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COMMISSIONS TAKE TWO! I’m still unemployed and in need of money c’:


  • Anything NSFW (gore, sexual content, anything nsfw.)
  • Fetish art
  • Furries/Animals (Maybe some day, but not today.)
  • I have the right to decline your commission for any reason.


  • OCs (Human/Humanoid)
  • Weapons
  • Characters from most works of fiction (Movies, games, all that cool stuff.)
  • Robots (Might need to be discussed with the client.)

If you’d like something that isn’t mentioned in the second list or on the commission sheet, feel free to ask about it!



  • I’ll need references and descriptions on the character(s) you want me to draw. The more complex the character, the more references I’ll need. Two to three should do it.
  • PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED IN FULL BEFORE I BEGIN TO WORK. I can only accept payment through paypal, all prices are in USD.
  • The client will receive the full resolution image through email. The client is free to use it for their personal use only. If you’re unsure of what personal use is, you’re more than welcome to ask.
  • The low-res watermarked version will be available on my usual uploading sites. The client is free to repost the art (the fullres or lowres version) where they please ONLY if credit is given and there are links back to me as the original artist.
  • Client will receive a sketch WIP before I do lineart to make sure everything is to their liking.
  • I am starting out with THREE (3) slots open at once. You can check how many slots I have available by looking at my blog sidebar on tumblr, OR my donation pool and commission deviation on deviantart!
  • You can expect your commission to be done within two weeks.
  • All commissions are for non-commercial use only.

You can see all my finished commissions here.

More Bust Examples

More Waist Up Examples

More Full Body Examples

If you are interested, please contact me through my email at sodacola109@gmail.com.

If jewelry’s more your thing, I’m selling bottle cap necklaces as well and I do custom orders!

(Reblogs are appreciated!! <3)

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for #logic and philosophy week

Guys I just had the most amazing day ever !!

I got to see the small town my great grandparents lived in when they moved to America in the 1920s! My great grandfather was in a terrible mining accident that took his and 40 other men’s lives, which ultimately shaped my entire family. We got to see the site of the accident (which has been turned into a beautiful memorial which respects and honestly memorializes all 41 lives lost in a beautiful way!) his (my great grandmother, great great grandparents, great great aunts and uncles etc) grave sites & really get to learn about my family heritage! This is a dream of mine complete !

How was your days ?!😁💚💚

I was trying to work out the significance of the baby voice saying gorgeous and I don’t know if it gets explained by who the baby is but it feels like maybe it’s meant to signify like how childlike these feelings felt to her - they’re very shallow really - she talks about being happy and sad and mad, and we know she can write amazing metaphors to convey these feelings so I kind of feel like they’re simplified on purpose? Just how that moment of avoiding a guy and making fun of him it’s very juvenile and this song is about having those immature emotions and not entirely being able to make sense of them