'we...could. what ELSE should we do

Sabine: So we should do something to celebrate so many followers, what do you think Spectre Six?

Ezra: I think that’s a great idea Spectre Five.

Sabine: The only question is, what would people like? I mean Spectre One is already answering all their questions…

Zeb: Or avoiding them and being sneaky about it.

Kanan: Hey, I’ve answered every single one!

Sabine: So what else could he do for them?

Ezra: That’s a very good question Spectre Five. Perhaps we could ask THEM.

Hera: You should give them a few options, see which one is the most popular. Chopper can collate the results and Kanan can get back to them with his decision.

Zeb: We should have asked Hera to organise this from the beginning.

Sabine: No argument there.


YOU HEARD IT GUYS I want to do a celebration for when we reach 100 followers, although I SHOULD say, IF we do. I’m looking at a few options for rewards/prizes, but basically I’m thinking I’ll pop you all in a hat and draw three names at random, and those three followers can ask me to either make them a gifset of their choice (it doesn’t have to be Kanan, it can be any SWR character) or write a longer form answer to one of your questions in fic form, or some combination of the two. If this seems like a good idea to you let me know by liking this post or dropping me an ask. Happy swring :D.

It’s so weird and I don’t dislike him at all (because I love me!) and I’m sure he’s a great guy because everyone loves him, I just don’t feel much about him. Everyone always asked Lloyd what to do, which led to the whole “self-insert” feel, because realistically speaking there’s no reason to be asking Lloyd what to do, except for the fact that he’s the protagonist, which is a fact that the characters shouldn’t be aware of. Maybe Chronicles added some dialogue to fix all these things?

Idk I mean INTPs are supposed to have low Fe but I swear sometimes I am the only person who thinks about including everyone in organising events meetings, birthday parties, farewells etc. Everyone else just does their own thing and keeps quiet about it, or they completely forget about people. But I feel physically sick if I don’t include people in things and I’m usually the first to initiate it what is this?  


We almost felt a bit of an “oops” when we walked in and realized it was a black church. However, so many people smiled warmly, said hello, beckoned to us — I recall an older lady in a marvelous hat even took my elbow and bellowed a hello! — that we couldn’t refuse. We felt self-conscious and sweaty (it was un-air-conditioned), but no one else seemed to give us a second thought. One of my favorite parts of the Methodist service is “the peace,” where the minister goes into the congregation to grant you peace, and you greet the people next to you. We were greeted with such an effusive and genuine warmth, I was almost taken aback; what did I do to deserve such an expression of love? It turns out I didn’t do anything, except exist. 

“You should come back,” they said, as we shopped for a church that felt like home. How could we refuse?



I’m shelving books near the newspaper section, when I overhear this conversation between a couple of older people and one of our very odd patrons.

Odd Patron: See, this entire planet is just a replica of Earth. A demon blinded me with sorcery and brought me here. I can’t eat any of the food because it’s made by sorcery for clones, and I’m not a clone. I don’t know what to do. What do you think I should do?

Older Man: I…I have no idea…

Older Lady: Could you two talk about something else??

Me: *tries not to fall over laughing*

The odd patron continued to insist that we were all clones, tried to throw away all our horror and sci-fi books, and presumably stole a painting of a skeleton, as he had tried to several times before it disappeared. We couldn’t contact him, and have never seen him again. We assumed he was taken back to the real Earth.


EDIT: the avoided section is for drama that you consciously have avoided. If you just happen to not have watched it, just leave it empty or tick IDKWID

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Thanks for answering my question! I think we should know why 2 people are good for each so we ourselves will know why we are shipping them. Another question: Why do think Michonne is good for Rick?

