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Cherliam Baby Thoughts of the Day

To try and hit all the questions I have about the Cherliam baby in my inbox in one fell swoop, I’m just going to say a few things:

I think Cheryl had planned to have a baby for awhile via IVF, and Liam was made aware of this fact when Cherliam began. 

No, I still don’t think that Liam and Cheryl were ever actually in a romantic relationship together. I didn’t think that for the last year, and I don’t think that now.  For me to do that, I would have to suspend all logic automatically forget that the following things happened:

- Cheryl and Loammy’s relationship is announced in February. They immediately get called out for it being fake.

-Roughly one month after being “Together”, in March, pregnancy seeding started, with bump watch photos being run beginning in May, followed by Dan Wootton’s “Exclusive reveal” that Cheryl and Liam were trying for a baby, which brings me to

-What celebrity couple, ½ of which is STILL LEGALLY MARRIED, the other half being 23 and about to embark on a solo career which will have him pretty much away for extended periods of time, decide after 3 months of dating that they want to have a baby together, and what’s more, decide they want to announce that to the general public via DAN WOOTTON?

- Cheryl was baiting the press before she was even pregnant by wearing sack dresses one day and a hand pressed to her belly, and the next wearing well tailored outfits. While all this was happening, she was also selling stories to the tabloids almost daily while simultaneously calling for her privacy. I very much cannot with that. 

- Loammy basically stays in LA for pretty much Cheryl’s entire pregnancy. To try and mitigate that, they seed reasons for Loammy’s absence during her pregnancy and for why Loammy won’t be present for raising that baby shortly after its born. 

And that’s pretty much my Melly thoughts on this matter. 


Alright, sweeties! A bit of a different post from me today! I have been meaning to make this for awhile, since I haven’t seen anyone organize their grimoire the way I do, I thought this could certainly be helpful for someone!

First, let’s talk about the book itself! I don’t use a blank book or a notebook. I wanted a graph paper notebook this size, but just couldn’t find one! So, after watching this video, I was SO inspired, I could just MAKE the whole thing! So, we went out and bought a used book, a pack of graph paper and a glue stick. This was SO freeing because I make pages before I put them in, I write in pencil, then I go over it in fine Sharpie pen, erase pencil marks, and then glue the page in when I’m finished. That way, I don’t have this fear of “messing it up” (even though I think messing up things is part of the fun sometimes!).

So if you like to be organized, I might be stressing you out. I understand. Organization is something I love and need in my life. I’ve seen so many folks using binders for their grimoires, but it wasn’t my style. I wanted it to all be sort of chronological, but also organized??? My answer to this– COLOR CODING. Ever section (energy, astrology, spells, candles/incense, etc) has a different color that I make on the side facing outwards, along with the category written on the side. This way, if I’m looking for something in particular, I can flip through and find it, no problem!

Secondly, I use ENVELOPES. Alright, I love astrology. Astrology is something I want to have a lot about in my book, but also I don’t want to take it up my entire book with this. So envelopes were my answer for this! I water-colored each envelope in a color suit that felt fitting to each of the elements, and drew on the constellation, glued those bad boys in, and BAM, I have WAY more room to add things about signs because I can just stick ‘em in their designated envelopes. 

In addition, I like using/decorating with things from the internet, magazines, etc. This is YOUR book, your documentation of learning, your personal reference. Don’t be afraid to go off the ‘traditional’ leather bound, calligraphy written, beautiful grimoires if that isn’t your style! It doesn’t make it ANY less witchy or magical to use highlighters, friends! Don’t be afraid, no one can tell you what is right or wrong when it comes to YOUR grimoire!

Also, I would LOVE to see your grimoires, so tag me in your photos!! 


I need friends [part 2]

awhile ago I made a similar post asking for people to message me to become friends and it got a lot of notes.

Seriously, 100+ notes is like a lot of people.

I have made some friends with the post & we continuously talk every day.


The tags are things I like/love specifically anime/games. If you enjoy any of the things I tag we can talk about it via dm’s or if you just need someone to talk to everyday this is what I am here for! ❤️

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The Hunger Games: Well, it’s so nice to see all of you again! Let kick of the meeting with The Mortal Instruments and their new books.

The Mortal Instruments: *tears* so pretty……

The Hunger Games: And the TV show?

The Mortal Instruments: *growl*

The Hunger Games: It’s ok Hun, we understand. Ok how about you Divergent?

Divergent: *blankly staring ahead* no

Percy Jackson: They are just done I would refrain from the questions for awhile.

The Hunger Games: ok that’s understandable. Well how are you Percy Jackson with the Trials of Apollo?

