'why does he keep on doing that

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"Why... does your muffler smell like... gun powder... whiskey and....... cigars...? Do I even want to know why?"

“Well I- uhm… spend time occasionally with people who dabble in such things… I suppose? I can’t be particularly picky about those who keep me company, you know…”

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i've been thinking about this lately, so there's this chapter when bum was feeling woo's down there and pleasured himself, and then woo is seen blushing, then there's this other chapter when woo tried to drown bum and he said it's to cool down before he does anything he'll regret (like killing him).. does that mean woo actually has secret feelings for bum? and he doesn't wanna lose bum? what are your thoughts?

Fuck,,, I never really thought of it that way. I think woo does have feelings for bum, to the point where he wants to hurt him but he can’t because of his feelings for him. Something tells me woo has fallen but is having self conflict as to what to do with him, maybe that’s why he freaked out over yoonbum almost running away, other than the fact of facing major jail time.

But then again, why hasn’t he killed him as fast as the girl? Why didn’t he just keep the girl and kill bum if he isn’t even gay? There’s lots of possibilities here, it’s just so bittersweet

When asked by a member of the audience about Watson’s and Sherlock’s future relationship, implying that they get together, Moffat responded: “Solving crimes. That’s what they do.”
“Look it’s sorted for you. This is 100 years old. You can go and see what happens, honestly. At some point Dr Watson lives on Queen Anne Street and then Sherlock Holmes, for reasons never covered by Arthur Conan Doyle, is that he keeps bees on the Sussex Downs. I don’t know why he does that.”
—  Buzzfeed “ 10 Things Explained About “The Final Problem”, From The “Sherlock” Cast And Crew” 

does anybody else deliberately misinterpret things in addition to accidentally
I do it because I think it’s funny or a good joke
like one of my clanmates on runescape asked what I was doing and I said “slayer [a skill] and not sleeping” (this was at 1 AM for both of our time zones) and he was like “I’m also doing one of those” and I was like “how are you doing slayer while asleep?? :o” because it was the obviously silly choice of which thing he wasn’t doing and therefore the better way to react
so. does anybody else deliberately misinterpret things because they think it’s funnier that way? (and usually I do get laughs, which is why I keep doing it)

Why does Yurio want to win so badly?

Yurio has spent much of the series saying how he wants to win and how he’s going to become the best in the world. Most people have attributed this desire solely to Yurio’s personality and just the way he is.

However, that’s not correct. Yurio wants to win… because he needs money. Now before you keep scrolling because you think that’s ridiculous, hear me out and keep reading.

If you guys haven’t scrolled through the Yuri!!! on Ice official website, you should do that sometime. 

Wait… let’s take a close look…

Not since he’s junior days… since his rookie days… since the beginning. Yurio’s whole skating career has been so that he can provide for his family. The earliest we see Yurio skating competitively was age 12. A twelve year old, and maybe even younger, was the primary source of income for his family. Can you imagine the pressure on Yurio as he competes? No wonder he said he would throw everything away to skate when Lilia told him to. No wonder he put six jumps, a “death wish”,  in the second half of his free skate. Yurio is desparate. He want’s to win so he can provide a better life for his family. 

Okay but I’d like to talk about some of the implications in the final scenes of YoI?
Specifically the fact that YUURI CAN POLE DANCE

Like, first off, let’s address the fact that someone took the time to set up a pole in that ballroom. Why was that there? Was it there the whole time? If so is it jsut permanently installed there? Did someone stop everything to set that up? Does Chris just keep one handy at all times just in case??? I HAVE QUESTIONS

But aside from that. Again. Yuuri can pole dance. And I mean, he didn’t just get drunk and wobble around a pole. This. Boy. Has. Taken. Classes.


Cause this?

