around, get spooked by our creepy backyard in the middle of the night, and Charlie would grab me from behind and make me piss myself. Not that that’s ever happened. Ever.

“No, I see him.”

“Your ghost? Again?” Charlie’s been claiming to see this ghost every since he was six and saw Poltergeist. He kept describing it has an old man. The description got more detailed as he got older. He was wearing robes, was all white except for black, black eyes. He had chains around his ankles, no now his wrists, wait now there were chains around his throat. He was bleeding, sometimes he wasn’t. 

I was the only one Charlie told this to. I felt kind of special, being the only one who knew, but not now in the middle of the night. “Dude, I am in no mood to see your ghost.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe him. I believe in the paranormal, I always have. I’ve had little brushes here and there, creepy things that I didn’t quite understand, that there weren’t clear answers to. Our mom always said we had a lot of empathy; we could pick things out in the dark that others couldn’t.

Charlie looked out the window for a little bit longer, then went back to bed. “Think that ghost will ever talk to me?” he whispered.

“Maybe. He’ll just say that you’re a fag.”

“Goodnight, fat-ass.”

“Goodnight, you piece of shit.”

The internship was killing me. No, for real, it was killing me. I moved out on my own into a shitty little apartment, infested with roaches and a toilet that backs up at least twice a week, to make no money doing bitch work for a company that probably won’t even hire me after it’s all over.

My girlfriend was over and made some quick spaghetti, listening to me rant and rave about why the universe is clearly against me, when I got a phone call from Charlie.

“Hey, what’s up?” There was silence on the other line. “Hello? Charlie?”

There was a crackle. “Hey, Sammy.” He sounded tired.

“What’s up, dude? Something wrong?”

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Sherlock Valentine's Day Challenge Day #5

Prompt: “I’ll admit, this is by far the most *interesting* Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.”

A/N: This is part one, part two will be tomorrow for Day 6!

You pull your coat tighter around you as you trudge down the sidewalk behind Sherlock and your brother. This is not how you wanted to spend this evening. With your older brother John and his friend, who had no idea you were in love with him. You sigh quietly and wish for the thousandth time that things were different. That your brother wasn’t so over protect, that Sherlock wasn’t so emotionally unavailable, that you were brave enough to not let either of those two limiting factors stop you from being with the man you love. John turns and looks over his shoulder at you.
“You ok?” He asks. You are having a hard time keeping up with Sherlock’s long, determined strides.
“Yeah, sure,” you say to him. He turns back around. “Because this is my idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day,” you mutter sarcastically to yourself under your breath. You pick up your pace a bit, trying not to fall too far behind. As much as you would have loved a romantic night out, you secretly love the thrill of chasing down a clue with the amazing detective. You can see how both he and John became addicted to the adrenaline rush of outsmarting criminals and saving lives. It was intoxicating.
“Here,” Sherlock says, coming to a halt. You stop as well and look around and you realize he’s led you to a, small isolated park. He takes a photograph out of his pocket and holds it up. The picture shows an outcropping of trees and a glimpse of a bench with a wrought iron fence in the background. “This is the place. This is where we should find the last clue. Let’s split up and look around.” Wordlessly, the three of you turn in three separate directions. You aren’t sure what you are looking for, exactly, but you search high and low. After a while, you glance up and notice Sherlock’s search as brought him back around closer to your search territory. He sees you watching him and heads over to you.
“I hope we didn’t ruin any plans you might have had tonight,” he says, quietly. Your heartbeat quickens and you feel a flush creeping up your neck towards your cheeks.
“No plans,” you shrug, “Anyway, I’m happy to help you.” Suddenly a twig snaps behind you and you both spin around. You were fully expecting to see John but your heart plummets when you see a figure, clad in all black, pointing a gun at you.
“You’re looking for the last clue?” The man asked. Neither of you answers. “I have it right here,” he says, holding out a large white envelope. “But I’m not going to give it to you. I’m going to leave it for Dr. Watson. And if you two want to stay alive, you better start praying that he can solve the last puzzle in time.” Two more men appeared behind him, both also holding guns. “Take these two and put them in the van,” the first gunman ordered. You glance at Sherlock and he nods at you, his eyes telling you to keep calm and do exactly what they say. Promptly, you each have your wrists zip-tied behind your back and are led away from park into the back of an old delivery van.
“Leave the last clue somewhere Dr. Watson will find it,” the first man said as he slammed the van doors shut. The engine starts and the van pulls away. It’s dark in the back of the van but you can just make out two of captors and their guns, still trained on you.
“Well, no matter what happens from here on out,” you whisper, glancing at Sherlock. “I’ll admit, this is by far the most *interesting* Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.”
Sherlock purses his lips and stares back at you with a grim expression before closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the metal wall of the van.
“Hurry, John,” you pray silently. “Please hurry.”


