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Okay sorry that this took so long and arent that great but they’re sketches for a reason. We have two Luis’.

One is of Dad Lui. Instead of a child, he’s everyone dad. He wears all forms of jammies and gets sick of everyone’s shit lol

Two is Ninja Lui, very sneaky and LOVES shiney things and those of value, rarely seen by other’s and the strong silent type. Doesn’t fuck around and somewhat cold.

Please choose which one you’d like either in ask or in replies ;v; Then if Mod Derpy wants to edit anything, she will tell me c: We want to know what design should be what before we officially start 2p Lui uvu

Thanks! Much love!

-Mod Hypno

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I saw C do this and I became curious XD what would your 2p version look like? (you don't have to draw, a description would work too)

Not draw it?? I had Too!!!!!!

Her name would be Denver (cause i hate it when people call me that)

she is a person centered around negativity and refuses to see the good in things, she is pessimistic, self loathing, introverted, no empathy, looks for pity, and is malicious 

She wears bright colours and patterns (neon’s, any colour that inst dulled down) and loves to wear flashy bright clothing, her colour scheme is opposite of mine, so she is blonde with brown darklights?  fringe swept to the other side and has brown eyes    

What coat should I put on if it’s 6°C when I leave at 6 AM, but 17°C in the afternoon and when I get home at 8 PM? Wintercoat feels excessive but it’s freezing cold at the station and I have to wait for 10 to 20 minutes at times. So it’ll probably have to be wintercoat *sigh* Maybe next week I can put on a trenchcoat.

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what is your side on the "ace discourse" b/c i feel like i have seen you post stuff from both ends and i was curious.

Asexuality is a valid sexuality, but I don’t agree with aces who say having sexual feelings is a dirty or sinful thing, but I know that our society focuses on sexual activity to validate you as a person so trying to find ways of validating your lack of sexual feelings is important. But you need to be careful about that because lumping all other sexualities together in an attempt to say they’re all privileged cuz they’re better known is short sighted cuz it overlaps with homophobic conservative talk.

So essentially, asexuality is a valid orientation, but there’s complex issues and just.. people speaking with emotions and shit resulting in really crap things said.

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His laugh is adorable c: Hmm.. what inspired you to start this blog? 😁

Oh good question!! & ofc i love blue exorcist but before I had this blog I used to have an Instagram account for aoex posts but I had like 71 followers or something so I gave it up (I still use it but only for looking at memes cause uno memes are great) but I also used to write fanfiction but I stopped doing that and I was following a blog (and still am, there one my favourites) I think they’re called aonoscenarios or something? If she german person? I feel bad because I love their blog sm and I can’t even remember there name? Anyways they inspired me to create this blog

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Anyways i cant believe this shit blew out of proportion, like it even appeared in Korean news... And wether an exo-l did it or not I think you can tell when someone is doing it for the attention and when they actually mean it. Also I find it funny that when c-a*my did what they did to both exo and exo-l no one but like 4exo-ls talked or gave a fuck about it. 1 twtr account saying bullshit vs hundreds of people paying people to make-up rumors and harassing exo-ls lmao talk about hypocrisy

I know, everybody who has eyes can see how biased the whole situation is. 

We always bring receipts to the table and show true facts, but it don’t matter to anybody.

We should keep taking care of EXO and not bother with their rumors and crazy shit.