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Photograph of Document Lamination, 11/1/1937

Series: Public Relations Photographs Relating to National Archives Personnel, Facilities, and Events , 1939 - 1968Record Group 64: Records of the National Archives and Records Administration, 1789 - ca. 2007

Pictured are National Archives staff treating fire-damaged documents prior to lamination.

In the 1930s, time-saving lamination technology came into the National Archives.  Fragile documents could be cleaned, then pressed between layers of cellulose acetate film.  This practice, which is difficult to reverse and can cause long term preservation concerns, has been discontinued.

This post comes from Carol Marquardsen, an eIntern with the National Archives via the State Department’s  Virtual Student Federal Service.

Rehabilitation of records in Repair and Preservation Division, August 12, 1942.

From the series: Historic Photograph File of National Archives Events and Personnel, 1935 - 1975

A colleague from preservearchives in action, circa 1942.  

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A Victorian Christmas by Brenda
Via Flickr:
.Located in Brimfield Towhship, Ohio, this grand home was built in the early 1840s 


Tonight’s Look: SuperWitch 

Tonight I figured I’d try on my Halloween anniversary outfit - a velvet hat, dress, and cape from the 1940s, which are probably older than my preserved specimen buddies 🐍🎃