I might need to take a break?

Hey guys, so like the tttly says I might need to take a little break to make my queue go up again and I dontn tun out fo posts!
I just cant ake that many posts now cause I was pretty busy studying and could only do the post for the next day so Im really sorry! UNtil the 29th this month I will post the story and ull see what will happen so  dont worry about that! But next month I dont promisse muchcause IM going to Madird on the first week!


Why is he so chill about his own elimination - and about everything in general- I lowkey wonder if he already had this all planned out and is actually going to become ceo of his own company, taking all the eliminated trainees under his wing to debut and become so wealthy and powerful that he buys both Starship and Mnet or just burns down Mnet in general for sleeping on him. Whatever it is, I’m all for it- We’re all waiting for you Ponyo!

No one wants me.
No one will ever want me.
I’ve tried to find the cause of this.
I’ve starved myself down to a size zero.
I’ve trained my voice to be lower and less nasally
When that didn’t work I buried all the undesirable parts of my personality.
I’ve tried to make myself better, to fit into this box of desirability
But I know
The real reason no one wants me
is You
They see what you did to me
They see it written in my forehead
They don’t want damaged goods
You made me this way