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Who Cares You’re A Serpent?

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A/N: This one was requested multiple times, a serpent!Jughead x reader with a touch of upset betty,  and i hope i did you guys justice, and this is what you wanted! enjoy! much love!

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Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm

    Y/N slowly opened her eyes, the vibrating noise from the table waking her up. She looked around and found herself on her couch, the TV blasting Family Guy throughout the small apartment. She must have fallen asleep after the jubilee, it was a tiring night and she didn’t exactly have all that great of a time. Too much seeing Jughead, the boy she had been helplessly in love with for months, being all couple-y and cute with Betty.

Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm

    She looked over to the coffee table in front of her and her phones screen was lit up, showing that she had an oncoming call from Betty. She picked up the phone and swiped to answer it. “Hey B, what’s up?”

    “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for about a half hour now!” she yelled, and Y/N started to feel worry set it, Betty sounded panicked.

    “I fell asleep on my couch, I’m sorry.” Y/N stuttered.

    “I thought you got shot too!” Betty yelled, and panic shot through Y/N. She stood from her couch and started running for her shoes.

    “Who got shot? What the hell is going on?” she yelled, anxiety coursing through her voice and body.

    “A lots going on, Fred got shot in Pops just about a half hour ago, he was in critical condition when the ambulance picked him up, and Archie is a mess. Not only that, but Cheryls house caught on fire, and Jughead joined the Southside Serpents.” Bettys voice rang through Y/Ns ears.

   “Oh my god. What the hell is happening to this fucking town!” Y/N yelled, running out of her house, her dress flying around in the windy night. She started to walk towards Jugheads trailer, thankfully it wasn’t too far from her shitty apartment.

    “Can you talk to Jughead, tell him that this whole Serpent thing isn’t a good idea, he won’t listen to me for whatever reason, but maybe he’ll listen to you.” Betty pleaded, and Y/N rolled her eyes although no one was there to see it.

    “You’re his girlfriend and he didn’t listen to you, what makes you think he’ll listen to me?” Y/N argued, and Betty sighed on the other end of the phone.

    “You’re his best friend. He always listens to you, doesn’t matter what it’s about, you’re the only person whose advice he takes to heart. I wish he’d listen to me, but I guess I’m just not as important.” Betty said sadly, and Y/N felt her heart drop a little. Betty was her best girl-friend, she hated that she felt that way.

    “Betty, you’re far more important to him than me, that’s why he chose you. But, I’ll give it a shot. Why does it matter that he became a serpent anyways, it’s expected. His dad was one, so it’s not that big of a surprise he is.” Y/N said, turning a corner and looking both ways before she crossed the street.

    “Because Jughead is better than that, anyways, there is no way I could be with a serpent, no matter who it was. Look, I love Jughead, but if he stays, I’m gone. I can’t deal with that.”Betty said, and Y/N could tell it hurt her to say.

    “I don’t know Betty, maybe you’re over-reacting. It’s probably just a phase, or something he’s doing to get deeper into the case. I don’t think we’ve uncovered all the facts about Jasons murder, why else would all this shit still being going down?” Y/N said, trying to talk Betty out of breaking up with Jughead. It would crush him, and ultimately it would crush Y/N to see him so upset. Although, it would give her a chance to swoop in and help him, but did she really want to be that girl? The one who breaks up couples to get the guy she wants? No she couldn’t do it, she cared for the two of them too much.

    “I don’t think we have all the facts either, but it doesn’t matter. Jughead and I cannot be together if he’s a serpent, that’s final.” Betty said, and Y/N sighed.

    “I’ll do my best to talk to him then. I don’t want to see you guys hurt.” Y/N said, a tinge of pain ringing through her. She walked into the trailer park and spotted Jugheads place. “I’m going to let you go though, I’m here.” She said, and she heard Betty sniffle on the other side.

    “Okay, good luck.” Betty said, hanging up the phone.

    “Yeah,” Y/N mumbled to herself, walking up the steps and knocking on the door. She backed up slightly so she didn’t get hit with the door, but she was surprised when she heard a dog bark from inside. The door swung open and a dog ran out, jumping up on her and barking.

   “Hotdog, get off her!” a voice she didn’t recognize called, and she looked up to see a long-haired man staring down at her.

