'why not' i thought

OTP Idea #794

Person A and Person B are both demons stuck in the lowest ring of hell. Person A has plans to make the best of their eternal damnation by climbing up the ranks till they become the ruler of hell. Person B on the other hand, is just along for the ride, and really only plans on sticking around with A for the benefits of being second in command to the soon-to-be-ruler-of-hell.

hmmm,,..,,…,,,,my phone is on the other side of the couch charging and it just randomly started playin music??? um i guess i have a ghost. and that ghost is an emo fuck bc it chose to play dashboard confessional of all things.

It’s almost 5 am and instead of sleeping, I made this meme. Your welcome.

I’ve got a great idea for OC questions. It’s amazing. Here.

1) What’s in their lunchbox?
2) That’s it. What’s in their lunchbox?

Reblog so people can ask you what your OC has in their lunchbox.

I’ve found the entire soundtrack of BOTW all in one video and in a playlist if preferred (and not just 24 songs like I got on a CD from the special addition) that goes in relative order of the game itself (I know you can go wherever you want in the game, but…I like it in some sort of order…) and it’s really nice and relaxing and great for studying I’ve found :’)

Just thought I might share! (er, spoilers in track names of course)

sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between manipulating the narrative or simply having a different perspective on something but u can find the beginning of an answer in the long run because people tend to repeat patterns and comparison makes it easier to find the truth

everyone else: is playing mass effect: andromeda
me: is playing da2. again.


more nseag side characters!! the spafford kids prolly dont even show up in the story!! i mean sabinus might mention them but heck!! @aforeffortenjolras  i wasn’t kidding about how many ocs i have