Dancing Secrets

wonho x reader 

fluff x angstish

957 words

anon nymph wished– Can you do a Wonho one with number 40? Hehe I’m sorry if I didn’t mention a member before I sent the request. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Thank you for your wish dear! I enjoyed writing it, and I do hope you like it! ^^ 


#40 Just promise to never lie to me, okay?

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Imagine being Aragorn's younger sister and constantly arguing with him in Elvish until Legolas overhears you saying you love him

For @superheroesofmiddleearth :)

A/N: i hope you don’t mind but i did it in 1 part instead of 2 because i just thought it flowed better this way :) i hope you still like it!


You were once again arguing with your older brother, Aragorn, as you walked alongside him, the rest of the fellowship in tow. Of course, you didn’t want a certain elf to overhear your conversation in elvish so you kept the insults and angry words to a whisper as Aragorn replied with an equally harsh tone.

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Me and my older brother started playing around when I was 7 and he was 11. He was getting into watching porn online and got me to watch with him. I thought it was really interesting and it turned me on. We started experimenting and before long I was sucking him and we were fucking. A little later on I started with my younger brother too. I'm 20 now and we're still all involved.

All you lucky perverts with your siblings… I wish I had some!

Stay Safe

Please, please, please stay safe. Sexual abuse culture is horrific, and I completely understand the urge to say “fuck it” and fight you way through but PLEASE stay safe. Stay in groups, keep in contact, just please stay safe.

The older sister of one of my brothers friends was killed yesterday after walking to her car alone after work (She normally walked back with a bartender from the restaurant where she worked, but she decided to leave early).

Please protect yourselves and be proactive - your life is worth the world.

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Brothers Best Friend-Calum

“Like what you see?”, the tall brunette said with a smug grin.

You shook your head, awakening from your trance, and rolled your eyes.

“You wish. Get over yourself Calum.” You said sharply, causing the boy to smile.

Calum was your brother Michaels best friend in the world. You were two years older than both of them and Calum was cute, but boy did he know it.

“Feisty.” Calum said chuckling as he started to put his shirt back on.

You looked at him again and he smiled a cocky little smile.

“Unless you want me to keep it off?” He said smugly.

You rolled your eyes.

“I don’t care what you do.” You said, causing him to smile again.

“You’ve got no chance bro. Leave my sister alone.” Mikey said coming to your rescue.

You smiled smugly at Calum and he raised his eyebrow giving you a challenging look.

“That’s right.” You said as Mikey wrapped his arms around you, giving you a tight hug.

“I don’t mess with little boys.” You said, giving Calum a look.

He smirked and shook his head.

“Little boy? That’s cute. I’m only two years younger than you, you know.” He said defending himself.

“Even if you were older you still wouldn’t have a chance.” You said, raising your eyebrow to him.

He bit his lip and nodded his head, chuckling to himself.

“Oh for God’s sake just fuck already.” Michael’s friend Luke said as he spooned another mouthful of cheerios into his pie hole.

Michael glared at him and the blonde boy laughed.

“Gross!” You shouted disgusted.

“Agreed! Have you lost your damn mind Luke? There’s not a chance in hell that would EVER happen.” Michael said getting pissed off.

“Well shit dude, there’s way too much sexual tension in here.” Luke said defending himself.

“That’s my sister you fucker. The only sexual tension in this room is between you and that damn cereal. Apologize now.” Mikey said glaring at him.

“Sorry.” Luke said rolling his eyes and eating his cereal again.

“You’re an asshole Luke-and a disgusting one at that.” You said glaring at him.

“Love you too.” He said chuckling quietly as he flipped you off.

You rolled your eyes.

“I’ve got to go Mikey. I’m going to Stasia’s. I’ll be home later.” You said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“You coming to the party later?” Calum asked curiously.

“Not that it’s any of your business but I’m not sure. All depends on if I feel like watching after you kiddies.” You said sarcastically.

“Bitch.” He said grinning as he looked down.

You rolled your eyes and got your purse, heading out of the door to your friends house.

“Hey y/n!” Your friend Stasia said when you knocked on her door.

Stasia was your best friend and a rich one at that. She promised her parents that she would pay as much rent as they wanted in her own house if they’d let her go to cosmetology school instead of “actual” college. They agreed but she got the house, rent free. She paid for her cosmetology classes and that was it. Her house was tiny, cute, and quaint. It was perfect for her.

“Hey girl what’s up?” You said smiling as you came inside, until you seen her outfit.

“Not much. Jace will be here in a little bit. I hope that’s okay?” She said giving you an apologetic look.

“I guess.” You said, not enthusiastic about this at all.

Jace was Stasia’s 22 year old boyfriend and he was kind of an idiot. He drank too much and ate too much, but he was playing college football and that’s all she really cared about.

