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I thought it would be fun to share some universal facts about jewellery, along with some cheap, easy cleaning tips because sometimes, jewellers are liars that want you to spend extra money when you don’t need to. I should know, I used to be one of them – I was working for commission, sue me. (But please don’t.)

  • The higher the carat of gold, the more yellow it looks – and the more malleable it is, so be careful because it will bend and can break.
  • White gold isn’t white. It’s a paler gold colour. The white shine is thanks to being plated with another metal, rhodium, which is similar to platinum. You’ll notice that, over time, the rhodium plating will rub away and leave the true pale gold colour behind. 
  • Platinum jewellery also comes pre-rhodium plated. That’s why it takes a while longer to notice any issues with platinum jewellery. If it gets scratched or dulls, you can get them re-plated.
  • You don’t need any fancy jewellery cleaning materials. Gold, silver, platinum: all you need is some liquid hand sanitiser or washing up liquid mixed in warm water and a toothbrush. However, if you do that for white gold, you’ll be helping to rub away the rhodium plating, so be careful. Unless you don’t care about the “yellowing,” then it’s fine. Just rinse in clean, warm water and then use tissue or a clean, dry cloth to gently dry.
  • For awkward bits of dirt, leave safe jewellery in warm, soapy water, hand mix it around, and then take a needle to poke the dirt out. It can be a little time-consuming, but it’s really easy.
  • Opals and emeralds should never be immersed in water – not even in a shower. They’re porous stones and that reduces their shine. If you want to clean them and bring out more of their original sparkle, take a folded up tissue, add a little oil to it (vegetable or olive oil, not what you’d put in your car) and gently rub over the stones for a few minutes. Then wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Pearls are easily damaged. Never spray perfume onto them, and once you’ve worn them, gently run a clean, very slightly damp cloth over them to remove sweat and any other chemicals they might have come in contact with. They should never be stored loose alongside other pieces of jewellery. They also need to be stored in silk of chamois leather (ideally), but wrapping them carefully in tissue paper inside a jewellery box on their own is fine.
  • If you want to check and see whether amber is genuine amber or just plastic, rub your thumb-pad in slow lines in different directions. For real amber, all but one direction will feel entirely smooth, and that single direction will feel slightly rough or “off.” That’s the natural grain in the resin. If there’s no difference no matter which direction you feel, that’ll be plastic.
  • The same rule applies for pearls. Real pearls have a natural grain. With pearls, it’s so slight that it’s easier to feel the grain by gently rubbing one pearl against another, which will feel almost gritty.
  • Cubic zirconia aren’t “fake plastic diamonds.” They’re laboratory created gemstones in their own right. They’re simply cheaper than other gemstones because they’re man-made – but again, not plastic.
  • To save money when repairing jewellery or needing re-plating, ask your local high-end chain store where they send their jewellery repairs, and then cut out the middle-man. Yes, you lose out on the store’s insurance policy, but if the repair store wasn’t trustworthy, they wouldn’t use it.

Hopefully these tips can help!

Headcannon that Michael and Jeremy like to play Animal Crossing together when one of them (or both of them) have a bad day. 

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JREKML during the whole video: 😍😍😍

after watching jacks video with dr. schneeplestein, it got me thinking…

wouldn’t doctors be the best murders out there?

1. They’ve got years of experience and schooling with medicine, the human body, surgeries, and etc. This allows them to know what to do when trying to save a patient from a certain injury or problem in one of their systems. However; what if doctors took that to their advantage? This also allows them to know the quickest ways of trying to make you die. They probably know the exact amount of times they need to dose you with anesthetic before you go into a coma that you’ll probably never recover from…

2. Since they’re also trained to help people, their image can also be useful into manipulating the patient. They can make believe you’re going to get better, and then, the next day, you’re dead on your hospital bed and the person watching over you is wondering how you died so quick.

“It couldn’t have been the doctor, they prescribed the right medicine and everything!”

Little do they know…

3. The cops wouldn’t suspect them as easily. Again, the image and reputation of the doctor also comes into play.

They are not here to kill people, they are here to save people.

Although the police might have to investigate them, i suppose the police won’t be to harsh unless they had a reason to. The doctor could easily say they “prescribed the right medicine”, they “tried the best that they could”, they wanted the patient to survive by using these tactics, and try to bring in their knowledge on how the patient would’ve survived, and how they tried to save them, but couldn’t.

however; this is just a thought. i normally think doctors want the best for people, but just a thought…

Now I want something about the Doctor helping the mystery squad break Dirk Gently and the other psychic murder beans out of CIA custody, only Dirk’s sitting there like excuse me, those are my companions, I found them all by myself, go and get your own.

Meanwhile Amanda and Bill have fucked off down to the pub for a drink.

Y'know what makes me nervous as hell? Hearing ppl scream in the neighborhood at night. Because, like, well most of the time it’s just some ppl getting rowdy y'know? Some kids playing around and whatnot.

But I just get so scared at the possibility of someone getting kidnapped. Especially now when most schools are on summer break. I’ll look out my window and strain to hear other voices that will assure me everything is alright. It’s just so unnerving.

  • raven, holding her boyfriend's hand, sitting on his lap, leaning her head on his shoulder: i hate couples
Never ending Skam thoughts

I am super happy with the finale however, I will not lie, I had really hoped Yousef would be in it. That was selfish of me. I really liked his character and wanted to see him and Sana one last time but honestly his absence felt more realistic. Any other show or movie would have had some over the top cheesy ending where he would have shown up for the party….but like come on it would not have made sense for him to leave his trip to another country one week in to come home for a party. I guess I also feel this way because when I graduated from college, I had a graduation party and my best friend in the entire world was leaving for Spain that day and I remember being sad because I really wanted him there but I didn’t let his absence ruin how special that day was. Sana did not get all pouty because Yousef wasn’t there. She enjoyed her party with her friends and family.


this was a lot funnier in my head