What Yuuri is doing here is called flag pole. (Chris looks like he’s doing a cross knee/cross ankle, except his legs are too far apart so… he’s not really doing any real pole move I’m aware of. Ignore him)
Anyway, flag pole require that you grip the pol with our hands, and between on biceps and your side, and hold your body parallel to the floor (using your lower arm as a bit of a shelf for support) Aaaaaand that’s it. Aside form the slight support from that lower arm, everything else is pure upper body and core strength.

Then there’s this.


Is called Superman.

“That doesn’t look nearly as hard as the first one!” you might say. And strength-wise, you’re right. It’s not.
But you know what it is?

Painful. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Lemme tell you friends, that skin right between your sweet sweet thighs is very soft and delicate and sensitive and is NOT USED TO HAVING TO GRIP TIGHT TO A METAL POLE.
You ever slid down something metal or plastic and your skin stuck to it and got rubbed raw from the friction? Yeah, it’s like that. On your delicate inner thighs. Pole dancers literally have to condition and their skin for this kind of stuff. You practice and practice till your muscles are strong enough to take on most of the support and your skin toughens up.

That’s not even counting the advanced to semi-advanced moves you have to know to get into either position while on the pole. These aren’t beginner moves.

I’ve been taking pole for almost two years, I’m in lv 2, and I’m STILL working on these moves.


Randy’s Donuts

So, for months I’ve been obsessing over Harry and that Randy’s Donuts sweatshirt. I mean, why on earth would Harry Styles have a sweatshirt from a random donut shop in Inglewood, California? 

I mean, for the most part he knows when he’s going to get papped so why does he keep showing up in that sweatshirt? So today I decided to drive by there since it’s not far from where I live. And what do you think I see LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT DOOR? THIS FUCKING RESTAURANT.

Louis. Yeah. Right next door to Randy’s Donuts is a restaurant called Louis. THESE TWO ARE SO FUCKING EXTRA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I WANT TO DIE. 

Thank you @xabjectlessonsx for being there to let me scream at you when I needed to! LOL!

i just wanna remind everyone of that time when ed and al are walking home after they finally got their bodies back and al’s like ‘thanks, brother’ and ed’s like ‘why?? ? ?’ and al’s literally thanking ed for never giving up and for making it through this whole mess alive and keeping his promise of getting his body back and just everything and ed doesn’t understand the magnitude of his younger brother’s gratitude because this is what ed set out to do because he felt it was his responsibility (since he believes he put al in that armor) so he doesn’t think he should be thanked for it but al does it anyway and it just gets me so emotional because al let’s it go knowing that he’ll have his whole life to say thanks to his brother

headcanon: the paladins can get away with ANYTHING by saying “oh yeah, don’t worry about it, it’s an earth tradition” and just have this mutual unspoken trust not to rat each other out on it

“pidge why did you make a singing robot out of my clock” “oh, sorry, it’s an earth thing”

“keith why do you bring a knife everywhere” “it’s just a human thing, relax”

“shiro, lance, why do you keep throwing things out the airlock” “everyone does this back on earth”

I couldn’t pick one for you, so have them all!!

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Just travelling with the FFXV boyz things:

  • Sitting/walking/running beside them wondering what the fuck you’re doing travelling with a prince and his entourage because lord almighty they are a mess sometimes.

  • Being in charge of the music in the car because they keep bickering and what album to play so they designate you as the mix-master-in-charge (well, really it’s Ignis that does it because there’s only so much of the JusMon OST he can listen to). Your taste in music is pretty good and you buy new albums for the car when you can so the driver doesn’t go insane.


  • Falling asleep in the back seat between Gladio and Noct and Gladio gently putting his arm around your shoulders to make you lean on him and get a good nap in because lord knows you didn’t sleep last night with Prompto constantly singing/humming ‘I want to ride my chocobo all daaay’ to the chocobo theme.

  • Punching Prompto because you can’t stop singing ‘I want to ride my chocobo all daaay’ and it’s all his fault GDI.