“Don’t be mad girl. Jace is going to invite his friend Sam too. He’s super hot and he’s on the football team too.” She said winking at you.

“Sam? Sam Jacks? The boy in my English Lit class?!” You asked freaking out.

“Yeah! Do you know him?” She asked.

“Not really, I just catch glimpses of him in class. He’s so hot!” You said excitedly.

“Um yeah he is! And you don’t look ready for a date at all…” She said biting at her lip.

“Shit Stas! I look awful!” You said freaking out.

“Not to worry! I am a cosmetologist  aka beauty guru you know. We can get you all fixed up in no time. And don’t worry about your clothes babe, you know I got you.” She said smiling.

“Well, I thought it was just going to be us.” You said defending yourself.

She gave you a sweet smile. “This’ll be much better. You’ll thank me for it.”

“Fine, fine, make me gorgeous.” You said laughing.

She laughed and grabbed your hand, leading you up to her bedroom.

You sat down into her “hot seat” as she called it (which was just a gigantic fluffy chair in front of a huge vanity mirror).

“You’re going to look so hot.” She said wiggling her eyebrows up and down.

“You’re so dumb.” You said laughing.

She finished up your makeup and gave you a super sexy outfit to wear.

“Woa hot mama!” She said with a laugh.

The two of you laughed until you were interrupted by a doorbell.

“That’s them!” She said excitedly.

She ran out of the room to open up the door.

“Hey baby!” She said as she jumped into Jace’s arms, kissing him passionately.

She pulled away and smiled. She grabbed your hand and led you to the boys.

“Sam, this is y/n.” She said smiling.

“Hey you’re in my English class, right?” He said smiling.

“Um  yeah I think.” You said nervously, giving a small smile.

“Sup y/n?” Jace said.

“Not much Jace, you?” You asked.

“Nothin. Hey Stas, you got any beers around here?” He asked as he plopped down onto the couch.

“Yeah. I’ll get them. Y/n why don’t you and Sam go sit down on the other couch?” She said sneakily.

You gave her a look and she walked off to fetch her love his beloved alcohol.

“Bring one for Sam too will ya?” He shouted.

“Sure love!” She said.

She came back into the room with an arm full of beers for everyone.

“I got us a scary movie to watch.” She said happily as she turned out the lights.

She popped in the movie and you watched it with Sam’s arm around you as Stasia and Jace made out the entire time.

Once the movie was over Stasia turned the lights back on and smiled at everyone.

“Okay. It’s lame and stupid but let’s play truth or dare!” She said excitedly.

“Really Stas? We aren’t 5.” Jace said laughing.

“Oh hush, it’ll be fun!” She said giggling.

“Whatever. I’m in.” He said shrugging.

“Sam, y/n?” She urged.

“Sure, whatever.” You said shrugging.

“Awesome! We will go from oldest to youngest. So, Jace, you’re up. Ask anyone.” She said smiling.

“This is lame but alright. Sam, truth or dare?” Jace said as he took a swig of his fifth beer.

“Truth?” Sam asked unsure.

“Lame. Okay do you think y/n is hot?” Jace said.

Sam blushed and nodded. “Hell yeah.”

You blushed and giggled.

“Okay y/n, truth or dare?” Sam said looking at you with big brown eyes.

“Dare.” You said seductively as you took a drink of your beer.

“I dare you to kiss Stasia.” He said smirking.

You and Stasia looked at each other and shrugged. You made your way over to her and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips.

“Damn that’s hot.” Jace said lustfully.

“Down boy.” Stasia said laughing.

“Okay Stas, truth or dare?” You said laughing.

“Ummm truth.” She said smiling.

“Who is one person that you’d love to fuck but never would?” You asked.

“Okay. Okay. I’m gonna be totally honest with ya’ll like for real. Jace, I love you baby and I’d fuck you for life-but y/n-your brother’s friend Calum.” She answered.

“What?! Gross!” You shouted disgusted and taken aback.

“Shit girl he’s hella fine. I see him working out at the gym and fuck. I wouldn’t do it because he’s too young and I like older guys, but he’s totally fuckable.” She said biting at her lip.

“Gross.” You repeated.

“Yeah okay. You see him sweating, back muscles shining and ass working those basketball shorts and then you come back to me on that.” She said.

Jace gave her a look.

“He’s an egotistical asshole!” You said, not believing your friend.

“So? And you’re telling me that doesn’t turn you on even a LITTLE bit? Lie some more.” She said giving you a knowing look.

Jace gave her another look.

“But I wouldn’t fuck him!” She said planting a kiss on his lips.

“Okay y/n, truth or dare.” She said, trying to get the spotlight off of her.

“Dare.” You said.

She smirked.