Percy Jackson: Honestly don’t know any more…… *whispers* solangalo

The Hunger Games: How about the new series?

Percy Jackson: *tears* fall of 2018…. FALL OF FREAKING 2018 *sobs*

The Hunger Games: Honey breath we understand. Harry Potter your awful quiet today. How was the new book?

Harry Potter: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

The Hunger Games: ummmm Cursed Child..?

Harry Potter: ohhhhhhhh that fanfic with J. K. Rowling’s name on it? Let’s not go there.

The Hunger Games: Sure…….

Head canon/theory

So I am gonna talk briefly about something I have avoided talking about for awhile- 

Marinette’s “Adrien schedule”, the where, the how, and the creepy factor of it. 

Now a lot of people have a lot of feelings on this matter from “Its just a joke who cares” to “This is the start of some seriously dangerous behavior,” and people have made really good arguments on both sides as to how should we be looking at this dynamic.

First off I will 100% say- Marinette WTF girl take a chill pill. She has clearly let her crush turn into a full on obsession and that’s not good for her. Regardless of HOW BAD it is, this is not good behavior and I do hope that Marinette’s obsessiveness gets addressed as this is just one symptom of a larger problem. 

But for this argument we are not going to look at her crush in its entirety and just talk about the schedule. 

It brings up the question how did she get this? Is she full on stalking him now? 

As others have pointed out and agonized over there is information on there that isn’t just his weekly activities (particularly there is a box that talks about having an “Appointment with his father”) Other things being Vacation, the Roller event- what we saw in timebreaker presumably, “Going out with friends”, Volunteering at the anime shelter (with a picture of a cute cat face), and several lunchs including with Thomas (subtle there hawkdaddy) and with Adrien AAAAAAAHHHHH (yes it actually has little screams there) 

The first big question we have to ask is this: Is this schedule ONLY Adrien’s schedule, or is it hers as well that she has superimposed his on top of? 

Based on some of the things we have seen above I am inclined to lean towards the latter. As much as its easy to assume that things like Vacation and Volunteering at an animal shelter could be Adrien’s, especially since we always assume that cats= Adrien, it actually makes far more sense if these were Marinette’s activities. Marinette has no reason to associate Adrien with cats at present, and at least for my mind I have trouble imagining overprotective Gabe letting Adrien do such a thing. Similarly the Vacation section is full of cute illustrations of beach themed things- an unlikely thing for Adrien to be doing with his family. Plus if this was simply a stalker calendar wouldn’t it make more sense that if he was going on vacation that would be viewed as a sad event since he would be gone. Not to mention “Going out with friends” seems fairly generous for the Agreste household seeing how hard Adrien has to struggle to get the freedoms we see in the show. 

The other telling one to me is the “Lunch with Adrien AAAAAAAAAA” 

That seems like a very odd thing to write if it is his schedule >_> 

This takes us to the most arguably problematic thing: “meeting with his father” with a little picture of a sewing needle. 

If you want to be generous there is the possibility that it is in point of fact Marinette meeting with his father- she did after all win a competition. However it is just as possible that it is a meeting Adrien is having with his father. Especially as nothing I have said thus far negates that she absolutely has written down his weekly activities. 

This take me to my personal interpretation of what we are seeing and that is another manifestation of her obsessive behaviour when it comes to Adrien. I don’t think she had tracked down his schedule months in advance so much that she is writing down everything she learns about what he is or will be doing. Whenever she learns something new about what he is does- she adds it to her calendar. 

Now- regardless of how extreme her calendar is, whether it is hers or just his, Marinette’s compulsive behavior in this regard isn’t good and should be addressed. As much as its fun to see it as a joke, obsessive behavior like this should not be thrown out just as a joke, it should be shown to be unhealthy. She needs to work on her issues, not just this but her other bad behaviors she had adopted in pursuit of her crush. But at least for me personally I see it more as an obsessive documentation than preemptive stalking

That’s my thoughts on it anyways ^_^ 


Thank you, Taylor for giving me music to dance to, cry to, sing to, play piano and ukulele to, and scream out the car window to.
Thank you for checking up on me every once and awhile, you have no idea how happy that makes me!
Thank you for being on my side for the majority of my life, it’s been amazing growing up with you.
Thank you for creating the best nights of my life (fearless tour, red tour, 1989 tour).
Thank you for being just an amazing human being, but also being a cute dork who’s obsessed with cats.
You mean so much to me, I love you more than I can even begin to explain (can we talk about the fact that in 2/6 of my posts Taylor’s liked I said that, can that be our thing?)
p.s. I tried to come up with a joke to put in this but I had problems thinking of something that would make you laugh so just remember that I will be on your side fur-ever, please don’t fur-get that.
(really halley, cat puns, that’s the best you could do? ugh you’ve got to be kitten me)

The Story Of Corroded Crank [Long Post]

Art belongs to @shamefulbirb, who is very kind enough to draw my version of Corroded Crank.

