*Up town funk starts playing*
Music: “This one’s for them hood gir-“
Luke: *points at me*
Ashton: *points at me*
Michael: *points at me*
unicorn: *points at me*
obama: *points at me*

Preference #33: Eating Out

Warning: Contains NSFW visuals. If you are on mobile, there should be a read more, if you are on desktop, the read more might work it might not.

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If you’ve ever blown across the top of a bottle to make it play a note, then you’ve created a Helmholtz resonator. Air flow across the top of the bottle causes air in and around the bottle neck to vibrate up and down. Like a mass on a spring, the air oscillates with a particular frequency that depends on the system’s characteristics. We hear this vibration as a a deep hum, but in the high-speed video above, you’re actually seeing the vibration as smoke pulsing in and out of the bottle. Helmholtz resonance shows up more than just in blowing across beer bottles; it’s also a factor in many resonating instruments, like the guitar. To learn more about the physics and mathematics of the effect, check out this page from the University of New South Wales. (Video credit: N. Moore)


Reagan here. J’s still out for another week and I’ve been strapped down with some school assignments that’ve kept me from producing a ton of bloggable material til now but here’s a couple of marker sketches for some character development for The Calling. Big Guy and Headphones Kid were done pretty recently, while the third image as one of the first drawings I ever did of the Soldier who’s one of the 2 main characters. A lot of this is really just me working out what kind of visual flavor I want the story to have, something I wouldn’t normally post publicly if it were not for this production blog.

I’ll have some more character drawings on the way, but will soon be focusing more on environmental stuff, as well as thumbnails for TC’s ‘pilot episode’.