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The Story So Far by MacKenzie Richmond
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Warped Tour 2014 | White River Amphitheater | Auburn, WA | 6/28/14

Compromise can be fun.

Simon:  Thar be a merchant ship within range.  Fly the Jolly Roger and prepare to board!

River:  What?  No!  We’re spacebuns and our spaceship is at warp factor 9.

Simon:  Oh.  Well, can we be space pirates?

River:  …Okay!

fic editsdream a little dream of me (ao3) by @g-uttertrash - M, 30k

“So,” he finally says, crumpling a wrapper and throwing it into one of the bags. They’re parked on the side of the road overlooking a field about five miles away, the windows down, one of Louis’ mixtapes playing classic Bowie while birds twitter outside, hopping along the low fence.
“Where to next?”
Zayn glances back, grinning as he slides his sunglasses back on. “Let’s get the gang back together, yeah?”
“Excellent,” Louis says, looking out the window. He smiles. “I love reunion tours.”
or, Inception AU where Louis and his team of extractors steal secrets from the heads of corporations for money until a job goes horribly wrong and they have to bring in someone new: a fresh-faced uni student named Harry Styles).

anonymous asked:

Bryke deffinitly have a thing for "emo teen" characters. We have Zuko and Mai, who when portrated by Bryke have this stupid "i hate the world" thing and they of course are a couple. Then, we have one of Tophs students in comics and one of Suyins kids is basically the same character, and maybe Eska and Desna even count. I mean we had normal guys like Teo and Haru back then and now it seems that Bryke don't even know how to write an interesting side-character. Lets make them goth/emo, lol!

Oh yeah, I remember Toph’s student, The Dark One, LOL! Yeah, Bryke definitely have a thing for that character type, don’t they? To me it seems like those characters are their way of making fun of teenagers, like Aang’s fangirls in the comics. In Book 3, Bryke just decided to warp Zuko and Mai into that cliche emo/goth “I hate the world” couple, even though it really didn’t fit the story. I think it’s sad that Bryke viewed Zuko simply as the emo kid stereotype. His character was always far more complex than that…

Zuko and Mai’s relationship was a train wreck and I could never tell what I was supposed to feel with it. I don’t even think the writers knew what they were doing. They were endgame, so I guess we were supposed to see them as a good couple, and Bryke have said that they are a good couple. But the relationship was written so poorly and it was SO confusing. All I wanted was for them to break up. Mai was definitely written differently in Book 2. And The Awakening was exactly how I pictured her and Zuko’s interactions. She was cold and uncaring he didn’t seem to like her much.

Then in the very next episode, they are suddenly all sappy, and the “I hate the world” and “I don’t hate you” stuff began. That was really shocking to me, since it literally came out of nowhere. It was incredibly bizarre and just did NOT fit the story, and I remember how confused I was by Book 3′s characterization. This was the start of when Zuko was depicted as simply an angsty “emo” teen.

The Beach is such a weird episode. They retconned Mai’s personality entirely. Instead of being spoiled and apathetic, she is simply “unable to express herself”. That wasn’t how she was in Book 2. They act miserable around each other, and Zuko is really emotionally unstable and self-destructive for the whole episode and they break up. Then at the end there is the forced happy ending and they are kissing and we’re supposed to support them…I guess? They’re just that emo couple who love to be miserable together. I guess that is how we were supposed to see them?

And their final scene together is Mai telling Zuko she “doesn’t hate” him. Gee, how romantic. Just what Zuko would want to hear after a lifetime of being starved for love, LOL! Man, what a disaster. I never imagined this stuff happening before Book 3. It was so OOC.

Pokemon Card of the Day #869: Dustox (Diamond & Pearl)

Dustox was another Stage 2 Grass-type with high Energy costs and relatively low damage. This one focused on Special Conditions, which could shut down Poke-Powers. That was basically the only thing Dustox had going for it, though Toxic Dust’s Poison could make that damage add up a bit more quickly. Any opponent that had ways to switch out could pretty much get around Dustox, though, so it seemed to be a risky play from the start.

Dustox did have 120 HP, which was reasonable for a Stage 2. It was very likely to at least take one hit if not two. Sadly, it also had a +30 Weakness to Fire, which left it open to a KO from Infernape and also gave it problems against Magmortar. The Retreat Cost, 2, was about average. Something like Warp Point could help but wasn’t completely required.

Stun Spore did 30 damage for a Grass and a Colorless and had a flip for Paralysis. This was really best for stalling, and not too great to rely on unless in a desperate spot.

Toxic Dust was a bit better. The cost was high, at 2 Grass and 2 Colorless, and it did just 50 damage. The Poison, which also put 2 damage counters instead of 1 on the Defending Pokemon between turns, made it a good bit better. That both shut off Poke-Powers and added up very quickly. If the opponent couldn’t switch, only the bulkiest Pokemon-ex and those with a Grass Resistance could take two hits from this. If the opponent could switch, however, it was sadly underwhelming.

If the opponent didn’t have some way around Dustox, it could actually be pretty good. Of course, the ways around Dustox tended to be the same as ways around a ton of other Pokemon, and the popularity of cards such as Warp Point, Super Scoop Up, and Warp Energy really made it hard to be successful with Dustox. It wasn’t bad, considering it was still useful when things went right, but it was kind of slow on top of all that and was best for more casual games.

Every object that has mass creates a little depression in the fabric of the cosmos. Thus the universe, as Dennis Overbye has put it, is “the ultimate sagging mattress.” Gravity on this view is no longer so much a thing as an outcome—“not a ‘force’ but a byproduct of the warping of spacetime,” in the words of the physicist Michio Kaku, who goes on: “In some sense, gravity does not exist; what moves the planets and stars is the distortion of space and time.”
Of course the sagging mattress analogy can take us only so far because it doesn’t incorporate the effect of time. But then our brains can take us only so far because it is so nearly impossible to envision a dimension comprising three parts space to one part time, all interwoven like the threads in a plaid fabric. At all events, I think we can agree that this was an awfully big thought for a young man staring out the window of a patent office in the capital of Switzerland.
—  ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ by Bill Bryson, 2005,
Part III: A New Age Dawns, Chapter 8: Einstein’s Universe

Sept. 8. I took my vows
Sept. 9. To Stonyhurst the seminary
Sept. 24. First saw the Northern Lights. My eye was caught by beams of light and dark very like the crown of horny rays the sun makes behind a cloud. At first I thought of silvery cloud until I saw that these were more luminous and did not dim the clearness of the stars in the Bear. They rose slightly radiating thrown out from the earthline. Then I saw soft pulses of light one after another rise and pass upwards arched in shape but waveringly and with the arch broken. They seemed to float, not following the warp of the sphere as falling stars look to do but free though concentrical with it. This busy working of nature wholly independent of the earth and seeming to go on in a strain of time not reckoned by our reckoning of days and years but simpler and as if correcting the preoccupation of the world by being preoccupied with and appealing to and dated to the day of judgment was like a new witness to God and filled me with delightful fear
—  Gerard Manley Hopkins, from his notebooks (h/t @geekerrific)