I feel like there are probably a million reasons here, but I’ll try to keep it short. I think Michonne is the perfect balance to Rick’s sort of recklessness. She’s the ying to his yang. It’s why I love that she was the one to knock Rick out. No one else could’ve done that and had him basically say, “Eh, she was right…” Rick was completely gone once they got to Alexandria, even more so than when they first met, and Michonne was the one to bring him back. She has such a good head on her shoulders, she knows when he’s doing just enough, and she’ll wholly support him (The Claimers, The Terminans), but when he takes it too far (Aaron, Alexandria), she has no problem stepping up to him and telling him he needs to chill. And I think that’s why he listens. Because she’s not always in his face like Lori was, questioning his every move, but she will if she has to. It’s not easy being king, and in Michonne, he has a queen that is very much his equal.

Then there’s her bond with Carl, and now Judith, sort of. It was very interesting in Crossed that there seemed to be this unspoken agreement that either she go to Grady, or he go, but it couldn’t be both of them. I think, even though Rick doesn’t necessarily know that she was a mother, he knows he can trust her to take care of his children. He offered her the role of best friend to Carl, and she rose to the occasion without question, without fail, and became more than that. And I said it in the post about Rick, about how fiercely protective he is of his children, and so is she. Danai mentioned how a lioness is all about her cubs, and how lethal she becomes if they’re threatened. You see that in her during the Claimers scene, and also at the church when Father Gabriel gets them nearly killed. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, how she’s taken Rick’s kids on as her own. (Hopefully, we see more of them in S6 at some point.) I think having those kids has filled in some of the voids she had, and she’s now a really great combination of loving, loyal, and dangerous, which is exactly what Rick needs.

i read the most delightful detective conan/avengers crossover fanfic where the shounen tantei solved a murder right in front of the avengers and they were like “wtf why are small children solving murders” and i’m delighted because i feel like this should be the proper response to every detective conan episode.


169: I went to Manchester. Everyone kept asking why and the answer is just I had never been and wanted to go. It’s supposed to be the North’s London, right? One of the things I wanted to do was check out Chinatown. I think their gate is definitely more impressive than London’s. Other highlights include seeing some shipping in Forbidden Planet and getting a CD for 49p.

You no longer have a hold on me and I can’t help but feel overjoyed about it. I have finally let everything go and for some reason you feel/sound so bitter and it worries me that you haven’t found that closure yet but I really want you to. Because holding on to everything we became is a heavy weight neither of us should have to bear. I forgive you and myself. Now you should do the same. Because I once told you I could never be your best friend again, I meant it and I can’t help that you miss me, I’m sorry for that, but I dived in too deep. You use to be something quite like an addiction to me and you no longer have that lingering need over me. I will forever care and cherish what we had when it was good, but everything else will fade away.

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I think if someone doesn't use protection and gets pregnant, they should get an abortion if they think it's what's best. But I also think we should stress that using protection is important. Because you could get infected. And it could be permanent.

Yes, anon, I get where you’re coming from, but then again, so does everyone else, we know, it’s pretty evident if you ask me, but either way we do make part it part of our work to inform people about protection and whatnot, there’s no need to stress it out even more.


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I am platoni/quoiromantic and I think that there should be a word for an alterous (neither fully romantic nor platonic) crush. To my knowledge there is no such word - correct me if I'm wrong. There are lots of words that already exist for other kinds of crushes - smush, plush, lush, squish, swish. I believe the word should be "squash". It's like squish, but sounds different enough to be recognizable as its own word. If you like it, can you please help me coin the word/spread awareness for it?

We certainly do need an alterous crush term! The only objection I have to squash is the fact that some people already use that for qpr reasons,in various contexts. 

What do the followers think? We also have another submission from someone else asking about this:

massiveearthquakeoctopus submitted:

Hey, could we coin a word for an alterous-crush? Like, trush perhaps?

Trush is a good suggestion too, since it reminds me of the attraction it’s referring to (alTEROUS sounds similar to trush)

In the end it’s al up to you guys!