Awhile back I presented my idea of a Dark Ethan. We were talking about Anti and Dark and I had an idea for Ethan. But alas, I have no drawing skills and writing it out wasn’t coming to me. So I shared the idea with the Birb, and she was very excited and latched to the idea and brought our clunky blue dude to life.

Now what I like about Birb is that she took the boy and adapted him as her own, gave him a story and lined him out as her own. But she was very sweet to constantly say that he was my idea. Corroded Crank – or CC as we affectionately call the blue bot – became our fun little project. Bouncing back and forth cute and fun ideas according to her head cannons and just breathing life into him.

But here’s the thing. While Birb was writing CC’s story, I already had my own full story for him. And my blue bot was… He was a far difference from her interpretation of the little blue bot… See while Birb gave him a more child-like feel – a sort of Pinocchio learning the world thing – my blue boy wasn’t so innocent.

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Yet another fun playdate with our favorite fox cub!

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had Micah over to play with the kiddos! But I’m sure his parents have been busy now with a new baby in the house, and I sense that Micah is absolutely in love with his sister. He’s been talking a lot about her, and we’re all very excited for him and his parents, and we can’t wait to meet her!

I’m so glad the weather decided to be in our favor. We are currently redecorating Damian and I’s bedroom, and have moved Max and Aiden with us upstairs, in the room next to us! We have boxes and toys all over the floor, but we’re still able to get around, so I guess it’s not really as bad as it seems!

It’s really fun now that the little twins are older, and moving around a lot more (they’ll actually be 1 year next month, can you believe it?!). Lumi will instantly love everyone who wants to play with her, so she and Micah got along really well from the start. Noah is actually really shy, and even though we tried to bribe him with toys, it took some time to win him over. Max and Aiden also love to play with their younger siblings, so it was nice to see all of them play together. Also now that Lumi is walking a bit on her own, I noticed how carefully Micah would walk around her. He placed his hand on her head 20 times, so I think he was afraid of pushing her over. She’s quite clumsy, and has fallen over many times already. I try to teach the older kids to help me keep an eye on her, and be more careful when the little ones are walking around (I can’t have my eyes glued on them 24/7, it’s just not at all realistic), but I’m telling you; Aiden is like a tiny bulldozer who sometimes will crash into everyone, and not keep an eye on what he’s doing.

I managed to get the kids indoors (it started raining, which is just too typical). William will be home for dinner (he’s at soccer practice), so once I have finished this blog post, I will have Aiden, Noah and Lumi moved to the office and kitchen area with their toys, so I can keep an eye on them - and hopefully Em, Max and Micah will be little angels and help me with the food! May you all have a wonderful day!

Head Over Feet - Ch 3, “Courtship by Kitten”

“You like me,” I whisper, really and truly processing this for the first time, and Peeta pulls me to him in a powerful hug. He’s warm and solid and wonderful, and I can’t help melting a little against his chest.

“Yes, Chicken Little,” he chuckles, nuzzling his cheek against my hair. “I like you. A lot. So very much. Maybe we should just stick to that for awhile,” he suggests. “I’m a little afraid you’ll run for the hills if the rest starts sinking in.”

He draws back and brushes my cheek with the hand not full of Ziploc bags. “Why don’t you go back out with your sister, little bird?” he offers tenderly. “I’ll finish up in here and –”

“Because,” I answer with all the authority of an imperious infanta, “if I go back out there I’ll have to talk to Prim about this, and I don’t even understand what’s going on. And she’s going to ask a million questions –”

“Would you rather I answer those?” he wonders, playfully waggling his brows. “Because if I do, I make no guarantee that words like adore, in love, and want her to be my girlfriend won’t make appearances.”

I seethe at him but I know he’s right. Ever since he kissed me last night, he hasn’t been able to stop saying the most ridiculously sweet things to me, and Prim would gobble up every last morsel like a greedy piranha. At least if I talk to her first I can buffer things a bit, like I did last night with the chickens and the bismark.

“Okay,” I grumble, and he grins.

“I’ll make all of this up to you,” he says, giving my hand a reassuring squeeze. “Oh Katniss, you have no idea how much I’m looking forward to making things up to you.”

For some reason this makes me blush furiously, and in a fashion that makes no promise of fading anytime soon.

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I posted this about a month ago but never linked it here, so just in case anyone missed it, here’s some fluffy high school!Everlark. Posted on AO3.

