'what a babe' you got that right

Darcy/Helen, Phone call at 3 am

for @thestanceyg

25. Phone call at 3 am

Helen’s eyes fluttered open and her hand groped at the bedside table, pressing her phone to her ear.  “Hello?”  

“Heya babe, it’s me…did I wake you?”  

“No, no…I was waiting up…” Helen mumbled.  She had been, until she fell asleep.  “What time is it?”  

Darcy snorted.  “Right, because that’s exactly what someone who’s awake would say…”  

She glanced over at the clock.  Three a.m.  Right on time.  “Fine, you got me.  I fell asleep…”  

“I’ll make this short then…I’ll be home in a few days, anyway.”  

Helen couldn’t contain her smile.  “I can hardly wait.”  


This is what confident women do after they got bullied! #smile & #dance! #repost @bodyposipanda:
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  • I just survived a mob hit and swam a mile down a river just to escape them so no, I’m not in the goddamn mood to play nice-–give me your fucking car or I’ll blow your head off ok?
  • you shoved a giant bag of cash and drugs in my arms while running from some people and tracked me down later to take it back but oho boyy fuck that I’m not givin this back. serves u right to thinking I’d be too innocent to do anything with it
  • I stole ur car to outrun these assholes but we got t-boned and now both of us are staring down 7 gun barrels-–don’t worry babe ok I totally have this handled
  • all I’m trying to do is capture this fucking guy but you just busted in here like such an ass to try and kill the mofo and I swear to god I will shove my foot so hard up your ass if you kill him—
  • I apparently pissed of the ‘fate committee’ by not dying when I was supposed to so now I’m stuck in some fucken final destination shit by avoiding all these attempts to off me–🖕🏽 fucku you’ll never get me
  • I have searched for years, gone through seven disguises, and am LAYERS deep in lies, ALL to get to the bottom of this mystery and claim my reward and here you come fucking EVERYTHING UP-–either you leave and wipe that goddamn grin off your face or I blow your brains out, go ahead and choose. 
    • *freezes when they say youll have to kill them to get rid of them*
    • *sees them smiling at it* aight fuck yuo
  • *record scratch* yes, some might wonder how I got in this situation: me, here, with a broken nose, few fallen teeth, my entire apartment complex on fire, lipstick all over my neck and ten cocked guns pointed straight at my head, but let me tell you– it’s actually a funny story.
  • yes I am gonna be fucking bitter about being stranded in space with an alien army chasing after us, I signed up for space rocks and neil degrasse tyson not the spacetime fucking oddessy
The Shirt

anonymous requested:  “ Can you do a Calum imagine where you wear his shirt to bed and he gets extremely horny so he has to drop your kid off at grandmas and well you know what happens next. ;D”

But I honestly have no idea how to write smut so yeah…

“Babe, you have got to stop doing that,” Calum groaned while shoving the nearest pillow into his face.

“What the hell are you talking about. I’m literally doing nothing,” you questioned while bending over to pick up Calum’s pants that he carelessly threw on the ground moments before getting into the California King sized bed.

“That! That right there! Stop it! You know what happened last time,” he rambled while aimlessly waving his hands at your body. You looked down at your attire and smirked, knowing exactly what he was getting at; his grey State Champs t-shirt you were wearing to sleep in. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, babe,” you smirked while purposely reaching down again, making sure Calum could see that you weren’t wearing anything underneath the rather large shirt. He groaned again, throwing the pillow at you, clearly not appreciating your actions. You giggled as you noticed the growing bulge in your husband’s briefs.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” he groaned again.

“I still to this day don’t understand why me wearing your clothes turns you on so much,” you teased while climbing on top of him and straddling his lap. “We’ve been together eight years and a piece of fabric on me that you usually wear on stage is what gets you horny,” you laughed as you trailed your fingers over his chest along the fresh tattoo of three lions on left peck. You were shocked when he came home with it after what you thought was a day at the studio. You vividly remember the smile on his face as he told you that the three lions represented his pride; his family; you and Alani. He distracted you from your thoughts as he pulled you down to connect your lips.