  • Cooking with Ignis sometimes and cleaning up because the boys are dumb and don’t do that a lot of the time. Ignis is very grateful. He always gives you a little smile and it’s wonderful. He also tends to cook your favourites the next day if you do! Prompto is onto your sly tactics. If you’re feeling really petty towards Noctis, you request meals with vegetables in them. The glower you get from the prince is always hilarious.

  • Trying to teach Noct how to cook and it is literally a disaster and you can’t scientifically figure out how or why because you watch Noct like a hawk through the whole process and it still tastes like shit in the end, like Noct what the fuck shitty sorcery is this don’t do it.

  • Being the subject of Prompto’s impromptu photoshoots because “This isn’t fair, you’re always so photogenic. I try to catch you off guard, but you look perfect in every photo!” You know he’s always trying to take a funny photo of you, that’s why you always keep an eye on the blonde and his camera as much as you possibly can. If you develop any kind of anxiety from photography it’s definitely because of Prompto.

  • Stealing the camera off Prompto so you can take photos of him because there’s loads of photos of everyone else and not him. Also, selfies with the spirited blondie.

  • At least attempting to get up and do a morning jog with Gladio, but boy he is fit and it is very difficult to get up at the ass crack of dawn and run on various terrain. You suppose there’s a reason he has a body like he does. There’s no way you can match up to him. Still, those early mornings aren’t quite so bad. When you’re too tired and give up, Gladio is always happy to give you a piggy-back ride back to camp. Can confirm, he gives the best piggy-back rides. Okay maybe you purposefully give up sometimes so you can get a piggy-back ride. Gladio doesn’t mind one bit.

  • Sometimes the boys playfully argue about who your favourite might be out of the group of them, but honestly, how can you pick? They’re all so wonderful in their own ways. Plus Noctis gets miffed when you don’t automatically pick him because he’s the prince. There, there, Noct! 

Read part 2 here!

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: why does annabeth keep her hair long? it’s impractical for her lifestyle, and she must know that. she even admits that she doesn’t like her hair style because she thinks people don’t take her as seriously because of it. and she hardly has time to brush it, much less take care of it. did rick just really want to subvert the dumb blonde trope? if so, then why didn’t he use a character like drew or silena to do it? does it therefore reflect some deeper revelation about her character? does annabeth have some kind of emotional connection to her hair? is it the one part of her that she allows to stay conventional and pretty? is it a metaphor for the albeit smaller, but still present desire to fit in and be loved? does it represent that annabeth is not as above conventions as she pretends to be? or is it simply a way to feminize a character, despite this character being the type of girl who would benefit from having shorter hair? does it really just boil down to wanting a character to be conventionally beautiful to establish her as the love interest and “It Girl”?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: when and where did edward nygma, serial killer, genius, future riddler, learn to make origami penguins without looking? how long did it take him to learn how to do it so well? why did he learn to make origami penguins in the first place? did he do it just to impress oswald? was he looking for ways to woo his crush and just think "i know, i'll make him a paper penguin. he'll be super impressed"? what happened to the origami penguin? did oswald keep it? does he still have it?

Why do ppl keep acting like JJ is this like, awful evil person like the kid’s conceited but he’s not the devil like he asks Otabek to come to dinner? Because he’s always alone???? He tries to joke with the others about the marriage thing like he’s totally relaxed like HaHA I’ll beat u to it!!! And he’s upset when they leave like they didn’t realize he was just messing around. He does a LOT of charity work during his off season, he teases Yurio but he’s never mean to him, he’s just a confident guy like I get that some people are put off by that but all the “UGH  JJ is the WORST he’s so aWFUL”and  “LOL token straight character” like 1. Where are you even getting this 2. No straight boy has a tramp stamp that’s like some kind of fucking Cryptid. 