    “It’s okay, he’s not hurting me. He’s very cute, is he yours?” Y/N asked, trying to be as polite as she could to the stranger.

    “Actually, I think he’s Jugheads now.” The man said, and Y/N nodded, leaning down to pet the dog. “Speaking of Jughead, I’m assuming you’re here to see him?”

    “Yeah, I am, is he inside?” Y/N asked, and the man nodded. She looked at the man and noticed the jacket he was wearing. ‘serpent.’ She thought to herself. “I’m Y/N by the way, I like your jacket.” She commented, and the man smiled.

   “Oh yeah, you’re not scared?” he teasingly asked, and Y/N laughed.

    “Y/N wouldn’t be scared of serpents, she actually admires you guys. Always has, that’s why she got along with my dad so well.” Jugheads voice rang behind the man, and Y/N smiled.

   “Is that so?” the man asked, looking down at the (Y/H/C) girl. She stood taller and smirked, trying to look as confident as possible.

    “I’m not scared of anything.” Y/N said, sliding by the man and into the trailer and making her way to Jughead.

    “Well except for clowns and spiders.” Jughead said, and she nodded, causing laughter from a few men who were also in the trailer.

    “So if we got attacked by a spider dressed as a clown-“ one man started.

    “Or a clown dressed as a spider-“ another added.

    “You’d be terrified?” the long-haired man finished their sentence. Y/N and Jughead laughed.

   “I’d be dead, I would have an actual heart-attack.” She teased, and the men laughed again. “Don’t tell anyone I said that though, I don’t need people knowing my weaknesses.”

    “Your secret is safe with us.” The long-haired man said, and Y/N plopped herself down on a couch, nodding her head in approval.

    “Good.” She said, looking around the room.

    “What brings you here, tonight?” Jughead asked, sitting beside her. Hotdog walked over, laying in front of Jugheads feet, and he leaned over to pet him.

    “Betty is worried and our town is still as hellish as ever. The police really suck ass at their jobs, I’m just about to go in and take over.” Y/N sighed, and the men laughed again. “What, you don’t think I can fix Riverdale?” she asked, and the long-haired man held his hands up.

    “I didn’t say that.” He replied defensively, and she smiled.

    “Good, because I totally could. We just need people to rally up the citizens of Riverdale, something that could motivate them to do more for this town, make it better than it was before all of this Jason bullshit went down. I just need to cause enough trouble to get the police off their ass, or enough trouble to fix the problems of the town. I haven’t decided which yet, but I know I could do it.” Y/N said, smiling to all the men in the room. Jughead laughed, and she looked at him. “Of course, I would have to do it with my partner in crime, Mr. Jones here.” Jughead smiled and the men chuckled.

   “Do you two get into a lot of trouble together?” one of the men asked, and Jughead nodded.

    “Enough to cause Betty to worry about me.” He said, and the men all raised their eyebrows at the two teenagers.

    “I see.” The long-haired man said, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “Not that kind of trouble, oh my god. I swear you guys are 16-year-old-boys.” She teased, and the men in the room laughed again.

    “I’m going to take that as a compliment.” The long-haired man said, and Jughead teasingly elbowed her.

    “And I’m going to take offense, seeing that I am a 16-year-old-boy.” He said, and Y/N gave him an evil smile.

    “Good, take offense.” She said, and he rolled his eyes and slumped back into the couch. “Anyways, Betty was always mad because we found ourselves in compromising and dangerous situations when it came to the whole Jason Blossom murder case. We went all in, emerging ourselves in whatever danger Jason might have put himself in that way we could get to the bottom of the case.” The men all nodded.

    “Of course she was suspicious that we were sleeping together, or that I was cheating on her with all the time we spent together, it took awhile for her to accept the fact that we are just best friends.” Jughead said.

    “Which doesn’t make any sense to me because she knew we were before you guys even got together. We became friends immediately after I moved here last year.” Y/N added, and Jughead nodded. “She actually sent me over here to talk you out of being a serpent, but I could care less. I was just planning on telling her you wouldn’t listen to me and to just let you live your life, but then she started talking about breaking up with you because of it and then I didn’t know what I was going to do.” Y/N admitted, and the men in the room all fell very silent.

