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Well! Here’s the thing I’ve been trying to write since October. Very special thanks to @kirbychan234 who helped me write it, both in indulging me when the idea came to me, and then in the actual process itself. Thank you so much! Thanks to @providentially-demonic for proof-reading it for me too!

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“Gosh, this place sure is ominous, isn’t it?” Vivi asked, stars in her eyes as she stepped over one of the ash-black tree roots. The tree leaves were all a dull yellow to orangey-red, though it was difficult to see in the dimming light of the evening.  “Like Halloween isn’t over, and the woods are still celebrating!”

Mystery chuckled as he padded at her side, the corner of his jowls curling up into a wry smile. Arthur rolled his eyes and pointed his flashlight towards her. “Don’t remind me, Vi.”

Her response was to stick out her tongue. “Hey, you were the one who asked to come here. Might as well enjoy the creepy factor!”

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Moving On Prelude I: Pompeii

(A Mystery Skulls Animated fanfiction by me. Mystery Skulls Animated is the product of good work by Mystery Ben and his team, and Pompeii and its lyrics are the creation of Bastille.)



I was leeeeeft… to my owwwwwn… devi—i—i—ices….

Mystery howled along as Lewis sang. Not that the dog knew the words, what with being a dog and all, but he did have a thing for tunes. “Many dayyyyys… fell awaaaaay with nooothing to shooooow,”Lewis continued in a rich baritone, slapping the wheel with every long beat.

“Lewis,you are a goddamned sellout,” Arthur said, slumped over the back of the van’s front seat between Vivi and Mystery. He still wasn’t quite sure how he’d been placed in the back instead of Mystery. “Uh-oh, Bastille’s getting popular, better listen to their one song—

“Oh come on, snooty,” Vivi said, bobbing her head to the beat as the song sped up a bit. “Live a little. Great clouds rolled over the hills, bringing darkness from abo—o—o—ooove….” She and Lewis harmonized together on these words, octaves apart, and Mystery howled again in approval.

Arthur sighed. At least they’d taken his remark as a joke, which he was pretty sure was how he’d meant it. Though maybe he’d have smiled if he were trying to be funny… he didn’t know. All he was really sure about was that as he watched his two best friends singing together in the front seat, he felt left out for more reasons than not just knowing the words. The back seat situation probably had something to do with that.

“Left here,” Vivi said, cutting herself off mid-song. “The cave’s like a mile and a half down this road.” Lewis obeyed, turning the wheel with one hand. With the other he held an imaginary bow and played air violin. Arthur managed to smile at that; Lewis was the only person he’d ever seen who mimed a classical instrument.

Smack ‘em, said a thought in his head, as Lewis and Vivi. Smack 'em in the back of their stupid heads. He ignored the thought. An intrusive thought—that was what it was called, according to Lewis. One of the benefits of having a psych major for a best bud was that long-standing neuroses could get real-world explanations.

“Tons of people have then, amigo,” Lewis had said when Arthur had confided in him about it. “Like, say, you see a cliff and think, 'What would it feel like, if I jumped off the cliff?’ Doesn’t matter. You’re not your thoughts, you’re your actions.”

By that logic, Arthur thought, feeling the seat back dig into his chest, I’m a slightly nervous wreck who is incredibly okay with becoming a third wheel. To friends with awful musical taste.

The refrain came back around again, and he knew the words to this bit, at least. “But if you close your eyes,” he mumbled, as Lewis and Vivi belted it out, “does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all? And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you’ve been here before?

He grunted, skipping the lines about the optimist, giving Mystery a few scratches on the head. For some reason, Mystery didn’t lean back into the scratches like he usually did; instead, he stared at Arthur through those tiny spectacles Vivi had him wear, like Arthur had done something wrong.

Arthur stared back, unnerved. For God’s sake, how could Mystery unnerve him, of all things? He was about to go into a spooky cave known for creepy spirit hauntings, and Mystery was the fluffy pooch he’d known for more than a year: one of the two of these things should have been disquieting, and it shouldn’t have been the pooch.

Aw, screw it, Arthur thought, as the song ended and as they pulled up to the mouth of the cave—a worryingly literal mouth, in fact. The stalactites hanging from the ceiling of the entrance looked like teeth and—yup, of course. Arthur looked up to see two eye-shaped holes in the appropriate positions, an unnatural green glow shining through them. He gulped. Let’s just see what the big deal is about this place and get out.

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Okay guys, this is longer than the others, and goes into a bit of the headcanons I have for Mystery, so let me know what you think.  That said….

Drabble number three!

Fluffy post ghost
Word prompt: claustrophobia

Summary:  The gang all feel claustrophobic in their own way.

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