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i’m so sorry you sent this in awhile ago and i just didn’t get around to posting it but this is the best message ever i’m as excited and confused as you are about the whole thing. magnus looks so gorgeous in that outfit everyone looks so pretty?? i can’t wait to gif footage from this party oh gosh. what if we get a balcony makeout scene?? i’m gonna die let’s talk more about this party tbh like everything else is irrelevant except how amazing this party is going to be

plus imagine:

  • magnus and alec having a private moment upstairs away from the crowd
  • magnus telling alec that he’s a good big brother to max
  • alec telling magnus that he’s really glad he was able to introduce max to magnus
  • alec saying he owes magnus one for the party that he’s so glad to have had magnus by his side throughout everything
  • magnus saying he wants to collect on that now and pulling alec onto the bed

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Who was your first kiss guys? :)

Sirius: Marlene, she tasted like strawberries, it was grand ;)

Peter: Emmelnie,I am not ashamed that shes my first and that I waited this long, she is so sweet, we have grown quite fond of each other, oh stop laughing Sirius!

Remus: Mary actually, we saw each other on and off for awhile, she’s a sweet girl.

James: Well erm, we don’t talk about it but, y’know, Marly and I we grew up together, she’s like my sister, but well summer after 1st year it seemed as though everyone was snoggin’ someone but us so we tried it. Worst. Idea. Ever. It was like kissing my sister. Ick!

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So I've been dating this person for awhile now, and we've talked about living together and getting married but never sex until today. I'm ace, but she is not. She brought it up like "hey, sometime we need to talk about this" and I was kinda ready to start talking about it then (I mean, why else bring it up) but she changed the subject. She wants to wait til we have "time" to talk, but I think I need to talk about it ASAP cuz I'm already entering sex repulsed anxiety mode. Like is this a thing?

Yeah, I’d definitely talk to her about it soon. As long as she isn’t pressuring you, though, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I mean, you’ve both come this far in the relationship. It sounds like she brought it up because she wants to know what your boundaries are (and to tell you hers in return).Being nervous about having this kind of discussion or even just talking about sex in general is totally a thing. I think most people get nervous before any sort of big relationship talk.

- Ino

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So I was wondering if maybe you could help me find a particular fanfic? From what I can remember it was about Draco continually going back in time to keep Harry from dying. I know one of the instances was Harry got hit on the head by a brick that fell from the roof of some house or shop... I've been trying to find it again for awhile now but I'm just not having any luck...

Sorry this took me awhile I knew this fic immediately but couldn’t remember the name it was driving me nuts!

I’m 99% sure you’re talking about At The Crossroads There We’ll Meet by @firethesound which is soooo good


Sorry for ugly links stupid non formatting app.

"Et tu, Brute?" (Nygmobblepot Julius Caesar AU)


okay so this doesn’t take place during Julius Caesar’s time and is not exactly like the play; i just took events from Julius Caesar and applied it to Ed and Oswald!! (fun fact: i am reading Julius Caesar in my English class!) AND I WAS READING IT AND JUST GOT THIS IDEA AND I HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYS THIS LITTLE IMAGINE (you probably won’t; it’s very sad.)


Edward was afraid.
Oswald was changing.
Edward didn’t know what to do.
Edward loves Oswald, but Oswald was not the same person anymore.
And Ed had to do something about this.

“Oswald,” Edward knocked on Oswald’s office door, “Can we talk for awhile?”

“Of course, Ed,” Oswald answered, “Have a seat.”

Edward hesitantly sat down on the plush, velvet couch.

“I think we should talk about something, Ozzie,” Ed started.

“Okay, but can you make it quick?” Oswald asked snidely, “I have many things to do. I am a busy man, after all.”

“That’s exactly what I want to talk about, Oswald, you are…different.” Ed said.

“What do you mean, Ed?” Oswald wondered.

“We barely ever spend time together anymore, all you care about is either killing people who get in your way or losing yourself in your work, you are always angry or tired, and I don’t even remember the last time you visited your parents’ graves.” Ed listed.

“Did you only want to talk to me to complain about who I am?” Oswald asked, “This is the new me, Ed. You can’t change me. This is the way it has to be.“

“Then, I have nothing else to say to you.” Ed replied.


Ed really did not want to do this.
But, he had to.
It was the only way.
Oswald was never going to change.

Ed had everything planned. He was going to do it after Oswald’s interview. His palms were sweating, his heart was racing, his breathing was accelerating. No, Ed couldn’t do this. But, he had to.

Oswald’s interview was over.

It was time.

Oswald walked over to where Ed was standing.