“It’s so middle school but I dare you and Sam to spend 7 minutes alone in my room.” She said smiling.

You looked at Sam and bit your lip.

He shrugged, giving you a wanting look, and you nodded.

He grabbed your hand and led you up to her room.

Once inside he closed the door.

“This is so lame. But I’m glad she did it. I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night.” He said licking at his lips.

“Really?” You blushed.

“Yeah.” He said as he brought his lips closer to yours.

His lips were really wet, like too wet.

You opened your eyes and pulled away.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing.” You replied and put your lips back to his.

You grabbed his hand to place it on your butt, but he didn’t do anything. His kiss tasted way too much like cheap beer and orange tick tacks and his hands were worthless.

You pulled away and laughed.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got to go.” You said as you grabbed your purse and left her room.

“Y/n what are you doing? 7 minutes isn’t up.” Stasia said confused.

“Stas, I’m out. Call you later.” You said shaking your head as you left her house.

You got into your car and laughed as you wiped your mouth off.

“Yuck.” You thought to yourself as you thought about his horrible kissing. How could someone that hot be so sucky?

You pulled up to your house where there were a million cars parked all down the block.

You walked into the door and the noise overwhelmed you.

“Sis what are you doing home?” Your brother asked as he slushed his drink onto the floor.

“Thought I’d come check on you kids.” You said smirking as his crooked grin formed.

“Well enjoy yourself. If you need me I’ll be somewhere.” He said as a girl pulled him away.

You nodded and gave a small laugh. You went into the kitchen and poured yourself a mug of vodka. You sat on the kitchen counter, people watching.

You spotted two people in the corner. The guy was kissing all down the girls body and as he came up his hips gyrated in an ungodly way. You recognized the curly  head of hair after a minute. Calum.

“Get a room.” You hollered as you laughed.

He turned around and smirked.

“Y/n, what brings you here?” He asked as he walked away from the girl.

“I live here.” You said sarcastically.

He smiled. “I knew you couldn’t stay away from me.”

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  • Mom: It's your older brother's birthday today! Can you wish him a happy birthday for me?
  • Me: Mom... I'm your oldest child. And I don't have a brother.
  • Mom: Yes, you do. His name is J-Hope and he is my son.
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me: ... Did you call J-Hope your son?
  • Mom: Did I fucking stutter?
big bang masterlist


t.o.p and taeyang setting you up with seungri

bragging that he can buy you anything

❀  bff sungri


t.o.p and taeyang setting you up with seoungri

t.o.p confessing to you

the other members flirting with you to make him mad

asking you to move in

gd and t.o.p are like older brothers to you

bragging that he can buy you anything


t.o.p and taeyang setting you up with seoungri

bff taeyang with a crush on you

jiyong setting you up with taeyang


asking you out

jiyong setting you up with taeyang

asking you to move in with him

telling you that he would be better for you than your current boyfriend

❀ gd and t.o.p are like older brothers to you

gdragon tae and j-hope (bangtan) being proud when you start eating a lot healthier

❀ gd is crushing on you

gd comforting you when you failed a class


asking you out on a date

trying to be manly

bff daesung

❀ sexy snaps to his boyfriend

all members

wishing you a happy birthday

missing you when you’re away

telling them that you’re pregnant

they’re all paranoid about leaving you home when you’re pregnant

setting you up with t.o.p

teasing you about your crush on gdragon

they’re on tour and they miss you

❀ helping you get t.o.p’s attention


Thank you for the wonderful request! SO terribly sorry it’s so late.


“It’s soooooo exciting to meet the younger one.”

You pulled at the ropes currently holding your hands behind your back. You wished you could see your kidnapper, but you were blindfolded and he was speaking over an earpiece into your ear.

“Fuck you. John will come after me.”

“Johnny-Boy? I doubt he even knows where you are.”

You had been out on a case with John and Sherlock when you had been taken.

You were being careful not to mention Sherlock. You didn’t want to give your kidnapper any information about your relationship with the detective. It was obvious that he had taken you to get at John, alerting him to the fact that Sherlock loved you too would just give him more amo.

“I’m surprised he lets you run off with Sherlock and him. Surely he knows how dangerous I am…”

The voice was soft and sounding like a cat purring in your ear. A voice you could tell there was an edge to.

You heard a loud thump and a familiar sounding grunt. You felt a pair of completely calm hands untie your hands check you for injuries.



He pulled off your blindfold and smiled softly, trying to calm you down. You looked past him and saw Sherlock fighting off one of the guards. You took out the earpiece and crushed it under your foot.

John stood and pulled out his gun. He aimed and shot the guard in the knee and stomach.

Sherlock ran over to you and patted you down to check for injuries.

“She’s fine, Sherlock.”

“She’s traumatized.”

