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Lost Track of Time pt 3 (final)

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Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff 

Summary: Jungkook wanted to make it up to you. Hopefully, a little less-than-perfect date would do the trick.

[Updated] Word Count: 1322 

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Your hands fumbled against the keypad. Your fingers were trembling as you tried to aim for the buttons. 

What was up Taehyung? The tone of his voice had scared you. You never heard him this hushed, this sad, this worried before in all the time that you had known him. What had happened to Jungkook for him to sound this way?

Was he sick? Was he hurt? Was he okay? 

The electronic sound of the door opened chimed after you were finally able to input your passcode. You wanted to slam the door open and rush inside, but you were scared. You were terrified that something so bad had happened to Jungkook, that you weren’t sure if you were prepared to see the worst. 

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The Only Thing That Keeps Me Sane

The clock struck one AM.

Don got up to get his usual mid-shift cup of coffee, Margery was trying to explain to a belligerent drunk that no, he couldn’t have his toddler arrested for removing his diaper and smearing its contents across the TV, but she was happy to send a squad car over, and I was wrapping up a car accident call. It was the kind of call I preferred; an upset, but unharmed driver rear ended at a red light, no injuries, no need for an ambulance, just send some cops to write up a report.

The kind where everyone got to walk away at the end.

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The Door is Ajar (an Olicity fic)

I had this idea in my head about an Olicity reunion fic, but I wasn’t a fan of the way the ending just sort of petered out so I’ve been sitting on it, but hey whatever. It’s abrupt and probably kind of dumb but I reread it today and it made me laugh so… Hope it makes someone smile!


Oliver goes to Felicity before he tells Susan.

He’s already decided he’ll tell her he’s the Green Arrow tonight. His biggest secret. But they’ve been dating for months now and if he wants them to have any real chance then he has to tell her. He’s learned that much.

That’s how he ends up standing in the elevator of his former campaign office and the current—(ly) cramped—office of the brand new Smoak Technologies, watching Felicity as her fingers fly over her keyboard. He’d always liked watching her work. He shook his head, remembering that that’s not really something he gets to do anymore. Gaze at her while she’s not paying attention. She doesn’t want that and he’s with Susan so…

He clears his threat.

“Oliver!” Felicity startles, her chair wheeling away from the desk a little as she looks up at him, eyes wide and hand to her chest. “We have to put a bell on you.”

“I’m sorry,” he says, stepping away from the elevator and closing up the secret passage by tapping that spot on the molding. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but I thought you’d hear the elevator…”

“Yeah, sorry. I was…” Felicity shakes her head, gesturing to the screen. “What did you need?”

Taking a deep breath, Oliver moves to her desk. His fingers twitch, itching for his bow the way they always do when he’s nervous.

“I’m going to tell Susan I’m the Green Arrow,” he says. Short and sweet.

What’s not so sweet is the deer in the headlights look that crosses Felicity’s face before she shrugs her shoulders and stands up from her chair.

"Oh, that’s…” She swallows, then tries again. “That’s a pretty big step.”

Oliver breathes out slowly. “I know. But if this thing with her has any hope of being real then—”

"You think it’s real with her?” Felicity blurts, then gestures awkwardly with one hand while stepping closer. “I mean, you’ve been dating her, obviously, but I didn’t know…”

She trails off and Oliver suddenly doesn’t know where to look. Making eye contact with her has never been this hard.

"I think I owe it myself to find out,” he says slowly. “And Susan and I… we’re in a place where she deserves to know the truth.”

Felicity’s lips twist at that, just slightly, but then she smiles—too brightly in Oliver’s opinion—and turns back toward her desk.

"Well, I guess the Arrow Cave will be getting a little more crowded after today. Not that much more crowded,” she adds hastily, spinning back to face him. “Obviously, because Susan’s tiny. Unless she’s pregnant with twins or something I don’t think she’ll ever take up much space. Not—” Felicity slams her eyes shut— “that she’s pregnant. I just meant—”

