Neat, a black sand beach on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. usually these sands are basaltic, from erosion of a nearby volcano, but honestly I can’t say I know this area well enough to know the source (plenty of volcanic islands in the Caribbean, but don’t know the current direction).

Cloudy Sunset
Jeju Island, South Korea

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A BIGGER SPLASH - Discover The Island - In Cinemas Friday 

A BIGGER SPLASH - Directed by Luca Guadagnino, and starring Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, Matthias Schoenaerts and Tilda Swinton - In Cinemas February 12th 2016

Rock legend Marianne Lane is recuperating on the volcanic island of Pantelleria with her partner Paul when iconoclast record producer and old flame Harry unexpectedly arrives with his daughter Penelope and interrupts their holiday, bringing with him an A-bomb blast of nostalgia from which there can be no rescue.

A BIGGER SPLASH is a sensuous portrait of desire, jealousy and rock and roll, under the Mediterranean sun.


The mysterious Isla de Pascua (Easter Island) is one of the most isolated inhabited places in the world. A territory of Chile, the 163 square kilometer island is located 3,512 kilometers from the nearest point in South America. The closest island is Pitcairn Island, 2,075 kilometers away. Easter Island is most famous for the numerous human-like moai statues and other archaeological rock formations found on the island. It also serves as an example of the damaging effects of deforestation, drought and overuse of natural resources.

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Seascape Retreat by award winning, Auckland-based Pattersons Associates Architects can only be described as heaven on earth. Located on the Banks Peninsula in the majestic volcanic landscape of New Zealand’s South Island, this modern cottage retreat is set within a rock escarpment in a remote private bay, and is accessible by helicopter or by 4-wheel-drive vehicle across the cliff-top farm tracks. Initially designed in 2011 as a honeymoon destination, Seascape Retreat is a luxury getaway, not only for lovers but also for those who yearn for style, seclusion and awe-inspiring views.
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Happy Darwin Day

February 12 is ‪#‎DarwinDay‬! Here’s a small sampling of wildlife from the Galápagos, the cluster of volcanic islands in the Pacific whose exotic plants and animals inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Frigate birds (adult and baby pictured) spend most of their lives flying over the ocean, snatching crabs, fish, turtles and other food from the surface. Only the males have the scarlet throat sacs, which they use in an elaborate courtship display.

Galápagos Land Iguanas live in drier parts of the islands, sleeping in burrows they dig into the ground. When Darwin first arrived on Santiago Island in 1835, their burrows were so numerous he couldn’t find space to pitch a tent. Feral goats, and predation from feral dogs and cats, nearly drove the iguanas to extinction in the 20th century, but scientists on the ground saved them from the brink.

(Photos by SERC’s marine invasions biologist Greg Ruiz, on a trip to the Galápagos last February.)

Al Wahbah Crater

Western Saudi Arabia hosts about a dozen large volcanic provinces, produced during the Pliocene and Pleistocene as what is today the Arabian Peninsula broke away from the rest of the continent of Africa. This site, known as Al Wahbah crater, is found in the youngest of these volcanic fields, the Harrat Kishb volcanic field.

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The Lava Trees of Hawaii

When hot lava from a volcanic eruption invades a forest, often the lava does not overthrow the larger trees, but flows around them. The moisture in the tree cools the lava in contact with the trunk and a hard exterior shell is formed. As the lava drains away, only the solidified “lava trees” are left standing. 

The tremendous heat burns away the wood inside and a hollow cast in the shape of the original tree is left behind. In some cases, the tree can remain standing and stays for years as a black charred skeleton, and in rare cases, some trees even survive and continue to grow after the eruption. (Source)


The Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico is a remarkable outdoor laboratory, offering an opportunity to observe, study, and experience the geologic processes that shape natural landscapes. The national monument, on the Pajarito Plateau in north-central New Mexico, includes a national recreation trail and ranges from 5,570 feet to 6,760 feet above sea level.

The cone-shaped tent rock formations are the products of volcanic eruptions that occurred 6 to 7 million years ago and left pumice, ash and tuff deposits over 1,000 feet thick. Tremendous explosions from the Jemez volcanic field spewed pyroclasts (rock fragments), while searing hot gases blasted down slopes in an incandescent avalanche called a “pyroclastic flow.” In close inspections of the arroyos, visitors will discover small, rounded, translucent obsidian (volcanic glass) fragments created by rapid cooling.

The complex landscape and spectacular geologic scenery of the National Monument has been a focal point for visitors for centuries. Before nearby Cochiti Reservoir was built, surveys recorded numerous archaeological sites reflecting human occupations spanning 4,000 years. During the 14th and 15th centuries, several large ancestral pueblos were established and their descendants, the Pueblo de Cochiti, still inhabit the surrounding area. Kasha-Katuwe means “white cliffs” in the traditional Keresan language of the Pueblo.


One of the bursts from Sakurajima last week, vined by the BBC. Don’t miss the volcanic lightning.

Winding Road at Sunrise

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, Oakland, CA // Sony RX1rm2

Whenever I’m asked to recommend good places for sunrise in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sibley always tops my list. It’s not in San Francisco, but it’s just across the bay. Looking east, you see rolling hills, morning mist, and Mount Diablo on the horizon giving a great sense of depth and scale.