Since we have now 2,000 followers, we’re giving double the celebratory art. This time, in the form of previously lost sketches from @valedary9. You got Tom and what I think is Marco on the right, as well as Val and Alfred (AKA, the two characters you won’t see until page 24. ;)  ). I’m getting really antsy to show those guys off, and I think you’ll like them!

Oh, and here another sketch of Val being mad at Alfred, presumably because he  poured the last bit of cereal… or something like that.

val-greaves  asked:

Jamie, what's your favourite ice cream flavour?

I am pro-anything chocolate or with bits of cookie and/or brownie in it.

Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked is basically the best, but Blue Bell is my favorite brand overall. 

There’s a local ice cream place that makes their ice cream in-house and they have a cupcake flavor and a french toast flavor and they are AMAZING too

man I love ice cream

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

Then Ghost emerged from between two trees, with Val beside him. They look as though they belong together. Val was clad all in white; white woolen breeches tucked into high boots of bleached white leather, white bearskin cloak pinned at the shoulder with a carved weirwood face, white tunic with bone fastenings. Her breath was white as well … but her eyes were blue, her long braid the color of dark honey, her cheeks flushed red from the cold. It had been a long while since Jon Snow had seen a sight so lovely.
—  Jon Snow, “A Dance With Dragons”

My favorite character is Raydan Lykel from the Crown and the Flame. He’s gorgeous which is what initially grabbed my attention, and he’s quick thinking and loyal. I liked his flirtation with Kenna, but I shipped him with Val after seeing how they teased each other but also thought very highly of each other and even saved each other’s lives.

my friend really just asked ‘why are you freaking out over louis and harry mirroring it’s just choreography isn’t it’

like girl i got somethin to tell you about one direction the choreography-less boyband of the 21st century