“Well one, we haven’t had sex in over three days, that’s a new record for us. And two, It’s not my fault my shirt only covers half of your ass. You look like a damn goddess every time you wear my clothes,” he grinned causing you to laugh and lightly smack his arm.

“Whatever you say, Hood.”

“You know I’m right, Also Hood.”

You leaned back down to kiss him once more but one simple peck led to a fully heated make-out as Calum began to run his hands all over your body. “Cal, Alani is here.”


“She can walk in here at any moment because of a nightmare and she’s already been emotionally scarred enough by the stupid shit Michael and Luke do, I don’t think she needs to add seeing her parents have sex to the list.”

“Fair enough, I’ll just drop her off at my sisters,” he suggested.

“She’s in London,” you sighed.

Calum immediately got out of bed and began dialing a number. “Babe, who are you calling at eleven at night?” He ignored you before walking out the bedroom door and down the hall towards your three year old daughter’s room while mumbling quietly on the phone. Moments later you child ran past your room and downstairs. Calum peeked his head back into the room before smirking, “I’m dropping her off at my mom’s. You better be naked and on your knees by the time I get back, you’re in for a long weekend.”

“Weekend?” I questioned while raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. Weekend. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

You laughed at how desperate your husband was to get you alone, something that occurred often after the two of you decided to have Alani. 

The sound of the front door opening and shutting only made you more anxious for your husband. You quickly discarded the shirt and sat on your knees waiting for him to walk through the doors.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he whispered more to himself as he stood frozen in the doorframe.

“Cal, are you gonna do anything or should I put your shirt back on and go to sleep,” you teased.

Without a hesitation he ran towards the bed and pushed you back while climbing on top of you. “God I missed this,” he moaned out in between kisses, “I can’t wait to do this all weekend long.”

His hands were all over your body, trying to feel every inch of you. No matter how long you had been together, every time he touched you felt like the first time back in high school.

He quickly stripped of his clothing and you pushed him back lowering your mouth to his now fully erect member. “Babe, no. As much as I love it when you do, I’m not gonna last. I need to be in you now,” he breathed out before flipping the two of you over. 

“Cal, condom,” you gasped out in between your own moans as he began to align himself with your entrance.

“I could put one on, but I think Alani needs a little sibling,” he grinned.

“You really want another kid?” your heart skipping a beat. It had been something you’d wanted to bring up to him but were too scared of what his answer would be.

He nodded, “there’s a reason I left more space on my peck,” he smiled referring to the three lions on his chest, “hopefully it’s a boy this time.” 


champagnepapi has 1 new chat request from thesufjanstevensmodel5000.

champagnepapi: hey sufy! i’m in the studio right now babe, what’s up?


champagnepapi: sufjan… honey… we talked about this…


champagnepapi: okay, first of all, orange pulp is gross and i buy pulp-free for a reason, secondly, you have got to stop communicating solely via dog memes


champagnepapi: baby i honestly don’t understand why you can’t just text me


Can we please talk about 12.07?

- Dean’s spare letters in his game are “LURIFEC” which is literally just “LUCIFER” (poorly) jumbled up.

- “Cass”

- that proud smile when Dean refers to Baby as “a piece of history”.

- When Cas meets the boys in LA, and Dean gives him the “babe is that really what you’re wearing?” talk with, to which Cas responds with his very own oh-you’re-really-one-to-talk look, accompanied by the “at least I don’t look like a lumber jack” comment because they are just so m a r r i e d

- Speaking of which, those are some exceptionally blue eyes you’ve got there, Cas.

- Sam fitting right in with the Calfornian culture and Dean getting on him for it, as if he hadn’t lived it for over three years, back at Stanford (or maybe Dean just doesn’t like being reminded of the time when Sam was away).