“Maybe. Come on. He might send more.”

Damon Salvatore ➢ Death Wish

“Damon Giuseppe Salvatore, you get out of that ring this instant!” you yelled to your older brother over the cheers of encouragement around you. He glanced towards you and frowned, that look of carelessness on his face. “This bloody instant!” you repeated even louder, prepared to go up there and drag him out of there if you had to.

He wouldn’t fight you. Never in your 173 years of life had he laid a hand on you. In fact, you had him wrapped tightly around your little finger. You were his little sister. He always protected you with his life ever since you were a baby. After you turned it seemed like the roles switched and you were the one watching out for him.

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REQUESTED BY ANON: Hey can you write something where the reader is an actress who plays Sam and Dean’s little sister on the show and she babysits Jared and Jensen’s kids? Thank you!! :)

You wish you could be older and go with the Supernatural cast and crew to the bar and party. Though, you are too young to enter a bar and drink. You also wish you could have that fake I.D your character in Supernatural has, though, you aren’t Sam and Dean Winchester’s little sister, but the actress, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).
Since you can’t go, Jensen, Jared and Misha asked you to take care of their kids while they were gone. You like those kids, but they are a lot when you put them together. At least, your mother is there to help you out, thankfully.
“Mom” you called out “they’re here!”
You run to the front door and greet Jensen, Jared and Misha, the three of them with their kids.
“Hey” they replied in unison.
“Thanks for keeping them” Jensen said.
“No problem, but when I turn twenty-one, you get another babysitter” you joked.
“No problem” Jared laughed.
You and your mother help the boys with the bags to put them inside. Once everything was settled, they kiss their kids and go out.
One two years old, two three years old, a five years and a four years old.
“Well” you sigh “why don’t we put them in front of a movie or something? I really don’t know what kids do”.
“Well, they know what they want to do” your mother laughed “don’t worry, I have everything planned. I have some of your old toys and the boys brought some too”.
You sigh and decide to hang out with them, playing with toys you haven’t played in years. You even enjoy it, but that is something you will never say to the boys, they will laugh at you all day at work.

The next morning, Jared, Jensen and Misha with their wives stayed to sleep at your house, because they didn’t feel like doing the ride back to their houses. The three boys had a small hangover, the girls didn’t drink as much because they were the drivers.
“So?” Gen asked you “had some fun, yesterday?”
“Well, if my Mom wouldn’t have been there, I would have ran away. How do you take care of kids all day? They take all your time, I missed my show!”
“That’s because we love them” Jared said entering the room with his boy, Thomas, in his arms.
“Good morning” you chuckled seeing his hair “like Dean already said, we could use the clipper a bit”.

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What is your testimony as a Christian? How did you come to know Jesus and be so firm in your faith today, if you don't mind sharing?

 I was raised in a Catholic home but many of my good friends in high school were Christians.  One Friday a good friend of mine invited me to come to his church on a Friday night to hear his older brother’s band play.  They had made the old church into like a coffee house where young people could go on Friday nights to hear music and to study the Bible.  That night the band The Brethren played a song called “I wish we’d all been ready and it really touched my heart.  Then the youth Pastor Tonn preached about how we could find Jesus Christ as our Savior and be assured that we would go to heaven.  I walked up that night during the altar call and I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior.  He has watched over me since that April night in 1971.  

I joined the church and choir and was very active in the church until I went away to college.  Because I was a child of God I never wanted to do drugs or get drunk or have sex before marriage.  I was a part of The Jesus Freak Movement and though I have made my fair share of mistakes and am so lucky that I serve a loving God.  I got married and was really into being a great wife and mother.  I kind of put the Lord on the back shelf for a bit so I could be super Mom and wife.  We prayed together and I read the Bible a couple times a week but I had lost the closeness that I had had with Jesus earlier in my walk.  My children grew up and I was getting ready for the next phase when I found out my mother was ill and I rushed to Seattle to be with her. 

 My husband told me to take the whole summer to care for her and I did.  I took her to her doctors made sure that she ate properly and took all of her meds and then I would take her to the places we went as children.  To the beach for lunch and and where she grew up.  It was a wonderful time that I was so lucky to have with her.  I went home at the end of summer and in the fall I called her for her birthday and let her know that I sent her flowers.  She informed me that she was going to die and that I needed to come home right away!  I was so fortunate that my daughter went to the Hawaiian school here Kamehameha and she had many friends in the band that had parents that I chaperoned on trips that worked for Hawaiian airlines.  When one of my friends that was working saw me she asked where I was going and I told her to pray for my mother that she was dying.  She got me on the next flight and put me in First Class.  I made it home very quickly and was at Mommy’s side.

