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Since your Canadian I thought you’d find this story a little funny. I live in the US and for two years I lived in California but the rest of my life I’ve lived in Minnesota. Now most of America gives us the same stereotype as Canada and therefor call us south Canada. When I was living in California a boy asked me why Canada had its own States. He thought Canada was a state bc of Minnesota’s nickname. Kinda like there is Virginia and West Virginia. To this day I laugh whenever I remember.

I can believe it! Minnesotins (is that right? Minnesotians?) people from Minnesota are so nice! You could be Canadian! You all are awesome. Like Donna from Supernatural! Briana Buckmaster (who plays Donna) actually is Canadian, from Saskatchewan!

Coincidence? I think not!!! Lol

And then I have cousins whose father was born and raised Canadian, but they were born in America, and live down south and think we use dog sleds and live in igloos. 

I just nod along and smile.

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Surviving the Olicity breakup

Here are some possibly unhelpful but funny (or not) tips to help you to control your sadness and convince yourself that everything is going to be fine. In this moment, the support from family and friends is very important, so keep your loved ones close and remember that you are not alone and I believe in you. We’re gonna be fine.

-          Keep in mind, at the beginning of the episode, that there is an end. It’s not that far off. The season has 23 episodes and you will heal. After all, they find themselves in each other.*

-          If you think you need help, don’t hesitate. Go to twitter, tumblr… there are olicity fans all over the world. You should seek help at once specially if you*:

  • feel you are “coming apart” and are no longer in control
  • are about to take an action you may later regret (e.g.: break your TV or laptop)
  • have a history of disturbed ships or watch Shondaland shows (which means almost the same)
  • repeatedly find yourself in loss situations with your OTPs

 1.       Try not to think about it. Canalize good vibes and send the sadness to the Freudian’s repression. We can deal with it when it’s over – and, of course, safe.

 2.       Don’t watch the fanvids until you’re sure that you can handle a lot of angst because the creators like to emotionally kill us (and we love it. Even when it hurts).

3.      Pay attention to the tags on AO3, we don’t want to lose you and some break up one shots can make you stay curled up on yourself staring into the nothing for a week.

          3.1. If you are a writer: please tag to warn us. BUT PLEASE WRITE A LOT BECAUSE WE NEED YOUR STORIES TO SURVIVE, THIS IS ELEMENTARY, FUNDAMENTAL (sorry, I really like fanfics). 

4.       Be careful with Natalie and Cate’s tweets if you are NOT ready to laugh at your own pain (we don’t want to lose you because of just a little joke).

5.       Re-re-re-read the olicity fans episode reviews over and over again if you need to remember how Oliver and Felicity are meant to be.

 6.       The healing process has its progressions and regressions*. It’s ok if, at some time, you need to watch the episode again and again and cry again and again, and yell at the world on twitter, and say that Marc is cruel (being nice here), and… Do you understand?

7.       When you feel that you are stable, FEEL THE PAIN. Embrace the pain! Pain demands to be felt, and after all, “you’re gonna suffer, but you’re gonna be happy about it”, JK’s advice.

8.       Remember that they find themselves in each other and all will be well (it also helps if you remember that the most active audience are majorly composed by olicity fans, mwahaha (this isn’t a threat. Lol).

9.     “The best part about arguing is the make up sex” (SMOAK, Donna). Mama Smoak knows what’s up… we can still wait for the makeup sex against the wall, etc.

10.     Eat vegetables, drink water, sleep well and don’t forget to be awesome. 

“Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. We said that we were going to do things differently. We just need time to figure out how.” (Oliver, 4x02)

[***paraphrasing quotes from “How to survive the loss of a love”, lol | english is not my language, sorry my mistakes] 

What are your funny tips to survive the olicity breakup?