- Dean handed Cas the panties (with a wink and his little tongue thing p r o b a b l y).

- Dean strumming on the guitar in Vince’s room (Dean, your Jensen is showing).

- Dean in his sunglasses and leather jacket, bein’ an LA boy ^-^

- Dean’s that-was-probably-a-bad-idea face directly after he yells “HE’S GOT A GUN!”

- Sam using his incredible strength to hold open the doors, despite Lucifer trying to close them, until everyone was out safely. What a hero !!

”Hey, assbutt!”

- Luci crying while talking about why he’s mad (which bubbles down to that he’s mad at daddy for leaving and jealous that Dean got to spend more time with his Aunt Amara than he did).

- that fucking leather jacket (and those lips and those eyes):

- how deeply Sam genuinely cares for every living being that Vince’s death was still a really horrible thing to him

- “We’re not winning. We’re just losing slow.” Sammy, you went to Stanford. Check your grammar, please and thank you.

- have I mentioned Dean’s eyes because holy crap


Requested: Shawn is in the studio, but can’t seem to write anything meaningful. He calls y/n for some inspiration.



You’re halfway through your algebra homework, when your phone buzzing on your bed distracts you. Picking it up, you answer, “Hello?”

“Hey hun,” Shawn’s voice comes from the other side. You’re wondering why he’s calling you because you know he’s at a recording studio in LA right now.

“Hey babe,” You reply, “What’s up?” 

“I’m in the studio and I know you just got home from school so I just wanted to call you.”

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Needing You (M)


REQUEST: This idea got stuck in my mind and its killing me. Could you do a scenario where Jimin comes home on fire (if you know what I mean 😏) and you have a really hot night and when he climaxes he hits the wall behind you. 🔥🔥🔥please add the last detail, I’m dying here!

AUTHORS NOTE: imma go and book my ticket to hell -ally xx

“Hey babe,” Jimin’s voice mail said. “I’m stuck at the studio and I need you so fucking badly right now I don’t think I can handle this I love you so much I’m so sorry I can’t be there right now” you let out a deep sigh, putting the phone down and flicking through snapchat on your mobile you felt like you hadn’t seen Jimin in months, and even though he was home he was still too busy for me. You know that when he came home he was going to be horny and waiting for your touch and you couldn’t find it in you to complain. after all a needy Jimin is the best Jimin.

He didn’t even say ‘Hello’. He just barged in and wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you as close as possible in a tight embrace before hungrily crashing his lips down on yours. You were surprised but it didn’t take you a second to melt into Jimin’s touch. And you brought a hand up to the back of his head and started kissing him back.

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Fools: a Mark fic

Chapter 1

AN: This one is for @annetle, @itchickadee, and all my Mark girls.

Only fools fall for you.

Originally posted by jordragon

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Drunk Argumentes - Grayson




It had to be about four in the morning and only just know was I hearing the door opening. I was behind mad at this point. I was pissed. Not only because he is probably drunk. But also because he fucking skipped our anniversary even though I threw so many hints at him to get drunk.

I got up from our shared bed and walked towards the door with my arms crossed watching him as he was stumbling around. He heard the floor creek under my feet and shot his head up and looked at me. “Hey babe.” He said laughing before coughing. I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t ‘Hey babe’ me.” I said with some sass. “What’s up your vagina.” He chuckled going towards me a bit. “Nothing besides you going out to get drunk instead of spending our anniversary together.” I said calmly even though I wanted to kill him right now.

“Our anniversary isn’t today bitch.” He spat at me. I was taken back at that he just called me a bitch. He said it before but in a joking way but now I somewhat filed like he meant it. “Your a fucking idiot Grayson we got married three years ago on the 6th! Not the fucking 7th or fucking 8th!” I yelled losing my calmness.

