'what the hell is this contraption'

ways to make peridot have a “dorky” side without damaging all previous characterization:
-camp pining hearts (which was, admittedly one thing the series actually managed to pull off imo)
-occasionally deliberately peppering in earth slang she’s learning in between her articulate speech patterns
-have her geek out over tech!! isn’t she supposed to be a technician with lots of prior experience with machinery? or is she only suddenly that when the plot requires it
-conducting meticulous earth experiments on various topics, such as which organisms can fly, which conditions are ideal for the phenomenon of rain, etc., and recording all this data in a giant book/log/something else which documents everything she has learned on earth for reference for her to peruse through at later times
-having an affinity for wearing “shirts,” and usually doing so when (she thinks) no one is looking
-spending hours on end making advanced, convoluted contraptions for simple actions solely for the purpose of showing off her metal powers
-just. building robots and contraptions in general and treating them like her children instead of making w/e the hell those morps are
-drawing out complex diagrams for “where she’s going to put the star”/making rough sketches of a “crystal gem” outfit
basically redemption arc peridot; any peridot after that is a cursed shrieking gremlin child

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I apologize for sending this twice if you recieved/answered it already. But given that Sammy didn't seem to care about cartoons much, how does he and Bendy get along in your AU?

Sammy gets his Job done and Bendy appreciates that. That being said, early on they probably don’t really get along. Sammy would probably be rather appalled by their existence. Joey did all this kinda in secret and Sammy was suspicious from the start. So when it actually happened, Sammy wasn’t very pleased. It’s kinda like “THAT was what this whole ink machine contraption was for!? I had to deal with the department flooding for the past few months just so you could bring your OC to life through DEMONIC RITUAL ARE YOU KIDDING ME JOEY.”


“You totally are their favorite.” It was a statement, an observation, not even an accusation and Max was shocked to see that everyone seems to agree with Ered’s ridiculous claim.

“That’s crazy. Why would I of all people be their favorite? I make life living hell for them on a daily routine. I don’t get why they care at all.” Max countered, he felt somewhat gulty now after recent events but he did have a point. He’s been awful to David and Gwen since day one, why would they ever favor him of all people? These kids were insane.

“Dude are you kidding me?! They adore you!” Nerris oh so helpfully pointed out. “Seriously, it’s giving me complexes.” Nurf added, stabing the table with his knife. Max flinched a bit at that action, which earned him a concerned stare from Neil. He swallowed.

It’s been getting harder to hide stuff lately and his friends were starting to notice. Even Nikki started to be more mellow around him, probably afraid she would cause a panic attack if she jumped at him without warning again.

“Why are we even having that conversation?” He asked but said question got ignored. “Honestly, I’m pretty sure he always was David’s favorite.” Harrison pointed out. He sighed, looking somewhat sad, “Lucky you.” He mumbled under his breath.

Max thought back to parents day, Harrison’s parents were there, sure, but they were…… He wondered if his giant slingshot still worked…

Preston gave Harrison a subtle sympathetic pat on the shoulder before turning to Max too. “I think it’s nice! Almost like orphan Annie!”

“Say that again and I will break your hand.” He deadpaned, Preston let out a little squeak, “You don’t need to be such a dick. He was trying to be nice. We all are!” Nerris, ever so protective, told him as she half leaned over Harrison, and in extension Preston, to shield them from his glare. “Speak for yourself.” Nurf threw in.

Max sighed, “This is ridiculous. What makes you all think this nonsense?”

“Dude, David has a clipboard with ‘max positivity = success’ framed in their cabin!” Ered exclaimed. “They constantly put your well being before ours."Dolph put in his two cents, "They have been making sure you actually eat. Which, by the way, you really should do more.” Nurf said, he’s a strange individual at times…

“They have a point.” Neil oh so helpfully added to the conversation, Max glared. “I mean, they do seem to really care about you specifically. Even more so since…” He trailed off, leaving the sentence hang in the air.

“Since your parents were no shows!” Nikki ended it, ever so helpful. Neil’s hand made contact with his head.

“Honestly though, they look at you like you are their child or something.” Nerris said and Max had about enough. He slamed his fists on the table, causing the entire room to fall silent.

This was ridiculous. Sure they cared more then his actual parents, but they didn’t care *that* much! They didn’t view him as their son. They didn’t plan to adopt him. Nothing would change after he leaves camp. Nothing would ever change.

“You all are insane!” He exclaimed as he stormed out of the mess hall, there were tears pricking in his eyes. Stupid campers. Stupid Ered, stupid Nerris stupid Neil, stupid Nikki, stupid everyone!

He heared footsteps following him as he marched out, Neil and Nikki, he knew they would try to comfort him so that wasn’t really surprising, but there were also others, which *did* surprise him.

“Max wait!” Preston exclaimed. It made him pause. Max looked behind him to see him, Nerris and Harrison alongside his best friends, what were *they* doing following him?

Preston tugged Nerris forward, who gave him a annoyed glare. “Sorry if what I said offended you. I didn’t mean to make fun of you.” She said. “Yeah dude. We didn’t think this would upset you.” Neil threw in.

“We weren’t trying to blame you for anything. I actually am happy for you.” Harrison tried to explain, then he paused. “Well and a bit jealous maybe.” Yup, Max sure as hell would be checking that slingshot contraption before the camp is over so he could make sure this time it will hit the desired target.

“We just think it’s nice that they care about you that much. You might be an asshole but you still deserve being loved.”

“Yeah! Screw your asshole parents!”


“What?! Oh right…sensitive topic.”

Max stared at the children standing infront of him. It was weird, how they seemed to care for him despite everything. Something he really wasn’t used to. He felt a smile appear on his face as Neil scolded Nikki while Preston and Nerris where pressed agains Harrison, they have been doing that a lot lately.

Max chuckled, “Fucking nerds.” He said, but it was missing it’s usual bit. The others stared at him in a perplexed manner.

“Come on you guys. Whatever this dump has to offer us today, I’m sure we are better off facing it in numbers.” He announced before walking off.

There was momentary silence before-



David breathed in the fresh forest air, today would be a great day, he knew it. He was starting-

His thoughts got interrupted as a rare sound caught his ear, he looked into the direction of the mess hall and was delighted to see what was going on there.

A group of the campers was piled on top of eachother, with Max on the ground. However, instead of looking annoyed Max seemed cheerful, laughing even.

David felt something in his chest swell. “Now that’s a rare sight. Our grumpy cat is having fun.” Gwen said as she was leaning against their cabin. “Isn’t that wonderful Gwen! Max didn’t make one, not three…wait actually he did make three…Max made three new friends today!” David exclaimed, excitement dripping off of him. Gwen smiled at him, “We will have to make sure they visit him once this whole thing is wrapped up.”

David felt heat gather in his face. Right. They were doing this together. “We still have a ton of paperwork to file in.” He reminded her.

“You do that, I will go take a look at our disasters.”

With that Gwen made her way to the campers. David smiled as he watched her help Max get up from the ground, she brushed some of the dirt off of his hoody before ruffling through his hair.

David knew, everything would only get better from here.

Ikea: Drarry

(I saw a prompt for this but I can’t remember where.. if anyone does, please let me known and i can give credit! Thank you :))

Cursing and muttering to himself, Draco spun round the next corner; only to let out a groan of frustration as he saw what lay in front of him.

“Homeware? damn it.”

He persevered through the mounds of cushions and carpet fibres until he saw that the next door along held plants, and if he really squinted, he could see that the adjourning one to that was stuffed full of mirrors and lamp shades.

Accepting defeat, he trudged back the way he had come until he reached the bed section. He snorted to himself in a derisive way. Muggle shops. Hmph.
He flopped down on the nearest, comfortable looking bed, and swore loudly as his heart began thudding when the shop monster began shouting threats through the box things again: “could all remaining shoppers please make their way to the exit as soon as possible.”

“Id fucking love to get out of this stupid fucking store but I can’t find your fucking exit can I?”

Draco, unfortunately, had not noticed the frantic tapping of another’s footsteps as he continued his verbal slaughter on the muggle contraption.

“Malfoy?, Draco Malfoy? What the hell are you doing in Ikea?”

Draco spun around, heart sinking as he saw who his saviour was. Harry Potter was stood there in front of him. His thin wire glasses had been switched for some thicker rimmed ones that framed his face much more nicely. Draco couldn’t help notice how much better Potter looked now than his scrawny school days. He felt the familiar curl of wanting as he felt whenever he caught sight of Potter’s face on a magazine cover, or saw that shock of black hair around the ministry. For all he’d tried, he feelings he’d harboured for Potter had never quite vanished.

He was clearly flushed and out of breath from running. Draco decided to pretend he hadn’t heard Potters own question, and posed one of his own instead.

“Potter. What’s been chasing you this time? Another Dark Lord come to take his chances on the boy who lived?”

To his utmost surprise, Potter did not react with anger or frustration and Draco’s blatant dig. Instead he smiled and even laughed a little, before deciding to flop down very ungracefully on the bed next to Draco’s. He adjusted his position so they were facing one another, and then responded: “No no no, I’m not being chased, I was just so fucking scared because I thought I was trapped in here alone all night.”

Draco took a moment to process this, before realising he couldn’t, and blurting out, “you find spending time with me preferable?”

Potter laughed again, much to Draco’s displeasure,

“Of course I do! Why would I want to be by myself when I could be with someone else? Unless you don’t want me to stay? I can go and find someone else, but, well, it just seems a bit silly, because I thought you were also lost? Why else would you still be in here?”

This was more like it, thought Draco, with a smug sense of satisfaction. He could kick Potter out of his zone and let him sleep somewhere else, or he could tell him that he knows where the exit is because he is choosing to sleep for a while, and send Potter plundering off in the wrong direction (because they were all wrong directions) or-“

“Malfoy! Let’s build a fort!” And before Draco knew what was happening, a tanned hand had snaked around his wrist and was tugging him towards to homeware section before he’d even strung together a proper response.

He wrenching his hand back and only briefly regretted it when he saw the kicked puppy look that had appeared on Potters face. He sneered in an attempt to cover his thudding heart and took a step back. “And why, pray tell, would I want to build a fort with you, Potter?”

The dark haired man was just opening his mouth to formulate some sort of response, when a extremely loud and aggressive buzzing began whirring from around the corner. Using his quick thinking methods to save them both, Draco pulled Potter into the nearest cupboard and slammed the doors shut behind them; feeling very pleased with himself.

He marvelled at the space in the cupboard he had chosen. There was enough room for them both to comfortably sit while they waited for the muggle monster to pass by. Draco shook his head wildly and covered Potters mouth with his hands when Potter went to try and open the door: “it might hear you” he mouthed silently and only once Potter nodded in response did he remove his hand. He did approve of the fact Potters wand was drawn. That meant he was doubly protected if anything did try to attack.

They both slunk to the floor, each with a back pressed to opposite sides of the cupboard. Draco winced inside. How had he managed this? Trapped himself in a cupboard with his long unrequited crush and rival for many years. Well done Draco, he thought to himself, congratulations.

The persistent growl from outside the cupboard was still there, but neither of the boys looked willing to risk being mauled in a muggle department store. It was only after a couple of minutes that Draco noticed the shuddering nature of Potter’s breathing, and the way he head fell between his knees. He inched a tiny bit closer to the man and then whispered “Potter? Are you alright?”

There wasn’t any response apart from the slowing of Harry’s breathing and the thumping of both their hearts. Eventually Harry looked up, and smiled at Draco, who decided to ignore the redness around Harry’s eyes for the time being. Harry outstretched a hand and Draco took it, allowing the distance between them to dwindle and drop away.

“We could die here.” announced Harry, quietly. “We could die right here in this cupboard.”

“That’s cheerful” Draco murmured back, relishing and panicking over their close proximity. Wanting to get closer, and put miles of distance between them at the same time.

“I have a confession to make.” Whispered Harry, so close to Draco that he would not have heard if he’d been any further away.

