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The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again (2016)



A remake of the 1970’s Rocky Horror Picture Show

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In the midst of all these negative comments about C16, I'd like to say that there are people who do like the set. The four color legends we have seen so far are awesome, most of the partners are way better than I expected, the other cards seem cool so far, great reprints, and FOIL generals is the best decision ever made. Good job, team!

The vast majority of the comments I’ve gotten about Commander 2016 have been overwhelmingly positive. My tendency to respond to outliers often warps people’s perceptions of how players feel.

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Does any body else hear Sabastian from the Little Mermaid singing “kiss the Girl” everytime Regina and Emma are in the same scene? Like, just outta no where, a little crab pops up and starts singing and voicing all our hopes and dreams? Cus, I do. I do.

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Don't Riley and Maya both have warped perceptions of Lucas?

Yes, but it has polar opposite effects for each of them. 

Rileys warped perception makes her believe Lucas is a good match for her, but will ultimately be a let down. 

Mayas warped perception blinds her from Lucas’ full personality, leading her to believe they wouldn’t be a good match, therefore making their romantic potential a serious missed opportunity. 

Remember when Tay and Tyler had to stand on stuff during the Warped photo shoot for Kerrang! because they couldn’t fit in the shot with Austin and the lead singer of Motionless In White since they were too small?