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I love reading Sonadow fanfics so much, but I am so tired of almost every single one of them having Amy in there completely obsessed over Sonic to the point of being a psycho.

Just imagine this:

Sonic and Amy being best friends. They tried to date, didn’t work out, so they’re best friends. Sonic tells Amy about his crush on Shadow. She completely supports him in being with the male hedgehog as long as he’s happy. She’s protective over Sonic but not to the point of SONIC IS MINE AND ONLY MINE I’LL KILL YOU IF YOU TOUCH HIM kind of protective.

Just think about how great Amy could be! Please stop making her out to be a dramatic overprotective psycho! 

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Who else on svt (other than jeonghan and dk) do you think is genuinely close?

oooo00000OOOOh b you better grab a chair 

I actually think a majority, if not all, of Seventeen is close. They’ve all trained and worked with each other as “seventeen” for so long it’s kinda impossible to not know each other well yaknow? This list is what I’ve seen lately, but I cant be the one to fully judge because I didn’t stan Seventeen from the beginning T-T

Hyung line (s.coups+ Jeonghan+ Joshua)- They have a system going on where S.coups has to make a decision and Joshua and Jeonghan aid in  the right path. Kind like in OFD japan where Hoshi and Hyung team fought and Coups was a bit too heated to really make a decision and Jeonghan provided a push and Joshua provided reassurance that it’s the right thing to do to make a meeting and resolve the problem.

S.coups+all members- He needs to be able to know all the members well enough to lead the group. He doesn’t necessarily need to be with them all the time though, and that’s okay

Gamer buds (I think it’s S.coups+Wonwoo+Woozi or Mingyu???)- They play games together lol

Jeonghan+Dk-They’re each other’s favorite roommates. Their personalities clash well like a puzzle. Jeonghan yearns of love and appreciation and someone who can take his jokes well. Dk is just that dude. Someone who smiles through every situation and uses humor as his form of energy.

Americain line (Joshua+vernon)-Joshua talks to Vernon in English and aids him in learning the language and I bet Vernon helps him with writing Korean etc. They both know bits about America and customs there. They first bonded through that and now through their personalities.

Jun+wonwoo?- They are both the type of guys who say a joke that makes everyone uncomfortably laugh, but its okay because they have this thing goin where they tell fans that the other is bad at telling jokes and is unfunny, when irl they are just teasing.

Leader Line (Hoshi+Woozi+S.coups)- To be 3 leaders in a team you need a state of neutrality and know how to work well together. They lead differently. S.coups leads the team, he makes the decisions regarding the well-being of the team. Hoshi leads steps and position he makes sure they look well put together. He is also the hype man. Woozi is the “behind the scenes” man. He creates the music in his studio with no disruptions till its perfect. He doesn’t like the attention, but Seventeen/leaderline tries their best to tell everyone that he has a large role in the creation of Svt to rightfully credit him.

Hoshi+Wonwoo-Mocking each other 24/7. Same age friends. They like to play rough sometimes, but it’s a normal thing

Gag trio (Hoshi+Dk+Seungkwan)- Get together to make people laugh. They are the loud ones who just came to see a smile.I’m pretty sure they have a cheer too so…

Wonwoo+Mingyu-The solid ship. We got puppygyu and tsundere Wonwoo. They are sweet together. Though I heard a fan tried to force the ship irl and it made then drift apart for a while? I think they are coming back together

Woozi+Vernon- Teacher->apprentice. Woozi said he wants a mind like Vernon, the way Vernon thinks is so unique and different from what Woozi would expect. and Vernon said he wants natural talent like Woozi. Not many people shed light on it, but Vernon has a lot of credits alongside Woozi (but not as much ofc) in music production and lyric writing. Woozi appreciates that and they both share the same chill energy when they are not being memes.

Woozi+Jeonghan- Woozi only lets Jeonghan do things to him? But he doesn’t really threaten to hurt him afterwards. He just kinda lets it happen lol. 

Mingyu+The8- Now that The8 is coming more out of his shell and isn’t as ‘cute’ as his near debut image, he can finally let out the fashionista inside of him. He roasts tf out of Mingyu and enjoys the same interest as Mingyu in style and designing to the point that they both said that one day they will come out with a brand together. I feel like Mingyu is legit about that, so I look forward to it.

