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Wait so Vincent ks blind the the its all scripted au one time but in the next comic he isn't?

The It’s All Scripted AU is split up into different versions

One version being where everything is the same but Vincent is blind (Tagged as #blindcent)

One where Vincent, Scott, and Paige are all in a polyamorous relationship. (tagged as #Three Rings)

One where Vincent isn’t in a relationship nor is he blind (This means I tag it with #It’s All Scripted AU only. If there’s the tag #blindcent or #Three Rings then the specific thing applies to those versions.)

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Hiiiii darling <3 how are you?~ hope you have a fun time~ soooo my ask is Gom + Kagami giving keys of their flat to their gf? Omg I hope I didn't make mistakes 🙈 English isn't my native language ^^''

Your English is fine sweetie don’t worry. Thank you for such a cute ask I’m doing pretty well. Hope you enjoy~

Kuroko gifted you the key, he wasn’t embarrassed nor did he fear you’d misuse it. He simply handed it over and kissed you on the cheek.
“You’re always welcome here ___-san, maybe we could make it more permanent soon?”

Aomine dangled the key over your head, waiting for you to grab at it so he could snatch them away. Snickering at your pout before finally letting you have them. 
“If you have access to my home you might as well make use of my bed”

Kise made a big song and dance over it, giving you the key in a little box with a bow on top. He’d even taken the liberty of putting the new key on your keyring, to show that you were going to accept it.
“We’re going to have so much fun ___-cchi, come around whenever okay?”

Midorima couldn’t outright give you a key because he couldn’t admit that he liked having you around that much; instead he masked his intention behind a sensible excuse.
“Here take this. You should have a key for my apartment in case of emergencies … but I wouldn’t object to you using it if you wanted some company”

(Why does Akashi have an apartment? He probs just bought it for the two of you to hang out in) Akashi gave you a brand new shiny key, he wasn’t asking you to move in he was ordering you to move in.
“I think it’s time you and I took things to the next level, we’re both ready and you’d have your own room. I want you in the safest place as much as possible,which just so happens to be by my side”

Kagami was a blushing, stuttering mess as he tried to desperately not say the wrong thing. He was normally much more confident and comfortable around you but he was terrified of scarring you away with this gesture of commitment.
“M-maybe you could bring some clothes ___-chan, you like sleeping at my place. I mean only if you want to, you don’t have to wear clothes… I MEAN YOU-”
You quickly cut him off by kissing him of the cheek and taking the key he offered.