I saw him pick his hand up deciding whether not to hit me or not. “Go on then Grayson hit me! You won’t lay a finger on me.” I yelled/screamed. I was wrong though. His hand collided with my face and I fell to the ground from how hard it was. I looked up at him with tears forming in my eyes. But he still stood there. His stone cold eyes still the same since he came home.

“What the fuck! Why did you hit me!” I yelled slowly getting back up. “Because your fucking yelling cunt!” He yelled back at me. “I’m sorry but I have the right to be mad and scream!” I yelled at him. “No you fucking don’t Y/n! Our anniversary is fucking tomorrow bitch!” He yelled pushing me onto the ground and kicking me.

“Some kind of husband you are.” I mumbled crying. “What was that bitch?” Grayson asked picking me up from the hair. “Grayson stop your hurting me!” I whined. He rolled his eyes. “Go get me a drink bitch!” He spat at me. Letting go of my hair dropping me on the floor once again. “I’m not your bitch!” I screamed running away from him into the bathroom and closing/locking the door behind me and fell down crying against it.

I fell asleep there on the cold bathroom floor after hours of just crying and banging on the door. My body was in pain from the amount of pain Grayson had caused me. 

“Y/n open the damn door!” Grayson yelled on the other side. But I ignored him and sat still crying into my bare legs that had bruises starting to form. “Stop being bitch Y/n! Open the damn door!” I still didn’t budge at his yells.

The next morning ~~~

There was a knock on the bathroom door that woke me and the voice that hurt me last night. “Y/n baby are you in there?” His voice soften and sweeten from last night. I didn’t say anything though. “Baby can I come in?” He then asked. But I still didn’t move. He let out a sigh and left.

I still laid on the floor though. But I knew Grayson was going to find a way in. He always does. I heard that he came back from the jiggling of the door and it opening. “Shit.” He mumbled knowing he caused this. I didn’t look at his face though. “Baby I am so so so so so sorry with all of my heart. Oh my gosh baby. Please please please talk to me.” He said with some cracks in his voice.

I still didn’t move. I saw him come over and hop in the tub with me where I was laying and wrapped his arms around me. “Baby I’m so sorry i’ll make it up to you. I promise and I promise to never get drunk or even hurt you again.” He said. I looked up at him and saw he was crying. I laid my head against his chest and wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer.

Simsrena: the first date!

Welcome to another day of Simsrena madness. 

So I decided that our lovely ladies (and the Berena fandom) needed to spend their day off together. And what better way than a trip to the park? 

Serena scheduled a date with Bernie and I realised that this was actually their first official date!!! :O So Serena and I decided that she should have some pampering before she met up with Bernie. A mud bath was the perfect idea! It boosts your confidence you know! Not that she really needs it, right Serena? You got this babe!

Then it turns out Serena must have been nervous because she poured herself a big glass of Shiraz… I shit you not! She poured it herself. You don’t need Dutch courage Serena! It is pretty tasty though. Maybe I’ll have one too…..

A glass of wine later we found Bernie in the gazebo in the park and the moment Serena saw we were hooked! 

It all started innocently enough with some hand holding and kissing and flirting. We were sailing our way through all the tasks and were well on our way to completely a Great Date. We got this Serena!

Then this happened….

Seriously?! A massage?! Are you guys trying to kill me? Are you trying to kill the fandom? Is there some kind of mysterious force that’s taken over my computer that’s just trying to mess with me? Gaahhhhh!!! 


Moving on.

They took a walk around the grounds, stopping every now and again for smooches. 

Go on lass! Show her a good time :)

Thankfully there was no one else around. I don’t think Bernie would have enjoyed being this smoochy in public if there had been people watching…. I don’t count. None of us count. We’re allowed to spy on them. Cause we’re creeps. Just sayin’. 

They finished their first date with a selfie and joked about it before they kissed goodbye and headed their separate ways. 

When the date ended, Sims 4 tells me that Bernie had a Great Date! I mean, obviously! 