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Character: 707
Word: Thunderstorms
Style: Fanfiction
**includes spoilers**
Click clack click clack click clack.
Those were the only sounds MC has been hearing for the past couple of hours.
That’s right, hours.
Frankly, she was starting to get sick of the sounds coming from 707 as he sat in the corner with his laptop, his slim fingers gliding over the keys.
Just yesterday 707 had rushed over to the apartment in panic, saying things like: “I don’t care about the agency, she’s in danger and she’s like top priority!”
He risked his life to get to the apartment, and faced quite the shock when he saw that “Unknown” was actually his younger twin brother, Saeran. Ever since that incident, Seven had isolated himself and stayed in his small corner.
MC laid on her bed, watching the red head work silently as time ticked by. She opened her mouth to call his name, but stopped herself. He definitely didn’t want her distracting him while he was working. The brunette pouted a little before opening her phone and dialing his number.
“…what? Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone?” The irritation in his voice could be heard quite clearly, causing MC to flinch a little.
“I know…I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to sleep.”
“Go ahead. That doesn’t have anything to do with me, you didn’t need to call me.”
“I know…sorry, I just wanted to hear your voice.”
A long pause.
“…Okay. Good night.”
MC smiled a little, noticing the change in his voice as his tone softened. Even if he claimed that he was different from what she thought, there were still parts of him that were the same. She hung up the phone before crawling under the blankets, taking one last look at Seven before she closed her eyes and drifted off to the sound of his fingers against the keyboard.
MC’s eyes opened slowly; her body was still a bit numb as she tried to process her surroundings. The room was completely dark except for the glow of 707’s computer screen. Why was he still awake? She rubbed her eyes, “Seve-”
Suddenly a loud cracking sound exploded in the sky, and a flash of light danced across the room. She heard a small whimper coming from the far end of the room and she realized that she hadn’t heard sound of clacking keys ever since she woke up. The thunder clapped several more times as the brunette covered her ears. Her eyes widened a little bit as she saw small movement from the corner of the room. Something wasn’t right. She couldn’t put a finger on it, but a bad feeling began to creep up her spine.
“Seven. What’re you doing?”
The familiar yet slightly shaky voice replied back, “Go to sleep.”
MC frowned before getting out of bed and walking towards him, her footsteps matching the sound of water against the window.
“Seven what’s wrong?” She murmured softly, getting closer and closer to him.
“Go away.”
His voice sounded dry and hoarse. She could tell that his nose was stuffy from the nasally tone. Had he been crying?
MC didn’t know about 707’s past with Saeran. About their abusive mother and harsh childhood. About the endless nights of going to sleep with bruises and no dinner, or about the days when there were thunderstorms, where Seven would hug Saeran and stroke his hair as they stayed in the corner crying silently into each other’s shoulders. She didn’t know any of this, but she knew she that seeing Seven cry was the most heartbreaking thing she’d ever experienced.
“Seven, please I-”
She shook her head before kneeling down beside him, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him close.
Seven wanted to resist. He wanted to push her away and run out of the room… but he didn’t. His body would move as she embraced him, and all of a sudden he felt his swollen eyes getting hot again as warm tears trailed down his wet cheeks. MC closed her eyes as her hand began to stroke his head, her fingers running through his soft messy hair.
“It’s okay…I’m here for you…”
Hearing those simple words, Seven felt the heavy lock on him fall off as his body began to shake and his sobs began to rack against his chest.
“I-I’m so scared…it’s all my fault and I can’t do anything about it…I hate myself. I hate myself so so much,” he whimpered, letting her rest his head against her chest.
“Even if you hate yourself, I’ll always love you. I’ll love you for you. I’ll love you just because I do. If you can’t love yourself, then I’ll do it for you. I’ll do it for you until you can do it yourself…”
He closed his eyes, breath shaky as he listened to the sound of her heart beating. She was alive and warm, and that was all that mattered.
“But when will I be able to forgive myself?” He asked quietly, his tears beginning to dry up.
“I don’t know. I don’t know, but we’ll get there together somehow. I know we will,” the brunette gently places her lips onto his forehead.
They stayed there in silence, listening to the sound of thunder and rain.
“Somewhere out there…Saeran is crying.”
“How do you know?”
“I can feel it…it’s a twin thing,” Seven jokes a little, chuckling softly as his breathing began to return to normal. “Saeran hates thunderstorms. He’s scared of them because they remind him of our mother. I would always hug him to distract him from the sound of thunder…but now I’m not there for him. I haven’t been there for him in so long…” He paused to take a deep breath. “All this time…he’d been through thunderstorms all by himself. He doesn’t have anyone…”
A long minute passed before they continued.
“He’s not alone, Seven. Not anymore. He has us now…we’ll find him and we’ll bring him home. We can all be together, eating your Honey Buddha…playing with the robo Cat…laughing with each other through the thunderstorms…”
She waited for him to respond, but never heard it. Seven had fallen asleep, his unkempt hair covering his eyes as his head drooped a little and his chest rose in steady beats. She smiled and closed her eyes, leaning against him as she drifted off to join him.
((Sorry if this was bad or not what you wanted…I was in the mood for a sad fic. I probably made alot of spelling or grammar mistakes since I’m typing this on my phone before bed, but I hope it was okay! When I read your prompt the first thought that came to my head was…what if 707 was the one that hated thunderstorms instead of MC? That reminds me. I have no idea what to call her….should I just stick with MC? This is my first Mystic messenger Fanfic I hope it wasn’t too bad T_T))