“Go on.” Draco responded, letting his hand fall on the wall beside Harry’s head. Adjusting his knees slightly so he had more leverage.

“I followed you in here today. I was driving past and caught sight of you and I couldn’t help myself. I wanted the chance to talk to you, to ask if..”

“Yes?” Replied Draco, his heart beating so quickly he was surprised the monster outside couldn’t hear it.

“If you might like to have coffee one day..?”

Draco couldn’t hold back any longer. He leant forward and pushed his lips onto Harry’s, pouring years and years of frustration and lust and wanting into the kiss, and Harry reciprocated, leaning up to meet Draco with equal passion and want that made both their heads spin.

Meanwhile, outside the cupboard, one of the cleaners was dancing as she pushed a hoover around the dirty floor; wondering how more people didn’t get lost in IKEA.

Student Council Prez [7]

Episode 6 - Episode 7 - Episode 7.5 OR Episode 8
Words: 7.7k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“Asshole demon…” You mumble under your breath as you’re hauling the trash bins out to the curb. You’re sweating with dirt stains on your cheeks, arms aching from scrubbing the counters and feet painfully sore.

Just as you’re taking a long breath, dusting off your hands, a loud screech rings in your ears. “LOOK OUT!”

One moment you’re on your feet and the next you’re on the ground with your head spinning, the trash bins fallen over onto you with banana peels and leftovers in your hair. “What the fuck?!”

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Bucky stares down at the rectangular white object in his hand. Why he had listened to you in buying this contraption was beyond him, but as you pointed out “what’s the worst that could happen?” He knew in every fiber of his being he was going to regret every second of this. It had already taken all of his will to not punch the know-it-all kid in the electronic store through the wall. 

“Why the hell do I need this again?” Bucky asks as he flips the object in his hand. “I don’t even know what wizard to contact to turn the damned thing on.”

You try to hold back your laughter. “Because, old man, we need to bring your stubborn ass into the 21st century and whether you like it or not we are gonna sit here until you learn how to use it,” you say, scrunching your face at him. Bucky groans audibly. 

“Haven’t I suffered enough? I’m too old for this shit,” he balks. “And you better watch yourself little missy, I use an M16 instead of a cane so don’t test me.”

“If you’d stop being overly dramatic for two seconds you could see it’s not that hard,” you say as you roll your eyes. You grab the phone out of his hands and push the button to turn it on. “Smart phones are incredibly useful. What if you need to find a certain store or restaurant?”

“I know this may be a new concept to you young people, but I could just ask someone,” said Bucky as he continued to furious his brows in frustration, trying to keep up with what you were doing. 

The laughter began to bubble up inside you and you had to cough just to suppress it. “Alright smart-ass,” you pick, “but it would help you stay connected with the world. You could meet all sorts of people on Facebook. Even Steve has one of those.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Yes, I know, but I ain’t exactly Americas poster child. What am I supposed to talk about?”

“You could talk about your day, what you like, that kind of stuff,” you advise.

“Oh yes I can see it now,” he said as he shook his head, “‘Just took down two Hydra operatives with a kitchen knife, but I saw cute kitten so it wasn’t a totally bad day.’ Or maybe 'When you just want to buy some plums but then you get chased by a 6 foot tall cat man. This is gonna put a damper on my plans.’”

The laughter began to spring from your lips as you imagined the things he would post. You could feel Bucky glaring at you as you continued to giggle at his frustrations. 

“Hey I would pay good money to see stuff like that,” you pick as you look back up at him. 

“Glad to know I can amuse someone with my struggles,” he grumbled.

Prison/Bellamy Blake Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

My dudes I’ve been having hella Bellamy Blake feels so I needed to write this. 

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Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 3.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: So I had to cut this into thirds cause I ended up writing more than I thought I would when I outlined each part (yay for making this series longer!). I got super infired, and there’s a lot going on in this story bahaha >< nonetheless, it’s still a long update even though I cut it haha I hope you all enjoy! ~ 

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           You bowed shyly. Your heart was beating rapidly at the situation.

           Without a doubt, in front of you was your friend Jin…no– your old best friend, Jin. It had taken his absence in your life to realize he was your closest friend in high school, and before Yoongi came along, the one who knew you best. But he had abandoned you when you needed him most, and yet you never reached out to him for help either. It wasn’t about pointing fingers since you were both to blame; you complied to let distance break your friendship apart due to neglect, and allowed Yoongi to become the center of your life back then.

           You glanced up at Jin.

           You had always known he was good-looking behind his glasses, but you were still awestruck that he had really matured handsomely. You blushed as your eyes connected.

           Focus, Y/N. This isn’t a reunion. You’re a student.

           You reprimanded yourself.

           "It’s nice to meet you Y/N, Yoonji.“ Jin smiled warmly. "I hope we’ll get along well the rest of this year.”

           You smiled, slightly relieved and slightly saddened that he didn’t recognize you. But you shook those thoughts away. Jin recognizing you or Yoongi at all could potentially blow the entire operation.

           You stilled. Or worse…your mission and Jin could be connected in the long run.

           You stared at the man in front of you, with broad shoulders and a chiseled jaw now, yet he had retained his kind face and bright eyes, which you had always found endearing.

           "Oh, you got a little fuzz in your hair, Y/N.“ Jin reached out towards your hair to pull something off of it, causing your face to warm. You held your breath as you felt his tenderly light touch. He truly was still as gentle as you remembered.

           "Mr. Kim! You’re back!” One of the girls in your class bellowed excitedly, distracting everyone from the awkward situation. “Guys! He’s back!”

           Jin laughed and waved, “I wanted to make a surprise entrance, but you caught me!”

           You smiled slightly to yourself. What a relief that he grew up well. At least up front, he seemed to still be the same lovable, popular, and friendly Kim Seokjin you had known.

           "Where are you guys heading?“ Jin blinked and looked at his watch. "Break’s almost over right?”

           "Uh I -um…“ You fumbled when his eyes fell on your face again. Part of you was flustered that he would recognize you if he stared too long, while the other half was feeling a bit nervous at seeing him in such an attractive light.

           Suddenly, you felt fingers wrap around your wrist, bringing you back to reality.

           "Bathroom.” Yoongi stated dryly.

           "Oh.“ Jin grinned. "Okay, have fun! Try not to take too long, but don’t rush!”

           "I wonder where the Nurse is though? She was supposed to have landed a few days ago and come in today too. Maybe she’s in traffic?“ the Principal hummed.

           "Maybe she’s still jet-lagged.” Jin giggled as they walked away.

           In no time, Yoongi was dragging you away. You two stumbled into the bathroom and hurriedly checked to see if anyone was in there. Taking out your silencing contraptions, you two scurried into separate stalls and pressed it.

           "What the hell is he doing here??“ Yoongi hissed.

           "He’s our homeroom teacher, didn’t you hear?” You answered. “Why did you drag me here?”

           "Did you have any other ideas? You were busy stammering like an idiot in front of him. So suspicious.“

           You blushed, "Shut up.”

           Yoongi fell silent.



           "You know you have to put the past and personal feelings aside and think objectively.“

           You snorted. "I don’t need you to remind me that.”

           "I’m serious. I know you and Jin were close…“

           You exhaled. "A lot of things changed, Yoongi. And you should know better than anyone that I’m capable of putting the past to the side.”

           You heard the stall beside you unlock and soon spotted Yoongi’s feet in front of the one you were in.

           "Come out.“ he called.

           You obliged and were surprised to find that he was standing closely to the door when you pulled it open. Stepping back slightly, you threw him a questioning look.


           "Are you okay?“ he frowned.

           "Hm?” You blinked.

           He looked down and pursed his lips. Your lips slightly curled up. He really looked like an adorable girl in this state of hesitancy. You reached out and pinched his cheeks, unable to control yourself.

           "You know, I think you should dress like this forever.“ You grinned teasingly.

           He grumbled, but didn’t swat your hands away. "It looks like I worried over nothing then.”


           "You ran off after everyone was talking trash like that about you…” he mumbled.

           You dropped your hands, recalling the events that happened before Jin’s return.


           "Well, it’s not the first time.“ You shrugged, trying to sound tougher than you felt.

           The last thing you wanted was for Yoongi to see you as weak and unfit for this mission. You needed to come to terms with this on your own, or it would haunt you forever.

           "What?” he stared at you.

           "Should I check your voice modulator?“ You grinned, trying to change the subject.

           "What? Why? Is my voice sounding weird?” Yoongi flustered.

           "Hold still.“ You curled his hair behind his ear to check the voice modulator that was disguised as an earring. "Looks good. I just thought your voice sounded a little deep talking to Jin.”

           "I’ll have Taehyung to do a scan later to see its stats.“ Yoongi muttered, slightly blushing.

           "Well let’s get back to class.” You exhaled.

           "Don’t go making googly eyes at the teacher.“ he huffed. "Try not to stare directly at him at all. If he recognizes you…”

           You laughed. “I doubt he would. I mean, who would think that the two of us would be back in high school after all these years.”

           "Still. Be careful.“

           "I will. Don’t worry.” You covered his ears with his wig once again.

           "And stop treating me like a girl.“ he swatted your hand away. "It’s creeping me out!”

           You giggled. “Well you are a girl, Yoonji.”

           He crossed his arms and huffed. “I hate you.”

           "Likewise.“ You shrugged. "Let’s head back.”

           "‘kay.“ he grumbled.


           You lifted your head up from taking notes instinctively, then realizing who was calling you, dropped your head down awkwardly once again, trying to avoid Jin’s gaze.

           "Can you make sure your seatmate, Ms. Yoonji is paying as close attention to me as you?“ Jin chuckled.

           You glanced over to see Yoongi shamelessly sleeping, his head falling back, his mouth wide open. Embarrassed, you bowed apologetically and proceeded to lift Yoongi’s head up and shake him. The class giggled when he jolted awake.

           "Thank you.” Jin smiled.

           "Sorry.“ You whispered.

           "Not your fault.” he waved his hand. “Ms. Yoonji.”

           Yoongi scratched his head and yawned. You elbowed him.

           "Yes?“ he answered nonchalantly.

           "Please stay awake ~” Jin scolded nicely.

           "Yes ~“ Yoongi replied cheekily.

           Jin shot him an amused look and shook his head before returning to his lecture.

           "You’re so embarrassing.” You mouthed to Yoongi.

           He smirked and slid your textbook to the middle of the desk. “Let’s share. I forgot mine.”

           "You never bring yours.“ You rolled your eyes yet consented.

           Yoongi smiled and began highlighting important things to remember on your textbook, while you went back to taking notes.

           But suddenly, there was a blood-curdling scream that pierced through the sense of normalcy and echoed throughout the hallway. Your heart sank and your body turned cold. You glanced around and all the students had turned pale. It seemed to be that everyone knew exactly what had occurred, which meant…

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Twist of Fate (Pt 1)

Hey guys! I’ve been working on a fic idea for a while and I really enjoyed this particular storyline! I’ve decided I want to make it a multi-fic and I’ll probably post it on here and AO3 (when I get that sorted out). I wasn’t sure on how it was going so far so I wanted to post part 1 on here early! Please give me some feedback on if you enjoyed it so far!

               Betty Cooper wasn’t someone you would call anxious. She was a natural people pleaser, but something about meeting her new roommate made her get a jittery feeling in the pit of her stomach. He seemed to be okay on the phone, very literate and sardonically funny. However, she couldn’t shake the nerves consuming her as she walked through the doors of the extremely large and expensive-looking apartment building. For the set price of rent, Betty was surprised. This must be a joke of some sort. Maybe she got the wrong address?

               The building was a bright white, clearing well-conditioned.  Everything about it screamed ‘Glamorous’ but only low-key. There was a metallic silver revolving door which excited Betty more than it should have initially.

               Betty had just moved from her small-town home, Riverdale, in to the big city, New York. At first she was apprehensive, not wanting to leave behind everything Riverdale offered. That being homely comfort, a secure job and her close friends. But she was tired of small towns, she wanted something more. She wanted a better job in a better city. Although, Riverdale wasn’t that far away from her new city. She still felt more independent, more free.