The Catholic Priest was there to give her last rites and I asked her if she had asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.  She told me that she did and that my other sister had prayed with her.  I was so relieved that she was going to heaven.  Then she asked to see my husband and he got on the next flight to come to Seattle.  When everyone was around her she closed her eyes and went home.  I knew she was with the Lord yet I cried my heart out because she was my Mommy and I loved so very much!!

After the funeral we went home and I had what I thought was a very bad cold that wouldn’t go away.  I attributed it to being in the damp cold of Seattle but I still went to the doctor.  He was a good friend so he took an x-ray of my lungs to see if I had Bronchitis or pneumonia.  He gave me anti-biotic and I went home.  

The next morning he called me and told me that there was a lump in my upper lobe of my right lung and I needed to go to a specialist for a   bronchoscopy which is a test that allows your doctor to examine your airways. Your doctor will thread an instrument called a bronchoscope through your nose and down your throat to reach your lungs. The bronchoscope is made of a flexible fiber-optic material and has a light source and a viewing device or camera on the end. I was numb and it wasn’t until I got home that I went to my room and screamed out to the Lord.  I was so afraid and lung I knew that lung cancer could mean that I would die.  My husband just held me through it all and let me cry out to Jesus.  It is strange that it was like i was in remote control and the doctors had taken over.  I knew many of them and I was given the best this state has to offer.  I had then went to Queens for a Pet scan a Pet scan is an important cancer imaging tool, both for diagnosis and staging, as well as offering prognostic information based on response.  The PET scan lit my tumor like a Christmas tree light.  

The next day we went to see our doctor and he had my surgeon  there to explain to me what they were going to do.  I was at the end of stage 2 in my lung cancer so they did not want to wait.  I asked him for a couple of weeks to get my affairs in order before going under the knife.  I called my family in the mainland and let them know what was happening and my younger sister asked to come to Hawaii to care for me after the surgery.  I called best friend and told her and she had everyone on two coasts praying for me.

The morning of my surgery I got up at 3 AM.  I had to be at the hospital by 5 Am it was going to be a very long surgery. 9-10 hours.  I prayed with my husband in the car and then he said goodbye to me and they wheeled me away to surgery.  As I was changing into my robe I sat on the gurney and I heard an audible voice say:  “The Breath of Heaven is holding you in His arms”  I looked around the room looking for who said that to me. No one was there.  I could see the surgeons on the other side of the operating room setting everything up and I just looked up and said “thank you Jesus!!”  You see The Breath of Heaven was one of my favorite songs.  It was Mary’s song and I sang it when I was very young.  The Lord took something that NO ONE knew about but me and of course Him.  Then there was a peace that came over me.  It was wonderful and I was no longer afraid.  If I lived Praise the Lord.  If I died Praise the Lord.  The doctors walked over to me and lifted me on to the operating table and I closed my eyes.

The next time I opened my eyes was around 5 PM and I was awaking in the recovery room.  Dr. Mark my surgeon told me that I was a very lucky woman and that somebody up there and he pointed to heaven liked me.  I just told “Yes His name is Jesus!”  Then he went on to explain to me what had happened during my almost 11 hour surgery.  He told me that my ribs just moved so that he could use the scope and the laser to do my lobectomy.  He told me that when he removed the lung and they took to find out what kind of lung cancer I had.  (There are 2 kinds.  Non small cell  and small cell lung cancer.  Non small cell is a slower moving cancer.  Small cell cancer is much more aggressive than non-small cell) I had them both.  He told me that he then took out all of my lymph nodes in my chest and he was delightfully surprised that there was no cancer.  He said that my tumor when they went to type it the cells started moving and that is why he wanted me to have an MRI to see if it had spread to my brain and a bone scan to see if it had spread to my bones.

So they took me to my room and my oncologist Dr. Ian was there and I was woozy and I called him Dr. Death and he turned around and smiled at me and said “Not today.”  He told me that the surgery went well but because of the stage and the small cell cancer I would have to have aggressive chemo therapy. I told him that I wanted to wait for my daughter to come home before I started that.  The next morning I had an MRI it was horrible but the cancer had not spread to my brain.  Then they took me down stairs to have a bone scan and the cancer had not spread to my bones.

I really didn’t want to stay in the hospital since I had family members that would care for me and I didn’t want to get MRCA.  My doctor told me that I could not go home until he removed all of the drainage hoses and I could walk on my own.  I asked the Lord to help me get through this and I could feel Him with me through all of it.  I went home 4 days after my surgery which is unusual.  

When I got home I got into my bed and opened my Bible and the Lord gave me my life verse that day.  It is in the book of John my favorite book.