NaLu Angst: Stuck On the Other Side

A/N: A quick little oneshot inspired by my dearest kagero-assassin, who was trying to come up with a good angst idea for video chatting. Hope you like it, dearie! It’s just for you~ <3

I also would like to thank missyplatina, since Kay got the idea while reading Virtual Flames. XD


Genre: Angst

Pairing(s): NaLu

Character(s): Natsu, Lucy

Synopsis: Few things make you feel as helpless as being stuck on the other side of a screen hundreds of miles away, unable to do anything but watch as your love decides that she has had enough of life.

“…Hey, Natsu?”

“Hmm?” Natsu raised his gaze to his laptop screen, which now displayed the softly smiling visage of his girlfriend, whose long golden locks of hair cascaded messily past her shoulders. She appeared uncharacteristically solemn and resigned tonight. “What’s up, Lucy?”

“Well, I just wanted to say…” She bowed her head slightly. “…Thank you…for everything.”

Natsu frowned as he sat up and faced her properly. “Where’s this coming from all of a sudden?” he asked, anxiety flaring up in his chest at her odd behavior. “Did something else happen?”

She chuckled lightly, though the smile didn’t reach her normally bright chocolate-brown eyes, before sighing. “Oh, it’s…nothing more than the usual. Don’t worry about it.”

“Lucy, every time you say that, I know something is going on,” he said firmly. “What happened?”

“I told you; just the usual. Nothing more than that.” She paused. “I just want you to know that…I really appreciate you always being there and dealing with my problems all the time…even though I really should be better about taking care of myself.”

“Lucy, no one expects you to handle all your problems on your own,” Natsu insisted. “Even independent people need a helping hand every now and then.”

“But this isn’t just “every now and then”, Natsu!” Lucy’s voice suddenly rose, though it still quavered slightly. “I force you talk to me all day, nearly every day, even though you have your own life to live—because I don’t have anyone here to help me anymore! I moved away so I could start a new life, but—but I—” She lowered her head, covering her face as she did so. “I’m still…!”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Natsu interrupted. “Don’t you think you’re maybe pushing yourself too hard? That maybe you might’ve forced yourself into a decision you weren’t ready for?”

Lucy didn’t answer him.

“Lucy, listen…” Natsu raised a hand and stroked the screen in front of him that displayed her stunned, tear-streaked face. “You don’t need to force yourself into situations you know you’re not ready for yet. That’s why I was so against you leaving…I didn’t think you could handle it the way you were, acting all flustered about everything, y’know?” A lump formed in Natsu’s throat as he pulled his hand away. “Whatever is going on, it’s not your fault that you can’t handle it. So don’t you go giving me grief over feeling a little pressure over that, okay?” He tried for a smile. “You’re the strongest girl I know. And I’m always here to listen if you need me. Everyone needs an outlet.”

Lucy stared at him through the screen in shock for a couple moments before covering her mouth in a bid to keep the sobs from coming out.


“Lucy, I love you,” he said. “Don’t you dare think of yourself as pathetic, you hear me? Next time we get to meet each other again, I’ll be sure to remind you of that.”

Lucy simply nodded, her hands still covering her mouth.

“Good.” Natsu glanced at the clock briefly. “I need to get to sleep, Lucy…I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”

Lucy finally lowered her hands, biting her lip to hold in another outburst as she nodded again. “Okay,” she answered hoarsely. “I…I’ve got a lot to think about anyway, so…I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” he answered, smiling in a reassuring way. “Promise.”

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The lying truth part 3

A/N: Thanks for reading and sending in your lovely love! You guys are way too sweet :D

Thanks to my Beta reader redbullrunsthroughmyveins for editing this piece!

Read the lying truth here: Read More →

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Synopsis: Alexa returns back home from a terrible day at work only to get worse news from her long time boyfriend, Tom.

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When We Were Young (Part 4)

Summary: Model!Dean AU with Photographer!Reader. After running into Dean, you are a prominent photographer and he an internationally-known model. Things begin to heat up.

Pairings: Dean x Reader (Main); Cas x Reader (side)

Word Count: 2,035

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: Sorry this is so short! This is mostly dialogue, things come out into the light and shit hitting the fan. AHHHH.

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