    “She was going to break up with me because of it?” Jughead asked, hints of anger present in his voice. Y/N nodded, and he huffed out in frustration. “Why can’t she be accepting like you? And I thought dating Betty was going to be less complicated than dating you, but obviously I made the wrong decision.” Jughead said, and Y/N froze in her seat.

    “Oh shit.” The long-haired man said, and the men all nodded in agreement. This was definitely an ‘oh shit’ moment.

     “What?” Y/N asked, looking at the raven-haired boy who hadn’t caught his slip up. Jughead looked around the room and noticed all the eager faces looking at him, and it was then he caught his mistake after thinking over what just came out of his mouth.

    “Yeah, dating Betty has been super complicated lately, she and I are complete opposites, not that you and I are any better, but at least we have a lot more in common than her and I.” he said, trying to explain it in a way that wouldn’t give away his feelings, but it only made it worse.

    “So what you’re saying is that you’d rather date Y/N here…?” the long-haired man said, and Jughead stuttered, wracking his brain for the right words to say. Maybe he should just come out and say what was really on his mind, but he was worried.

    “You know what, Y/N. Just let her break up with me, the fact that she can’t over look this one decision I made in my life and love me enough to accept me shows that maybe we just aren’t meant to be together.” Jughead said, standing up and walking towards the front door. He picked up his jacket off the side of a chair on the way and put it on, the snake on the back fully visible to everyone behind him.

    ‘damn, he looks good in that jacket, I have to admit it.’ She thought to herself, but then the door slammed and it broke her out of her thoughts. She looked around at the group of men around her, and they all stared at her.

    “Well, go after him then. Get that boy and never let him go.” The long-haired man said, and she chuckled.

    “Why do I get the feeling you guys are fans of chick-flicks?” she teased, and they all laughed as well.

    “What, just because we’re in a gang doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. This is young love, its cute.” One of the men said, and Y/N rolled her eyes and smiled. It was nice to see such strong and scary guys have actual loving feelings you wouldn’t expect them to have.

    “Well, you’re wasting time. Go on.” The long-haired one said, and Y/N nodded, making her way out of the trailer. She wandered around and found Jughead by the entrance sign, and she slowly approached him.

    “You alright?” she asked, and Jughead turned around, giving her a tight smile.

    “Not really, but whatever.” He said, and Y/N sighed. “I thought she would accept me, she told me tonight she loved me, and i-I told her the same thing. I’m starting to realize now that maybe neither of us meant it, we were just caught in the moment.” Jughead ran his hand through his hair, and it was then she noticed he was beanie free. She smiled apologetically at him and walked the rest of the way to him, embracing him. Jughead held onto her tight, and she enjoyed the moment, closing her eyes, trying to remember every detail of that second so she could cherish it forever. Little did she know, Jughead was doing the same thing. She pulled away from him, and looked up at the blue-eyed boy, and she shivered slightly at the loss of his body heat. It was cold out and she was in a dress, she was freezing.

    “You must be so cold.” Jughead said worriedly, taking off his jacket and handing it to the girl.

    “I’m fine-“ she tried to refuse, but he rolled his eyes.

    “Take it.” He said, and she took it from him, slipping the leather jacket on herself. It was big on her because Jughead was much taller than she was, and he laughed at the sight of her in it.

    “What?” she said, trying to hide her blush.

    “You would just look cute as a serpent.” He said, and she couldn’t hide her blush now.

    “Whatever.” She said, pulling the jacket tighter around herself. The cold was bitter, the winter was settling in hard.

    “I’m sorry for calling you cute, damn.” Jughead said, pretending to be offended, and she rolled her eyes and laughed.

    “Don’t be so sensitive, I-“ she cut herself off, she didn’t know if she should do what she was about to, although she really wanted to.

    “You what?” he said quietly, and she thought to herself that he probably already knew what she was thinking. She stayed silent though, thinking about what she was going to do. “I like you, you know. I have for a long time.” Jughead said, and Y/N stared up at him.

    “But Betty-“

    “Betty is nice, I like her, but not as much as I like you. I just figured that if I went for you, our friendship would be ruined and it would just complicate everything. I see now that I was wrong. I think we are meant to be together, and I really mean that.” Y/N smiled softly, and so did Jughead. They stood there for awhile, just looking at eachother and not really saying anything, and Y/N figured that must have been kind of weird.

    “We should probably go inside.” She said awkwardly, breaking their silence. Jughead looked towards the trailer and nodded.

