'white cliffs of dover'

As I am working on both phanfics for both @maddox-rider’s Virus Phan AU and @incaseyouart ’s Elf Phan AU, I THOUGHT I would give myself some inspiration and draw this!

A put hints of where the story is going to go with both of them! (cough) revelmode (cough) the White Cliffs of Dover (cough)

Hope you like it! And I am juggling a few things at the moment so probably by the end of this week you will get a part 1 for the elf Au 😁


White Cliffs by Nicola Abraham


Edgy Kodak Girl on a Dangerous Cliff – 1910 by Jim Griffin

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>

Standing TOO close to the cliff’s edge.

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York

Advertisement designed by John Hassall (1868 – 1948)

“The Kodak Girl may have liked living close to the edge, with her modern dress, exposing her ankles, and working that new camera.”

– Trish (below)

Not the White Cliffs of Dover, which you can’t see easily from anywhere on shore. This looks more like the Seven Sisters, near Seaford, almost due south of London, and more than 50 miles southwest from Dover. – Mike (below)

So I made a playlist for the wonderful fic ‘Flyboys’ by @gefionne featuring time appropriate music! It is both on 8tracks and Playmoss for those who cannot use or prefer not to use 8tracks for some reason or another. Hope you enjoy!

8tracks link: http://8tracks.com/yulicia/flyboys

Playmoss link: https://playmoss.com/en/yulicia/playlist/flyboys

Link to Flyboys: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8668108

Track List:

  • 1.     Eagle Squadron - Kenneth J. Alford.
  • 2.     Into The Wild Blue Yonder -The King Sisters
  • 3.     This Is The Army Mr Jones - Irving Berlin 
  • 4.     Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer - Anne Shelton
  • 5.     Its a Pair of Wings for Me - Nat Gonella
  • 6.     Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machine - Ron Goodwin
  • 7.     The White Cliffs Of Dover - Vera Lynn
  • 8.     I Fell In Love With An Airman - Tessie OShea
  • 9.     There’s A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere – Elton Britt
  • 10.     Cheek To Cheek - Fred Astaire
  • 11.     Bless Em All - Billy Cotton & His Band
  • 12.     He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings - Kay Kayser
  • 13.     You’re A Sweet Little Headache - Bing Crosby
  • 14.     Be Careful It’s My Heart - Frank Sinatra
  • 15.     Practice Makes Perfect - Bob Chester, Al Stuart
  • 16.     I’ll Get By - Harry James
  • 17.     There I’ve Said It Again - Vaughn Monroe
  • 18.     Shhh, It’s A Military Secret - Glenn Miller
  • 19.     Love Is The Sweetest Thing - Henry Hall
  • 20.     I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me - Helen Forrest
  • 21.     Temptation - Bing Crosby
  • 22.     (Why Couldn’t It Last) Last Night - Glenn Miller, Ray Eberle
  • 23.     I Could Write A Book Eddy - Duchin, Tony Leonard
  • 24.     I Guess I’ll Have To Dream The Rest - Glenn Miller
  • 25.     I Can’t Stand Losing You - Ink Spots
  • 26.     People Will Say We’re In Love - Bing Crosby & Trudy Erwin
  • 27.     11 60 P.M. - Harry James, Kitty Kallen
  • 28.     Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major - Arthur Askey
  • 29.     The Way You Look Tonight - Billie Holiday
  • 30.     Call Me Irresponsible - Bobby Darin
  • 31.     I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby - Doris Day
  • 32.     Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered - Ella Fitzgerald
  • 33.     I’ve Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
  • 34.     I Know Why (And So Do You) - Glenn Miller
  • 35.     Someone To Watch Over Me - Helen Forrest
  • 36.     If I Didn’t Care - Ink Spots
  • 37.     Lets Misbehave - Irving Aaronson
  • 38.     It Can’t Be Wrong - Dick Haymes & The Song Spinners
  • 39.     Little Things Mean A Lot - Kitty Kallen
  • 40.     For Sentimental Reasons - Nat King Cole
  • 41.     Mr. Wonderful - Peggy Lee
  • 42.     I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good) - Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman
  • 43.     They Cant Black Out The Moon - Sam Browne
  • 44.     You Always Hurt The One You Love - The Mills Brothers
  • 45.     I Stumbled Over You And Fell In Love - Arden &  Ohman   
  • 46.    Everything I Have Is Yours - Rudy 
  • 47.    Lovely To Look At - Smith Ballew 
  • 48.    You Made Me Love You - Helen Forrest
  • 49.    Simple And Sweet - Ted Weems
  • 50.     Do I Love You - Leo Reisman, Lee Sullivan       
  • 51.     Star Dust - Tommy Dorsey, The Pied Pipers
  • 52.     At Last - Glenn Miller, Ray Eberle
  • 53.     Night And Day - Al Bowlly
  • 54.     I Won’t Tell A Soul I Love You-  Andy Kirk
  • 55.     You Are My Lucky Star - Angelo Ferdinando Orchestra
  • 56.     Sunday Monday Or Always - Bing Crosby
  • 57.     Embraceable You - The Nat King Cole 
  • 58.     My Wonderful One Let’s Dance - Gene Krupa
  • 59.     In The Mood - Glenn Miller 
  • 60.     Moonlight Serenade - Glenn Miller
  • 61.     I’ll Be Seeing You - Jo Stafford 
  • 62.     Deep Purple - Larry Clinton And His Orchestra With Bea Wain
  • 63.     I Fall In Love With You Every Day - Larry Clinton Orchestra
  • 64.     I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time - The Andrews Sisters
  • 65.     It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie - Victor Young & His Orchestra
  • 66.     There’s Small Hotel - Claude Thornhill 
  • 67.     Sing Sing Sing - Benny Goodman Band
  • 68.     Till The End Of Time - Perry Como
Castles, Cliffs, and Natural Eliminations