4 When Jesus heard that, He said, “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”  John 11:4

When I read this verse I knew that the Lord had plans for me.  I just told Him yes Lord whatever You want I will do just lead me.  He has.  I was writing a blog and my daughter told me that I should check out Tumblr.  I did that 8 years ago and I have never looked back.  The Lord has given me a real passion to share His love and saving grace.  That life can be really hard but He will be right there with us through it all.  The Bible tells us In the Psalm 23:

The Lord is My Shepherd
…3 He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.… Psalm 23:3-5

Then He led me to open a Rapture page and another page on Facebook called Escaping the Darkness Jesus is the way.  The next month I started my summer of Chemo and it was so grueling!!!  But He never ever left me.  Not when I was sick and throwing up.  Not when I lost all my hair on my body, not when I was so weak I didn’t think I could go on.  I was walking through the valley of the shadow of death He was there with me!!!  I will never forget the day that the Holy Spirit filled me with so much joy that I wept.  I just couldn’t contain my joy and I had 2 bags of poison going into my arms.  Jesus is so good ALL OF THE TIME!!!  

I am now getting reading start a new blog and if I make any money on this one I would love to use it to help the homeless.  The Lord has given me a heart for them.  Knowing that there but through the grace could go any one of us.  I talk to him all the time and He Leads me through His Word and He will use other people like my son in law who is a computer programmer and is going for his master in it while he works in the field.  He is building my web site.I have a feeling that in the near future Christians are going to be censured on places like Twitter and Facebook so having a blog with my own server I will be able to share the saving grace of Jesus until He takes us home.  I believe strongly that we as Christians need to occupy until His coming and God willing that is just what I will do.  God bless you dear one!!!  Maranatha!!! :):):)

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❇Elegant- "Luna," the nursemaid approached the night mare with a dip walking over to hug her princess. "I have brought your daughter to see Junior finally, they are ready to see each other if it is your wish." Her daughter was only a few months older than her half brother but Elegant still had a mother's fear.

{Three’s A Crowd}::time jump::

Luna lay half asleep in her bed, the newborn foal in the cradle beside it. She opened her eyes when she heard Elegant’s voice she opened her eyes and received the hug. She looked at little Inez and then at Fernand Junior. He had been born a unicorn. Like Celestia had. But she had a feeling he would ascend just like Celestia and her sisters. Luna herself had been born a pegasus. The fact that Junior looked like a unicorn meant nothing. Cadance had also been born a pegasus. 

“Hello, dear,” she greeted the nursemaid and adopted daughter. “Say hello to Fernand Junior. He’s very quiet.”

The colt sniffled in his blanket and made no noise, just yawning and stretching. He was a soft mauve color and his mane was multi-colored but of a darker hue than his father’s, more like Luna’s. When he did open his eyes they were bright blue. 

In the hallway Celestia loomed over. She watched with a vigil eye over all. She was well aware of the arrangement Luna, Elegant and Fernand had made. By now she could have pieced it all together.

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Older Sister Blues//Josh Dun

Requested: Hello, I was wondering if you could do a Josh Dun imagine where you guys have a daughter and it’s her first show and during the show he brings you guys on stage and you announce that you’re gonna have another baby, sorry if this sounds stupid 😁😁


              “Mom.” Your daughter droned, tugging on your hand. “I want a baby brother!” Since she met her baby cousin last month, she had been on you and Josh nonstop about wanting a baby brother. “You and dad will be awesome parents to him, and I’ll be a super awesome older sister!” You merely rolled your eyes. She was 3 and already on her first baby kick.

              “Maybe one day.” You told her, truth was. She might just be getting her wish. You found out last week that you were 2 and a half months pregnant. “A baby is a big responsibility though. They cry a lot, poop a lot, and wake up all throughout the night.” You leaned over the counter, looking at your daughter. “I don’t think you’d want to put up with that.” You joked, watching in confusion as your daughter merely shrugged.

              “That’s mommy and daddy jobs. I would be holding him, and teaching him cool stuff, and reading to him.” The idea of your daughter curled up beside her baby brother or sister telling them a story made your heart completely swell. “So please mommy.” She begged as you just rolled your eyes.

              “Beg all you want, it won’t change a thing on this.” You pointed at her. “Now eat up, grandma is coming over to watch you while I go to the doctors.” You didn’t actually have a doctor’s appointment, you were going to meet Josh to tell Tyler the news. And to plan out a bit of a surprise for your daughter, and the clique.

              “Fine. Maybe grandma will agree that I need a baby brother!” You held back your laughter, both of your guy’s family had been notified of the news. It wouldn’t be too kind if you told a group of strangers at a concert about your pregnancy before the family knew. Moments later you heard a knock on your front door.

              “Uh-huh.” You laughed, walking over to answer the door. “Hi Laura, thank you so much for watching her. She’s still going on about wanting a baby brother though.” You warned, getting a small laugh from Josh’s mom.