We won an award for it everything. Serena and I are apparently amazing daters - high five sister! Not that we needed Sims 4 to tell us that. We’re pretty fun.

And I’ve started talking about (and to) my sims as if they’re real people. I need help. 

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Girls Loving Girls

@underthe-mountain babe i love doing these with you

Lysandra stood at her locker, getting her books out, when a voice came from beside her said, “Hey. Lysandra, right? I got to say,” he said, his eyes raking up and down her, “You are smokin’.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, love your writing!(〃▽〃)I was wondering how the chocobros would react if they bodyswapped with their s/o for a few days while on the road? ((Imagine the hilarious antics once they get over that initial embarrassment aksjkakh))


- Why is my hair not messy what’s going on WHY IS IT NOT THE RIGHT COLOR

- You mean I can sit down to go? What even is this

- This goes without saying. He and his s/o have already done the do, they’ve seen each other naked. He looks.

- Dang breasts feel kinda weird when you’ve got them why are they so heavy – also what the heck are bras even



- Makes himself (his s/o in his body) sit down in the hotel room they’re staying at and TRIES ON EVERYTHING. Then makes s/o try on ALL OF HIS CLOTHES. He wants to see how he looks too.

- “So uh…wanna go freak out some people in town?” (I’m assuming their voices are their voices here, just the bodies are swapped)

- Please don’t find my barcode please don’t find the barcode pLEASE


- He can’t reach things since he’s shorter now. It sucks. He’s very upset about this.

- Now understands why you get a little bit annoyed when he playfully uses your head as an armrest.

- Tries very hard not to look at you naked – he respects your privacy. He even asks you if it’s okay to look/touch when he bathes/needs to use the restroom.

- He’s always adored your hair, so you’ll notice him running his (your) hands through his (your) hair.


- Finally understands why Iris and you get really cranky about menstrual cycles. He gets cramps. HE HATES IT.

- The height difference and the difference in muscle mass baffles him.

- Gets real frustrated that he isn’t as strong as normal, but thinks it’s neat being the one that gets piggy back rides instead of being the person carries the other around.

- “So….wanna see what it feels like from my point of view, baby?” ;)

do you have multiple reptiles? and you need to transport them?

is there a blizzard and everything shorted out and you are worried about your babes being warm?

hissykisses has got you! 

this is what i use to to transport ( since there is alot of noodles in this stew and they all need to be kept seperate)

first get boxes like this! one medium and two small

then, place smaller boxes in the big box like so

look at that perfect fit. they shut perfect too and you can poke holes for air,

 but wait whats that?

that right there?



ive done this to get my babes from point A to point B a few times and they just seem so much more relaxed because they are “safe in the tiny boxes. you can even put rags or paper towels in there for them to safety burrow!

Imagine Dean dressing up as your favorite starship Captain

Star Trek fun, I’m not one bit sorry.

Castiel version

Just going to tag a few people who I know appreciate both of these handsome devils: @bkwrm523@girl-next-door-writes @feelmyroarrrr

You walk out of the bunker kitchen, smoothing down the light blue Science Officer dress you were wearing. Dean had gotten tickets to see Star Trek ll : the Wrath of Khan movie that was playing in some small theatre downtown. It was a one night only feature and both of you were dying to go, you even got Dean to cosplay with you. The movie would be starting in 30 minutes, so you stroll into the bedroom you share with Dean.

“Hey ba-,” you stop mid sentence.

Dean was wearing a long sleeve gold Command shirt and black pants that were neatly tucked into black boots. He was sitting in what looks like an inflatable Command Chair, leaning back smiling right up at you.

“Shit babe, you look freakin’ hot,” Dean looks you up and down, holding out his hand to you.

You laugh moving toward him, “Where the hell did you get that?”

He shrugs, “Amazon.”

You take his hand, letting him pull you in between his thighs, “I’m impressed Captain Win-”

“Kirk, Commander,” Dean smirks, raising his eyebrow up and down.

