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Behind the Scenes of Gridlock (Part 3)

Excerpts from DWM 382, as reported by Jason Arnopp:

David Tennant:  “If you had to make a poll of monsters least likely to make a reappearance, the Macra would probably be fairly near the top. So it’s kind of cool, isn’t it? If you’re gonna do giant crabs, there’s no point in them being anything other than Macra, seeing as they already exist [editor’s note: The Macra first appeared in 1967′s The Macra Terror].  I like the twist that they’ve devolved - you don’t normally see many monsters devolving in Doctor Who!  There’ll probably only be a few thousand people who’ll get the reference. To everyone else they’re just a big new scary monster! It’s one of the joys of being involved in a series which has got all this history for free. You can just sprinkle in all these nuggets of recognition for those who’ll get them.”

Russell T. Davies: “The Macra’s a long story. Very early on, I thought sea monsters, Godzilla, no, octopus, maybe, ooh, Giant Crabs… and as a bonus, why not call them Macra? So the Macra were ordered very early on from the Mill, I think I asked Dave Houghton about that maybe 18 months ago, if not more. But baby Macra were a huge part of it, initially: little scuttling things, red crabs, that were eating the occupants of the cars. The Doctor would reach the lowest level of the motorway, open the roof of the lowest car, find skeletons, and 1000s of little crabs! Nipping at him! To really portray the lower level, the Doctor was also going to find his way out on to a concrete ledge, just above the sea, and discover the HUGE Macra, lurching about in the water. The Big Angry Macra were then going to give chase, climbing up the walls of the city, citizens screaming, etc! Oh, imagine the budget!”

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munakata-rei-chan  asked:

One thing I observed was that in the hindi version of Jiyo Re Baahubali, there's a line "saans le ek toh doosra jee uthhe" (when one breathes, the other comes to life) and it's referring to Baahubali and Sivagami's relationship and how close their relationship is. Later in the movie, when Baahubali dies, Sivagami dies only a few hours later, as though their life got extinguished at the same time, a testament to their closeness and love. I think that's beautiful.

okay i wanna take a moment to gush about this show because i’m so happy it’s doing well. it got weak reviews at papermill and was the last show to open this season. everyone had already counted it out and said it was going to be the flop of the season and look at where we are. i expected mixed to negative reviews that ended up being mixed to positive. i was expecting low gross and low capacity and this past week they got $600k+ in gross and are in the mid-80% in capacity. i expected it to get very few major award nominations and it got twenty include two tony nominations. i didn’t expect them to perform on the tonys and they ARE. y’all i’m so proud of this show and so happy it’s being recognized i could seriously cry.


i wanted to have a go at designing a set of unique armour for my bloodborne character, so here he is! he’s an ex-combat medic/barber surgeon with a very bad (or dad?) sense of humour. 

(plus some fake screencaps, because they’re fun to draw.)