Let’s Stick Together

I hope everyone in Manchester is safe after the events of last night. I can only imagine how scary that must felt for everyone there and they are safe. For those who witnessed, were close by, got injured or lost a loved one due to the bomb, I understand how difficult your life must be at the moment and I hope things improve as much as they can during a very hard time like this. You are brave and can get through this. People who do awful acts like this are inhumane and are missing a soul, we are all better than those pieces of shite. In times like these we all, as non-heartless human beings, should stand together and be there for each other. I am here for anyone who needs a chat about anything whether its related to the events that have taken place or more simple problems or if you feel that you need a friend, I am right here if you want it. Be safe as you can folks.

t-vamp  asked:

Love love love your blog! Quick question, do you know where can I buy the complete series on DVD??? Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Because it was released by 2 separate distributors, they will probably never release a full series box set. Your best bet would be to buy the seasons individually, probably from amazon. I know the last couple seasons have finally been released thanks to Olive Films picking up the rights from Fox. The seasons released by Fox are generally $10, the seasons released by Olive are around $20 (probably because they are a smaller company).

I hope this helped!

lemme tell you i am so fucking tired of angsty vampires. its enough. 

give me a newly-turned twenty-something vampire who hears about their newfound immortality and is like “thank god,” then proceeds to invest in some promising startups and fucks off to take a nap for two decades

give me a vampire thats only the tiniest bit phased at the blood diet because “eh, i tried paleo a while back and it was just as weird”

give me a vampire with self image issues who never has to avoid mirrors again because - bingo - no reflection

give me a genderqueer vampire who finally has an answer when someone asks their gender. “are you a boy or a girl?” “i am a vampire.” “but whats in your pants?” “fangs.” 

best of all, give me a vampire chick who is so stoked about being nocturnal because she’s never been able to walk alone after dark before and it’s nice to be able to walk her friends home and know theyre all safe with her