               She was finally free from the clutches of Alice Cooper and all of her expectations. She was finally free from Hal Cooper and all of his rash decisions. She was finally free from the memory of her older sister running away in the dead of night with her boyfriend, Jason Blossom. They often stayed in touch but Betty was still angry at Polly for leaving her. Nothing was ever the same after she’d left.

               Taking a deep breath, Betty walked up to the elevators. She had no clue how to work this thing. Looking at all of the complicated buttons she realized that this was no usual elevator. No, this was the work of the devil himself. She was dragging along two large suitcases and an extraordinarily large backpack that she couldn’t wait to peel off of her aching shoulders. She knotted her fingers through her hair in utter frustration. This couldn’t be happening to her, not today.

               "Need some help there?“ A voice spoke humorously from beside her. Betty whipped her head around, eyes being filled with the sight of red hair. The boy wore a smile, waiting for some kind of response from Betty. His brown eyes had a special glint in them, as if he was excited to be somewhere. He was wearing what looked like gym clothes and he carried a large duffel bag.

               "Would I look ridiculous if I expressed my utter confusion of this hell contraption?” Betty laughed softly, easing her tensed shoulders at the kind looking man standing before her. Like she said, she’s a people pleaser and her humor never ceasing to be a great first impression. The boy let out a low chuckle before pressing a bunch of buttons that Betty didn’t quite seem to understand.

               "I’m guessing you’re moving into Jughead’s apartment?“ The boy asked, already knowing the answer due to his best friend’s constant rambling about a new roommate and how great she seemed. He knew Jughead was excited to finally not live alone, but he also knew that Jughead wouldn’t act excited to Betty. What’s with guys and wanting to play it cool? "By the way, I’m Archie.” The boy shot a friendly glance over to the girl, who shot him a small smile back.

               "I am actually yeah! And nice to meet you Archie, I’m Betty.“ The small talk continued all the way to the outside of the apartment door. It was a metallic black, looking more expensive than Betty’s entire family home. Any nerves that had been settled before were back and worse than ever. She almost believed that her heart was actually beating in her throat. Archie knocked on the door and within seconds it flew open to reveal a slender man that Betty couldn’t take her eyes off of.

               His tanned skin was shown off along his arms by the baggy grey shirt he was wearing. His legs were encased in black jeans, his legs seeming to go on for miles. He wore a red and black flannel around his waist which complemented his slim figure. Raven black hair was messily poking out the sides of the grey, crown beanie he was wearing on top of his head. The last thing that Betty noticed was his icy blue eyes staring at her, a look she couldn’t recognize was plastered on his face.

               "Hi, I’m Betty Cooper?” Betty broke out hesitantly, for some reason sounding like she was questioning who she was. In reality, Betty was just entranced by the boy in front of her. He had something about him that she couldn’t pin point. He was mysterious and Betty liked that. On their call he had refused to even tell her what he does for a living. Stating multiple times that she just has to trust him. And now he’s here, maybe she does. He doesn’t look too harmful.

               "Of course, come on in. I can give you the grand tour of this fine establishment later on but I’m guessing you want to unpack first?“ Jughead chuckled warmly, motioning Betty to step into the room. Archie stepped past the pair, giving Jughead a firm squeeze on his shoulder before walking into a room Betty assumed was the lounge. The apartment wasn’t too fancy, you could tell a boy was living there. Nothing was tidy. She almost had an aneurysm at the sight of the kitchen. Pizza boxes and take out cartons littered the sides, she 100% needed to clean this place.

               "Uh, yeah sure!” Betty politely replied. She stood parallel to Jughead, balancing on the balls of her feet. She was rocking slightly, waiting for him to take her to her room. But nothing, they just stood there for what felt like hours (in reality being about 10 seconds) just staring around. “So… My room?”

I hope you all enjoy it so far! I finish all of my exams in two weeks so I’ll be able to write more frequently for a while. As I said, feel free to leave any feedback, all is appreciated!

Part 2 : Here

Rip It Off

Just a silly, fun, semi-dirty little thing I wrote for the @xfficchallenges dialogue only challenge.

I wrote this in ten minutes, & it really is ridiculously silly. But I hope it makes someone smile, because it was kind of fun to write.

Slightly NSFW.

“Scully, are you almost – oh.”

“Mulder, I feel ridiculous.”

“You don’t look ridiculous. You look – Jesus, you look incredible. Come over here.”

“No way.”

“What? Why not?”

“Mulder, I just spent twenty minutes squeezing my ass into this – thing – “

“It’s a teddy, Scully. And your ass looks amazing in it.”

“I know what it is, Mulder. It took me twenty minutes to get into it, not to mention the garters and the stockings, the snaps and pulleys and the zippers and clasps. You are not ripping it off of me in under ten seconds.”

“That’s the whole point of lingerie!”

“I thought half the point was enjoying the view.”

“Oh, believe me, I’m enjoying the view. Thoroughly.”

“Well, I’m glad one of us is having fun. This thing is cutting off – Mulder, slow – circulation to some very vital areas.”

“Mmmm, we’ll just have to get the blood flowing again, then.”

“Mulder, can you please explain to me men’s obsession with stuffing women into bone crushing, gravity defying – oh, God – death contraptions?”

“Does it really bother you? You didn’t have to do it, Scully. It was just a suggestion. You’re fucking gorgeous no matter what. You could wrap yourself in a Hefty bag and I’d still get hard just looking at you.”

“No, it doesn’t – fuck, Mulder, yes – bother me. I mostly just feel – mmmm – silly.”

“You shouldn’t feel silly. You should feel sexy as hell. You should feel – here, put your leg up here – desirable. You should feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, because that’s what you are. No, Scully, don’t roll your eyes. You are – always.”

“But this – Mulder, you have to unclasp that oh, Jesus – this helps, obviously.”

“This thing is just a fantasy, you know? You make me fucking crazy, every second of every day. Your mouth, your hands – how the fuck does this thing…  – your amazing tits and your tight little ass.”


“What, baby?”

“Rip it off me.”

“But I thought – “


And don’t call me baby.

That sorta reminds me but with the whole “isn’t it super weird how 9/11 was the first time passanger planes demolished a skyscraper thing” it’s like yeah sure let’s grant that in which case why the fucking hell would they be using planes to coverup the use of explosives why couldn’t they just do a false flag with explosives and then blame the terrorists for the explosives why the Rube Goldberg contraptions involving hijaking planes (and possibly switching them?) and crashing them into a large building at the same point and time the explosives went off what the fuck do the planes have to do with covering anything up how would dedicating that amount of time and resources to the single most complicated and easy-to-fail part of the plan add anything at all

I Am An Alpha Ch 16: Luhan

I swing the blade in my hand a few times, making sure the hilt is tied on tight. Jimin is a few yards away from me stretching and mimicking my actions with his own sword. The atmosphere around us is on two completely different ends of the emotion spectrum, my pack is grinning ear to ear, ready for the match about to go on between the younger boy and I. On the other end my mates look like they are about to have a panic attack. From the frustrated pheromones they are putting out I’m surprised the others haven’t woken up, though I’m thankful they haven’t. I doubt they would be as easy to convince to allow me to do this.

I glance over my shoulder at my older mates, Kris, Minseok, and Luhan have their arms crossed over their chests, faces set in a death glare, ready to jump out and murder anyone who makes one wrong move. Yixing is ringing his hands nervously. Though they are absolutely pissed about this they know not to stop me, the youngers I realized yesterday are blinded by their possessiveness and their alphas. But the elders’ understanding only goes so far, hence the sheaths.

“Are you ready Chimchim?” I muse playfully, bringing my sword up.

He grins, “Are you Hyung? It’s been awhile, I don’t think you are as good as you used to be.”

“We shall see.”

He comes at me without any hesitation,  I jump out of the way, letting him stumble past me and glare at me over his shoulder. My blade swings on either side of me, I hum mindlessly, teasing the younger. He whips around and again charges at me. This time I move slower letting my sword hang lower, nicking his ankle and sending him stumbling into the snow. I chuckle, “Chimchim, were you really teasing me? When was the last time we actually spared like this? Come on use that weapon like you were trained to! You are making a fool of Hobi’s training.”

He snarls and throws his sword down, his fist clench as he resets his shoulders, his eyes fixated on me. Now things are getting serious. I mimic his actions discarding my own weapon and crack my knuckles. Tired of waiting for him I run at him without warning and tackle him to the ground. We roll in the snow, focused on our match but that doesn’t stop us from laughing at the sudden shock of the snow against our backs. Jimin manages to get on top but I get my knees in between us and keep him from getting close to my neck. Fangs pressed against the neck is the automatic win, neck bared is the automatic out. I an mot baring my neck to this kid so that leaves me only one option, but first I need to get the upper hand which shouldn’t be too hard. Jimin is a strong kid but he’s too eager so when he tries to lean closer to my neck I am able to flip him over and position myself on top.

“So close!” I cheer as I lean down and prepare to nibble on his neck but suddenly I ripped away from him. Everything is moving so fast but I hear Jimin yelp and see him being dragged away by Namjoon. “What the hell!” I roar.

Kris is fuming, “You can’t mark anyone else!”

“What?” My brow furrows.

“You…You… An alpha can only mark your mate! You marked me so you can’t mark anyone else!”

I scoff, “I wasn’t going to mark him. It’s how you win, I’m not an idiot I know I can’t mark just anyone.”

“Wait a minute,” Minseok comes into the conversation, “She marked you?”

Kris’s bashfulness about the subject is completely gone, “Yes! She did! Because I am her mate!”

“I think we should go,” Namjoon pulls Jimin to his feet.

“But we haven’t been able to talk,” I whine.

Luhan appears next to me and places a warm hand on my shoulder, “They can come back later since this little spat is our fault. Kris needs to calm down so it would be best if they weren’t around, okay?”

I nod.

“Feel free to return later in the afternoon, around dinner time, by then everyone should be prepared for your visit, thank you for bringing her things,” Luhan says politely. My pack nods before handing my bag over to Minseok and heading back into the forest. When they are gone Kris turns me around in his arms and buries his face in the crook of my neck, his lips brush against my mark. I sigh and wrap my arms around him.

“So jealous,” I muse.

“I stop myself, I’m sorry. I just saw you going for his neck and my wolf roared to life, I had to stop you.”

I chuckle, “It’s okay, no one was hurt, our fights are getting much better.”

“We should go inside. You are going to freeze to death out here like that,” Minseok advises me.

“I have a giant attached to me, I can’t move very far,” Without a word Kris scoops me up, never removing his face from my neck. “Why do they have to come back so late?” I ask Luhan as we walk back inside.

“Because, little wolf, we are going into town today so you can get some things.”

“Into town? Really?” I grin ear to ear at that.

Yixing is smiling back, “Yes, are you excited?”

“But before we go out we should get you something to wear out. Baekhyun or Minseok hyung are the most likely to have things you can fit,” Luhan scans the older man.

“I’ll go check, give me a minute,” Minseok heads out of the living room but comes back for a moment, “Should I wake up the others?”

Yixing sighs, “Probably, tell them to get dressed before coming down.” Minseok nods before rushing up the stairs. Kris drops down on to one of the couches with me straddling his hips.

“Your heart rate has gone down,” Luhan notes.

Kris peeks out from his hiding place, “And?”

Luhan puffs his chest, “I want to hold her.”

“A few more minutes,” The younger mumbles.

“The others will be here in a few minutes, I just want her for a moment.”

Kris groans when I pull away from him, “You got me all night. I haven’t had a chance to see Luhan hyung.”

Luhan offers me a hand that I happily accept. “You are so cold,” He automatically pulls me into a tight hug. “We aren’t having a big breakfast today so lets go get you something to eat and something warm to drink, huh?”

“Sounds good.”