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: in the episode "defeeted", why do pixel and ziggy tell stephanie that every year, sportacus does a trick at sportacular spectacle day if they all just met him last episode? and if he does do it every year, why did they all act like they dont know sportacus last episode? has he been there before? was there someone else? was it number 9 that participated in sportacular spectacle day in the previous years and the kids got the two confused? or were they lying to stephanie about not knowing him? if so, why does the mayor say that there was a "legend" of a hero, as if he never met sportacus?

can you believe isak’s about to have his first nye kiss ever in a couple of hours? he’s never been in a serious relationship on nye. and, well, his grandma did give him a big kiss on the cheek once after the countdown when he was five, but that totally doesn’t count (even tells him “i’m so sad i’m not going to be your first” with a pout and isak keeps saying “it. does. not. count. oh my god why did i even tell you!!”) and, well, they do kiss after the countdown, and then their foreheads are resting against each other, and even asks “how was that for a first new year’s eve kiss?” and isak kisses him again and replies “perfect”


Mistakes were made. And worse is that you failed to keep the subjects contained and recover them after the initial breach. Now we have potentially dangerous individuals at large. Over 30 of them

And currently we only have budget to surveil one

Reverse Flash killing Nora was one thing. Zoom killing Henry was another. But it will be cold day in hell before he lets ANYONE or ANYTHING hurt Iris. He gave up his speed for Wally and used a time remnant of himself and gave his life for her already. There is nothing Barry wouldn’t do to save her. She’s his world. She’s the reason why he does what he does. She gives him the strength to keep going and never give up. Without Iris there would be no Flash.


YOI Week 2017

Day 7: Shall We Skate?

ption DFuture / Headcanons/ Theories
↳Practices at St. Petersburg’s rink

How I think it’ll go:
Yakov: Vitya! Stop hugging and flirting with Yuuri!
Viktor: *Ignores him and keeps doing so*
Yakov: Yuri! Stop breaking things and shouting because of Viktor and Yuuri!
Yuri: *Ignores him and keeps doing so*
Yakov: Mila! Stop teasing Yuri and making him angrier than he already is!
Mila: *Ignores him and keeps doing so*
Yakov: Georgi! Stop being overdramatic when talking about how much you love your new gf!
Georgi: *Ignores him and keeps doing so*
Yakov: Yuuri! Stop distracting Viktor during his practice!
Yuuri: Ok *Nods respectfully and does as told*
Yakov: *stunned* What did I do to deserve him? He actually listens to me. Why does Vitya have a better and more respectful student than all the ones I have?
Lilia: And you haven’t even seen his ballet game yet.
Yakov: Alright. Sorry Vitya, I’m keeping him. He’s far too pure for you.

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At first I thought Ink was a God-Like creature or smthg... I was so happy when I found he's not like that! I like him more this way! But how do you feel about all the people who think of him this way? And why"fandom-Ink"so different from "canon-Ink"?

Well, people who consider Ink as a god by himself can keep doing that, but I personally don’t really like it. For two reasons;

  • Him not being a god is a part of his story, and personality. A god is perfect, he isn’t. A god has knowledge about everything, he doesn’t. A god is impossible to beat, and Ink has weaknesses. He’s not an overpowered immortal entity. He does represent creativity and so his purpose is to last forever for as long as there’s passionate content, and considering how art is a must for humanity, he’s supposed to live forever, YES. But he’s also his own character even though he tries to deny it. He has a past, a story, likes and dislikes, fears (hell, even phobias), goals, secrets he’s ashamed of, he can be a character like any other if you place him in correct situations.
  • People assume that followers’ headcanons are actually canon, and that I’ve set them myself. I’m upset to see people thinking Ink is a perfect boring character while it’s just the different interpretation of someone else. I don’t mind people shaping Ink as they like, because it’s his purpose and they can always come to me so I can either tell which is canon and which is not. But I put work and love into this character from point a to point b, and people who are too lazy to go search for information do sadden me. But if that’s how they want to consider Ink, then so be it. I know reasonable people who are interested will go look for information themselves.

Reminder that my FAQ needs to be updated but it does contain information about Ink! :D


And thank you so much for your nice words! <3