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I see a lot of people talking about how sad Tweek sounds during his and Craig’s big break-up, but don’t forget that Craig also takes it badly when they fight:

In ‘Put It Down’:

Obviously upset and sad, only cheers up when he finds a solution to helping Tweek with his problems.

Moping around his family, probably doing whatever the ten year old boy version is of ‘eating ice-cream while watching sad movies and listening to break-up music).

You know, Tweek was perfectly entitled in asking for Stripe #4 back, after Craig wanted his stuff returned, but I’m laughing because now I’m really fucking sad for Craig. Playing with their guinea pig was probably one of the few things making him happy during the fight, and then he lost Stripe as well. I’M GLAD THEY MADE UP, I CANNOT STAND THIS HEARTBREAK).


alec looking at magnus ( 5 / ?? )

I’m reading older vampire au stuff and I just

Jehan gets into some human books about vampires and finds one that describes them as “a demon having taken over the body of a deceased human; they maintain the memories of their host and may act in accordance with the human’s behavior, but they are infernal by nature” and having some kind of crisis. It’s been decades, they’re living with Montparnasse, and they’re happy, but what if this book is right? If it is, that means they aren’t who they think they are, Parnasse isn’t who they think he is, and their soul has moved on somewhere without ever having met him, too. But if it’s wrong, then either souls don’t work they way they’ve always thought or there really is no afterlife.

They have to sit down with everyone and get some kind of reassurance that they really are Jehan Prouvaire and that those books are obviously wrong because they also say vampires cannot express true emotions, only perform a false version of them, while Jehan saw a dog so cute that they started crying the other night.


Just take those old records off the shelf
I’ll sit and listen to ‘em by myself
Today’s music ain’t got the same soul
I like that old time rock 'n’ roll 

Imagine Woozi taking pictures of his meal every time he eats and sending it to you to show that he’s eating well.

A surprising and amazing thing has happened. My parents peacefully agreed not to move in with me. 0 aggression. 0 guilting. They decided that as long as I pay back the money they gave me for the down payment they’re gonna let it go. So my friends can move in with me. I’m just waiting for something really really bad to happen. Because my life can not be looking up this much. I’m kinda in shock. I might actually be happy? Like, I’m gonna live in a big beautiful house. With people I really like and enjoy being around? And it’s gonna be super cheap because we’re splitting all the bills between the four of us? That’s too good to be true, something is gonna go very wrong soon.

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