Mingyu+Seungkwan- The relationship they have is funny to me. They do this thing where they tease each other and then the other one acts like he “had enough” and fights the other. They had a vlive together and all they did was “bicker” and it was great lol.  That’s how I am with my friends. we just tell each other to stfu and fight all the time and it’s great. Goals amirite?

Chinaline (The8+Jun)- Legendary way of meeting (Jun rippin off The8′s cap and then proceeded to spit onto his face bc he had braces) Had to learn Korean together and know the struggles of leaving their hometown far away to pursue a kpop career. Rn its like a older brother to little brother situation where The8 is the older brother and Jun always tries to mess around with him.

Seungkwan+Vernon- So soft. so so so so so soft. Seungkwan watched his lil boy grow into a man, but still treats him the same. with the constant patpats on Vernon’s face and adoring him and appreciating him. And then vernon always looking at Seungkwan when he talks and laughs at his antics. This as a pure pair.

Seungkwan+Dino- bickering lol. Dino learning how to be sassy from Seungkwan. And Seungkwan being Sh00k from his clapbacks.

Vernon+Dk- Same birthday bros. They are memes together and apperently Dk really wants to meet Vernon’s lil sister. Vernon refuses. lol same.

Dino+Jeonghan?-Dino nugu aegi is a joke among Carats etc, but Dino wasnt much of a fan of it. He is grown now as stated by him which is a loss for poor affectionate Jeonghan. I’m not saying their connection is splitting, but it is sure being grinded down bc Dino doesnt like being babied anymore T-T

Dino+Hoshi-Same thing with Jeonghan kinda. I think Hoshi is trying to get the kid in Dino to come back out again. But Hoshi also respects his work ethic and ability to help choreograph.

If I were to condense the most within-group social members it would go:

S.coups-Everyone needs to be comfortable with the leader and he needs to now his members well in order to lead right

Jeonghan- Though he likes to joke a lot, members depend on him for advice and help in difficult times. And he is always there to listen 

Hoshi- Seventeen’s hype man. When the members feel slow in energy they can look to him to find a push and strive for perfection with matching passion as him

Dk-Ability to make the room light and happy. He knows how to joke well and the members appreciate it

Seungkwan-pushing Seventeen to be more out there. With his amazing variety and Mcing skill, he always tries to get the more quiet members to show up on camera and talk a bit

Mingyu- Does a lot for the group behind the scenes like cooking and cleaning. The backbone of the dorm lol. All members know him well. He is also social outside of the group.

Vernon-Due to this kid’s slow and l o s t (lol) nature, all Seventeen members feel a need to protect him. They all agree that he is very unique and 4d. Always living in his own word that they need to pull him back to the real world to ge him focused sometimes.

The8- Before was pretty quiet, but as his Korean improves so does his social skills. He is now able to talk more freely to members and ask what a certain word means without being scared of messing up

Joshua-Joshua is the type to be quiet most of the time, but has bursts of randomness. I feel like, like myself, though he doesn’t talk too much, he is always listening and observing (thats why he is good help for s.coups when making decisions)

Wonwoo- Wonwoo is an introvert and has trouble showing a lot of emotion. He does have a bubbly side though and its seen in his nose crinkles. 

Woozi-Woozi kinda chooses to be left alone. He prefers to work alone undisturbed and I think sometimes overworks himself. The members always point out his achievements bc woozi is not the type to shout it out himself.

Jun- Jun is really 4d and sometimes childish. The members love him of course, but sometimes his jokes can be too odd for everyone to grasp when he comes in and out of a conversation.

Dino- Dino is growing up and is finding individuality. So he will prob. not be playing along with the hyungs things like he used to before. But I hope he goes back to just joking around like that bc just bc you’re grown doesn’t mean you can’t be childish ^-^

There are many more combos I probably missed. I is overwhelmed my dude. Some of my stuff might even look full of shit to others. idk lol

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So…spoilers for next chapter are out…

Night-eye may die and Mirio is suffering….*sips tea* …………. *continues sipping tea while looking at the beautiful view outside the window*

So I think I’ve learned why I can’t tag certain people? On my phone, in the activity section, it shows that some people are apparently…Blocked?

As in, their icons are blurred out and I cannot access their blogs from my phone?

But?? They both follow me?? And they actively reblog from me and I actively reblog from them?? I am so confused?? I just want to tag these people when I draw their shit!!