“Aye, Captain Kirk,” you move down onto his lap, jerking your hips forward making the man groan underneath you. Dean moves his hand up your dress, tugging at your black panties until they were settled around your thighs.

“Captain, I’m sorry to say, but we have to leave real soon.”

Dean grunts in frustration, his hands cup your bottom before letting go.

“Fine,” he lifts you off his lap but grabs at your panites, “But these are mine.”

You laugh, sliding them off and tossing them to Dean, who balls them up and stuffs them into his pocket.

“Aye Captain, whatever you want. But we better go,” you move to the doorway, grabbing a jacket with your back to the man, “We don’t want to be late.”

Dean watches as you look over your shoulder and give him a sly smile. He scrunches his eyes at you in suspicion.

“How about a sneak peek of what’s to come later on, Captain?”

Dropping your jacket, you bend down to retrieve it giving Dean a full on view of your naked ass. The man shifts in his seat, hardening at the sight. He whimpers softly as you straighten back up, but then a mischievous look graces his face as he stands up.

“Commander, you made a big mistake,” Dean brushes against you, his hand moves from the small of you back all the way down to your ass, “Wait until I get you in that dark movie theatre.”

A Slytherin Thanks a Hufflepuff For Teaching Her How to Be a Better Person
  • Slytherin: So I was at a party, and some crazy drunk girl tried to fight me.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh no!
  • Slytherin: So, ordinarily I would have just gotten super mad and done something awful to her like scream or tell her she's going to die alone and miserable, right? But I thought about what you would have done instead.
  • Hufflepuff: That's great babe! What did you do?
  • Slytherin: I laughed at her.
  • Hufflepuff: You... Laughed at her?
  • Slytherin: Yup! Laughed at her like she was nothing and it fucked with her so much! She got dragged out of the party all upset and screaming. You were right! Not getting angry is a much better answer!
  • Hufflepuff: *sigh* I think you missed the... No, you know what? Good job! Baby steps!

i never actually watched the xena pilot when i started earlier this year, so i did that and. oh my god. gabs. babe. you are so hilariously self important i love you so much. 


honey they’ve already got all of you. you’re officially kidnapped! but still! she’s like no! take me! i’m easily worth all of these people!!!

i love it so much. she’s so confident that this warlord is gonna be like, yeah actually you’re right i’ve already captured all of you but you’re tiny and mouthy and have the ego of someone far more accomplished so i guess i’ll just keep you around and let the others go????

gabs babe i love you so much please tell me how you thought this was gonna go

Not Netflix and Chill - Suho

Junmyeon x reader
word count: 731
genre: fluff
warning: none
author: sammy

Summary: Junmyeon want to spend some time with you after a while, but you want to watch netflix.

A/N: This scenario was inspired by Maari’s question “what netflix and chill means” thank you bro 

“Sorry, gotta practice. Can we do this another time?”

It’s the third time Junmyeon cancel your date because he “gotta practice”. You’ve been so long without seeing him that you don’t even know what’s his hair color anymore. The last time was pink? Ugh.

So you learned to enjoy your alone time. After work you take a shower and goes directly to your couch to watch some Netflix. It’s been like this for what? A month? Your currently favorite show is Black Mirror. Now you couldn’t wait to go home and watch some episodes before going to bed. But something got your attention when you entered home. An extra pair of shoes at your door.

“Babe? Is that you?” you heard from the kitchen. Oh right, you had a boyfriend.

“Junmyeon?” you walked into the kitchen which smelled marvelous. Junmyeon has there, putting some plates on the table. “Red then…” you said to yourself when you set your eyes on his hair color.

“You liked it?” he asked approaching you and kissing your cheek.

“Pink was better. You cooked for us?” you ask trying to guess what food that smell belonged to.

“Actually I bought on the way here” he smiled “Do you want to take a shower before dinner?”