It was time.

“Oswald, can we go talk in private?” Ed asked.

“Why?” Oswald questioned, “So you can criticize me again?”

“No,” Ed replied, “This is very important, I promise.”

It was time.

They went to a separate room.

It was time.

Edward closed the door.

It was time.

Edward held the knife behind his back.

It was time.

“Okay, Ed, what do you-”

It was time.

Ed plunged the knife into Oswald’s back.
Oswald let out a strangled cry.
He fell to his knees.
Oswald couldn’t believe it.
Ed had literally stabbed him in the back.

“E-Ed, why?” Oswald slowly fell backward. Silent tears streamed down his cheeks.

Ed felt guilty.
Why did he do this?
This was not the right thing to do.
He could have done something else.
He could have changed Oswald.
He was not too far gone.
It’s too late.
He had stabbed the man he loved.

Ed pulled Oswald into his arms. “I’m so sorry, Ozzie,” Ed cried, “I thought I had no choice. You had changed too much. You were turning into someone I didn’t think I loved anymore. I was wrong. But, it’s too late…it’s too late.”

Oswald was quickly bleeding out. He didn’t have much time left. He had to tell Ed how he really felt.

“No, I’m sorry, my love,” Oswald croaked, “I have changed too much. I let the power get to my head. It took over. I haven’t appreciated you as much as I should have. Ed, I love you so much. I always will. It’s okay. I understand why you did it.”

“No, Oswald, it’s not okay,” Edward sobbed, “It will never be okay again. I love you. This should never have happened.”

“Just promise me one thing, Ed,” Oswald whispered, “Please move on. Don’t fret over me. You did the right thing.”

“Ozzie, I don’t know if I can,” Ed replied, “But, I can try. If that is your last request…”

“I adore you, my lovely riddler,” Oswald said his last words, “Remember that.”

Oswald closed his eyes for the final time.

He was gone.


Once they had walked for awhile and Sevella had filled him in on everything except her own personal news, she knew it was time to tell him. 

Sevella: “Bren? There’s something else I have to tell you.”

Brennan: “I figured there was. You’ve been contemplative and your face always gives you away. I was just waiting for you to come out with it.”

Sevella: “I’m sorry. I guess I should have brought it up first. I actually tried to talk to you about it before you lost your memories, but we were interrupted by Oryen.”

Brennan: “You were going to tell me something right when we had decided that we were going to likely die? It must be something bad.”

Sevella: “No, not bad. Just…..unexpected.”

i made a post awhile ago about supporting female brass players and let me tell you. i am so. fucking. sick. of getting comments on the post adding on about how male woodwind players have it so tough too.

no. i’m talking about FEMALE BRASS PLAYERS. who have to prove their talent over and over again. who grew up being told we played the wrong instrument. who are just as passionate as male players. who are told not to cough during blind auditions because it lets people know you’re female.

please leave my post alone. let it support all the young girls who are being told to switch instruments. let it acknowledge all the girls who have been auditioning for years and are starting to give up hope. let us have our moment.

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I’m cackling oh my god 

CASS AND I ARE ALWAYS YELLING AT EACH OTHER WE JUST DON’T MAKE YOU GUYS PUT UP WITH IT ANYMORE. But have no fear kiddo the yelling is a daily thing–just only via private messaging platforms lmao

Can we have a brief talk about how casual Gotham Rogues fans get after awhile?

Like I’ve gone from calling Jon “Scarecrow” to “Crane” and now I’m just calling him Jon because fuck it, you guys know who I’m talking about.

Same deal with Eddie, I don’t call him Nygma or Riddler anymore, he’s Eddie.

And almost every fan I’ve come across does it too.

Like we talk about these characters like they’re old friends. Not…y'know, fictional characters.

[I like this. I listened to THIS to get an idea of how the game goes, thanks for the recommendation from that anon, it was pretty damn funny. I hope you guys enjoy!]

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Even if Jay did sit doen talk about his past what would he even say. Just say what happened? Tell a story about how he was a drunk? Ok but then what?

What needed to happen was we needed to know about his issues and have him be triggered by those things along the way. He hasn’t been triggered really yet so what would it be??

I’m gonna need more than “a lot of my army buddies died.”

They need to have him say stuff that explains why Jay acted the way he did in some episode awhile ago but seemed normal at the time.

The more he doesn’t get triggered by things, the less significant his trauma seems. Like it makes no sense that he can drink casually after bring a blackout drunk. Or can be in a firefight as a cop after IEDs or whatever mouse said.

Putting it off this long was a mistake by the writers because they haven’t had an idea in mind this whole time, and now they have to make this match four seasons of little hints.