Camp Camp Theme Song Song Chords




There’s a place I know that’s tucked away!


A place where you and I can stay.

Where we can go to laugh and play,


and have adventures every day!

C___________________________ G_____________E

I know it sounds hard to believe but guys and gals it’s true!


Camp Campbell is the place for me and you!


We’ll swim through lakes and climb up trees,


catch fish, bugs, bears, and honeybees!

There’s endless possibilities,


and no that’s not hyperbole!


Our motto’s Campe Diem and that means I’m telling you…


We’ve got:


archery, hiking, search and rescue, biking, horseback, training that’ll save you from a heart attack, scuba diving, miming, keeping up with rhyming, 

football, limbo, science, stunting, pre-calc, spaceships, treasure hunting,

bomb defusal, no refusal, fantasies, circus trapeze,

and fights and ghosts and paints and snakes and knives and chess and dance and weights


it’s Camp Camp!

ID #34658

Name: Victor
Age: 19
Country: USA


I’m looking for a bud to have nice conversations with. Honestly I’m not too picky what about as long as we’re both enjoying it.

I’m a mechanical engineering student entering my second year of college this fall. I love music and I play guitar and ukulele and I’m beginning to dabble a little in piano. I listen primarily to stuff that spins off of different forms of alt rock, like Arctic Monkeys, the Smiths, Dead Kennedys, and pop punk stuff like MCR, P!atD, FOB, and Paramore, as well as weirder stuff like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mystery Skulls, and Caravan Palace. Mostly just stuff with some nice flippin’ melodies, but I’m open to listening to all sorts of music.

My other interests include video games, card games, philosophy, literature of all sorts, art, history, art history, and soccer. I’m willing to talk about anything you’re passionate about too, of course!

Preferences: I’d prefer people who know other languages besides English. I know English and Spanish and trading vocabulary would be neat, but it’s not necessary by any means!

Really, just as long as you’re not a jerk, I won’t mind talking to you!

ID #37380

Name: Sarah
Age: 15
Country: USA

so i was trying to think of something unique and witty to put here to make myself stand out, but to be honest, i couldn’t think of anything funny enough so i guess i will just settle for a lame introduction.

i’m sarah and i am looking to meet and become friends with new people from around the world. despite being half korean, half a mix of various european countries, aka white, i have not experienced many different cultures and i look forward to learning about some. my hobbies include running cross country and track, playing ukulele and violin, drawing, and learning about science. speaking of science, i am a bit of a nerd when it comes to that, especially physics and chemistry. i speak english fluently, and am learning french in school so it would be fun to practice that.

i would like to think i am a generally nice person, sometimes extroverted, sometimes introverted, but i love meeting new people and i am excited about finding a potential pen pal! also, our correspondence would take place over email and maybe social media since my parents are very over protective and are not keen on the idea of me giving out my address for snail mail.

Preferences: between the ages 14-20, since it is easiest to connect with others that are the same age as me. i am open to any gender, race, sexuality, as long as you are not mean or hateful


The second part of Gem’s Garden cards! 

I am still have no time to talk more than few sentences, because I am working hard on my student film Rusalochka (that translate as The Little Mermaid).


I allowed myself to take a break doing these arts in the middle of my exams, because I had a chance to share my art with the voice actors of Steven Universe with the help of my dear girl Crystal, who was on Momocon) I will thank her all my life long.

I lost some days making these cards, but I don’t regret about it, because the voice actors and you, guys, love them so much)

I still can’t belive it is happening to me, thanks you all for kind words and likes and reposts! It seemed impossible a month ago that people will love my arts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN!) Have a great day, guys, and good luck at everything)