    “Probably.” He said. “But first-“ Jughead grabbed onto Y/Ns wrist and crashed his lips with hers, and she smiled and melted into it.

    “Okay, that was unexpected.” Y/N said, and Jughead laughed. “It wasn’t bad!” she quickly exclaimed, trying to fix her mistake in words. “I just- I- I liked it. I like you.” She said, and jughead nodded, taking her hand and they walked to the trailer in silence. He opened the door and the two of them entered, and all the men looked at Y/N and cheered. She looked down and realized she still had his jacket on and she blushed, looking down and burying her head into his chest. Betty and Jughead were both going to be hurt, but she could help them both, and she knew in the end she could help them heal.

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been thinking a lot lately about dante, and about how the divine comedy is fundamentally based on the same elements as southern gothicism. lemme explain.

southern gothicism is about, fundamentally, the awfulness of the known, the unbearable ugliness we harbor dragged out bloody and raw into the unforgiving light of day. it’s the deeds of the long-dead family in the abandoned mansion, or what’s really in the barn behind father preston’s house. it’s what happens when the tacit sin in the silence that we keep is broken, and all the accumulated rot that comes seeping out from the rip. paradoxically, however, a lot of the horror element of the genre rests on what is unknown. what is it that rustles in the cornfield on a snowy starless night? what is it that watches from the desert? what is it we all hear scraping up the dock down in the swamp? we don’t know, and therein lies the horror– it could, of course, just be a barn owl, or a coyote, or a caiman. could.

to express both of these kinds of fear, of the known-but-not-spoken and the unknown-unspoken, which are tied together but nevertheless differentiated, southern gothicism turns to, you guessed it: allegory. as within, so without.

take, for example, the archetypal antebellum dynasty, the plantation owners who in effect ruled the town before the civil war. their mansion sits abandoned on the hilltop, and it’s rotting, casting its crumbling sickly shadow over everyone and everything in the valley below. pretty obvious allegorical setup for the continued domination of the poisonous, decaying remnants of the plantation aristocracy in the post-reconstruction south, right? or take father preston– his body in the barn, we can read that as a body, but also as the secrets and hypocrisy of the american church made manifest.

see, this is how southern gothic works: exaggeration, reification, allegory. it takes an idea and makes it physical, exaggerates the fears and horrors and sins we harbor and reflects them back at us in such a way that we see what is true through the lens of what is (we hope) not. sound familiar?

for those of y’all not well versed in dante, inferno is structured around a concept called contrapasso, which doesn’t quite have an english equivalent but can be roughly thought of as a “you get what you give” sort of arrangement. essentially, different sorts of sinners are punished with ironic reflections of the sins they committed. schismatics have their bodies split nearly in two because they split their faiths in two. people who were indifferent to injustice are stung by insects like they should have been stung by their conscience. you get the picture.

contrapasso as a concept is, obviously, dependent upon the physical manifestation of the person’s sin. as within, so without. it works in the same way as the allegorical aspect of southern gothicism: by making true, making real, making horrible and manifest the creeping crawling rotting things that hide inside of human beings. you put the monster on the outside so that the inside might be revealed– whether it’s a person’s sins or the structure of american aristocraticism.

there’s another important similarity. we can trace southern gothicism back to its roots in european gothic fiction of the eighteenth and seventeenth century, literature that’s pervaded with the same sense of loss and decay that exists in the american version of the genre. but there’s a key difference: european gothic fiction tends to focus on what’s referred to as the “terror of the sublime”– transcendent, ethereal, cosmic terror that elevates the mind and educates the soul. it’s an intellectual thing, this kind of fear, and it’s very far removed from the grotesque, visceral, crawling horror that’s associated with american gothicism. crowded swamp towns versus windswept mountain villages, elegant castles versus rotting barns– southern gothic is rooted like kudzu in the soil, dirty and bloody and fertile with rot.

part of what makes inferno so deeply and powerfully horrible is the fact that it doesn’t make use of that clean, european-gothic kind of terror. in hell, there are no wild and windy moors– instead, dante finds swamps and mesas and searing heat, louisiana bayou and west texas desert. and within these landscapes, within the rot and roiling run, nothing is clean. nothing is ethereal. the monsters are not transcendent and unseen; they are grotesque and decaying, and the terror they inspire does not exalt, but horrifies in the most visceral manner.

in canto ix, dante says, presumably in reference to the whole poem:

o you who have sound intellects,
consider the teaching that is hidden
behind the veil of these strange verses.