He leads me into the kitchen where he has me sit down at one of the stools as he moves around the kitchen to get some hot water going in a pretty tea kettle. He pulls some machine out of the cabinet and plugs it in. I watch on the edge of my seat as he grabs some bread and places it in the machine. I narrow my eyes on the silver contraption as I try to remember what it’s called; I know what it is. Luhan moves away from it to the stove where he begins heating a pan.

He is focused on cooking and suddenly I don’t care about the machine, a chilly air surrounds me making me wrap my arms around myself. Why the hell is it so cold all of a sudden? The realization dawns on me and I frown. I jump off the stool and shuffle towards where Luhan is making an omelet. He doesn’t notice me until my arms are wrapping around his waist from behind, he jumps at first but settles into my embrace.

“You seem very affectionate today,” He notes softly, one of his hands rests over my mine.

“It’s the bond,” I explain with my face buried between his shoulder blades, “If you guys are too far away I get really cold. Kris said it went both ways but I guess not.”

“It goes both ways, don’t worry, I am just so afraid that I’ll hold you so tight I’ll snap you in half or scare you away,” He moves his finished project off the heat and turns around in my arms and holds me tight. “Oh my sweet little wolf,” He purrs in my ear, “I just want to eat you up.”

My face burns bright red, “Hyung!”

He chuckles, “I’m sorry, I told you I would scare you.” He lets me go to finish getting me breakfast. I watch as he pours me tea and butters the bread. “You can sit back down, I’ll be right over,” He shoos me to my seat. A moment later he comes over with breakfast enough for two, the omelet is made beautifully, rolled perfectly and cut up into bite-sized pieces. He sits down next to me and eagerly pushes the food closer to me, “Please eat.”

“Thank you,” I bow my head to him and use the chop sticks he got for me to eat a piece of the omelet. He sips his own tea as he watches me eat. “It’s delicious!” I beam at him.

“I’m happy to hear you say so! I’ve never been the best cook so make sure to let Kyungsoo know you like it, okay!”

I nod, “I will, you should eat some too!”

He complies and eats a few pieces, alternating between that and the bread.

A moment later I remember what I was trying to figure out earlier, “What is that thing called?” I point to the machine.

His brows furrow in confusion, “The toaster?”

I nod, “Toaster! Of course!”

“I guess you probably did use those either.”

“You would be right.”

“So probably don’t know about coffee makers, blenders, and things like that, do you?”

I shake my head, “Nope.”

“We are going to have a very exciting day,” He muses. “Have you ever been in a car? Or at least seen one?”

“I’ve seen a few but never been in one. They scared me for awhile but now I’m really interested in them. Namjoon has a few old books on them so I know about older models.”

“Well lucky for you one of my most prized possessions is an older car, would you like to see it?”

“Yes!” I jump to my feet.

“After you finish eating of course, sit back down little wolf.”

“But Hyung, come on!”

He chuckles, “Okay, okay.”

“Who was cooking?” Someone questions joining us in the kitchen. It’s Kyungsoo and Chanyeol.

The giant bounces up to me, “Good morning little wolf!”

“Good morning Hyung, you seem excited this morning.”

He smiles wide, “We are going out today, I’m really excited to show you everything.”

“You have too much energy for it being so early,” Kyungsoo growls, pushing the older out of the way. “Good morning Insoo-ya,” He surprises me by placing a kiss on my forehead. “Are you hungry?”

I shake my head, “Nope! Luhan hyung made me breakfast.”

His large eyes go wide, “What?” Not just him but Chanyeol as well. “Luhan cooked for you?”

“Yea, it was really good,” I beam at the oldest.

“Spit it out right now!”

“Soo!” Luhan whines, “It was good! I swear!”

“No! The last time you cooked you got half the pack sick so you try again by feed our mate?” Kyungsoo snarls. “I am the only person who will be cooking for her, Insoo please eat something else, maybe it can cover up whatever he made.”

“Hyung I’m fine really, thank you…”

Suddenly my stomach starts to groan.

“Luhan, I told you!”

Hope this shows the boys playful side a bit, next chapter they will be having fun out of the house so I hope you are looking forward to it! I will update Bad girl tomorrow night!

he knows this song too

[so i tweeted about Hoechlin’s prince hair and…plot bunny, idk.]

This new kingdom is brash and noisy and colorful. Derek is not sure he likes it yet, but he will endure much to rescue his True Love from that cruel witch that exiled her from Andalusia to this strange, strange, place. 

Derek knows he is attracting some strange looks from the denizens of this fair kingdom, but he’s sure it’s simply because no one has ever seen his the richness or likes of his royal garb before. 

He pushes his way through the throngs of people, all busily headed…somewhere. If he had time Derek surely would want to speak with the reigning royal family so he can discuss the strangeness of their kingdom, but time is of the essence, and Derek must find Jennifer soon. 

There is an expanse of woods in the center of the kingdom (curious and curiouser) that is nonetheless filled with beggars and merrymen and travelers, and then Derek sees her– Jennifer is laughing, arm in arm with another woman who is clad in the formidable leathers of some animal she must have skinned. Jennifer’s raven dark curls dance in the sunlight, her porcelain skin is so fair; she must have made a new bosom friend quickly to navigate this strange land, they even are holding hands.

Derek is standing aloft on a bridge-without-a-river, and decides he’s close enough where Jennifer would hear his voice of his True Love’s Song, and makes a dashing leap onto the path below, holding his arms out and letting his song free.

“I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss–" 


Derek blinks wearily and a young man dressed in some scandalously tight red material is looming over him. He has one of those metal horse contraptions next to him. "Oh man, are you okay, dude? You totally came out of nowhere, what the hell. Hey, hey, you with me?" 

Fingers are being snapped in front of Derek’s face. "Unhand me, peasant,” he says loftily. 

“Whoa there, no need be rude, I just saved your ass–if I didn’t pull you off the road you would have been trampled by the entire herd. Good thing I was speeding ahead. I mean, I did crash into you, but that wasn’t my fault, you just kind of jumped right in front of me. Cool costume, though. Are you LARPing or something?" 

The words fly fast out of the peasant’s mouth, which Derek does note is an attractive shade of pink, and he waves his hands energetically. Derek finds himself amused despite the fact that he doesn’t understand half of what was just said.  

"I am on a quest,” Derek says. “I seek my True Love." 

The man blinks, bright eyes dancing with merriment. "That so, huh? Well, it’s nice to meet you.” He shakes Derek’s hands warmly. “My name’s Stiles." 

Power Source - Origin of Anti (a JSE egos fanfiction) Chapter 1

(If you want to suggest ideas for fanfics/stories about anything from Youtubers to musicals to…well anything really, write me an ask here: https://alone-with-demons.tumblr.com/ask ! You can also just ask me questions there if you wish!)

Yep, you see that right! Part 1! I’m doing another multi-part fanfiction! This one is definitely going to be a lot shorter than One and the Same, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

I tried to use different egos this time, so Angus and Dapper Jack (who I’m calling Jackson Daniels in this since that’s the name I like best) make an appearance here! (Quick note: I actually have a strange newfound love for Angus after writing him into the story, which is weird because when I was writing One and the Same I kinda hated him haha.)

So, this story came about after reading theories about Jackson Daniel being Anti traveling back in time. The minute I saw that my brain exploded with ideas and so I decided to take that idea and twist it around slightly (you’ll see what I mean when you read the story ;))

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story and the next part will be out tomorrow!



“So…” Marvin the Magician asked as the egos walked down the corridor of the ego’s apartment, “Where exactly are we going?”

Jackson Daniels, the newest ego, and old-timey tinkerer, looked over his shoulder and shook his head. Apart from the dated clothing attire and monocle, the strangest thing about Jackson was the fact he never spoke, instead communicating through hand-gestures and signals.

“I assume that means “not far”,” Jackieboy Man said, walking beside Marvin with the other egos in tow. Jackson nodded.

“Of all the egos you could’ve created, vhy the hell did you have to make von with no voice?” Schneeple muttered to Jack as they walked behind Marvin and Jackieboy.

“I don’t know!” Jack hissed defensively, “I don’t think about this sort of thing! It just kinda happens!”

Once they got to the door to the basement, Chase Brody, who had been rather quiet during the whole journey, spoke up.

“Shit, we’re not going in there, are we? I hate the basement! I always think something or someone’s gonna kill me down there!”

“Ain’t nothing in there that’s gonna kill ya, mate,” Angus the Survival Hunter said, slapping Chase on the back, “Just a couple ‘a rats an’ spiders.”

Jack shuddered.

“Uhh. Spiders.” He muttered.

Ignoring all of their comments, Jackson opened the basement door and started descending down the stairs. After a moment, the other reluctantly followed.

Almost as soon as he made it into the basement, Marvin stopped dead, causing Jackieboy to slam into the back of him.

“Dude, what the hell?!” he said. Marvin didn’t answer.

“Holy shit…” was all he could say. Jackieboy looked up and suddenly saw what Marvin was gawking at.

In front of the egos was a huge machine, unlike anything they’d ever seen before. It was a huge metal tank with huge pipes and wires coming off of it. Beside the contraption, linked by seemingly hundreds of wires, was a control panel with two orb-like things sticking out of it, along with a mess of buttons and switches. Besides all of that was two blackboards filled to the brim with white-chalk scribbles and calculations. Jackson strode towards his creation as the other egos and Jack stared in awe.

Angus whistled, “I’ve some pretty incredible things in my time, but nothing quite like this.”

“Holy crap…you sure have been busy…” Jack muttered.

“It kinda looks like a giant tin can…” Chase said. Jackson turned and shot Chase a disapproving look.

“Vhat…is it?” Schneeple asked, slowly creeping closer to the machine. Jackson turned and pointed to some writing on the chalkboard underlined and at the very top, clearly indicating that this was the title of the project.

“Time machine.”

“A time machine?” Chase asked, coming closer to the machine as well, “You actually built a real-life fucking time machine?!” Jackson nodded with a proud smile on his face. Marvin came forward too, walking over to the control panel and staring at the buttons.

“This amazing and everything, but…what exactly did you bring all of us here for? It looks like you’ve already got everything sorted out.” He said. Jackson smiled excitedly as if this was his favorite part of his plan. He pointed at Jackieboy and then Marvin, and then to the two orb-shaped things sticking out of the control panel.

“Wait…me?” Jackieboy said, pointing at himself, confused.

Jackson nodded enthusiastically, running over to the control panel. He pointed to Marvin and Jackieboy again and then put his hands on the orbs Marvin was looking at. After a moment, he threw his arms in the air to indicate some sort of surge of power.

“I…don’t understand…” Marvin said.

“I get it,” Angus said, walking over and leaning against the wall with his arms folded, “He wants you an’ Superman here to put ya hands on those orb things and generate power for that machine usin’ ya powers. Ain’t that right, Jackson?” Jackson nodded, frantically pointing at Angus to indicate he was right.

“So, you want Marvin and Jackieboy to power this machine?” Jack asked. Jackson nodded again.

“Oh, ok!” Jackieboy said, moving towards the control panel, “We can do that!”

“Are you sure zhis is a good idea?” Schneeple asked cautiously, “I mean, ve don’t really know vhat zhis thing can do, and ve don’t know how powerful it is…”

“Oh, come on Doc!” Chase said, “Don’t you realise how amazing this is! If this works, we could travel through time! How cool would that be?!”

“Vell, yes, but tampering with time is a very bad idea,” Schneeple continued, “Ve could end up messing up all of history if we’re not careful!”

“Schneeple has a point…” Jack agreed.

“I’m sure it couldn’t be that bad,” Marvin said, starting to get sold on the idea himself, “I mean if we’re careful and don’t tamper with anything we’re not supposed to, it should be fine!”

“Maybe we should test if this thing even works first before making any sorta decisions like this,” Angus intervened, “There’s no point in talking ‘bout this if the damn thing doesn’t even work.”