~ Tabs

Love yourself

I wish we could live in a world where loving ourselves was second nature; doing what made ourselves happy was one of our main goals in life. But instead, pleasing others is what we focus on. Picking out our flaws, not eating to reach society’s “ideal weight”, cutting our skin to punish it for not being “beautiful enough”. And when that rare soul believes that they are attractive and love themselves for who they are, society says they are cocky, self-centered, arrogant. But they aren’t; they are doing what everyone else should be doing: Loving themseves. Be proud of your eyelashes! Sure, maybe one ear is bigger than the other but damn your freckles are gorgeous and are like no other! Love yourself no matter what until the very end, and you will live a happy and successful life.

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Things are getting a lot better for me. I'm really working on focusing on positivity. I mean I'm still struggling ofc, depression doesn't just disappear, but I've actually been smiling and laughing and stuff lately, and not wanting to die, and even feeling good about myself for brief moments. You are all amazing, and Loki you really helped me by encouraging me and trying to help me stay positive. Thank you all for what you're doing, this blog is part of whats keeping me going ~A

Originally posted by kanuvina

Positivity is the best cure for everything dear. I mean evidently it doesn’t completely heal you but it makes everyone feel so much better about themselves.

Body image to, say nice things about yourself or someone else comments on your appearance and you’re sky high!

those breif moments should keep you going for a long time.

Glad we could be of help, remember we’re never that far away ;)

Stay happy Hun!

- Loki x

i’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. the way you used to kiss me, hold me, and care for me. i thought i would never want anything to do with you ever again after the fallout we had, but the truth is, i miss us. we could’ve worked things out, i should’ve listened to your side of the story and you should’ve respected my decisions. i fell for you… hard, and i would give anything to have that feeling again. but i don’t want it from someone else, i want it from you. i don’t care what my friends have to say about your looks, or how quiet you are, those were the features i adored the most about you. i actually had a dream about you the other night, not really a dream as much as it was a nightmare, you were kind of dark and twisted in the dream, but ever since that dream i can’t get you out of my head. at first i got mad anxiety walking into walmart or seeing an orange dart, but now it’s those exact things that i miss. where the change of heart is coming from? i don’t know, but i do know, i miss you.
—  i made a mistake

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hello.. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I love my partner and we have been together for years... But I don't think I am IN love with them. I also feel like I may have feelings for an old friend and I don't know what to do. The idea of breaking up kills me but so does the idea of staying together when I don't love him the way he deserves... We are more like roommates than lovers. :(

I feel I should put a few disclaimers here.  One: this is my feeling about this message and may not apply to anyone else.  Two : Issues in relationships can be extremely complex and what to do in a situation varies dramatically based on many seeming small factors in each person involved and may not have been mentioned in the question.  Three: My answer is coming from my intuition not from professional relationship training. 

 That said, it comes down to a question of feeling.  There is a hormone produced by the body called oxytocin which makes a person feel in love.  It’s function is to hold a couple together long enough to form deeper and lasting bonds. It eventually fades away leaving the two people without the razzle dazzle and only the question “do I want his person to be my partner for life?”  This may be simply a transition from a love that is held together by internally produced oxytocin[the early stages of a relationship] to a deeper kind of love [the lasting kind] and your regret may be coming from an addiction to oxytocin.  Likewise, it may be that the mystical flame has died. 

It could be that it’s time for you to have a relationship with your meant-to-be soul mate and that is what’s to calling you to leave behind the relationship and find true happiness with the one who was meant for you.  That doesn’t necessarily mean your true love is your old friend but it is possible that with encouragement and a non-hostile environment, a hidden love may bloom and your old friend may have been your true love all along.  

What do you feel?  Your inner compass must tell you.  If this is simply a transition from one kind of love to a more lasting yet lack-luster kind you may want to stay.  If you want to leave, it may help if you were to help your current partner find his true love and in doing so yours may be revealed and it may or may not be your old friend.  I know all that sound like I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth but all I have to go on is my intuition about your message.  I hope something in what I said helped.