(inf. ix. 61-63, trans. hollander)

when we do consider the teaching, the real point of inferno, what do we find? every monster pales in comparison to the ones we keep in our chests. when we put what is within without, the results– the mansion rotting on the hill, the body rotting in the preacher’s barn– are more horrible than anything we can imagine rustling in the cornfields, or watching from the desert, or slithering out of the swamp on a moonless night.

Making Sure You’re Safe!

Request: would you please do a Reader x Peter Hale where the reader gets attacked one night and afterwards Peter always follows her around sometimes even without her knowing, to keep an eye on her because he feels guilty because he introduced her to the supernatural. Then she finds out and reassures him and it ends all fluffy? Thank you!                                                                                                                                                 Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note:I hope that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know..And I’m really sorry if it’s short.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I was on my way to my sister home,she asked me to take care of my niece tonight because she have a date..It was cold and windy tonight..I have some strange feeling that something wrong will happen or am I just being paranoiac,truly it’s been like that since Peter told me about all the supernatural things that happened and still do..I was about to turn into the next street when suddenly everything went black.                                                                                                                                                                                                         I opened my eyes adjusting to the light,I instantly felt a sharp pain in my head so I put a hand on it and tried to sit up..’Easy,easy Y/n.’ I turned to look at Peter ‘Ugh what the hell happened?’ He sat down beside me putting a wet towel on my head some omega werewolf attacked you but luckily  I was there on time.’ I looked at him confused..’So are you following me now or what?’                         ‘Ummm..What?No!’ I stood up..’So how do you know where I was then?’           ‘I passed by and accidentaly saw that it was you.’ I let out a sigh not wanting to argue ‘Fine,but I need to call me sister.’I grabbed my phone but he stopped me ‘I already did that.’ I smiled softly ‘Thank you.’   He smiled back and spread his arms..’Now come here you need to rest..’A instantly runned into his arms and ‘Yeah you’re right,I feel like I was hit by a huge truck.’                                                                                                                                                                  Some days passed and somehow everything was fine,there was no supernatural things lately so I felt kind of relieved because of that..I was in my backyard lying down,watching the stars…Then suddenly I heard something in the bush and instantly got up  but when I saw a shadow so I knew who it was..’You can come out Peter,I know you there..’He stood in front of me looking unsure..I crossed my arms over my chest..’What do you think you’re doing?” …  ‘Who?What?’                                                                                       ‘Oh don’t play stupid please.it don’t suits you.’ He let out a sigh and walked closer to me ‘Fine you got me,I was just making sure that you’re okay.’ I put my hands down..’But why?’ He put his hands on my shoulders …’Because I love you and it’s basically my fault that you got hurt in the first place.’ I looked at him..’That’s no true, I’m with you because I want to and I love you too..Not because I’m scared or something..So there’s no need to play a guardian the whole damn night.’ We both smiled..’But seriously Peter,promise me you’ll stop.’He put a hand on my cheek..’I can promise you that I won’t follow you around,but I’ll always take care of you..Always.’ He kissed me and honestly I’m really lucky to have him..’That works too.’                        

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Windy reappeared, crouching on the floor almost on his fours. His eyes were still glowing brightly as he looked around, finding himself next to Foot's bed, the older Leaguer stirring at the movement. Smirking, Windy disappeared again just as Foot turned to look at his direction, appearing on the other side of the bed, looming over Foot. "Hello Footie," he crooned, chuckling at the reaction he got while teleporting fast, coming to stand on the other side of the room, out of Foot's reach.

Foot shifted a little in his sleep, sensing someone else in the room with him and his scanners kicked in into highest setting. He looked in the direction he last sensed the thing, hearing the crooned words right behind him and he whipped around, IS program kicking in to defend himself but whatever was there was gone and on the other side of the room.

“WHAT THE FUCK WINDY?” Foot shouted, seeing the younger Leaguer stood there like nothing was happening. His head was starting to hurt with the effort of restraining his IS program and figuring out if that was Windy, how the fuck he managed to do that and why the hell he looked so much more evil.