Warcraft Zoology Prompts

So I’m remaking a combination post of my previous WoW zoology prompts I wrote up some time ago. :

Fjord Penguin - Does your character put on their best outfit when going to social outings? In other words, do they prefer to keep up their appearance?

Spirit Beast - If there is something that your character wants that is unattainable does your character let it be or do they continue to fight for it?

Warp Stalker - Does your character prefer to fight from the shadows or face to face?

Wyvern - Is there someone in your character’s life they feel indebted to? How does your character prefer to “return a favor”?

Spore Walker - Is your character open about their emotions or do they tend to bottle them up? Has your character been known to emotionally lash out?

Crawdad - Time for a scavenger hunt. Find three items that represent your character. (bonus if pictures are included)

Rylak - Does your character have a preferred mount they use? If so, what?

Hippogryph - Has your character taken someone under their wing? An apprentice? Adoption?

Nian - Is your character superstitious?

Jormungar - Is there anything your character wants to free themselves from?

Whale Shark - Do they wait for others to approach them or are they the ones to initiate conversation first?

Fox - Does your character tackle a problem head on or do they look for alternative ways to solve something?

Zhevra - Does your character follow/wield the Light? Are they more connected to Shadow magic? Perhaps they follow a more neutral path? Something completely different?

Quilen - Is your character a leader or a follower? Somewhere in between?

Mud Jumper Toad - Your character gets to make three wishes. What would they be?

Scorpid - Does your character prefer to fight alone or fight along side someone?

Crystal Spider - What are your character’s thoughts on technology? Or do they prefer to use more primitive tools?

Jungle Axebeak - Does your character belief in luck? Do they tend to have good or bad luck?

Pandaren Phoenix - Does your character have high moral standards?

Skytalon -  Does your character remember their dreams? What is a reoccurring dream your character has? Any nightmares?

Mana Wyrm - Has your character performed any sort of experiments? If so, provide an example of one? How does your character feel about them?

Kunchong - If your character had to eat one type of food for the rest of their lives what would it be?

Ravager - Has your character gone through any significant physical changes recently? And tattoos, scars, or body modifications?

Saber Cat - Does your character belief in fight or flight?

Reef Cow - Does your character have any children? If not, do they want children?

Talbuk - Does your character partake in any sort of ritual(s)?

Elderhorn - Does your character fight for their convictions?

Pterrodax - Does your character take more after their mother or father? How so?

Crested Basilisk - Is your character stubborn? Is there any wiggle room when it comes to changing their mind?

Bat - What if your character lost their sight? How would they react and cope?

Bear - Is your character strong physically? If not, what attributes makes up for a lack in such?

Scarab Beetle - How resilient is your character?

Boar - What smell brings about pleasant memories for your character? Unpleasant memories?

Warden Owl - How lawful is your character? Do they take the law in their own hands?

Draenor Kaliri - Does your character prefer the day or night time? If they had to stay awake during hours they aren’t use to, how would they cope?

Carrion Bird - Is your character neat and tidy or are they messy?

Chimaera - Does your character have a duel type personality? Is there a part of them they hide from the general public?

Clefthoof - How does your character feel about hunting? Do they hunt? If so, are they are big game hunter or do they believe in hunting as a means to survival?

Corehound - Who is someone your character is fiercely loyal to?

Spiked Crab - Does your character ever get moody? What would bring about such an attitude?

Crane - What is your character’s preferred method of communication?

Crocolisk - Does your character like to take risks? Do they lie and wait for the right opportunity?

Devilsaur - Is your character intimidating? What would be something that would intimidate your character?

Dragonhawk - Your character’s thoughts on magic and its uses.

Hecklefang Hyena - How is your character’s sense of humor? What are some things that your character finds funny? What makes them laugh?

Moth - How intuitive is your character? Are they highly aware of their surroundings? Or do they tend to have tunnel vision?

Nether Ray - Does your character have a good sense of direction? Or do they get lost easily?

Shoveltusk - Is there a talent your character has that not many people know about?

Riverbeast - Is your character predictable or not?

Wolf - Does your character like to travel with a group or by themselves?

Silithid - Does your character fall in line and conform with their society, or do they take their own path?

Oh GOD I LOVE the speed force effects. 

The warping and the ripples in the air around him.
The SMOKE and the SPARKS.


On the topic of the Netflix Death Note movie thing, from someone who’s been a fan of the manga for a long time now—

I just wanna say that while I’m not super excited about it, I wouldn’t crucify it for not being 100% loyal to the original story. Death Note already has 3 live action movies (which are really fucking good!), besides the anime and even a musical, so what Netflix did is mostly a…… Re-interpretation? Sort of?

I know people are worried about this being white-washing, but let us remember that Keith Stanfield will be playing L, too! The fact that the cast doesn’t have japanese actors as the main characters is because this movie is set in Seatle– like I said, as in a (sort of) re-interpretation of the story.
I’m not gonna lie and say I didn’t feel suspicious at first, but I’m willing to give it a shot before actually criticizing it, you know. The cast looks good, and the trailer looked really cool too, so… I decided to just wait instead of getting mad ahead of time.