“Yes! I’ll be right back” you kissed him one more time before ahead to the bathroom.

After a month without seeing each other you knew exactly what Junmyeon’s plans for tonight were. And you were not in the mood for that.

“Hey, can we eat on the couch? There’s this show that I really want to watch” you said after leaving the bedroom on your pajamas.

“Sure. What show is this?” he said picking up the plates full of Mexican food.

“Black Mirror. Each episode tells a different story so you can watch with me and not getting lost, you’ll like it”  you said excited.

“Hm, okay. Netflix and chill it is”

‘Not Netflix and Chill’ you thought to yourself.

Halfway through the episode both of you had already eat, and now you rested your head at Junmyeon’s shoulder. You had almost though that he wouldn’t try anything.


A playful hand rested on your thigh began to move up and down. His thumb caressed your inner thigh. “You know,” he whispered “I missed you. Sorry about not having too much time”.

You mumbled an “it’s fine”.

“Haven’t you missed me?” he asked with a pout.

“Of course I did” you said without taking your eyes off the tv.

“Then, why don’t we make it up for the lost time?” he whispered, this time closer to your ear. If the episode weren’t that interesting  you would probably shivered. But it’s Black Mirror we are talking about.

You grabbed the control and paused it.

“Junmyeon. Hand,” you placed his right hand at his chest “Hand. Junmyeon. Have fun” and you tapped his shoulder before pressing play on the episode.

“Y/n~” he whined.

“You waited a month. You can wait a little bit more” you said, from the corner of your eye you saw him shocked, and then he got up and you actually thought he was going to have fun alone, but he headed to the kitchen.

After some minutes he came back and laid his head on your lap.

“You’re mad at me” he said, not asking. You didn’t answered. “I’m sorry for not giving you attention. I’ll watch all the episodes you want until you’re no longer mad at me. I’m yours the hole night” you smiled to yourself knowing that you had your boyfriend in your hands. He picked your hand and placed it at this hair, he loved how you touched his hair. And you love touching his hair. At the begging of the second episode you knew he had fallen asleep. You curved and placed a kiss at his temple, caressing his forehead. After some time, you had fallen asleep as well, because you didn’t want to awake Junmyeon. He awoke a feel minutes later, turned off the tv and picked you up going to your bedroom, when he placed you at the bed you unconsciously took the fluff pillow you had used to hug at the nights when Junmyeon wasn’t there.

“No need to this, babe. I’m here” he removed the pillow from your arms replacing it for himself and kissing your forehead.

weekend with the family- Derek luh

Derek and I have been together two years, he’s met my intermediate family YAH know my father mother etc. this weekend my family is having a cookout, well tonight anyways, while he and I stay for the weekend we’re all gonna go to the lake Saturday through Monday my parents got off for me since I hardly ever see them as much as I’d like of course Derek said I can anytime I want but I don’t like leaving him so I go when he can. I tell him he doesn’t have to go but he does he must like my family. I finish my hair right as I hear the shower shut off. He was in there for like thirty fucking minutes

“Derek babe?” I say


“You okay?” I giggle I know what he was doing because he doesn’t usually take showers that long

“Uhm ” he coughs “yeah. ” I laugh is he embarrassed? He shouldn’t be I mean damn I’ve walked in on him plenty of times

“Okayy” I carry on the end he comes out with a towel around his waist, I pull on my sundress “will you zip me up?”

“No but I will pull the dress off” he says

“We have to go shut up and zip the dress” I snap he zips the dress and throws his hands up

“Woah there snappy ” I roll my eyes,  I Do my makeup “are we staying at your parents or coming back here?”

“Uh whatever it’s up too you” I say. Knowing him he’ll wanna come back, especially with the mood he’s in, I look in the fully body mirror he’s quiet. He insisted we get a suit so there’s a little closet and a bathroom. “Babe?”