              “That’s no worry, she just wants to be an awesome older sister. Isn’t that right Y/D/N?” Her question got an excited nod from the girl. “Anyway get going, we’ll be fine here.” You nodded, saying one last thank you before you slipped on your shoes and headed out the door.


              “Y/N!” You heard Josh yell to you from the stage as you walked through the venue. “How have things been at home?” Though you two talked almost daily, he still liked little updates like these.            

              “Y/D/N has not laid off about wanting a brother.” You smiled. “God she’s going to be excited tonight when we tell her.” You and Josh had been planning on getting Y/D/N to announce the news tonight on stage.

              “You’re telling me. Imagine how Tyler is going to react.” Josh commented, causing you both to break out in a small fit of laughter. “Speaking of him, how are we going to tell him?”

              “Simple. Say ‘Hey Tyler. She’s pregnant.’” You shrugged, hearing a dramatic gasp from behind you. As you were immediately pulled into a hug from behind.

              “That’s amazing news!!” You heard Tyler yell, as he lifted you up off the ground a little. “Does Y/D/N know yet?” He let you down, as he walked to stand beside you and Josh.

              “No, which is what we need you for. Could you bring her on stage tonight? Have her sit on the piano or something. Once Josh tells her, have her announce it to the fans?” You explained the plan you and Josh conjured up a few nights ago.

              “As long as she doesn’t fall of the piano or something when she finds out. It sounds cute, and I love Y/D/N.” It was true. Tyler loved her, and she absolutely adored him. Gently laying a hand over your abdomen you smiled widely. Tonight was going to be one worth remembering.

              “Are you sure? I could come back to get her.” Josh’s mom had called you, telling you to stay with the guys and that she would be bringing your daughter tonight for the show.

              “I am very sure. I love my granddaughter to bits, and you two haven’t seen in each other in a month. Catch up for the day, enjoy the time without “can I have a baby brother?” before its “I’m getting a baby brother!! I’m so excited!” You laughed, although you were internally dreading hearing that for the next 6 and a half months.

              “Thank you so much Laura, I am going to owe you big time.” You smiled, agreeing to her offer of unlimited baby cuddles when the next addition to the Dun family arrives.

              “What did mom have to say?” Josh asked, resting his hands on your shoulders as he stood behind your chair. You leaned your head back so you could see him as you spoke.

              “She said she’d babysit Y/D/N a little longer and would bring her to the show for us.” You loved Josh’s mom, she was a selfless woman as today’s events proved. “I’m actually sort of nervous about baby number 2. When Y/D/N was born you guys weren’t as popular, not in the studio so much. Not on tour so much. It was just you and I too, only one kid to worry about. Now we’re going to have a 3 year old and a newborn on our hands.” You admitted, leaning your head forward to look at your stomach, knowing a small bump would start showing in the months to come. You felt a wave of comfort wash over you as Josh slid his hands down you rest over yours.

              “We’ll do fine. Tyler won’t mind if we took a break so I could help with the baby. Plus we have experience now, we somewhat know what to do with babies.” He started, thumbs rubbing circles on your hands. “We also have Y/D/N, she’ll be more than happy to help, I can guarantee it. There’s no need to be worried. You’re a great mother.” You smiled, pressing a soft kiss to Josh’s cheek.

              “And you’re a great father.”


              The show was going amazing tonight, Tyler and Josh were having the time of their lives on stage. While Y/D/N was jamming out side stage. They had just finished “Tear In My Heart” when Tyler started to speak.

              “Tonight, is a bit different. We’re finishing off tour in our hometown. Which means our families are close.” You smiled, squeezing your daughters hand a little as she listened to his words intently. “One of these family members, I would like to welcome up here with us. Y/D/N, would you like to come here m’lady.” Tyler got down onto one knee, acting like a knight. You remembered the time he offered to babysit, and you came home to princess Y/D/N and her knight in shining armor Tyler. Looking up to you for approval, your daughter made a mad dash out, giggling as Tyler picked her up. “This is your throne. Now your dad has something to tell you.” Your daughter looked at him, smiling and nodding for him to go on. “But you can’t just scream about it. He’ll tell you, then we count to 3 and scream it together. Y/N come out here too, you’re part of this.” Tyler waved you on, as you awkwardly began walking on stage. Meeting up with Josh halfway. Your heart pounded in anticipation as you saw Josh walk over and whisper the news to your daughter. Who’s face lit right up when she heard.

              “Ready! One, two, three!” Tyler yelled into his mic, quickly handing it off to your daughter who stood up on the piano and screamed at full force:

              “I’m going to be a big sister!” This caused the crowd to go wild, you smiled, one hand on your abdomen as the other arm wrapped tightly around Josh. You saw your daughter, who was helped down from the piano run over to hug both of your legs. “My dreams and wishes came true!” These moments you cherished, as everything felt perfect in that moment.