The Third Wheel Song

A song for all of the third wheels out there. It’s ok. It gets better.


This was recorded back in 2010. I’m pretty sure Saihate (The Farthest End) was the first cover I actually managed to sing harmonies. The lyrics are pretty special to me, and it was a really nice song to record. I think I’d like to redo it again at some point.


I interviewed a police captain today for an article I’m going to write. Next step, typing up 77 minutes of recorded conversation.

i sanded, painted, spackled, strung, and tuned this uke. i worked really hard and im really proud on how it came out.

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Do it for Her (ukulele cover)
  • Do it for Her (ukulele cover)

a ukulele cover (?) of Do it for Her!! i really enjoyed doing this one, it was one heck of a challenge! sorry for the messy audio, i just played the ukulele right over the original song (i didn’t want to subject you to the auditory torture that is my voice, haha) 

i hope it’s ok!

if you find any better versions please let me know, and do not repost!! 

chords under the cut :0

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When you stay up all night and accidentally sleep all day so you can’t sleep and instead rap 3005 over ukulele