All the egos agreed with this statement, apart from Schneeple, who simply muttered: “I guess…”

Jackson nodded towards the orbs on the control panel, at which point Jackieboy and Marvin walked over and each placed a hand on them. Jackson then fiddled with some switches and buttons before gesturing for everyone to step back. Once everyone obeyed, Jackson stepped into the tin-can looking part of the machine and gave a thumbs up to Marvin and Jackieboy.

Marvin began to push his magic through his hand, feeling the familiar tingle of the power flowing through him. He compressed it and aimed it into the orb, watching it start to glow as the magic ebbed in. He glanced to the side and saw Jackieboy doing the same thing, with his orb glowing too. After a moment, a humming sound started erupting from the machine, and lights started to turn on. The massive tubes poking out of the machine started to glow too as Marvin and Jackieboy’s power flowed from the orbs into them and therefore into the machine. Bright sparks started to circle Jackson in the machine, coating him in a pale blue light. As the humming sound got louder, the light around Jackson shone brighter. And for a split second, Marvin was positive that this was going to work.

That was when the groaning started.

The groaning started small; just a small noise that Marvin wasn’t quite sure he heard, but then it grew louder, overtaking the humming. Marvin covered an ear with his free hand as the groaning turning into metallic screeching. The machine sounded frankly unhealthy.

“Um…is it supposed to make that noise?!” Jack shouted over the noise.

“That doesn’t sound healthy at all…” Angus muttered.

Jackson was shaking his head frantically, struggling to escape the machine but seemingly trapped by that blue light that surrounded him. Suddenly, Jackieboy screamed as a sudden surge started ripping his powers out by force, rather than him delivering them willingly. The same happened with Marvin, and suddenly their screams rang out together, just barely being heard over the screeching. Marvin frantically tried to pull his hand away but found it stuck against the orb as if it was tied down.

Without any warning, Angus and Schneeple stared running towards the machine as Chase and Jack stumbled back. However, before they could get to Jackson the machine exploded, sending huge chunks of metal everywhere.

The last thing Marvin was aware of was being flown back into the far wall, then everything went black.

PART 2: https://alone-with-demons.tumblr.com/post/167205628632/somethings-different-origin-of-anti-a-jse-egos


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A/U: Yeah so this chapter incredibly long. It’s legit 17,000 + words. And honestly it was going to be longer but I just wanted to get this part out now, since it’s like 2:30 am. I thank you all for being understanding as I have returned back to school and have been very busy with that. Anyways I have already written a decent chunk of the next chapter since I shortened this one, so hopefully that one will be up soon. 

The Ellen Show Master List

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Pulling into the parkade you parked onto the second level, leaving the car running.

The second level, back south-west corner.  You texted to Shawn.
He replied right away saying he was just coming down the elevator. While waiting for Shawn to find your car, you aimlessly scrolled through your phone. But you had no idea what you were seeing or reading on your screen. You were nervous.

It had been a little over a month since your birthday and you hadn’t see Shawn since. You had talked on the phone and texted one another much more frequently. And you loved it. It was exciting and fun. Phone calls and Facetime had become multiple times per week. He’d call and tell you all about where he was and his shows. He started telling you about his family and back home in Pickering.

Hearing his voice through the phone started to become one of your favourite things, aside from his smile.

And although you really shouldn’t have been nervous, you were as you sat in the car. It was probably because your relationship had developed more since you last saw one another, but it had been developed in distance. You were worried that when you saw one another things might be different.

Shawn’s name then showed up at the top of the screen.

Can’t find you.

You were going to call him on the phone and direct him but decided to get out.

Turning off the car, you got out and walked to the back of your car. You looked down the parkade and smiled seeing the tall boy dressed in all black at the end.

“Hey!” You called.

His head turned to you and even across the parkade you could see his smile in the distance.
Shawn raised his hands as if to say he had no idea where he was.

“That’s not south-west.” He yelled across the lot, his voice smooth and warm. So much clear and better than through your phone. You smiled shaking your head.

“Yes, it is!” You called back as he got closer.

Shawn jogged over to you and didn’t argue anymore until he was just a few feet away. He raised his eyebrow devilishly as the perfect grin on his lips developed. “Pretty sure this is North West.”

Your tongue stuck out on your teeth playfully as you smiled. “Pretty sure it’s not.”

“Oh, whatever!” He said only a few feet away now. His arms flew open. “Come here.”

All the nerves fell from your body as you reached out entering into his large arms. They wrapped around you tightly. Even with your large winter jacket that was to protect you from the elements, it was no match for the heat that radiated off of Shawn. He hugged you for a long time just lingering ever so slightly. Reluctantly you let him go when it came time.

He bounced on his toes, almost excited. “So? What are we doing?” He asked.

You smiled seeing how happy he was and shrugged your shoulders. “I’m not sure. I had a few ideas but it’s up to you?”

Shawn smiled and turned his head to you. “Well hey, you’re the Vancouver native. You’re the tour guide today.”

You rolled your eyes playfully. “Right, right. Well, I was thinking breakfast.” And then looking at Shawn you gave a guilty look. “Because I haven’t eaten yet, and I’m hungry.” You began to breathlessly laugh. “And then I was thinking we could go down to the harbour?”

Feeling like the plans you had come up with were lame you then backtracked. “Or we could do something else. I don’t know it’s up to you?”

Shawn gave a nice smile. “No. That sounds good.” He titled his head to the car. “Let’s go.”

Smiling you turned on your heels and went to enter the car. As you reached to start it up Shawn turned to you. “Nice car.” He teased.

Your jaw dropped, you had been through this before with everyone who had gotten into your 2004 Volkswagen Golf

“Hey!” You turned to him trying to look upset but you were too amused. “Do not make fun Olga!”

Shawn began to chuckle she asked completely amused. “Olga?”

“Yes. Olga.” You said turning back to the wheel. “Olga, as been with me through a lot, okay. Don’t be fooled she’s a beast.”

Shawn still was beyond amused. “Well, she better be if she looks like this.”

You shook your head pretending to be upset with Shawn and his teasing,  but secretly you loved it. It made him smile which alone was worth it.

Methodically you reached for the seatbelt. Once it was clicked in you reached to touch the stereo to turn it on as a habit. But suddenly you pulled your hand away, hoping that you hadn’t drawn any attention to the sound system you had.

But it was too late.

“Oh..my god what the HELL is that?” Shawn almost yelled.

You began to laugh, bringing up one hand to cover the side of your face, embarrassed. You knew exactly what Shawn was referring too. Your head fell back as you began to laugh really hard, making it hard for you to breath correctly. “Don’t make fun of my car.” You struggled to get out as you continued laughing.

“Oh. My. God. What is this?” Shawn asked loudly as he picked up the contraption of a C.D player that connected by a cord to the cassette player in the sound system. Your car was so old that it didn’t even have a CD player, yet alone an AUX jack.

Holding up the player Shawn looked to you still completely confused but still amused. “No, seriously what is this?”
You swatted at him and took it from his hand and placed it back in its spot between the seats. “It’s how I play my music.” You said fiercely.

“No?” Shawn said shocked. “Really?”

You nodded your head playfully. “Yes really.”

Shawn leant back in his seat still grinning. “Wait, you mean to say that you have to put this in there to listen to music?” He pointed to the location of the cassette player.

You went to answer but he made a new realisation. “Wait!” He looked to the C.D player. His jaw dropped. “You can’t even use your phone, it’s a C.D player.” He looked up eyes wide and entertained, complete appalled . “Are you telling me you have to listen to C.D’s!?”

His eyebrows raised up on his forehead and his smile was so large. This was far too entertaining for him.

You pressed your lips together refusing to say anything, but looking very guilty.

Shawn looked to the C.D player again, before he began to howl in laughter. “Oh, my god. Wait, wait. Do you have a collection of C.D’s in here?”

A laugh began to pass you pressed lips, the air pressing past them. Unable to control your laughter it gave away your answer. Shawn began to look around the car. “Oh my god, you have a big stack of them. Don’t you? Where is it?”

Still chucking you waited a Moment before reaching behind his seat and pulling at the small folder of C.D’s you had. You handed it to Shawn.

“Nooo.” He said as he took it. “Are you for real?”

You rolled your eyes, this definitely not the first time someone had given you this much of a hard time about this. This car was the running joke with your friends every time you picked them up.

Shawn turned in the seat and placed the album on his lap, which suddenly looked very small in comparison to his body.

You began to put the car into drive. “Okay well, then you’re in charge of music.”

Shaw turned to you and gave you a look smiling, you knew he was going to make another comment.

Quickly you held up your finger to stop him. Shawn closed his mouth into a smirk and turn back to the album of CD’s covered in plastic. He looked down to them, still grinning at whatever joke he had come up with, as you turned to back out of the stall.

Slowly you pulled out as Shawn began to flip through the album. As you drove down the parkade you slowed down at the first corner almost making a stop.

Grinning you said Shawn’s name, he looked up. You pointed out the window to a door for the stairwell that had a sign over it saying. “South West Entrance.”

Shawn turned and looked before turning back and rolling his eyes with a smile on his lips. “Oh! Okay fine, you’re right!”

Amused you bit at your lip as you released your foot from the break and began your way back down the parkade.

As the arm for the parkade lifted up you began to pull out onto the street. As you went to look for traffic you noticed people on the sidewalk. It was a semi-decent size of people. As you slowly pulled out you realised it was a group of fans and some photographers. They began to move frantically towards your car. It made you nervous.

“Oh shit.” You muttered to yourself, surprised they were there, as they hadn’t been when you pulled in. “How did they even know I came this way?”

Shawn answered you even though you hadn’t really been asking for one. “Must have seen you come in?”

You turned back to the wheel trying to safely pull out, as they edged closer to your car. “I guess they must have.” Edging out you tried to forget the group of people hovering closer to the car, either snapping pictures or yelling.

Focusing you blocked out what they were doing and checked for traffic which there was none of thankfully. Pulling out into the lane you quickly drove down the block. Reaching the light at the end of the street you checked in the rearview mirror, so watch for any black cars that were going to follow you, it seemed that they weren’t. Shawn noticed that you were checking.

“I think we’re fine.” He said looking in the side mirror.

Relaxing back into the seat you looked forward, as you hands gripped onto the wheel. Waiting for the light to change and the cars to move in front of you Shawn continued to flip through the album of C.Ds. He was completely unphased as you still watched in your side mirror.

“Oh, this is a good one!” Shawn said holding up a C.D. Quickly turning your eyes from the road you checked to see the title. It was a Shania Twain album.

“Her fourth one is the best, though.” You said turning your head giving him the side eye, as you raised a finger as if to make a point.

“Which one is that?”

“Up!” You quickly looked to his lap. “It should be in there.”

Shawn’s hand glided over the plastic, his long fingers then pulled out the C.D. Turing it over in his hand he looked to it, before reaching for the C.D player.

“We’re listening to it.” He said entertained.

Rolling your eyes to the traffic you waited for the music to come over the system. “I have you know that I know every single word to this one.”

“Really?” Shawn asked intrigued.

Grinning you turned away as you turned up the volume, waiting for the first line. This was not the first time you had given this performance.

“It’s bout as bad as it could be.” You sang seriously as your head flicked to the side to look at Shawn. He began to smile.

“Seems like everybody’s buggin me!” You continued on, putting everything you had into singing terribly. Shawn continued to chuckle at your ridiculousness, as you now had added in hand moves. It didn’t take long before he joined in with the singing. He tried to make himself sound bad like you had done, but he still sounded good.

As the song progressed you both toned it down but continued to sing along. As the last verse came you finished off the song strong before turning the volume down, so conversation would be encouraged.

Shawn spent the next half hour as you drove through traffic going over all the music albums you had. Teasing you with almost every album, in between general conversation.

“Ohhh… this is a good one.” He said pulling one out as you crossed the bridge. You glanced over again catching the smirk on his face before you saw the matte black C.D with his name at the top.

Turing back to the road you shrugged. “Meh. It’s alright.” As the Moments passed a grin came over your lips and you turned to Shawn, who was pretending to be hurt.

