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To celebrate, here is my top 5 pictures of Aneurin, with a little Fionn bonus here (as I like him very much, plus this photo is sooo gorgeous).

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10 Aneurin Barnard Performances

“When I was a kid it was just something that I did automatically. I used to irritate the hell out of my family pretending to be different characters – cowboys, indians, James Bond. So, I guess I accidentally figured it out but, as a child, I didn’t really know that acting existed as a real profession. Even when I got a bit older and realised I could actually do it for a living, it was still untouchable, because I grew up in a small valley in South Wales. I had no connections to the business whatsoever. Then by chance, when I was 11 years old, I heard about a local youth theatre. That was what really got the ball rolling”

(*will update as more roles have footage)

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Here is a picture that I like very much. Just so you know, I usually end up fangirling over people who have, also a love for dogs. I’m a huuuge team dog member. When I saw this pic early one (when I first started stalking Nye, that is) I was like oookay that man meets my standards, we’re good!

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