Plus the japanese public actually seems excited about it!

So idk, it’s good to be concerned about stuff like this, but just… Give this one a chance before bashing it.

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1. Lauren never insulted anyone. She stated that the constant aggression of the CS was invasive and disrespectful, which is valid, because it IS. It's her life, and people are warping it into some fictional story for their own purposes, and then have the audacity to be put off when she doesn't fit the expectations they've concocted. She has every cause to be upset. Sure, not every CS has been problematic, but if someone wasn't part of the aggression, then she clearly wasn't talking about them.

2. She HAS tried being polite about it. Yeah, she played along in the beginning when it was innocent enough, but it’s gotten progressively out of hand. She’s said various times, on social media and in interviews, that it’s not a thing and that it makes her uncomfortable. But folks just ignored her and did whatever they wanted. It’s been five years. She’s tried being nice- it didn’t work. I don’t know how else folks need her to say it for it to get through. CS honestly brought it on themselves.


Yes. A person is bound to snap eventually.

But, I also get what others were trying to say. Camila has stayed mum about it, Lauren should follow suit. If they were never real, then Lauren should just ignore it, as what Camila has been doing. What the others are saying is, the more Lauren lashes out on people, the more she stokes the fire. There are too many trolls in social media, they feed on reactions. The more you react, the more they get revitalized.

Btw, I’m not siding with anybody, I’m just sharing what the other anons meant. And I agree with what you say as well. Both have good points (except the delusional CS lol)

And if you scroll below, I’ve tried to address all points of view.


Their tiny hearts
are ashen gray crumbling
from all the years
spent burning with the blue flame
of self loathing

Their tiny minds
never turn inwards
to examine the flaws
and poor choices
self examination
only provides unpleasant answers
they turn outwards
to find a focus for blame
The Others
who don’t look think act talk
the same as they do

Their tiny lives
have been shaped
by twisted minds
with warped thoughts
hatreds and fears tied tight
and passed down
as a poisoned gift
mislabeled as heritage
disguised as pride
devoid of love
they separate themselves
because they don’t belong
within humanity
howls of superiority
can’t drown out
the weakness in their voices
the insecurity of self
they are blind
through the self mutilation
of hate
ignorant to a simple truth
If you love yourself
accept all that you are
there is a peace in that
which leaves no room,
is incompatible
with hatred and violence
denigration and diminishment
of others

If you like who you are,
then you can be happy
And when have you ever
here now or any other time and place
heard a happy person say
“I hate you”?


Death of a Pirate

A predator scanned me from subspace. They hunt in packs, approaching at warp speeds from distant galaxies. Fired on me and couldn’t get through my shields, as is the case with most pirates. I lead one into the atmosphere of a barren world.

I’ve made my share of illegitimate Nanite Clusters on the other end of a photon cannon. I can’t blame any of them for trying, but you can’t reason with intergalactic pirates. The scattered remains of the pirate and his ship rest in radiation.

The reason why 2017 has already been one of the best years for Bam/CKY fans:
  • Bam’s healthy and skating again
  • Bam’s considering going back to skating with Element
  • CKY announced their comeback tours in the UK and Canada
  • HIM (Though retiring from the band) announced their farewell tour in Europe
  • Brandon Novak’s revised version of Dreamseller is released on the 30th of March
  • Joe and Brandon finally announced the graphic novel series of Dreamseller named “The Brandon Novak Chronicles”
  • Bam has been in the public eye and basically breaking the internet for GOOD news for once
  • CKY announced that their new full-length EP will be released in Summer.
  • CKY are playing at Warped tour for the first time in 17 years.
  • Jess mentioned a Bam video project hopefully coming out this year.
  • CKY are also considering a full Europe tour possibly sometime in the fall.
  • Novak has been doing a shitload of work with rehabs and AA to help addicts and it’s been awesome watching him grow.
  • (Though I personally don’t care) Deron has a new band, 96 Bitter Beings and is bringing out 2 new albums some time this year.

This has all happened in the last couple of months and it’s been a super incredible start of the year for us fans and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

“Getting ready for warp, Captain,” Sulu said. His face had acquired a fierce, closed look. “Pavel, find me a star of type F or above within twenty lightyears–”

Shock sang through Jim’s blood. He sat straight up in his chair. “Hikaru, what do you have in mind?”

“Bova’s Recourse, sir.”

Sulu, slamming on the warp drive: BOVA DEEZ NUTS!!!!!!

The shallow and absurd portrayal of Sheldon Cooper deserves a massive essay on how warped the popular understanding of intelligence is and why this is profoundly harmful, but I gotta get up early to recruit some bee ranchers* so I’d better hit the hay and leave that for another night.