“Oh wow. Okay.” He said nodding and turning back to the album case. He flipped through it more during the drive but eventually put it away when it’s entertainment was lost.

“So how have you been?” He asked as he reached back over your chair, smiling to you as he sat back into the seat.

“Good!” You said cheerfully. “You?”

“Good. You know busy.”

You smiled and nodded. “Excited for tomorrow.” You asked referring to Shawn’s show the following night.

“Yeah! Should be good!”

I continued on asking about the next concert on his tour. Trying to get an idea of where he was going to be for the next month and after. We continued chatting as I pulled into a parking stall. Getting out Shawn waited for me at the end of my car as I locked it up. I turned to him smiling as he pulled out a hand from his jacket. His hand reached out to me.

My smile only grew as I placed my hand in his. His gesture made my chest fill up, it felt like firecrackers were exploding inside.

Hand in hand, and walking close together I guided Shawn down the block to a small diner. Taking a seat along the middle of the restaurant you sat across from one another and began to look through the menu. You already had a good idea of what to get.

All of a sudden you hear your name. The voice was familiar so you smiled.

“Malcolm!” You said looking up to the mid-thirties man with a sleek black hair and arms full of tattoos.

You reached up as he leant down to you in the booth giving you a relaxed hug.

“How have you been?” You asked brightly.

“Great! Business is great as usual.”

You smiled happy that Malcolm was doing well. It had obviously been a while since you had seen him. Glancing to Shawn he was looking towards Malcolm intensely.

“Oh Malcolm, this is my friend Shawn.” You said gesturing to Shawn. “Shawn, this is Malcolm, he’s the owner here.”

Shawn put out his hand which Malcolm grasped firmly. “Nice to me you.” Shawn said.

Malcolm said the same before leaning back, looking to Shawn questionably. “Shawn huh? Wait, you’re that kid.” Malcolm looked to me entertained before looking to Shawn again. “You’ve got that show tomorrow.”

Shawn looked to me shyly before nodding and confirming it.

“Shit, that’s fucking cool. My little girl is in love with you. She’s seeing your show tomorrow!”

Shawn looked to me and I caught his eye. I knew exactly what he was thinking, Malcolm did not seem like he would ever be the kind of guy to have kids. But that was just the exterior that he gave.  Quickly without Malcolm noticing Shawn turned back, his bright smile showing.

“Oh wow. That’s awesome! Is it her first time?”  

Malcolm shifted to face me more, including me into the conversation. “Nah, she saw you last time you came. Last year was it?” Malcolm gave his burly laugh. “Shit I don’t know, but fuck she went on and on about that concert for months after.” Malcolm looked to me, his eyes bugging out. “So now I’m gonna have to listen to her go on about it for another fucking four months.”

I grinned to Shawn and noticed he looked embarrassed Malcolm was boasting him so much.

Malcolm turned to me grinning and patting me on the shoulder. “Well hey, glad you’re in town been so long since we’ve seen you in here with everyone.”

I gave a guilty look. “Yeah, just been so busy haven’t had the chance to be home.”

Malcolm nodded, before he had a realisation, his eyes going wide. “Oh shit, yeah congrats on the Grammy thing!”

Glanced to Shawn awkwardly I smiled. Malcolm was referring to the Oscar I had been nominated for last month, but Malcolm being so oblivious, he didn’t realise Grammy’s were for music, not movies. But I wouldn’t correct him on that. Plus it was only a nomination. Regardless, I was sure Shawn knew what Malcolm was referring to and I began to blush.

“Oh thanks, Malcolm.” You said, the heat still rushing to the top of your cheeks.

“Anyways,” Malcolm said loudly. “Enough with the reunion, what can I get you?”

I looked at Shawn and he ordered first.

When it was my turn I gave Malcolm a smirk.

“The usual?”

I handed him my menu. “Yes, please.” I beamed crossing my arms on the table.

Malcolm rolled his eyes before giving me another pat on the shoulder before disappearing.

When he was gone I looked to Shawn.

“Congratulations on the Grammy.” He said giving a naughty look.  

“Oh shut up.” You smiled looking away you ran your hands through your hair, feeling embarrassed.

“No really?” He continued, his grin only more audacious. “I’m impressed I didn’t know you were such a great singer.” He paused leaning back in the booth. “Didn’t know you were a singer in fact at all.”

Rolling your eyes you tried to hide that you liked him teasing you. Lightly smiling you looked back to him, and he was still fixed on you grinning. He looked to you so long that bit at your lip uncomfortably before looking away again.

“Anyways,” Shawn said as he took a deep breath and leant on the table. “What are you doing tonight?”

You gave him the side eye wondering what he was leading to. “Uh. Not sure. I was planning to have dinner with my family… Why?”

“Oh.” He said leaning back into his seat.

You heart quickened a little, nervous you had just ruined an opportunity. “No. Why?” You pressed.

He shrugged his shoulders casually. “No, I was just going to ask if you wanted to do something. But you’ve got family stuff. So that’s important.“

You were about to say ‘yeah’ but instead just pressed your lips together. Trying to force yourself to think before you spoke.

I could ask him. It’s not a big deal… right?

“Well…” You trailed, looking away from him. “I mean, you could come for dinner? If you want?”

It was silent just for a Moment but you felt it was too long. “I mean it’s just dinner, nothing crazy.” You shrugged one shoulder, finally looking to him. “I think Mom is making Shepherd’s pie?”

Shawn looked to you seriously. His large rich brown eyes focused on you before a small smile appeared across his lips. His smile implied he wasn’t taking what you were asking as the ‘meeting the family’ situation. “Yeah. I’d love that!”

“Alright.” You said your cheeks rising to a smile. Looking away you took a deep breath, released. “Well after the peer we can go home, or I can come pick you up later if you have plans this afternoon?”

He pursed his full lips, which you lingered over. “Nope, I’m free all day.” He then grinned. “So we can make this a whole day thing!”

You smiled liking this plan. Then a different waitress arrived at your table, bringing your drinks. You took a sip of your coffee, which was comforting.

“So I take it you’ve been here a lot?” Shawn asked as he placed his orange juice back on the table.

You nodded and pulled the cup away from your lips. “Uhmm. My friends, you remember them from my birthday yes?” Shawn nodded. “Well, we would come here almost every Sunday morning back in high school. Half the time hung over. But we came no less. I have no idea why we came here.” I said turning my head away trying to think.

“I mean why would we drive in a half hour just to come here…?” You said speaking to yourself as your mind began to wonder.

“Oh! I remember it was the first time we had gone to a party in the city.” You rolled your eyes thinking about being young idiots and turned to Shawn to tell the story. “Somehow we got invited to this person place and we rented a hotel room and split it. I think it was just a few blocks down. And that’s how we ended up having breakfast here.” You looked to your coffee, your thumb trailing down the white handle. “I think we got invited to more parties in the city and I don’t know but it just somehow became a thing.”

You looked up to Shawn who was listening intently, his face soft. It made your heart tremble in warmth.  

“That’s how I know Malcolm so well.” At first, you smiled having fond memories with Malcolm but then the image of you getting sick on the seat in the booth behind Shawn came to mind and you cringed feeling very juvenile.

Shawn took another sip of his orange juice, and you noticed how the average sized glass looked tiny in his hand. “I kind of had that. But it was Tim Hortons.”

You smiled. “Oh no, we had that too. I think everyone on a Friday night ended up at Tim’s at two in the morning.”

“That or Boston Pizza.”  Shawn added.

You began to laugh at Shawn’s comment because it was true.

There was a pause and you weren’t sure what to say but it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

“Oh!” You said coming to a realisation. “I should let my Mom know you’re coming for dinner.”

You reached into your small satchel bag and quickly texted your Mom letting her know that Shawn would be joining you. Typically she would take a few hours to respond. Setting the phone back down you looked to Shawn who looked to you pleasantly.

“So.” He grinned. “You coming tomorrow?”

You were confused. “To what?”

He chuckled. “The show. My show?”

“Oh.” You said taken a little back. “Uh… Well no. I didn’t buy tickets.” You gave him an odd look, you wondered if he was leading to something.

“Well I mean I think I could get you into the show.” He said teasing.

You glanced at him and smirked. “Maybe I don’t want to go?”

“Oh well. Okay.” He played along shrugging, pretending he didn’t care.

Both of you sat for a Moment before you spoke. 

“Well if you’re inviting me if that’s an invite? A poor one I might add, I’d like to come.”

Shawn grinned. “Alright, well I’ll send you the info and I’ll get you in.” As you smiled to him he then gave you a quick wink. You blood pressure increased, and you felt uncomfortable for reasons you shouldn’t.

Both Shawn and yourself spend the rest of the late morning chatting and flirting at the diner. As much as you enjoyed listening to Shawn you kept getting distracted by his chest.

The few buttons he left undone at the top of his dark shirt underneath this plaid shirt did nothing to keep your eyes from lingering over the dips and curves of his clavicle. Or how his neck tendons moved around as he moved and spoke. His lips warmed up and turned a vibrant rose colour as he spoke, they looked so plump and healthy.

“Here you go dear.” The waitress said placing the single bill on the table.

Both of you thanked her. You saw Shawn go to reach for the bill, but before he could get close you slapped your hand on the bill, you hand making a slapping sound on the wood.

“Hey!” He said upset.

You raised your brows as you pulled the bill towards you.

“My turn.” You said strongly.

Shawn opened his mouth to say more, but you continued to glare, making it obvious he wasn’t paying. Pulling the bill up you checked it before folding it and closely placing it on the table. The two of you continued to sit for a bit finishing your drinks before you got up to pay.

You walked to the counter and made eye contact with Malcolm in the back as you stood waiting. He smiled and came to you.

“Ready?” He asked rhetorically as you handed him the bill with a smile.

You dug into your purse for your wallet.

“Making the girl pay?” Malcolm said looking to Shawn, before looking at me with a judgemental look.

I smiled because I knew Malcolm was just giving Shawn a hard time, but Shawn didn’t seem to know that. I glanced to Shawn who looked ashamed and upset.

“She wouldn’t let me!” He stammered trying to explain himself. He looked like a small child. His mouth hanging open, his eyes wide and distressed.

Malcolm with his tough exterior looked at Shawn. Shawn looked to me looking helpless, and I felt bad. Reaching out I touched Shawn’s arm, which was a lot firmer than I remembered. “He’s just joking with you.” I said giggling.

Shawn’s expression relaxed a little as he looked between Malcolm and I. It wasn’t until Malcolm was chuckling that Shawn seemed to understand it was a joke.

Malcolm chuckled and patted Shawn on the shoulder. ‘Sorry man didn’t mean to get you so upset.”

Shawn pretended to act cool. “Oh,” He laughed. “No worries. Just didn’t want to look like a dick.”

I looked back to the debit machine and entered my pin. Malcolm then patted his jean pocket.

“Hey, shit do you mind if I actually get a picture with each of you? My kid would kill me if I didn’t.”

Your eye flashed up, looking to see how Shawn was reacting. Seeing him from the profile you saw his perfectly straight smile as he looked to Malcolm. “Yeah sure! Of course.” He replied to Malcolm.

Happy that Shawn didn’t mind, you turned to the machine as it printed out your receipt.

“Don’t need my copy.” You said handing the machine back to Malcolm. He took it with a smile and ripped the receipt before handing it to the waitress as she was just passing by. Malcolm reached over the counter putting the machine away before reaching for his phone again in his jeans. He pulled it out and took a few Moments as he opened the camera.

“Yeah Lucy, won’t believe me if I tell her, I gotta have proof.” Malcolm then appeared to have the app open. Him and Shawn shuffled together as you watched.

Shawn entered into a mode and smiled for the camera. Watching him you couldn’t help but be happy. Malcolm took a couple pictures not really smiling before lowering the phone to look.

“I think that’s good enough, yeah?” He asked leaning the phone to Shawn for approval.

“I can take one if you want?” I said leaning away from the counter.

