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I’ve got the Fable 2 feelings again. I plan on doodling Garth and, really, more of Sparrow’s interactions with the other heroes but I’m tiiiired rn |’D


HR is Savitar.

Savitar is from the future. What is more futuristic than the future? Another world. (Ex: Earth-19)

The Harrison Wells have a history for being villians.  Harry Wells tried to steal Barry’s speed to give it to Zoom, a bad speedster from another Earth. Eobard Thawne was a Harrison Wells from the future that was a bad speedster, do you see the trend? So obviously HR is a bad speedster from the future and from another Earth.

Not only that, but Caitlyn Snow/Killer Frost immediately obeys Savitar after finding out his true identity. She wouldn’t do that with someone she didn’t know. She and HR were great friends.

Look at them playing with the random drumsticks. Great friends.

Look he is paying her. Only true friends do that.

But do you really think that HR was talking into his pen-thing for a “novel”? No, he was obviously gathering information for the future to become Savitar. 

Remember how his face could be changed if everyone was blown up with that light thing? 

He could have easily used this method to hide when he became Savitar.

Not only that, but isn’t it a little ironic that HR and Savitar were introduced around the same time? (HR was introduced in ep 304, The New Rogues, Savitar was first fully seen in ep 306, Shade

Remember McSnurtle the Turtle? McSnurtle was probably also behind this. Just a distraction so when Barry was busy feeding McSnurtle, HR/Savitar would break into his house and take Iris to the park to stab her. 

byebyebriar  asked:

"I hate you" I say writing what's looking like 50K worth of slow burn Office AU Rarepair that I might never finish. "I was out. OUT! I got into popular pairings! Some were even canon! I was raised from Hell, moving through Purgatory, Heaven was in sight!" Adds another plot point crying. "But YOU. Queen of Hell! You dragged me back! With your stupidly well done pairings! And devastatingly good fics!" Finishes a scene, my only joy in this part of shipper hell. "Lady Blackkat, I hate & love you."

Tbh this is such a compliment and I am so gleeful right now.  💕