*No, seriously, I have to wake up early to go convince people to help me care for a shitton of bees

As someone who struggles with their hypersexuality, this heat season shit isn’t fun. My sense of smell is sharper so now someone’s own musk can act as a trigger.

Thinking about sex in 15 minute intervals has been sped up to seconds. It’s warping my already weak threshold to the point where I can’t even work.

Hell logging on to this place and seeing new and old followers sets shit off but at least there’s easy access for some visual relief.

anonymous asked:

lol, you are so delsional and keep warping canon to support your own bizarre opinions.

As long as you’re entertained 😙

Random Bits
  • I’m going to call the first day of vacation a success.  I only checked work e-mail once, I ran a slew of errands (without spending a ton of money), did two loads of laundry, and listened to four podcasts.  And it’s not even 5 o’clock yet!

  • I’m cooking a chicken recipe tonight that involves fennel, coriander, and blood orange.  I’m fancy now, huh?

  • The next few records I plan on digging into:  A.F.I.’s latest and the new releases from Sorority Noise, Heart Attack Man, the Bombpops, and Crusades.

  • That Warped Tour line-up might actually get me out there for the first time in years.  Anti-Flag, the Ataris, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, the Adolescents, Sick Of It All, War On Women, Street Dogs, Big D and the Kids Table, Microwave, GWAR, Violent Thorr… And if I feel like driving down to Hartford?  Strung Out too.

  • It’s International Puppy Day.  So expect Finn spam later tonight.  Probably after a few drinks.

  • I’m starting to get really, really hyped for the new Flatliners record.

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can u write reader and josh making outp ls

he’s got you in his lap, sideways, and you’re kicking your feet against the couch cushions as he presses damp kisses to your neck and jaw, pecks your cheek and nuzzles into your temple.

you giggle and warp both arms tighter around his shoulders, which proves awkward due to your sideways position, but which is still comforting for you, to have him in your arms. solid underneath you. “dada, please?”

josh hums and gently kisses your chin. “please what?”

“you know.” you pucker your lips, knowing full well that you could lean in right now and kiss him anyway. but you want him to want it, too.

he brushes your hair back from your forehead, curls his fingers around the shell of your ear in a way that makes you blush. but you continue to pout at him, giving a little whine and a squirm on his lap.

when he laughs, his lips peel back to reveal his perfect white teeth. his hands come to bracket both sides of your face, bringing you in nice and slow for a deep press of his lips to yours.

you sigh into his mouth, pulling yourself closer to him by his shoulders, which he doesn’t seem to mind.

one hand stays cradled at your jaw and the other goes to your waist, squeezing. he laps out at your tongue and whimpers, and you can’t help but smile, breaking away from him with a small pop.

“hey, don’t laugh at me,” josh says breathlessly, forehead coming to lean against yours. his breath is ghosting across your lips and it tickles.

“not laughing at you, joshie. just love how excited you get for me.”

“always. wanna kiss you always,” he mutters, and leans you carefully but swiftly back to the sofa, draping himself over you and kissing you slow and deep.

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Well, now that you've been to Stonebury, make sure to talk to the NPCs at different points to get more insight about future Lastonbell! I'm surprised you didn't mention the giant tree stump. Also, having been to Palimedes... try comparing it to one of the Epileo scenes...

Giant tree stump?  Okay, now I need to go warp back over to Lastonbell in Zestiria and look around again because I don’t remember the tree stump.  That said, I hardly remember much about Lastonbell beyond the absolutely hilarious Fake Marriage Scene with Sorey’s Terrible Terrible Acting (I still don’t know how Rose kept a straight face through it all, lol) and Sorey and Mikleo’s conversation on that balcony in the park.

Also, I did consider Palimedes as a possible location for the Epileo scenes for the water-themed ruins he was exploring (and then falls into, lol), but I was under the impression the fire and water scenes are in the same location.  Of course, if they’re not, then that would explain why I kept on thinking the Palimedes Temple looked super familiar the entire time I was in there, but I just couldn’t place it, since the only water themed dungeon in Zestiria is Lefay (AKA That One Dungeon Everyone Hates Doing But Loves The Music For It).

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Just read a post from WHJS, an anon suggested we all email Kevin Lyman to ban Juliet from attending Warped Tour. Considering she is not playing Warped, she has no reason to attend. So I think it's a decent idea, especially if we include the bad light that she is in right now, and how it will negatively affect Andy's set. The fact that she's not playing is a good indicator that she is still in hot water and after October she will not touch a stage at Warped as a performer until further notice.

I think we should

also i don’t know how yesterday was even real i really didn’t want to go to warped tour this year but my deciding factor was if from first to last or creeper were going to warped tour i would have to go (things i thought were very unlikely) then fucking creeper is going then william control fucking slaps me in the face out of left field by defying what he said like 3 years ago saying he wouldn’t do warped under william control bc that’s rather ridiculous


i’m going to fucking melt this summer and i’m not ready for it i’m fucking old 

catch me dead in the dirt while william’s synth pop ass is playing in the blazing sun