“Shit would you?” Malcolm said handing the phone to you.

You rolled the phone in your hand, pushing your purse behind you because it was in your way and opened the camera app again. Lifting the camera you looked through the screen.

Watching you saw Shawn smile through the electronic screen. It reminded you of a few months ago in New York when you took his picture in Time’s Square. His smile was the brightest thing still.

As you watched on the screen, you took one picture. Malcolm still not really smiling because he was a big tough guy. But as you looked at them both through the camera you realised that Shawn was much bigger than Malcolm. Shawn was definitely slimmer but it was very obvious that the brawn behind both men was comparable. Not to mention Shawn was much taller than Malcolm, which only made Malcolm look less intimidating.

“Okay, one more.” You spoke reaching to tap the circle, but Malcolm changed positions and brought his hand up, and made the signs of the horns. Shawn noticed and grinned copying Malcolm. Right before you tapped the picture Shawn’s tongue peeked out between this teeth playfully, you smiled.

The screen flashed. “Oh wow. Looking bad ass boys.” You said chuckling as you lowered the phone.

You returned the phone to Malcolm who only then turned to Shawn asking if he would take it. Shawn gave his crinkly-eyed smile and gently look it from Malcolm. Turning for the pose you fluffed your hair out of your winter jacket.
“She’s all Hollywood now.” Malcolm teased, giving a rough laugh.

You swatted at him. “Hey, I gotta look good. Don’t know where this picture is going to end up.”

Malcolm gave a warm grin as you turned embracing him. You smiled for the camera but caught Shawn’s eye, making you breathless as he tapped for the picture. He took a few more before handing the phone back.

Malcolm thanked Shawn before turning to me and placed a friendly hand on my shoulder. “Well, it was great to see you! Come buy when you’ve got the chance.”

You smiled to Malcolm fondly saying that you would.

“Great to meet you, Shawn.” Malcolm said reaching for Shawn’s hand. “Good luck tomorrow night.”

Shawn large hand reached for the gesture and they firmly shook hands. It was somehow appealing to watch Shawn do this. “Thank you. Great to meet you as well.”

We said goodbye once more and before waving goodbyes as we left the front door. Shawn pushed it open first and held it for you.

Walking to the car, Shawn took your bare hand, his fingers locking around yours as they swayed between the both of you as you walked to the car.

“I get to pick the music now.” You said reaching for the stack of albums behind the seat, once in the car.

Shawn expression looked as if he was going to tease you more but he didn’t. You quickly flipped through the stack picking out the album and putting it in. The gentle sound of an acoustic guitar came on and you backed out of your stall and drove out onto the main road.

“Hey.” Shawn said softly once you had driven a few blocks.

‘What?” You said waiting a Moment before looking. As you did you saw Shawn’s large hand outstretched in between the both of you waiting for your hand.

Letting your hands safely slip into his you couldn’t help but let the joy his touch brought you show on your face.

“What’s this playing?” Shawn asked, a little into the drive. You stopped humming to the song and gave him the artist.

As you continued on the drive the both of you didn’t say much. Occasionally making a few comments.

Frequently you had to remove your hand from Shawn’s to make a safe turn, but every time his hand was still waiting for yours. Feeling absolutely blissful with his hand tenderly brushing at yours as you drove, you began to mindlessly mumble along to the song playing.

“You actually have a really great voice.” Shawn spoke sincerely after a few songs.

You grinned at the compliment. “Well shit, I’d hope so.” You answered with heavy sarcasm. “With my Grammy and all.”

Shawn grinned to you, chuckling, but said nothing more. You waited a Moment turning back to the road. “But thanks.” You said sincerely to his compliment, you waited until your smile had faded from your lips before beginning to hum to the song again.

It had taken about another half hour with traffic to make it to the docks. You parked in the lot and exited the car. Shawn met you at the front and this time you reached for his hand first. Finally feeling comfortable enough to do it first. You were finally not questioning yourself and how to interact with Shawn.

Hand and hand you both began to walk into the boardwalk that edge Coal Harbour. It was a popular place for a reason. The view wasn’t at stunning as it would get but Shawn still found it nice from the current location, commenting on it multiple times as you walked.

“So I get to see you again at the end of the month?” Shawn asked as he looked out into the bay, his cheeks rosy from the wind off the water.

“Yeah. I think that works out right? I’ll be in L.A on the set for two more weeks but then we go on location in New York. I could fly in for one pf your shows… hopefully?” You said then remembering you had to check with Charlie, seeing if you’d be free anytime he was at his shows in Southern Ontario.

“I hope you can come.” Shawn’s voice soft.

You wrapped your arms around Shawn pulling the both of you closer. Your feet tapped on the wood walkway. “I hope so too.” You replied quietly.

You held onto Shawn as you walked down the pier together. The weather was cool, but there wasn’t any snow nearby, because of how close to the water you were. Still, the wind from the water whipped at both your cheeks, which was good because it hid your blushing from every time Shawn looked to you.

Chatting you make your way up towards the direction of the  Olympic Cauldron from 2010.

“So what’s your parents like?” Shawn asked as you reached a block away from the Cauldron.

You looked up to him, unsure of really watch his question was. Did he want a detailed summary or just a general layout? And why did he want it? You didn’t want to answer, with the possible double meaning lingering on the answer.

Shawn caught on and rephrased. “I mean, like what should I know about them if I’m going to meet them?”

Feeling a little better you looked forward again. “Okay, well they’re both teachers. Dad teaches Social Studies in high school, and Mom is a biology professor.”

You shrugged really unsure of what to say. “I don’t know. They’re both really chill.” You smiled up to Shawn. “It’s not that big of a deal, you know, it’s just supper.”
Shawn looked away. “I know, I know. I just don’t want to bring something up that I shouldn’t.”

You took a deep breath trying to think of something to inform him on. “Well I mean, unless you’re planning to bring up Christy Clark and the teacher unions I think you’ll be just fine.”  

Looking up to him you gave a questionable look, you weren’t entirely sure why Shawn was pressing for this type of information because it felt like there was more to the question.

Shawn chuckled and looked away. “Okay so no to the unions and Christy Clark.”

Within a few minutes, you found the Olympic Cauldron and walked around it, still close together. Shawn took a few pictures, you joined too even though you had already taken so many from the previous times you had been here with friends. Turning away you both looked to the water and took more pictures. Eventually, the phones returned back into the pockets they belonged in and both Shawn and yourself looked out to the water, commenting on the boats and water planes moving around on the water.

As you both stood at the railing you felt as if you could hear an increase in chattering behind you in the distance. You turned but didn’t see anyone close by, the crowd of people fairly dispersed. Ignoring the sound you turned back to the water to see the view.

A few minutes later you heard you name. Your head turned quickly to the source.

Standing about twenty yards away was a very small group of people, young girls. You knew exactly what was happening the Moment you saw them. As they noticed you had turned to them, they quickly looked away, turning to one another and smiling uncomfortably. You watched them for a few more Moments as they looked up and quickly away again.

You heart dropped in your chest, and you sighed turning back.

“We have company.” You spoke fairly quietly, even though they were nowhere in range to hear.

Shawn turned, his forehead wrinkling in confusion. “What?”

“Behind us, there is a group.” You said looking out to the water.

Shawn’s head turned to look. You turned your head slightly to look at him from the side. His eyes caught yours for a Moment before the both of you looked back to the water.

“Did you want to leave?” He asked.

“No. It’s fine. It’s just a few of them, right?” You said shrugging, not feeling a need to leave.

Shawn took a few Moments before pointing and asking about a building on the other side of the harbour. You said you weren’t sure and silence fell between you. You then wished you hadn’t said anything about the group.

Standing for a while longer Shawn then grinned and signalled he was ready to move along

“Orca?” Shawn asked as you had mentioned earlier on the drive about the orca statue just over around the corner.

“Yeah.” You smiled turning around.

As you turned you didn’t look right away to see the group of girls but after you made your way a few feet you looked up. They were watching closely.

As yourself and Shawn walked in towards past the Cauldron you realised how much more distance there was between the both of you. It gave you the feeling of you got when you sensed you had forgotten something behind. You came with something you weren’t leaving with.

The both of you had made it past the Cauldron before you heard Shawn’s name very close to the both of you. Both you turned a little startled.

“Shawn, could I get a picture?” The girl asked.

I didn’t turn to Shawn but looked to the girl and then behind her to the rest of the girls.

Shawn didn’t say anything for a Moment.

“Uh.. yeah sure, real quick.”

You turned just as he was moving to take the picture with her. Watching as he smiled into the camera, you sensed the rest of the group inching closer.

He took the picture quickly and stood straight, ready to keep moving along. But the rest of the group were pressing forward asking for pictures too.

Shawn’s eyes flickered up to look to yours, he wanted approval. You felt a little comfortable with him looking at you asking for that answer.

You nodded quickly, it was obviously fine with you.

You then heard you name.

“Could I get a picture with you as well?”

This time you were looking to Shawn for approval. But he was posing for the picture. Your heart began to race, unsure of what to do. As the girl stood waiting for an answer. All the implications of taking the picture ran through your head, and you realised how much in that Moment you depended on Charlie. But she wasn’t here to tell you or advise you on what to do.

“Sure.” You answered hesitantly.

The girl shuffled closer and held up the phone for a picture. She moved away but someone else came and asked for one. Shawn was taking a picture with a different person, so you said sure again. Both you and Shawn hesitantly made your way through the group of girls asking for pictures.

As you did the voices of hysteria began to increase. Looking up in between pictures you began to realise that it felt more people around you were noticing the scene. You began to feel nervous. After one more picture you looked up and saw people watching around. As you looked you noticed the few girls had increased more. Peoples beady eyes were watching, and inching closer.

You noticed a two people in the corner of your eye darting into the group of people right next to you and you began to get very anxious. The chattering around you picked up and you felt their panic as they tried to get a picture.

Taking pictures with fans wasn’t new for you, but not like this. Anytime you had been in a situation like this it was very controlled or very minimal and calm. There was a sense of urgency here, and you weren’t accustomed to it.

Turning, you looked for Shawn. He looked up just as you did and met your eyes before someone else was reaching putting up their phone for a picture. Someone reached for you too, and as he looked to the person next to him.

Not paying attention you turned for the picture but your smile was weak.

“We’ve got to go, guys. Sorry.” You hear Shawn say.

A few people protested, asking for a picture from him and myself. I turned for one more, before trying to back away. Being much smaller I managed to find the edge of the group.

I heard someone begging Shawn for a picture. He looked to me completely unsure, his eyes large and hesitant. I tried to convey I was all right. Now that I wasn’t within the thick of the group I was feeling a little more secure.

“Okay, only one more.” He said turning to the girl. He took the picture and began to flow through the group. They called for him. As he reached the edge just to me he reluctantly stopped for another one. She took the picture and he apologised to everyone before he walked to me. His hand pressed into my middle black protectively guiding me along. As we walked I noticed how many people had slowed down or stopped to see the commotion, it was a lot, more than I expected. We quickly walked away from the eyes watching.

We began to walk in the direction of the Orca statue I had mentioned earlier.

“You alright?” He asked his voice serious.

You looked up at the sound of his voice. His expression was troubled, and you didn’t like seeing him that way. “Yeah I’m fine!”

He nodded but your answer didn’t seem to make him worry less. Trying to brush off the situation you both moved onto the statue. Shawn took pictures and tried to casually talk to you but it was different, he looked uncomfortable. You figured it had to do with the group of people who had followed us watching from a distance.

Picking up on Shawn’s change in mood, you asked if he wanted to leave. He agreed and you both began your way to the direction you came from, keeping the distance from the group.

You both stayed close together but didn’t touch one another as you made your way out of the area.

Walking back along the boardwalk Shawn checked over his shoulder a few times, checking for followers. You checked as well but saw no one.

“I’m sorry about that.” Shawn spoke half way from the car.

You gave a puzzled look. “Don’t be sorry. Why are you apologising?”