“Uh, why don’t we just come back here Iont wanna do that to them since we’ll be with them all weekend” he says

“Alright hurry up, you take for-” I get cut off from him finally getting done, he grabs a the keys to the rental we got and we leave.

We get to my parents, is there some extra care sure seems like it. We get out and make out way to the back yard Derek trying to tickle me while I walk

“Derek stop!” I squeal and run from him he grabs me

“Make me” he smirks, we hear a cough he sets me down and I straighten out my dress and turn

“Dad!” I shout, I hug him, he tightly hugs back “can’t breathe dad”

“Sorry darlin, come on, nice to see you again Derek” dad says Derek holds his hand out but dad shrugs his hand shake off and pulls him to us and hugs us both wow dad really does like him “everyone’s here”

“Derek warning my cousin will flirt and she’s sorta a ho, she’s only fifteen or sixteen” I say he laughs

“Eh don’t worry about that princess ” he says, we follow dad to the others, my cousin and her friends (I knew she’d have her friends. I swear she can’t go to a FAMILY deal with out a friend. ) anyways her and her friends instantly start gawking annoying as hell.

“Y/n introduce your boyfriend to the rest of the family!” My mother says

“guys rest of the family this is my boyfriend of two years Derek ” I say, he smiles and kisses my cheek.After we ate. my uncle and Derek my mother and some others started playing football, they took a break Derek being a sweaty mess he takes his shirt off and hands it to me, I lay next to me, this just made my cousin and her friends gawk even more I text my friend she never left this town (y/f/n)
After a while she showed up she’s like part of the family, we go in

“my cousin and her friends are gawking and its so fucking annoying” I say

“okay but like damn I didn’t realize your boyfriend was so attractive” y/f/n says

“shut up, but at least I get to sleep with that tonight” I grin “he’s so cute oh my god”

“y/n calm down” she laughs

“him being sweaty like that is attractive.. especially when he gets all sweaty when were fucking” I say, I bite my lip she looks at me and starts laughing

“someone’s in the mood” she laughs she’s crying from laughing how was that funny?

“hey he was this morning ” I say, we go outside and sit down now that I got myself all worked up I cant take my eyes off Derek damn he looks really good can he just like do me now? they play for a little bit when they quit Derek’s talking to my mom, she nods and then calls my dad over to them hum what the hell, I send him a questioning look he smiles at me, I sigh

“what’s he doing?” Y/f/n says

“I don’t know” I mumble, they walk away now I cant see them, oh wait they went into the house. I sit there and talk to my five year old niece she so cute she giggles and tells me to turn around so I do, I see Derek walking out with my mom. he has my favorite desert ever (your fave desert and a flower wtf.  "Derek what in the world are you doing" I giggle I swear he can be such a romantic he gives me the desert,  a ring on the top, he also hands me the flower I laugh and shake my head “You’re such a romantic”

“I know, but Y/n will you marry me?” He says a hopeful look in his eyes he takes the ring out and dips it in my water cup shit head

“Yes Derek a million times yes” I say, he puts the ring on my finger then picks me up hugging me tightly “you’re still sweaty”  i say into his ear

“you like it though” he says back, I slap the back of his head making everyone laugh “I love you”

“I love you too” I smile “as much as i love spending time with my family can we make up something and leave” he sets me down and looks at me with his eyebrow raises trying not to smirk at me

“well Derek are you gonna kiss your fiancé ” My aunt says, we both laugh, he cups my face kissing me passionately

“okay well we all know what they wanna do now, so you guys can leave” mother says I hide my face in his chest and he starts laughing wrapping his arms around me, we fall from how hard he’s  laughing which makes everyone laugh

“I’m being dead serious you just got engaged we all know you wanna leave”

“Y/mothers/ name, stop encouraging them to have sex!” dad shouts

“they’re in there twenties and engaged Y/Dads/name” we both laugh, we say our goodbyes and go back to the hotel