My trip to Dover today:

I didn’t miss my first train. (Came pretty close though. I went to the wrong station orignally.)

I didn’t miss my connecting train. (Not close at all, but given what happened when I went to Windsor I thought this was a significant improvement.)

A woman on the second train completely flipped her lid. This is not an exaggeration. She forgot her rail card and had to pay for a ticket when the train person who checks tickets (the train employee probably has a title, but I don’t know what it is) came around. So the woman proceeded to empty her three bags and purse across four seats and one table to try and find her rail card. No luck. Then she called everyone she knew to tell them she was ‘pissed’, ‘fucked’ and ‘fucking pissed’. Loudly. The entire carriage could hear her. The carriages on either side might have been able to hear. She also missed her stop. So she had to pay for an additional ticket. The phone calls were repeated.

I went off map to get to the castle. Pretty sure Google was going to have me walk along a busy roadway. It would have been less steep, but not nearly as picturesque as the lovely path I took. I saw all sorts of nature. Including a woman urinating. Awkward.

The castle was just lovely. I enjoyed it much more than the one at Windsor. The view of the Strait of Dover was amazing. And the White Cliffs! Gorgeous. Unfortunately, the Urinating Woman was also at the castle and despite the size of the grounds, we kept seeing each other. More awkwardness. Then I saw her exiting a loo. Awkwardly hilarious.

Walking the battlements was my exercise for the week. Hills and stairs everywhere. One set of stairs was particularly steep and almost required a leap instead of a step down. The couple in front of me were not happy. I’m pretty sure they were Irish. As they were doing their best to negotiate the stairs with a two toddlers and a baby in a buggy, the man said, ‘Only the fucking English would build stairs this stupid’.

After the castle, I walked through Dover. As I came to the square (it wasn’t really square) a man with a leer called out, ‘hey there lovely’. I replied, ‘désolé, no compredre-vous’. Which is not at all correct, but I had to think fast and as the point was to confuse the man, it worked. He looked suitably befuddled enough to leave me alone.

All in all, it was a good day.