Shawn looked away uncomfortably. “I don’t know you just looked a little… uncomfortable earlier. I just was worried they had scared you a little?”

You shook your head not liking Shawn had that idea. “No, no. It was fine. I was just a little… surprised.” You paused, the sound of your feet hitting the wood boardwalk filled the Moments. “It was just a little different from what I’m used to.” You paused again.

“I don’t know that was just a little different. Whenever I’ve been approached like that it was a little more… calm? I don’t know it was just different.”

Shawn remained silent.

“There was like a panic in the air. I don’t know? It just caught me off guard.”

“Sorry.” Shawn said again.

You looked up to him and he looked very upset, which made you feel terrible. Reaching out you grabbed his arm. “Hey, don’t say sorry. I didn’t mind. It’s just I wasn’t used to it.”

Shawn said okay, but he still looked unsure. You tried to convey with your eyes that you weren’t upset in the slightest but he looked away.

"Hey.” You said tugging on him slowing down. He stopped with you, his expression unsure of what you were doing. Reaching up you pulled at him kissed him lightly on the lips. When you pulled away he was grinning, which is exactly what you had wanted. You smiled which only made him smile more. After a Moment you wrapped your hand around his arm and the both of you continued to walk.

Reaching the car in the parking lot you both got in.

“Where to now?” Shawn asked as he put on his seatbelt.

You looked out the windshield as your belt clicked into place. “Uh, I’m not sure?” You answered. You checked the time it was around three. It felt a little early to drive home already but you weren’t sure of what to do?

“We could go home? I don’t know is that too early?”

Shawn shook his head in a no.

After a few minutes of arguing about the selection of music you pulled out of the stall and made your way onto the main roads. The drive through Burnaby and Surrey was a little more quite. Both of you chatted but it was quiet and limited. But it wasn’t a bad quiet. The little spurts of conversations would trail off into the silence of the music playing.

The lack of conversation no longer made you uncomfortable, however, you were still uneasy. As you drove closer and closer to home you wondered what the both of you were doing to do. Home was a different environment. What were the both of you going to do for the next few hours at you childhood home with your parents home? You began to rack through ideas.

You could both watch a movie?

Right, and make out on the couch in the basement like you did when you were in the 8th grade.

Hang out with your parents?

Oh, joy. Awkwardness.

The more ideas you came up with the more and more your nerves grew. This was beginning to feel like a bad idea, and part of you just wanted to go back into the city and find something else to do alone with him.

About forty-five minutes later you pulled up into the driveway of your house and parked.

You smiled to Shawn as you shut off the car. Taking a deep breath and unlocking your seat belt you got out of the car.

He waited for you to walk with him around the driveway. He took your breath away for a Moment as you looked to him. His smile was bright and perfect against his rosy lips.

He induced this feeling and it was hard to explain. But all you knew was how it made you feel. His eyes were always so involved when he looked to you, his body language always open. Having that smile looking to you made you feel like he saw nothing else but you.  And all you wanted to do was sit and watch him all day. But you couldn’t.

He began to turn as you reached him but your fingers frantically wrapped around his forearm. Without waiting you pulled at him to kiss your lips. The way his lips moved on yours, you could tell he had been caught off guard, but slowly they softened on yours. His warm lips cushioned into yours. It was soft and sweet.

Slowly you pulled away, you eyes still closed and smiled.

Shawn’s hand slipped around you back, which gave you a sense of comfort. You both smiled to one another as he then slowly pulled away. Reluctantly you removed yourself from the pull he had over you and led the way to the front door.

Using the key you opened it up and entered inside.

“Mom?” You called out as you pulled off your bag setting it on the bench at the door.

No one called back. You called out to her once more, before removing your shoes.

“Must not be home?” You said looking up as you pulled at your boots.

Shawn said nothing but removed his black jacket trimmed with neon green. He followed your lead by hanging it up.

Walking into the living room the house was quiet. You turned to Shawn walking backwards.
“Uh well, this is the living room. Clearly.”

Shawn grinned. “Very nice.”

You began to tour him around the house, it felt silly but you weren’t sure of what else to do?

“And this is my room. Or was my room.” You said opening the door and entering in.

You walked inside and noticed a few pieces of clothing on the floor quickly you picked them up and threw them in the hamper. Turning around you noticed Shawn was still at the door frame.

“Am I allowed to come in?” He asked politely.

Your forehead wrinkled in confusion. No boy had ever asked permission to enter your room. The gesture made you feel happy.

You nodded your head silently and Shawn stepped into your room. Watching him he slowly glided along the open space between your bed and the wall. His eyes looking around.

“Very nice.” He said, coming and standing closer. There was silence and you said nothing as he continued to look around. Something caught his eye and he moved towards the desk you had near the window.

Shawn looked over the items on the desk and you began to chuckle. Trying to hide it you pressed your lips tight together. The laugh, however, escaped making noises as it did.

“What?” Shawn said looking to you perplexed.

“This feels so high school.” You said through the laughter.

“What is so high school?”

You brought you hand up and made a circular motion. “This. You standing in my room when my parents aren’t home, looking through my stuff. I feel like I’ve been thrown back into high school. Like when a boy I liked from school would come over to hang out.”

Shawn smiled, walking closer. “Okay, well what did you do in high school when a boy was over so I can avoid it.”

You grinned and walked a little closer to Shawn. “Well… first you’d come over and I’d give you a tour. Then we would get to my room and I’d say very awkwardly ‘This is my room’, you’d come inside and begin to look around. Looking at all my trophies and track and field participation ribbons, making comments and asking questions you really didn’t care about because of all the awkward tension. Then when things got way to uncomfortable I’d suggest we watch a movie, which would then entail sitting on the living room couch for almost an hour, waiting for you to make a move on me. Which you may or may not do.”

Shawn was grinning and he stepped closer. “Okay, so I’ve done pretty much everything up until making awkward conversation.”

“Eh, you were borderline there.”

Shawn stepped closer. His warm eyes grew darker, but his smile was playful. “So to switch things up I should just make a move on you, yes?”

You turned your head a little surprised. “Uhh…” You began but before you could say more, Shawn’s free hand touched your hip. You looked up stunned. His hand wrapped around your side and pulled you closer. Your heart flickered from the touch. Then his arm wrapped around your backside which pulled your body right into his. From instincts, your hand came up and caught his chest.  Both your eyes locked. He gave a grin, as he knew you were completely enthralled by the touch of him on you.

As he smiled his eyes warmed and his face softened. His free hand reached up and touched your face. His thumb resting right under your cheekbone. He came closer to your face and as he did your eyes trailed over his pink lips until they were so close you couldn’t see them anymore. Your eyes disappeared behind your lids as his lips touched yours gently.

They were soft and warm and you loved the feeling of them. Your hand gently pressed into his chest. His body firm under your palms. As he began to kiss you more, you pressed yourself into him harder, unable to control yourself. His hand on your hip slipped between your shirt, his hand warming your skin. Then the kiss grew more intense and his hand holding your face was pulling you into him more. You let it happen, your hand slowly dragged over his chest. Ever inch of him touching your body felt wild. The excitement was unreal and different. You body reacted differently to his touches, your body wanted him.

Slowly you began to push your body back, letting yourself slowly move towards the wall. He followed your body still kissing your lips until you gently bumped into what was probably your dresser.

Pinned between the furniture and his body, his other hand moved from your face to your hip. It too slipped under your shirt to touch your skin. Both hands slowly trailed up your side, making your body tremble with warmth. Your hand then reached up and began to brush through his very soft thick hair. As it did he began to kiss down your mouth, trailing down your chin and jaw, and eventually onto your neck. Tilting your head you gave him more exposure. He kissed the most sensitive spot right between the front and side of your neck and a sigh of pleasure escaped your lips.

He kissed a few more time on your neck before leaning away. Realising his lips weren’t on your skin anymore your eyes fluttered open. You looked up into his eyes until they eventually met with yours. The look was intense. Your heart palpitated as your mind began to race with thoughts of how you wanted him to touch you.

Breathing shallow, your lips parted a little.  Your chest moving in and out, the fabric on your chest just gently moved over your skin slightly as you breathed. Faces inches away, you looked right into Shawn’s eyes, they were dark on the inside and a light hazel around the edge. Shawn made a small grin, his straight smile showing between his lips.

Responding to him you gently smiled back as you looked up at him through your lashes.

Shawn’s eyes looked away as you felt his hands moving up farther on your body. His touch on areas of your body that were hardly touched by others was breathtaking. Literally, because you inhaled slowly as you eyes slowly lowered to his touch. His hand trailed up your side and then moved back down, the touch made your body tingle with pleasure and you closed your eyes for a Moment.

The pleasure Shawn’s hands created just touching had made you reached up and pull him to kiss you. As he kissed you back your hand lowered on his chest. Slowly it trailed over the peak of his chest and then dipped in over his solid abdomen. You could feel how much he really worked out.  

Your hand was just above his jeans when you heard something, it was distant and your mind failed to register it, as you were so consumed with Shawn. The noise came through your ear but rattled around inside you brain.

You broke the kiss slowly and listened to the rustling. “No.” You whispered, just inches away from Shawn’s lips. You heard more rustling and the sound was all too familiar.

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Bendy and the Headcanon Contraption

Let’s start off right with the depressing shit

•No one knows what the high holy hell happened to Joey, mentally

•He was okay then shit just went downhill hella quick
•Bendy and Boris were the most scared of what was happening with him
•Boris is strapped down to the table because he tried to protect Bendy

•Joey was out of his mind
•And Boris wouldn’t relent his hold on him, having picked him up and held him back
•But all it took was a little splash of water and he let go
•Big mistake
•Bendy is currently blind due to the ink covering his eyes
•Henry lost touch long before Joey went batshit crazy and Bendy thinks he abandoned them

•He’s not happy about it
•And with Boris not around to set him straight, he’s taking some “drastic” measures toward “seeing” him again
•Joey sent the letter, but went missing before it got to Henry

Okay that’s enough of that, let’s into the swing of the happy things

•Bendy is a demon

•And by that, I mean he’s a devilish lil’ shit
•He loves pulling pranks and such on the animators, like switching their normal ink for the invisible stuff.
•Though they sometimes get annoyed with him, they all love Bendy


•Bendy and Boris can’t talk, but they can make noises. Any noise that’s been used in their cartoons.

•They uses the noises to communicate their feelings
•They use the following noises to “speak”:
Steamboat Whistle: Anger
Clock Ticking: Boredom
Bells/Tingling: Happiness
Slide Whistle (Getting lower): Sadness
•Whenever they can’t tell the animators what they feel, they get frustrated, Bendy more so then Boris
•Boris simply draws out what he means, but Bendy tires to play charades to get them to understand, getting more upset and desperate as his attempts continue go misunderstood
•But leave to good ol’ Henry to understand him just fine!
Bendy: *makes quick and jumpy movements that make no sense in his frustration, trying to get the animators to just understand what he wants!*
Henry *rushing over with his inkwell*: “Guys, he’s practically begging for something to drink! Here you go, Bendy. Come on, guys, why was that so hard to understand?”

•When the Toons get to feeling down, the animators know

•Bendy can be found dancing by himself or not at all when there’s music, something very unusual for the social toon, while Boris plays his clarinet a little more solemnly than usually.
•When this happens, the animators do everything and go to cheer them up.
•Some of them, especially Henry, go and pull Bendy into a big dance while the rest get Boris to play music to go with it
•They both feel much better after that

Baby, we both know that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day.” - Arctic Monkeys, “Do I Wanna Know?”

to @newtscamamder ; merry christmas, elena!! we’ve been mutuals for five months but i still feel like i’ve known you for years. you’re funny and i love messaging you about mcd fics and skam anything, knowing you’ll respond with enthusiasm. thank you for being my friend! lov u <3 + hope you enjoy the moodboard & ficlet!

“2AM Confession” - An inebriated Draco shows up at Harry’s doorstep at 2 in the morning murmuring French and ends up confessing his feelings to Harry.

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